November 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Financial Event Planned By The Elite (IMF)…

There is a financial event planned by the Elite (IMF!), possibly within the next three months. When I was briefed on this by my Elite friend a few weeks back – I was sworn to secrecy until I am told that I can talk.

Biggest Financial Event in the last 1,000 Years

PLEASE MONITOR LINDSEYWILLIAMS.NET. I will tell you everything soon. Hopefully you will have time to take action.

My Elite friend sent me the following email, the excerpt below I am allowed to give you:

[testimonial] [tentry image=”” name=”My Elite Friend” company=””] We have to remember this is the biggest financial event in the last 1,000 years at least from my perspective. Every person on the globe will be affected. It will cause starvation, riots and possibly even martial law. This is a big big event! [/tentry] [/testimonial]

Lindsey Williams


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Lindsey Williams – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – October 2013

Lindsey Williams – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – October 2013

Lindsey Williams on K-Talk speaking with Mills Crenshaw on 24th October 2013 talking about signs that will come before the collapse of the American economy. Pastor Williams also takes calls in this two and a half hour show. We apologise for the quality of the audio. Unfortunately the automated system at K-Talk did not record the audio. Luckily, Mills Crenshaw's producer found a taped back up of the show and kindly cleaned it as much as he could and then sent it to us to upload. We thank Mills Crenshaw and his producer Darell for finding the back up for us to share with you.

Please understand that Lindsey Williams has a lot to say in this interview. It is very important that you listen to it and understand that the collapse is going to happen and that we only have a short window to prepare. We have the time to prepare and don't be discouraged, but you have to start preparing now.

Pastor Williams also discusses his new DVD “Elite Emergency Data“, which is one of the most important DVDs he has made that outlines what is going to happen and how you can protect yourself from the coming collapse. Available to order today.

The articles that Chaplain Williams discusses in his interview are as follows:

I was so shocked at what is about to happen to the world that I decided to write a free 100 page ebook called “10 Steps To Avoid The Crash” expanding on the steps that Pastor Williams reveals in his new DVD “Elite Emergency Data“. You must carry out these steps if you are to survive, even prosper during the collapse.

Mills Crenshaw's show can be listened to at the K-Talk website.

Find out more about Lindsey Williams' DVDs
Lindsey Williams' DVDs

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