Lindsey Williams – You Can Live! – Book – 1996

Lindsey Williams - You Can Live! - Book


There is hope for living a healthful, vibrant, vital life! This is a guide to Defending Your Immune System, Alternative Dentistry, The benefits of Bee-Free Pollen, Nutrition as God designed it, Herbs & vitamins for healing and health, The many new proven medicinal uses for our old standby, Aleo Vera, Aromatheraphy and Essential Oils, etc. along with healthy recipes for the family who cares.

Lindsey Williams, noted author of numerous best selling books, now deals with the subject of health. Mr. Williams is himself an avid healthy living advocate. He first learned health from the Bible because he has been an ordained minister for over thirty years.

He says, “Everywhere I lectured across America and around the world, I heard the same story, ‘I am sick.' I determined to find an answer and let people know where they can go for help.”


Publisher: You Can Live Publications; 2nd edition (1996)

Available on Amazon Kindle (Not Yet)

Available in Paperback

Also Available at Book Finder: You Can Live!


    • Jayson Stirrup
    • July 26, 2015

    I live in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

    A few years ago someone put a copy of the 1st edition of You Can Live in my hand. Just reading it now. Would like to order a copy of 2nd edition to see the updates.

    Please me a mesage with indication of how I can order copies. thanks.

    (ED: Pastor Williams’ books: The Energy Non-Crisis, Syndrome of Control, Where’s The Food, To Seduce A Nation and You Can Live! are no longer in print. The Energy Non-Crisis and To Seduce A Nation are available through Amazon Kindle. However, the other books are only available through the used market at this time.)


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