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New Information From Pastor Lindsey Williams

Several visitors to have contacted me relating to the recent email blast that was sent out to subscribers to the email list. Some visitors never received the email, so I recommend that you check your junk email folders for Monday December 16th, 2013 for the email newsletter. If you still cannot find the newsletter please sign up to Pastor Williams' email newsletter by entering your email address into the box at the top right of this page. Sometimes Pastor Williams has information that only goes out to those on his email list so its recommended that you sign up if you haven't already.

As many people have requested a copy of the newsletter sent out to them, I have decided to copy the section entitled ‘New Information From Pastor Lindsey Williams'.

New Information From Pastor Lindsey Williams

There is some new information Pastor Williams has shared that is important for your dinner table. Here is what he had to say:

“It appears that the Elite are going to wait until after New Years for the Global Currency Reset. I talked personally with the representative of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) a few days ago. Their plans are still the same. This will be quite an event.”

I have been reading with interest the 200+ comments that have been shared relating to the “Financial Event Planned by the Elite (IMF)” breaking news article posted on November 21st, 2013.

While many of the questions are answered in Pastor Williams’ new DVD “Global Currency Reset”, I sent Pastor Williams the link and asked him some of the regularly asked questions for him to respond. I asked him about people looking to invest in fiat and backed currencies such as Chinese Yuan, Iraqi Dinar and even Bitcoin. He has responded “If it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on. This should be one of the greatest lessons people learn”. Fiat currencies are worthless and only physical gold and silver is of value as Pastor Williams has said repeatedly “Gold and Silver are the currency of the Elite.” “China is in big trouble.” China is a bubble that is about to burst so the Chinese Yuan isn’t a long term safe haven and why would anyone invest in Iraqi Dinar if they can buy physical precious metals? He was very concerned with Bitcoin saying “The Bitcoin really bothers me. Not only is it not gold or paper, it is a computer entry”. Bitcoin is dependent on electricity and the Internet being freely accessible. It has nothing backing it other than the people who are willing to exchange it for physical goods or paper currency.

Some people have messaged me asking for how The Global Currency Reset will work, I told them that the DVD “Global Currency Reset” explains in simple terms what is about to take place around the world. However, for those who want a simple answer two sentence answer. This is how it will pan out; Currencies with lots of assets and little debt will rise and currencies with little assets and lots of debt will fall. The outcome will be a relatively level playing field with a 3-5% spread to remove currency speculation since all currencies will be tied to a new reserve currency that will be gold backed. I asked him about the One World currency and he confirmed “The One World currency is scheduled to be gold backed and non-country based.” The One World Currency would be only for bank, multi-national corporations and government use.

Many people, including myself have questions related to how the Global Currency Reset ties in with the global crash in 2015, so I asked Pastor Williams how this all ties together and he told me “The Global Currency Reset is a precursor (will take place before) the currency collapse. The Reset is just one more method of creating debt for everyone, destroying the dollar base and confiscating everything possible.”

Chaplain Williams also said “People must buy hard assets only – Not paper of any kind. The Elite are buying gold by the ton while prices are intentionally depressed…”


Since Pastor Williams has been telling us all to sell paper assets and buy tangible investments such as physical gold and silver I have been asked by many visitors to about gold confiscation and if a precious metals IRA are a good compromise. Whilst Pastor Williams said the Elite had no plans to confiscate physically owned gold and silver, he did say in his recent radio interviews that the IMF were recommending that 30-50% of private, state and federal US retirement accounts such as 401K’s and IRA’s should be nationalised and/or confiscated. I was told by an expert in precious metals retirement accounts at GoldCo if the government would confiscate precious metals from vaults. I was told “It’s an unknown – it’s never been done before. Our best educated guess would be they would not be able to confiscate a percentage of gold IRA’s because it would be too difficult from a logistical standpoint.” I asked the same question to Pastor Williams. He responded “Your gold dealer friend is right – It is an unknown. The government is so dishonest today, I would not put it past them to try and confiscate anything. People should not have trusted 401K or IRA or retirement funds in the first place. Never trust anyone with your money but yourself. The government is capable of taking anything they can get their hands on – They are so desperate for money.” He went on to say “Every person’s situation is unique and they will need to decide what they are willing to do.” There are some “Tough decisions” to be made by everyone.

Since the confiscation issue is a grey area with regards to gold and silver, many people are going to have to make a decision whether they are to risk rolling over their 401k’s and IRA’s into physical gold and silver held by a custodian such as Brinks, or risk the 10% penalty for liquidating their retirement accounts and buy physical gold and silver that they can store at home. Those are basically the only choices available, however if people remain in paper assets not only will the Elite confiscate one third to one half of it, the remainder will plummet in value due to the global crash slated for 2015. If you have a retirement account of over $10,000 and want to turn it into physical gold and silver, whether rolling it over into an IRA or holding it at your own home there’s only one place I recommend and that is GoldCo, they can get everything set up and transferred, guarantee shipment of physical gold and silver to the custodian or your home within 7 business days of being funded. For Pastor Williams’ email list subscribers they will pay the first year dues for retirement accounts which include all the setup fees, administration fees, storage fees and delivery of metals, saving over $500. Give them a call on 1-877-414-1385 or if you are ready to setup your IRA or liquidate your retirement account complete the Account Holder Form. If you just want to check out the GoldCo website to find out more about gold and silver and see some of the many recent testimonials, you can Click Here.

Some people have told me that they do not have a retirement account and just wish to purchase a 1oz Gold Coin or some 1oz Silver Bars and that GoldCo has a minimum cash investment amount of $3,500.

Please remember that gold and silver have been manipulated by the Elite to keep the price low. They are buying as much of it as the possibly can with the price down. I explain why the price is low and why you need to buy now, in the 100 page e-book I wrote in October 2013 entitled “10 Steps to Avoid the Crash” that is free to download at

(NB: Please note that recently the gold price fell below $1,200. As I have said before the manipulated price of gold has bounced between $1,200 and $1,400 for quite some time. It cannot go lower because it costs over $1,000 to extract and refine 1 ounce of gold. If gold fell even more, mining companies would pull back production causing the price to rise higher for an extended period and that would harm the new gold-backed reserve currency. China is buying 2,000 tons of gold every year, this must tell you something about the real value of physical precious metals. Do not be swayed by the bullish paper stock market, as Pastor Williams has said on many occasions that paper is worthless and that gold and silver are the currency of the elite. The Elite do not want you buying gold and silver, they will keep the price low to dissuade you from investing in it — the reason is to keep you on the paper treadmill. There are many analysts who are telling their clients to stay with paper, they are not looking to the long term and therefore risking their clients investments. They are not taking into account that in 2015 the Elite are going to collapse all the currencies of the world by crashing economies and the $1 quadrillion derivatives market and that will take down the world and give the Elite the opportunity to introduce the New World Government and One World Currency. PLEASE take Pastor Williams' advice buy as much gold and silver as you can with the price down, when the dust settles you will benefit greatly!)


Pastor Williams left me with a bombshell “Certain Elite who are already wealthy are becoming SUPER WEALTHY through the Reset because they know what to do and when to do it. One man told me that he is scheduled to make One Billion Dollars. If the World ever catches on to what is being done – The whole World will be in revolution.”

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    • Jerry
    • March 1, 2014

    I am sorry to see that there are a lot of people wanting to see the GCR because they have “invested” in the Iraqui Dinar. Lindsey Williams is more concerned about people getting their life ready to meet their savior than to just become multi millionaires. There are millions of people just getting by from hand to mouth. These dinar investors don’t seem to care about those poor souls, just as long as they finally become super rich. I hope the dinar fails.

    • Larry
    • February 14, 2014

    Regarding timing on major monetary system change:

    Research I do for my blog on monetary system change indicates that things may be stalled right now. There is an ongoing dispute over and IMF proposal to re allocate voting power at the IMF. It had been expected Congress would approve that already but they didn’t. It is turning into somewhat of a debate. It is not likely any kind of reset plan could move forward until this issue is resolved.

    I plan on putting up articles on this on my blog tomorrow that kind of show where things stand. The US has veto power at the IMF and until Congress approves this, I would not expect any major changes coming out of the IMF which is where a reset would have to come from for all nations to agree on it.

    • Everyday Joe
    • January 25, 2014

    The Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (known as Dinar RV) will be rest with other currencies, but not by the 1USD to a 1,625IQD ratio it is now.

    The above link clearly states that the IQD is set to drop 3 “zeroes” off their currency, which also means reprinting too. And that might mean that all the old Dinars purchased need to be exchanged to the new currency to be valid. The new ratio will be 1USD to 1.6IQD or thereabouts.

    The Dinar dealers in the USA WILL NOT buy the old and exchange them, as they say on the websites because the law DOESN’T allow them to. Otherwise they’d be a Forex Exchange, which they are not, and could be arrested and jailed if they exchanged Dinars or even bought them back.

    Secondly, even if you can exchange your Dinars, with the dropping of the 3 zeroes off the currency value that fantasy of making multimillions off a small amount of IQD vanishes.

    Why do you think Iraqi’s want the USA Dollar over their own currency!? The IQD is not from a stable country and WILL NOT be the reserve currency. This tall tale has been going on for almost 20 years. Wake up. There is more evidence that we’ll have a gold backed SDR global currency than this fairytale of the Dinar. I feel sorry for anyone who even spent a penny on this Dinar Scam.

      • jpv
      • February 13, 2014

      talk about rv/dinar and GCR from dinares gurus:

      1. In Iraq there are announcements on TV, Radio and in the papers saying effective immediately the US Dollar is not to be used. Folks are lining up at banks for lower denoms and to exchange USD (not just merchants).
      2.That their tv is showing interviews of cbi officials speaking of pending rv because of the new demands now on dinar. This is being broadcast to calm the people, because they are upset that their new rate is not publicly international.
      3. Iraq banks have been notified that they are to be fully international tomorrow (Friday AM). Confirmed x3 banks. Bank transactions halted due to expected currency fluctuations until tomorrow.
      4. As I told you yesterday, the hold up was at the request of the IMF, they wanted to clean up some mess created by weasels. That is officially done and all good.
      5. International RV to occur in next day or less!!!!!!!!

      6. GCR is scheduled for 15 Feb 2014.

      7. Iraq bonds finally set to go live on 16 Feb (after the GCR).

      GCR 15TH FEB?

      lets see if true

        • jake diesel
        • February 17, 2014

        The “Gooroos” have been spewing that line for 10 years..just different variations of it.

  1. Reply

    Somehow, I have yet to run across an article about the Dinar, which is stating the same sense of urgency.

      • Everyday Joe
      • January 29, 2014

      Wow, Christine LeGarde really thinks they (the IMF) should run the world by suggesting countries take their financial suggestions/reforms and the IMF will rule over it all. She states the financial regulatory reforms should be relaxed to allow them the freedom to enact their version of a global reset. She even goes so far as to suggest that Japan move more women into the job market by offering daycare which in turn will increase the IMF profits by having more people working. She doesn’t seem to ask if women want to stay home to raise their own children instead of the state. She also drones on about the fake global warming idea. Another profit center they want to bring about with carbon taxes on every country. These IMF elite want to take so much of our work income while they do nothing for the common worker. They clearly want to tell everyone what to do instead of letting the people do things they want and restrain us economically unless we fall into line. And that line leads to the slaughterhouse.

  2. Reply

    So, this is what the level playing field is going to look like? Fat chance!

  3. Reply

    This was shown on TV in France, last night. I think all of us will agree that the GCR is real, especially after listening to this debate. This is another instance of being told what is going to happen before it happens.

  4. Reply

    One of the cheerleaders for the elite just made an interesting prediction. Is this because of the GCR or the fact that his foundation is notorious for putting cancer in the vaccines administered to children? Perhaps a bit of both!!

    For those who were curious to how Lagarde’s speech was interpreted, this link will show that nothing of substance was mentioned in the MSM. It might as well have been a story about fluffy kittens playing with a ball of string.,0,2193729.story

    And finally, am I the only one who didn’t find this action a retaliation for Lagarde’s recent speech?

    Keep digging up the dots people. Connecting them is getting a whole lot easier with all of us working together.

    • lapiu
    • January 20, 2014

    look at the date- LUNAR New YEAR. start of Lindsey’s prediction is unfolding! wish he would input here. we need his guidance

    • jj99
    • January 19, 2014

    Doesn’t he explain it already? The dollar is being dethroned.

    • mark
    • January 17, 2014

    China decided late last year to give UK investors the right to buy up to 80 billion yuan ($13 billion) of mainland stocks, bonds, funds and money market instruments directly using its currency, making Britain the first country outside Asia with such status.

    China has relaxed controls over the last five years to establish the yuan as an international currency of trade and reduce its reliance on other currencies. The yuan is expected to become a leading so-called reserve currency, meaning it will be stockpiled by central banks, and be fully convertible by 2015.

    Lindsey please explain or anybody please explain this article

    • Hello
    • January 15, 2014

    When gonna be the global curency reset?

    • mark
    • January 15, 2014
      • Peter B
      • January 17, 2014

      I watched this in its entirety and took notes. A number of things emerged from Christine Lagarde’s speech which are of relevance to the current discussion.

      i) regarding the Fed taper, she confirmed Lindsey Williams’ information back in the mid-2013 that there had been a ‘dress rehearsal’/’dry run’ of tapering in May/June in order to test market reaction.

      ii) in response to a question concerning currency wars (around 45 minutes into the session), she revealed that Guido Montega, Brazilian Finance Minister, had been the first one to broach the subject three years ago. She then added that (in the IMF prognosis)

      ‘We don’t see the currency war. Clearly, in our models we see a much better alignment of the currencies relative to the fundamentals’.

      Interpret that as you will; it is certainly consistent with the idea of a Global Currency Reset.

      iii)She subsequently (46 mins) confirmed her belief that the days of the US dollar as the world’s sole reserve currency are numbered. She forecasts
      ‘More reserve currencies to join, not to rival the US dollar as a reserve currency. I think we will see that. In what period of time I don’t have a clue’
      That last sentence is frankly pretty difficult to take at face value.

      iv) The strangest thing about Mme Lagarde’s presentation was that it was preceded by a lengthy introduction about 2014 as a ‘magic year’ based on numerology (talking about the number 7 and its significance in world religions). The natural question is why she would devote public time to this kind of esoteric speculation, and the extent to which it has any influence on her policy-making…

        • jj99
        • January 19, 2014

        She also said that IMF always get their money back :). These people are really into the occult, and always choose special (for them) numbers. For example Lagarde herself was born on 1 January, and was named on Christ. The whole idea of her role is really to pretend to be the saviour. She repeats so many times “stability” like it’s the holy grail. They have designed a system that must destroy itself because of debt, so what this “stability” really means? For me, this means that they want to destroy the people, pretending that they are saving the system. Is she the Devil’s messiah? I really think there are so many of them now, that it doesn’t matter.

    • David
    • January 15, 2014

    I will be buying more gold and silver tomorrow. I doubt that people will benefit from investing in the IQD. In regards to money, Lindsey says buy gold and silver only. He says that for a reason.

      • Everyday Joe
      • January 15, 2014

      Lindsey is smart. The US Dollar has been overprinted and has countries like Russia and China divesting themselves out of it. The US Dollar may not lose the reserve currency status right away, but the Yuan may be offered out there to replace the US Petro dollar and as an additional alternate Reserve Currency. Either way the US Dollar is headed for a big fall and Gold/Silver will go up here the most because our Dollar will fall the most.

    • Ed
    • January 14, 2014

    Interestingly first reaction from friends was that the US/WH/Congress will not allow it to happen. Could they be right? If so, China must be on to plan B.

    • jake diesel
    • January 12, 2014

    This is interesting. The Prophecy Club website that assists in selling some of the pastor’s DVD’s has a group that is exchanging dinar for 3-4$. You give them the dinar by mail and they hold it for you until it RV’s. LINK BELOW:

      • David
      • January 12, 2014

      according to the email link on that web page, it appears that the Dinar is already RV. And they are already exchanging the Dinar for USD at the rate of $3 or $4.

      and you can only cash in no more than $25K IQD at a time.

      • Everyday Joe
      • January 12, 2014

      Okay, this is getting downright questionable. The Prophecy Club, or more specifically Stan Johnson of the “Spirit of Prophecy Church”, offers a person/firm that claims it will sell your Dinars at at higher (though not guaranteed) rate with a tax-free status, but they want you to sign over power of attorney on this investment and send the Dinars to them to be redeemed for a 10% fee.

      With power of attorney they have the option to sell your Dinars at a rate even below what you currently paid and they can still collect their fee, so it’s no loss from Stan’s or the firms perspective.

      The guy/organization Stan is dealing with is not specifically named except he is referred to as “Reno Bill”.

      • How in the world would anyone trust a firm or person shielded from inspection of legitimacy, especially with a person dealing with your hard earned income!? Why the anonymity if this is all above board?
      • Why would anyone sign over the power of attorney on their money!? And pay a 10% fee no matter what happens!!

      Stan’s Round 3 email backstory explanation includes this; “In 2001 when Bush wanted to invade Iraq he borrowed $1Trillion from the Chinese. He put up all U.S. lands including all U.S. parks and all of Washington D.C. including the White House as collateral giving the Chinese first mortgage on them all!”

      Really, Bush even collaterized the White House to the Chinese to secure enough loans to invade Iraq?! There is no way that our lands or the White House could have been collateralized without Congressional or Senate approvals. I fear that The Prophecy Club will have a severe backlash over supporting some anonymous firm/person promising to turn everyone into Millionaires. When this doesn’t happen it could take them down with lawsuits from everywhere, even though the power of attorney sheets were submitted by the enrollees. The Prophecy Club was one place willing to sell Lindsey’s DVD’s, but they may be swindled to shut them down so Lindsey cannot sell his DVD’s through them anymore.

      I’m highly skeptical that any of that Dinar offer sounds legitimate, but I do wish the Prophecy Club well. I pray they are not being scammed to bring them down. But, it looks like that is the case.

        • jake diesel
        • January 13, 2014

        I agree. Something was a bit off with that whole situation.

          • Everyday Joe
          • January 13, 2014

          The Dinar investment was and is a total scam.

          There’s always some unnamed source that has it in with the top guys on this deal with the govt. It’s never real.

          Stan Johnson will find that pushing this fraudulent scheme with his promotion will land him in legal troubles very soon. It has taken down other good people who thought they were passing along a good thing, but never did a background check on the inside Dinar source and their credentials. There is a reason that these sources get other people to email the promotion of this out to others. They use good people like Stan Johnson to be put in the legal cross hairs by promoting an investment when they are not licensed to do so. It gets Stan in trouble while letting the source scammer to face less consequences and allows them to reopen under another anonymous setup.

          • jake diesel
          • January 14, 2014

          How is it a scam?

          You can easily get your money back by sending them back to numerous dealers…or, sell them on ebay or amazon for a ridiculous premium.

          Not to mention they have appreciated in value against the US dollar since the “scam” has begun.

          IMO, It is a very high reward-low risk investment. A lottery ticket that never expires. When you tire of it-sell them.

          The dollar has lost almost all of it’s value since the inception of the Federal Reserve. However, the dollar has no way to go but down. Now…which one is the scam?

          Why not throw down a $100 to get back 100k-400k?
          You get sick of waiting-sell them-doesn’t sound like a scam to me-sounds like a longshot investment with a money back guarantee.

          • Everyday Joe
          • January 15, 2014

          Did you read the terms and conditions for the Prophecy Clubs Dinar exchange? A person needs to send their Dinars and sign over the power of attorney to their Dinar money for the agent to handle the trade when/if it revalues with total power to do what they see fit (including selling at a loss and they still get their 10% commission before you get your money), but no guarantees on % rate. You could take a big huge loss. And to top it off the source of the details driving this arrangement is an anonymous person, known only to Stan Johnson.

          Okay, the Dinar is maybe not a total scam by buying and handling it yourself, but your odds of getting anywhere near back your original money that you paid for these is so infinitely slim you might as well buy a lottery ticket with much better odds. Unless you’re a Forex professional that knows how and when to make the quick moves in and out of currencies, you might as well poster your basement with the Dinars you have.

          If you knew the Forex markets you’d know:
          • There is no general international Forex trade in the Dinar, so it’s not liquid if you have to sell fast.
          • Foreign currency under unstable countries often print “new” currencies to replace the old as they get into economic situations or have regime changes (Iraq is currently very unstable with several fronts of civil wars). The Dinar you hold now would be worthless unless you could redeem all of them in a short window of opportunity. Good luck when the “newly printed” announcement comes out, because everybody will be running to sell.
          • Banks will not exchange large amounts of Dinar currencies, so if you needed to sell fast you’d have to fly to Iraq and personally sell it there.
          • Dinar sellers are not certified for currency exchange. These Dinar companies can get government certifications for some general stuff, but when they say “certified” it is NOT for currency exchange. It’s legal in the USA to sell Dinars and foreign currency since most people use this for travel or business. Technically, though, if the Dinar sellers did buy back large amounts the SEC might shut them down since they cannot legally be certified as a currency exchange firm. The word certified is misused on all these Dinar sites.

          Of course you do have the option to sell it to some other even more hopeful person on eBay or Craigslist. You may find it hard to sell large amounts and you have to sell it as a collectible, so be prepared to have your original receipt or buyers will go elsewhere. And if you break it down into smaller batches, who gets the only receipt? Copies would not be considered legal receipts.

          The scam that Stan Johnson is involved in with an “exchange club” is the type that every state in the USA has government teams prosecuting. The scheme he’s fallen for does break laws. That scheme involves financial arrangements and Stan is not licensed as an investment broker. If he in any way facilitates the sale (like what he’s currently doing…sending out the promotional email, making or suggesting % return promises, and providing the attorney papers) he’s acting as a broker! For that alone Stan can be sued and also prosecuted by the SEC if he’s not a legally licensed broker. Mike Dillard of The Elevation Group just got sued for 53 million by the government for facilitating/brokering a financial scheme with Senen Pousa. Read it here:

          Stan Johnson, probably doesn’t understand just what he’s gotten himself into here. I am praying this doesn’t affect him badly.

          Hey, I got excited about this at first too until I did some serious research which included getting information from Forex professionals. Sorry to be a wet blanket on this but a Forex professional told me he gets this question so very, very much and he has not found any shred of verifiable fact on this since the early 1990’s when this started. He would know, it’s his job.

          • Mark
          • January 15, 2014

          Moderator, would you please contact Dr. Stan and send him this post. This guy is right on the money, Dr. Stan needs to be warned if he hasn’t been already.

    • Marathonman
    • January 11, 2014


    • Jimm Motyka
    • January 9, 2014

    New info in plain sight.


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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit