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    • Radu
    • January 1, 2019

    The 2019 edition is the 33rd edition (important!), done in DaVinci style with the Vitruvian Man at the centre, a representation of “the perfect man”.

    “In Masonic symbolism, the square represents the physical body and the circle represents the soul. On a wider scale, the square represents the material world, while the circle represents the spiritual realm. One of the goals of Freemasonry is to harmonize these two opposite worlds (physical and spiritual) to create the “perfect man”. This concept is fully represented in the logo of Freemasonry. The logo of Freemasonry combines a square and a compass – two tools used in architecture. The square is used to draw squares while the compass is used to draw circles. By “squaring the circle”, the Freemason is said to achieve godhood.”


    My Interpretations:

    So it sounds like the “Vitruvian Man” is the man that unites the material with the spiritual – the idea of “the kingdom of Heaven on Earth” – the Antichrist.

    Very important, the side of the Vitruvian Man shows blood. Blood is also seen in his palms, a clear reference to some sort of “messianic figure” …

    He wears a set of VR goggles, meaning he will be creating a new “virtual reality”. We have also seen this idea of “virtual reality” in the 2017 edition (the magician tarot card).

    Vitruvian Man’s hands:

    In his hands, the “Vitruvian Man” is depicted holding a cannabis leaf. On the same hand the symbol of the DNA is visible, meaning the “Vitruvian Man” will be bringing “health” (It is known that cannabis, especially the cannabis oil, can cure very serious diseases like cancer).

    In another hand he hold a baseball – will he bring people leisure and outdoor activities like never before?

    Also he has a scale with people in it, meaning he will bring “justice”.

    Finally he also holds a phone with a QR code on it – meaning a system where everything will be digitized accessible to each person in their own hand.

    THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE – this one is interesting, are the elites expecting (planning) some “apocalyptic” style events in 2019?


    The magazine appears to show the Chinese president Xi as Pinocchio, will China be caught lying about something?

    One of the other symbols hints at 2019 as being the year of “facial recognition”. In other words “nowhere to hide”. Why is Trump’s face also being scanned? Is this supposed to show that the new system is designed for absolutely everyone and not even presidents can escape it? Or that Trump is already being surveilled on?

    President Putin is also depicted in regards to his oil pipeline projects due to being completed in 2019.

    Other elements:

    A stork is being depicted delivering a brand new … digital monetary system. In its beak it caries what appears to be a money bag with a digital code on it.

    A scared dog depicting Britain and its BREXIT

    An angry panda bear

    Moon travel

    A volcano

    (may be updated)

    • Radu
    • November 14, 2018

    “The New Covenant”

    IMF’s Lagarde has just issued a statement urging all central banks to embark onto the new blockchain based financial system. The noticeable urgency in her message could not be overstated. It looks like things are about to speed up greatly. As usual the reasons offered are just a facade, masking the real intentions: the bringing about of the “perfect system” of Antichrist. They now seem to be racing to get it implemented. Time is short!

    “Lagarde said central banks had to work quickly to establish digital cash for burgeoning networks of private financial transactions”

    The markets are heading for another crash like never before. Out of this crash they will propose this new system (they already are) in which a “new social contract” will be brought forth: that the ruling elite (whatever there will be left of them) will never (be allowed to) engage in any form of “corruption and manipulation ever again” (if you can believe it:)). The promise will be backed by the promise of a new financial system that is fully “transparent” (existing in the public realm like the stellar network) and cannot be “fiddled with” (manipulated). It will also mark the transition away from a dollar centric system to a “multi-polar” one (based on gold). Over time i have highlighted how this is being achieved.

    The rush now is to set this new framework up ASAP, so the elite (that have been exiting the existing system as i have been showing) can re-position themselves for the “system reboot”. Of course they will never admit that, but for the larger population it will appear that the new system will be “much fairer”.

    Mainly what i make of Lagarde’s statement is that is now time for the central banks to take up their positions as “anchors” into the new IBM/Stellar system and be ready for the transition. If up until now the transition seemed to involve only commercial banks setting up “stablecoins”, it looks like the IMF is urgently calling for central banks to start issuing their currencies directly into this framework, which is a major escalation.

    Just in October a survey showed that the central banks were “in no rush to issue CBDC” (central bank digital currencies) themselves (see link below), one month later and things have drastically changed.

    This highlights a new sense of urgency. Some sources (like Jim Rickards) have been saying that when the new financial crash comes, IMF will be issuing a gold based digital currency that will be launched into this new framework, thus taking over the “reigns” of the world’s financial on system from the “reckless American elite” who would have completely destroyed it at that point …

    Noriel Roubini sems to make the same case as Lagarde: that without a “central authority” to govern the blockchain world, its “libertarian and messianic” promises are doomed to fall pray to the same “evil elite”. The key will be in the new “social contract” they will come up with. In fact it will be the antichrist himself who will bring this new social contract to the people. The “new social contract” will in fact be the “new covenant” the antichrist will make with the people …

    Nouriel Roubini makes his case about these other blockchain networks (like Bitcoin, Ethereum) which are flawed. The key is the Stellar network which is public and decentralized, and was designed exactly to address the problems he highlights in his essay …

    Blockchain will ultimately represent the apogee of human wisdom and the triumph of the rational mind towards solving the problems of a “fallen humanity”, the ‘Omega point”. The triumph of humanism and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on Earth …

      • C B
      • November 19, 2018

      Thank you for these news articles.

      I came across material by a Dr Lawrence Dunegan who obtained information from an Illuminati insider back in 1969 stating the new system would be brought in over a weekend.

      The new world currency would have to be digital. Digital is the only way the coming Antichrist (world ruler) can control every person as prophesied in the Bible. Central Banks need to create a unique and stable digital currency to combat other digital forms of money. Backing it with gold would likely be the best option to do this. It’s also intriguing why banks have been stockpiling silver. Is it to back an upcoming digital currency issued by Central banks?

        • Rad
        • November 28, 2018

        Dear CB, i write a lot about these subjects on facebook. See if you may find an answer there.

          • C B
          • December 17, 2018

          Dear Rad, I don’t like Facebook and believe it is quite dangerous having a profile there and giving them personal details. I deleted my profile and information months ago because of the following news reports I came across regarding Facebook:

          . they are or will be using facial photos posted by account holders to catalogue people
          . China has the capability of identifying DNA through facial photographs and are using this to target and kidnap candidates for organ transplants
          . they are developing software to read users’ thoughts as they browse on their site
          . Mark Zuckerberg appears to be involved with Illuminati material. During an interview he revealed the insides of the jacket he was wearing which had various Illuminati symbols woven into it which he stated gave him power

    • Radu
    • November 12, 2018

    We are about to witness historic developments to start unfolding. There are really only two ways for the events to roll out: a radical overnight reformation of the international system and the refurn to the gold standard, or outright economic collapse.

    If Trump reinstates the gold standard soon it may be possible to avert the financial collapse for a while. What appears to be happening is Trump is negotiating the bankruptcy of America trying to get the best deal it can get from its international creditors (BRICS). The trade war we see today is escalating towards a climax and someone or something is going to have to cave in one way or another. It either leads to an economic collapse, or the leaders agree to some “solution” (aka the gold standard).

    I tend to believe they are close to reaching an agreement. Trump may soon announce a new gold standard. If he does it so that it happens overnight, in order that nobody “smells” anything before it occurrs, he may be able to succeed. The vast majority of people and public funds will be caught off guard before being able to take any of their money out of the risky assets, therefore most funds will remain trapped. After the revaluation it will be pointless for people to start liquidating risky assets anyway because the revaluation would have already occurred and the effort would be pointless. The key is that the revaluation be done overnight and by surprise. In this way Trump will be able to “disconnect” the US dollar from the international financial system and replace the reserve currency of the world with gold. Every currency will just become “a local currency”. No country will be exposed to the problems of another country, or be subservient to some private banking cartel like the Federal Reserve.

    They will also be able to avert an imminent failure of the banks because they will be instantly recapitalized through the revaluation.

    Another “argument” they will make for the case of revaluation is that the US “satanic elite” will be “isolated” and will loose control of the very mechanism through which they have been able to exert their “tyrannical control” over the world, and the political warfare that they have raised against Trump will become isolated to the US only, thus becoming a “local matter”. Then Trump can “do whatever he wants” to restore order in America without having consequences throughout the whole world.

    Only problem is that this scenario is only good “in theory” because the elite have already exited the system and positioned themselves in gold and other physical assets, nevertheless they will push the plan forward and it will be bought by the unsuspecting population.

    The new system will be based on blockchain and it will promise that the “satanic elite” will not be able to take control of it ever again since “it is impossible to fiddle with”. It will be in the public realm and therefore “completely transparent”. About this new system i have written much and therefore will not repeat myself here.

    The gold revaluation may happen in the context of a “debt jubilee” among nations since countries like China and Russia will gain enough incentives from revaluing their gold reserves that they will be happy to just “write off” any debt America may owe them. Everyone will be “happy”.

    In this context it is imaginable that a “new era of peace and prosperity can commence …”

      • C B
      • November 19, 2018

      If the IMF has given Central banks urgency to create a digital currency, do you have any thoughts on whether the Central banks will crash the system while President Trump is in power? Lindsay’s information says “no” i.e. nothing will happen until President Trump is out of office and the elite expect him to remain for a second term.

    • Dave
    • October 30, 2018

    Dear Editor,
    I have purchased and watched Lindsey’s latest video. The question I can’t work out is this for Pastor Williams. If interest rates in the US keeps going up like they are, and the US stock market keeps falling to the point of collapse. Then, he also says there will be no stock market crash as long as Donald Trump is president, which is the likely outcome?

    • bewa
    • October 30, 2018

    God is in Complete Control…Jesus is here beside me…He just whispered the Good News that He has plans, too… I trust in Jesus…not man.

    Blessings Lindsey, Your Family & your Team! Love & Prayers sent your way!!!


    • Radu
    • September 3, 2018

    Sounds to me like the trailers suggest much more urgency then the DVD itself. Anyway, here is something you mey be interested in!

    • CB
    • July 30, 2018

    Dear Editor,
    Would like to ask a further question to Pastor if it’s possible. Since Lindsey was pastor to the elite, it says they believe in God. If that is so, why do they not follow and keep God’s teachings i.e. truth, honesty, serving others and the world in good ways? It seems a dichotomy having a pastor, yet behaving with evil intentions to weaken and hurt people everywhere. Hoping Pastor will comment. Best wishes.

    (EDITOR: Pastor Williams lived with the Elite on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in the 1970’s and frequently keeps in touch with them in order to bring us information. If you wish to contact Pastor Williams directly. Please do so by completing the form here:

      • CB
      • August 8, 2018

      Thank you Editor!

        • RiRi
        • September 26, 2018

        I bought Lyndsey’s DVD’s back in 2014 which I believe he thought he was warning us, however, I do now believe we had a divine intervention with our new POTUS. Don’t go into tailspin like I did in 2014. Believe this: we are in a spiritual war. Plain ole good vs evil. Our best defense is to be informed and Pray. Pray for your country, the world, potus (president of the u.s.). If JC is not your savior, then you should be very afraid,

    • Dave
    • July 25, 2018

    Do you have a downloadable version of your “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!” video that I can buy rather than sending a DVD?

    Dave Sloan
    New Zealand

    (EDITOR: There is an On-Demand version available here:


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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit