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This is James Harkin, creator, editor and webmaster at I created in 2011 because I appreciated what Pastor Williams had been saying for many years about the Elite and their agenda for humanity and this planet. I decided that there needed to be a centralized location for all of the content Pastor Williams had produced and I set about creating the website you see today. I did this with no expectation of payment or revenue of any kind.

Over the years I have increased my dedication to the work provided on this website. Not only is there an archive of every radio presentation currently available online as well as videos of many of Pastor Williams' DVDs. I wrote the 100-page guide ‘10 Steps to Avoid the Crash‘ in 2013 and I offered that to everyone for free. There have been over 15,000 downloads of this guide since I wrote it. I also started a weekly newsletter to share with Pastor Williams' followers the current news and information for the week. I also created the Lindsey Williams Online membership site with all of his DVD videos as well as the Lindsey Williams Online Facebook Page where I post latest news stories and information.

The amount of time taken working on this website is considerable. Curating news stories worthy of inclusion within the newsletter as well as dealing with six different email lists, keeping the website operating, creating the sales material and promoting Lindsey Williams' new DVDs as well as writing an extensive and detailed analysis of current events including articles on Precious Metals Are The Only Lifeboat!, Worldwide Financial Collapse, New World Currency Announced, Just a Cashless Society?, Pope Announces New World Order and many more.

While I enjoy doing this work, there is a cost involved. Not only for hosting the website, but also the time managing it. There are only a certain number of hours in any given day and I am working every day. It is unfortunate, but I cannot continue to invest the dedicated time into bringing important information to you because my financial requirements do not allow me the freedom to spend the time working on this. I do not get paid any money whatsoever from Pastor Lindsey Williams or Prophecy Club. All DVD sales revenue are their own. That is virtually their only source of income. I include some banner ads, but the revenue from this form of monetization has fallen considerably over the past year. The revenue generated no longer covers the cost of hosting the website and last month (May 2017) I received zero payment from Google.

I do not wish to archive this website. It would be six years of hard work down the drain. I know Pastor Williams relies on it for the sale of his DVDs since he no longer has the energy to participate in radio interviews. He is now in his 80's and I, therefore, do not wish to put him in a situation where he is unable to earn money from his DVDs. As a result, I have some ideas for the redevelopment of that I would like to share with you, I would appreciate your feedback and assistance in making this happen:

  • I would like to redesign the website. I have had the same theme and layout since I first created the website in 2011 and because it is not mobile-responsive it does not show very well on mobile devices. I would like to change the layout so the top part of the website is not all advertisements for DVDs. I could include an image slider and this would make it look much more attractive. I also need to update some of the articles written in the past so that everyone gets the latest information.
  • I also would like to automate some of the news content curation to free up some of the time I spend manually trawling through hundreds of news articles. This would also speed up the approval and listing of news stories at as well as social media platforms. It would also give new content for visitors to this website and the social media sites every day.
  • As well as the automation of news content curation I would also like to move all of the six different email lists into one email list. I set up the six different email lists to save money. However, the time it takes to create each email on each email list is considerable every week. There are several ways I can automate some of the processes so readers can receive their weekly newsletter from Pastor Williams. This would be quite expensive since the list would be quite large.
  • Would you like to become more involved with the website, would you participate in a discussion forum or a chat room where people can talk to each other in real-time, or both?
  • Of course, I would like to complete the writing of the new guide ‘Avoid Any Crash & Profit from the Trump Presidency'. This guide will continue to be available for no charge as the knowledge and information will be valuable to everyone.

I know many of you who have expressed your opinions on the information shared by Pastor Williams over the past years and I know a lot of you have expressed an opinion about the cost of the DVDs. There's nothing I can do about the cost and availability of DVDs unfortunately. This is totally out of my control. I do not benefit from DVD sales. I can do most everything else.

There hasn't been much feedback from the email list regarding the newsletters. I receive the odd positive feedback and I have received a few messages asking where the weekly newsletter has gone. Currently, I have suspended publishing the newsletter for personal reasons. A lot of the feedback has been quite nasty and disrespectful. I have merely removed those individuals from the email lists.

What would you like to see happen to this website? Do you have any ideas what I can do to keep the website operational, to save time in administering it and continue to allow people to enjoy the information shared by Pastor Williams and myself? If you have any suggestions please contact me using the contact form below and I will start a dialogue with you to come up with a plan that works for everyone.

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Ideas and suggestions are one way that we can move forward with However, that still doesn't address the problem of finances. It costs money to operate this website. It costs money for me to spend time compiling newsletters and articles that are important. I cannot invest the time and energy into redeveloping the website if revenue is not generated at a sufficient amount and will need to focus my time and energy on other projects. This is a problem that I know a lot of others are suffering from. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But, together I think we can come up with a solution.

Can you help with a donation? Or a small monthly donation? If you appreciate the work I have done to bring you news and information, as well as articles, guides and of course, give you one place to review all of the work created by Pastor Williams over nearly 40 years of research and information provided by the Elite. I do not wish to take away from Pastor Williams with this request for donations. Since I understand you are only visiting to find out the latest information from Pastor Williams.

However, if many readers were to donate a few dollars per month it would allow me to spend the time to curate the newsletter as well as write some great articles like the ones I stated above and keep everyone informed with the latest information from Pastor Williams. Or if you are unable to offer a small monthly donation then a one-time donation would help buy the new web hosting, services the software needed to redevelop the website. If you do not wish to help, then I understand and appreciate you reading this message regardless. If I could offer all that I have given for free forever I would, but unfortunately, I cannot and that is the reason for this message.

I thank you for your time in reading this message.


James Harkin
Creator, Editor, and Webmaster of


Hi. This is James Harkin, creator, editor and webmaster at I do not get paid by Pastor Williams or Prophecy Club. The content on this site was created freely in appreciation of Pastor Williams' work. If you would like to donate to help me run this site, please donate using the button below. Anything you can afford would be appreciated. Thank you for your support for Lindsey, his site and myself…

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit