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“This Is Exactly What My Elite Friend Said Will Happen” – Lindsey Williams

Billionaire Issues Chilling Warning About Interest Rate Derivatives

“Just within the past few days I have been told approximately when it will happen! There is a sign, I will tell it shortly!”Pastor Lindsey Williams

Will rapidly rising interest rates rip through the U.S. financial system like a giant lawnmower blade? Yes, the U.S. economy survived much higher interest rates in the past, but at that time there were not hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of interest rate derivatives hanging over our financial system like a Sword of Damocles. This is something that I have been talking about for quite some time, and now a Mexican billionaire has come forward with a similar warning. Hugo Salinas Price was the founder of the Elektra retail chain down in Mexico, and he is extremely concerned that rising interest rates could burst the derivatives bubble and cause “massive bankruptcies around the globe”. Of course there are a whole lot of people out there that would be quite glad to see the “too big to fail” banks go bankrupt, but the truth is that if they go down our entire economy will go down with them. Our situation is similar to a patient with a very advanced stage of cancer. You can try to kill the cancer with drugs, but you will almost certainly kill the patient at the same time. Well, that is essentially what our relationship with the big banks is like. Our entire economic system is based on credit, and just like we saw back in 2008, if the big banks start failing credit freezes up and suddenly nobody can get any money for anything. When the next great credit crunch comes, every important number in our economy will rapidly start getting much worse.

Economic Collapse
Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti

The big banks are going to play a starring role in the next financial crash just like they did in the last one. Only this next crash may be quite a bit worse. Just check out what billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News recently

Hugo Salinas Price said “I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies. I think the rise in interest rates is the fatal sign which is going to ignite a derivatives crisis. This is going to bring down the derivatives system (and the financial system).

There are (over) one quadrillion dollars of derivatives and most of them are related to interest rates. The spiking of interest rates in the United States may set that off. What is going to happen in the world is eventually we are going to come to a moment where there is going to be massive bankruptcies around the globe.

What is going to be left after the dust settles is gold, and some people are going to have it and some people are not. Then the problem is going to be to hold on to what you’ve got because it’s not going to be a very pleasant world.”…

Right now, there are about 441 trillion dollars of interest rate derivatives sitting out there. If interest rates stay about where they are right now and they don’t go much higher, we will be fine. But if they start going much higher, all bets will be off and we could see financial carnage on a scale that we have never seen before.

“This Is Exactly What My Elite Friend Said Will Happen” Lindsey Williams

Source: Michael Snyder, editor of The Economic Collapse blog.

UPDATE: August 11, 2013 — Due to overwhelming demand I have asked Pastor Williams to elaborate a little more on his statement relating to signs of the collapse. He has said you will need to do certain things before January 1, 2014. He has told me that he will be releasing a new DVD series discussing what his elite friend has told him within the past few days. Since this relates to what may be in store for the economy he has decided to arrange a meeting with his Wall Street insider, who will be featured in his new DVD series to explain in potent detail what may be vital to the welfare and even survival of those who listen. Pastor Williams has stated that he must have this information recorded before he does any radio shows. Expect this new DVD series to be released in the middle of September 2013. It will be released to those who have subscribed to his mailing list first, so if you haven't already subscribed please do so on the right hand side of this page.

Pastor Williams has shared with us very important information relating to getting out of paper investments and into physical investments such as gold, silver and other tangible assets. He also stated that land for growing organic food would also be of considerable benefit to the security of your dinner table. He also said to get out of debt and if you have the ability to pay off your mortgage. It is also imperative for you to fix your medicine cabinet, Pastor Williams created his DVD – Healing The Elite Way that shows you how the elite heal themselves. Most of all Pastor Williams says you should get your spiritual house in order — At the very least you should do these things before January 1, 2014… 

Find out more about Lindsey Williams' DVDs
Lindsey Williams' DVDs

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    • Daniel
    • December 25, 2013

    Great information from Jim Willie on the Global Currency Rest. US will have two 30% revaluations.

    • Judy Yowell
    • September 18, 2013

    How could anyone be ready for the total destruction that is to come? Read Deut 28 and Leviticus 26
    be prepared.

    • Sidney Boudreaux
    • September 3, 2013

    You know I believe that Lindsey will not tells what is to happen before mid month is because it is not all over yet. Syria was to fall 2 years ago but it did not. So there are forces trying to make the US go to war and destroy Syria so the rebels can win. But if the US does not do as ordered well the BuildBurger chaps are still in limbo.
    Watch closely what the US does. Don’t jump on the side of the US Aside probably didn’t use gas that may be a trumped up charge. What good would it do him to attack Civilians? The Rebels had some gas and they used it for Propaganda.

    • HolyWarrior
    • August 26, 2013

    Yes, I agree 100% with Limo. There is nothing we can do about it. Especially worrying. The Lord says do not worry… put your concerns on Him. Every day we have to prepare little by little is a blessing. If you noticed, Lindsey never declared in his latest e-mail above that it would happen January 1st. He just said as times before that be prepared around January 2014.
    The time is close. The info is coming in. Leave it to the Lord.

    • Rambo
    • August 26, 2013

    Prayer – ( We are all gods creatures – christians jews muslims etc we are all the children of adam and eve. please creator in the wicked hearts put mercy so that the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor can all live in peace and harmony. )

    I love everybody christians jews muslims atheists buddhists. i am sure that god will help us all in his own way. be patient and pray for all of mankind

    • Limo
    • August 26, 2013

    Lindsey has said in previous videos before if you want to know the progress of the elite look at the price of crude oil, it’s not close to $150 yet, currently close to $106 (WTI). This means we still have time. People should just relax and prepare.

    • Tammy
    • August 26, 2013

    Johnny and Adam: Thank you for the comments/opinions

    Adam is correct about the interest rates, any spike in US Treasury bonds will reflect in mortgage rates, credit card rates, etc. The so-called housing recovery is already showing signs of collapsing with new home sales falling rapidly.

    I think we are in collapse now, just slower at this time, but events keep escalating- with the time between the events shrinking. Economic collapse has already happened for people who have already lost their job, business, etc. I know of family/friends who have been looking for jobs for up to five years.

    I worry that TPTB will use this war as the reason to bring about the financial/economic collapse.

    I thank the good minister for all of his advice. I also remember on a radio interview that LW commented “that the currency/derivatives collapse could happen overnight.”

    I also would like to make a third shout, it is scary.

    • Kirsty
    • August 26, 2013


    Yes I would like to second that shout out to both Lindsey and this website’s creator.


    • Kirsty
    • August 26, 2013

    I’ll tell you all one thing though: this long wait from Lindsey is making me very, very nervous.

    I think we’ve all had it.

    Maybe Lindsey even has had to take time to make sure says the right things the right way first.

    Man, this is scary.

    • Kirsty
    • August 26, 2013


    With all due respect I don’t think you have it right. You seem to have made a glaring error. Lindsey told us that ALL currencies would collapse overnight together. This goes against you saying the US dollar begins to plummet. You sound as if you think this will be a slower process one currency at a time but Lindsey states the opposite.

    I think Johnny is talking about if all currecnies around the world do under at once, we will all be in a debt we can’t pay off and so we will all go bankrupt. That debt will be even just food and property taxes if nothing else.

    This is the plan of the new world order anyway I think. So maybe Johnny is right because there is no escaping the new world order which will not let you own a property or a business or anyhing i suppose. Lindsey said they will let you live there and rent it out to you for life. How can you fight that? I really think we will all lose all property too. They will get you somehow on something when you are starving 6 months after the crash.

    So although I understand what you said Adam, I think you are being a bit hopeful that this will be a staggered type crash. Lindsey said all currencies will go together overnight and it will be the biggest event in our lifetime. I think even if you pay off your debts you’ll still go bankrupt due to your money being worth toilet paper (as somebody else said!). When you cannot buy food and petrol you will have to go bankrupt and go beg the new world order for help.

    So yes interesting thoughts but I think Johnny may be right unless you know something Lindsey doesn’t!

    • HolyWarrior
    • August 26, 2013

    Without Lindsey Williams, I would not be prepared as I am now. I would like to shout out a “thank you” to him and the creator of this website in the U.K..

    • HolyWarrior
    • August 26, 2013

    Hello all,
    I have been a follower of LW’s information for awhile now. I do not trust anyone’s information until I look into it myself. I have found through massive research that the collapse is going to happen very soon. I cross reference logical information from all reliable sources. I believe the collapse MIGHT be around March of 2014. Here is a link to check out – Although I do not “flow” with the 666 idea (as you will see)the info is logical from where it stems from… Bilderberg. Please check it out.

    • Adam
    • August 26, 2013


    You are very confused, I hope I can shed some insight on your thoughts.

    Something will cause the US dollar to begin to plummet. When this happens, the Fed will have no choice but to raise interest rates to try to save the dollar. 20% interest rates wouldn’t be unexpected.

    If you have a mortgage on a house, or car, or anything, you will likely default on it rapidly when this happens. Even if you do not default, your bank may, and you may lose it. Williams wants everyone out of debt because any equity you have in that home will be gone when you lose it.

    The economy will tank during this time, and without an income you cannot pay your debts. Couple this with inflation, it will be a crushing blow to most.

    I would say own your vehicle, outright. Your home, have very little equity in it, if it is mortgaged. Defaulting on a home with no equity means you lose very little. Also, cities/towns will crank taxes through the roof to cover their costs, property taxes will skyrocket.

    Food is a great idea. Healthy whole foods, that can keep for many years is a huge boost. Debt is only going to haunt you if you are liable in the case of a default. IE, using your paid for vehicle as collateral for a home mortgage. If you have mortgage insurance and can walk away without losing anything, you are living stress free.

    I hope you get the idea.

    • Johnny
    • August 26, 2013

    PS: forgot to ask: why pay off your debt? What’s the point? Can anyone shed light on this?

    Seems 99% of people will go “bankrupt” one way or another in hyperinflation. Who can pay loans, credit cards etc when you can’t afford bread? So what’s the point, you’ll just go bankrupt with everyone else.

    What I mean is, if you can right now buy some gold and food OR pay off loans, why would you pay off loans?

    Is there some debters prison coming I don’t know about? Are we all gonna get put in camps? Not in the UK surely, we have no FEMA camps it seems unless they have hidden them well.

    So pay off the debts? One way or another they WILL get you – by killing your currency you will go hungry, you will lose all, you will lose your house either through propery taxes or mortgage failing. You will lose it all – debt or no debt.

    So why bother?

    I honestly don’t understand this advice from LW and others.

    Any thoughts?

      • ann
      • August 27, 2013

      his advice is to own assets like gold/silver/land or pay off your mortgage–unfortunately this advice is coming too late for many who have already lost jobs etc unless can reclimb that ladder of course but with each passing year the economic climate in Europe is getting worse and worse eg in my sisters university there was NO MILK ROUND that is where/when employers go to universities to recruit fresh talent-this used to be a normal event but not anymore in some universities-instead students are now leaving universities laden with debt and fewer prospects-so what hope have older people got who are normally discriminated againgst in favour of a younger person. eg big companies like talk talk have support staff largely operated in india, that is the way most corporates have been going for years

    • Johnny
    • August 26, 2013


    I’m inclined to disagree with you – I think the silence from LW is a sign it’s not ready yet. Seems the US and UK are going to storm into Syria to finish that one up now. From what I can make out from LW, the collapse won’t happen until the Middle East falls (???) because of the oil = $150 thing. So Saudi Arabia has to fall last according to LW, and this won’t happen until Syria falls.

    I dunno if I have that right; it’s hard sometimes to link everything LW says in terms of timelines.

    So the reason I disagree is because it’ll take a little while yet surely for Syria to fall. Then it’ll take a while for Saudi to fall… surely? Then the collapse will come I think according to LW. I never could piece it together (the Middle East and the financial collapse) but I think this must be roughly the idea. So… IF I am right, the collapse ain’t gonna be for months and months yet.

    Paul left a comment above and I am starting to agree: he said chill out people, if the collapse was about to happen LW would have said.

    One thing I don’t get it the September taper thing. Will Ben B taper or not? Everyone is predicting “yes” but I cannot see it. Why? Well, becaus of what LW has said! If LW is not telling us more until mid Sept, and a few days later Ben B is going to talk, surely Ben B won’t be tapering/raising interest rates??? Else LW will have only given us about 5 days heads up!! I cannot believe LW would do that to us. Therefore I have to conclude Ben B will not taper in Sept. In fact, given the Middle East thing above, if I am right with LW’s advice, I don’t think the tapering/collapse will come until deep into 2014.

    The other day Ben B’s comment “left the markets in the dark with regards to the tapering” according to the stupid mainstread press. Now, followers of LW can see the full picture and understand why!! He already did the test run, so now he has to keep his head down, say nothing, give nothing away and keep everyone in the dark until BANG – the big announcement on interest rates and BANG – the world collapses… when the elites say “now Ben now!!”. Although yes Ben B is leaving soon but you get my point!! Either way, this is what LW seems to be saying. So when I read the papers the other day and worldwide market traders are getting annoyed with the lack of info from Ben B, it made me chuckle, because a nobody like me knows more than the market “professionals” – all thanks to LW! I know what Ben B is up to, why he is saying nothing and where this is going. The “professionals” have no clue. They’re waiting for any hint to trade accordingly. LOL!! It’s quite liberating. It’s quite funny also. I am nobody but I know so much – thank you LW!!! I told a guy at work that Saudi Arabia would fall soon enough to the MB, and he was stunned I would even say it, he said no way, never, impossible, won’t ever happen. I just smiled and was like “ok, we’ll see!”. It’s so libertaing knowing stuff other people don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t keep it to myself, I tell people the warnings and get prepared. They laugh or yawn, of course.

    But for all the excitement this is bringing me, it also obviously has the big dark cloud looming over it, which is social unrest. A global market collapse is fine, what man in the street really cares, right? So some rich people lose some cash, boo hoo. But social unrest and lack of food… now that’s a scary problem for us all and I do not wish this to happen. I want the economical reset to happen in goods, housing, fuel, wages and life in general so we can all rebuild in a fairer economy (hence we need a crash) but the food/unrest/survival thing is gonna be sickening and terrible. 🙁

    One last point, I read Mark said pray Jesus comes and raptures us quickly. I understand many Christians believe in a pre-trib rapture but the Bible does not teach this no matter how much of a nice pastor or teacher you have in your church. Sorry, I am not trying to be a troll, but having knowledge of these things myself it is clear why pastors who have been teaching about a pre-trib rapture often repent after the read the Bible properly (and the Greek) and see it is a nice story but not Scripture. It was invented a couple of hundred years ago. I am not 100% sure if Mark was saying a pre-trib rapture in his comment, but I felt I better say something, as if Christians all say “hey Jesus will be here soon and we won’t go through anything bad” then they are in for a big shock. Jesus will return after the tribulation, the Bible is very very very very clear. It is so clear I fail to understand why people get this wrong except that it sounds nice. I guess it’s easier to believe Christians won’t go through it, but please be warned you will. Jesus said “he who endures to the end will be saved” – what do you think that means? Anyone who is a pre-tribber, please STUDY the Bible properly and see that you cannot hang your hope on a couple of mis-translated out of context lines whereby Paul may be alluding to Christians going up into a cloud before Satan has his way first. Paul never said that. The Bible doesn’t say that. Jesus will return after all the bad things, it’s quite clear when you read it. We will, in the meantime, go through the bad things, Christian or otherwise. But Christians will get it overall worse for their faith as Satan will come to crush them. So you will have to be strong and not let your faith wane when you look up in the midst of the awful tribulation and Jesus hasn’t yet come back.

    If I misread your comment Mark, my apologies.

    Just trying to help.

    Take care all

    • Tammy
    • August 25, 2013

    I think the extended silence from the good minister is the most telling: That the situation is most dire right now! (I know that there has been an update on August 11th.)

    There is too much war propaganda between the US, Syria, Russia, etc.

    I think everyone should follow the minister’s previous advice: “Pay off your debt, get food and water storage, and try to stay safe.”

    • Johnny
    • August 24, 2013


    You say I need a clever plan and I would normally agree… but… look, who has really got a failsafe plan? I mean really? Let’s be honest, about 1% of people know this is gonna happen in a country like the UK right? The other 99% will be caught out with their pants down. They will mostly suffer badly and lose most things, maybe everything, if what Pastor Lindsey is saying come to pass.

    The 1% like me and you have a chance to get through this just because we know in advance. But I do not have an island to live on, I do not have a heavily guarded castle on a mountain with machine guns, I do not have £1,000,000 in gold stashed away, I do not have an outhouse full of food and water. I get what I can. All we can really hope to have is a bit of metal, a bit of food, a bit of water and maybe a gun if you’re in a country that allows them (eg: USA) or a large knife and a baseball bat in places that are disarmed, like the UK.

    That’s it! But that bit of food and metal and baseball bat will put you in a better position than 99% of the people in your country. That, and the mental/physical preparation you must make in terms of yourself – you KNOW it’s coming, Pastor LW will tell you when (roughly) and you can brace yourself and do your best. Everyone else will wake up one morning to a dead currency, empty shelves and genuine fear. We will wake up to a nervous yet prepared-for reality.

    That’s it. What can I do? Stop the elite? Do I even want to? Is this my fault? Am I pulling the trigger? I’m not mad, I’ve just come to accept this IS gonna happen and WHEN it does I will be better off than 99% of people because I have ears to hear and eyes to see and luckily stumbled across certain people like LW.

    Will I survive? I dunno. Maybe I’ll get killed by the hungry mob too. I don’t know what will happen to me. But a few boxes of dry food, water and metal will give you a fighting chance. That’s all the plan we can have unless we are lucky enough to own property, be able to sell up for the countryside etc etc. The rest of us who have a pretty rubbish life (like me) can only go the food/water/metal/baseball bat route! Beyond that, it’s in God’s hands.

    I’ll just enjoy the ride as much as possible, look on it as an adventure for now yet a sorrowful story to tell my grandkids one day. If I make good out of this and make profit and get my life in order on the other side – great! If not, I die or I get enslaved into the NWO like everyone else.

    Tonight in bed I have a hot cup of chocolate, some biscuits to eat and some Ren & Stimpey TV to enjoy (remember them – they still make me laugh!). So I will enjoy them tonight while I can. Tomorrow I may die, so be it. If not tomorrow, then I may die when the elites pull this currency collapse trigger. Probably next year.

    But if I die, let it be known I did what I could and I had the same plan as pretty much everyone else who is awake. Food, water, metal, weapons.

    If I live, I promise to give my new life my best shot 🙂

      • ann
      • August 27, 2013

      you forgot seeds, a whole lot cheaper than the metals or a baseball bat 🙂

    • ann
    • August 24, 2013

    ha ha
    johnny you are mad– u better have a clever plan up yr sleave.
    best stay where you are and debt free, if you’ve lived in the city all yr life you are probably street wise…


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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit