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Store Food, Water And Firearms

NB: This article was written by James Harkin and may not be the thoughts or opinions of Pastor Lindsey Williams or

Store Food, Water and FirearmsPART 5:

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In order to protect your family from the effects of natural disasters the government have said to prepare for 72 hours. This means 72 hours of food and water for every member of your family. It’s not enough, you need to consider storing items for a potential THREE MONTHS OR MORE! We all know what happened during the Katrina disaster, people were not prepared and found that it took weeks in order for the government to get the necessary supplies to those hit the hardest. It’s a real concern that a crash of the economy on a global scale that is warned by Pastor Williams could bring about a disaster equal to or even worse than Katrina across the entire USA that could last a lot longer than 72 hours. With the logistical nightmare of that proportion how long do you think it would take for the USA to get the necessary basic supplies to your location? What if this same problem was affecting every country throughout the world? Is the government prepared to help every citizen? Take what happened in the Katrina disaster as a warning that the government is incompetent and unable to offer support for you for weeks when the economy is purposefully crashed.

Are you prepared for weeks or several months of no food on the shelves of your local grocery store? No water from the taps? No electricity? Or even worse as Pastor Williams has said before that the grocery store will have food, there will be electricity and water, but you won’t be able to afford to buy it because hyperinflation has torn through the country?

The elite do not want you prepared, they consider those that store more than 7 days of food and water or who grow their own food as extremists. This is confirmed by the Department of Defense. The elite want you totally dependent on them and during the coming collapse many will not be prepared. Those who read this article will have the necessary basic understanding that will allow them to survive through this global collapse.

Store food, water and firearms
Store food, water and firearms

You really need to keep a stock of storable water, dry milk powder, canned goods, non-perishable sealed items (dried fruit, pastas, flour, etc.), baby food and pet food. I would recommend that you keep at least three months of storable food and water for each member of your family. You should consider foods that are low in sodium but high in protein and high in unsaturated fats. If you can buy whole grains and organic if you can. Keep foods simple as possible. Think of it like what happened in World War 2, people were rationed, they were active and ate frugally. People were a lot healthier than they are today. Store your non-perishable foods in dry room temperature place. Avoid foods that contain GMOs, MSG, Aspartame and High Fructose Corn Syrup since these are the causes of some of America’s biggest health problems. So try and avoid products that contain highly processed starches and refined sugars. When buying salt, always buy an expensive salt that doesn’t have aluminium based caking agents, but is clean. It’s also a good idea to buy extra for friends, relatives and neighbours just in case they do not prepare themselves.

Also, make friends with a small local organic farmer since they will have the knowledge to grow food in an adverse financial climate, subject to them not having debt. They will also have knowledge to help you grow your own and even trade with you.

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Regarding water you can obtain bottled water, gallons of water, 55 gallon barrels to fill with water, or even empty juice or soda bottles. The general rule of thumb for how much water to store is one gallon per person per day. So a family of 4 would be 4 gallons per day and over 90 days that would be 360 gallons of water. If you bought 55 gallon barrels you would need 6 or 7 barrels of water to last 3 months. Store the water in a cool, dark place and cycle through its use too. If water is exposed to sunlight it can green quickly and can be a haven for mosquitoes due to its static state so you’d definitely need high quality water filters.

Not only food and water you may also need some sundry items such as: a battery powered radio, communication equipment (cell phones may not work so consider CB radio), flashlights/lamps, matches, batteries, compass, warm blankets, a basic tool kit (Swiss-army knife, wrench, screwdriver, nails, hammer, etc.), duct tape, safety pins, needle & thread, shovel & snow shovel (in case the crash comes in winter), an axe, strong rope, small propane stove, small pot & pan, water purifier/purifying tablets/straw purifiers, extra containers of gasoline (or always keep your vehicle fully fuelled), jumper cables, etc.

You may also need medical items such as: First aid kit, aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, stool softeners, sterile bandages, gauze pads, band-aides, ace wraps, tourniquets, disinfecting cream, burn ointment, rubbing alcohol, sunscreen, bug spray, latex gloves, thermometer, ice packs, safety pins and scissors, etc. You will also need a source of vitamins and mineral supplements that I will discuss in the section

Household items you may need would include: tie/synch-garbage bags, disinfecting soap, dish rags, shampoo/conditioner, feminine hygiene products, manual can-opener (store many because can-openers and toilet paper will become a very healthy currency during the crash), utensils and dinnerware (metal or paper – something that can’t break easily), basic cleaning products (bleach & disinfecting wipes), paper & pens/pencils, baby diapers, towels, extra clothing, comfortable shoes, hiking backpacks and 0-degree sleeping bags, etc.

If you can obtain some portable solar panels you may be able to charge items that you need as well as run your television and computers if necessary. Personally I would recommend anyone buy solar panels and wind turbines in order to become more self-sufficient and stop relying on the ever more expensive electricity suppliers. The average system for a 3-4 bedroom house would be 3KW. This should allow you to do most of what you currently do at home. Add to that the possibility of a generator to run at heavier load times as well as wood burning stoves with a source of stored firewood should keep you warm during the winter. I would also change your incandescent bulbs to low voltage LED bulbs, the technology has moved on considerably in the last few years and now an LED bulb can produce as much light as a 50 watt halogen bulb using only 3 to 4 watts of electricity. Therefore you use solar panels you don’t use up your energy unnecessarily.

It would also be prudent to change your electrical goods to the most energy efficient possible. I would recommend AAA+ energy rated white goods if you run a solar power system. The higher the energy efficiency the less energy it would consume.

You may also need to obtain self-defence equipment. It is not my own personal choice, but looters and pillaging gangs will be dissuaded if you can fight back against them. The constitution says that every American citizen may keep and bear arms and this was to stop a tyrannical government from taking control of the country. Of course the US government will be armed to the teeth with heavy equipment to try and keep control during a collapse, but they are reluctant to engage the American people. Pastor Williams said that the elite did not want what the American people did after what took place at Sandy Hook. It scared them more than anything that happened in many years. The elite wanted the American people to allow them to rip up the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but it backfired.  The American people did what the American intuition, tenacity and free spirit dictated to them. They bought every handgun and piece of ammunition they could secure. This was due to the real threat that President Obama said he would do everything in his power to put through legislation in order to limit any event with a gun happening again. The American people thought that President Obama was going to come after their constitutional right to bear arms and they went ahead and bought everything they could. It is getting more difficult to obtain firearms and ammunition in the USA so it may be necessary for you to obtain less lethal weaponry such as pepper spray, Taser or other more “robust” equipment that will allow you to fend off wild animals or wild humans.

If there is one television show that hit home the very real threat that a total collapse of the American economy it was the 2006-2008 television show Jericho. It showed how a small town survived through a nuclear disaster that destroyed many of the major cities throughout America. Of course the real threat is not nuclear weapons but financial weapons. Financial weapons can be just as devastating as nuclear weapons, just look at Detroit and other cities that saw the major employers leave, bankruptcy. People then left the city to go where there was employment. This left the town desolate and crumbling into disrepair. In Jericho townsfolk gathered together to keep some resemblance of their old life going. They traded goods with other towns and municipalities, grew their own food and generally made do. If you have a chance, please watch this series and make the necessary preparations not for nuclear war but for financial terrorism on a global scale.

Let’s say for example that the economy doesn’t get back on its feet in three or more months. Maybe you run out of storable food and water. Maybe you could lose your possessions due to looting or forced exile from your home by military forces. What then?

You don’t need to fret, you can learn how to plant an edible garden or learn how to forage for wild edible plants. I do not apologised for promoting the following products. I thoroughly recommend them as something everyone should obtain to help them through the collapse. If you invest in this information, watch the DVDs, read the books and use the information for your benefit, you will definitely make it through the collapse. Garry Tibbo and Markus Rothkranz teach self-sufficiency and self-reliance they created two DVD sets that can help plan successfully to cope with changes in the environment, changes in season, even live without grocery stores and even pay your mortgage bills without a job. They say that it doesn’t matter whether you live in the suburbs or where it snows in winter you can forget about the economy and everything you’ve ever been told about health. Nature it perfect and has all the answers.

The first 5-DVD set I recommend is called ‘Free Food and Medicine’ it shares with you that the most powerful food and medicine on the planet is free and its growing outside your door and around your neighbourhood. This DVD set is from Markus Rothkranz explains why wild local foods are a thousand times better than plain organic produce from the grocery store. “Weeds” have amazing healing qualities that we have just begun to understand. Wild food is FREE. The more you pick it, the more it grows. It basically wants to feed and heal us. People everywhere are amazed at how they feel after they start living off true natural food. You can grow your own food in your yard, patio, living room, roof or balcony. The meals people are making with these foods are amazing. Tired of going to the doctor and supermarket? Join those who don’t get sick any more and barely pay for any food. This 5-DVD set will show you a new way of living that could totally change your life. This DVD set is $59.95 and is available here and comes with a free Wild Food Recipes booklet.

Free Food and Medicine DVD Set
Free Food and Medicine 5-Disc DVD Set + Recipe Booklet – $59.95

Another great series that I have watched and acted upon is a 6-DVD set called ‘Free Living 101’. It offers the viewer everything you need to survive within 1 mile of where you live. Garry Tibbo shows you how to live on the wild plants in your neighbourhood, make house payments without a job, heal any health condition and be truly self-sufficient no matter what. This amazing highly inspiring 6 disc set is a two day workshop that will show you how to never worry about the economy or your health ever again. This is true freedom. It’s great for people in northern climates where it snows in winter. This is mandatory information for these times! This DVD set is $59.97 and is available here.

Free Living 101 - DVD Set
Free Living 101 – 6 Disc DVD Set – $59.97

There is a special offer for both DVD sets ‘Free Food and Medicine’ and ‘Free Living 101’. The package is all 11-discs and recipe booklet for $99.97 saving $19.95. You can order both DVD sets here.

The 480 page companion guide I would recommend that goes alongside both DVD sets is called ‘Free Food and Medicine – Worldwide – Edible Plant Guide’. It is the definitive book on edible plants found all over the world. Over 2,500 beautiful full colour images covering over 1,000 plants, what health conditions they have been historically used for. What common neighbourhood plants make a great shampoo, soap and toothpaste? Which ones make a wonderful non-caffeine coffee substitute? Or milk substitute? Or perfume? Or which plant makes a great Ant, moth, mosquito repellent? Which plant boosts sex drive like crazy? What flowers and common house plants are edible? Learn all this and more in this incredibly fascinating, power-packed book resulting from centuries of research and 3 years of putting it all together. Be sure to read the beginning of the book, which teaches plant basics, and also how you can grow your own. There is a whole section showing toxic plants and what they look like, and a huge section in the back listing almost any health condition you can imagine and what plants have been used for them. This is as packed as it gets. Those wild plants growing just outside your house are some of the best free food and medicine you could ever have. It’s compact enough to take outside with you, which is what its designed for. This great book is $29.97 and is available here.

Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant Guide
Free Food and Medicine – Worldwide – Edible Plant Guide – 480 Pages – $29.97

Although he’s an eccentric, I like what Markus Rothkranz has to say and have watched his DVDs and read his books. His book ‘Heal Yourself 101’ is an amazing 192 page book that details everything you need to know about how to dramatically change your life and never get sick again. Many people who have read his book have healed themselves of almost any health condition – from impotence to brain cancer and polio. Markus doesn’t promote a trendy fad diet, explained in a simple-to-understand down to earth language. His book gets straight to the point. You can change your life with simple things that cost almost nothing, right in your own home, starting immediately. People are amazed at how quickly they start seeing and feeling results, not just in weight and health issues, but energy and hormone levels, memory and brain function, attitude, better sleep, better sex, better skin, hair, and reversing aging. This is it folks. It doesn’t get any better explained and easier to understand than this. This amazing book is $29.95 and is available here.

Heal Yourself 101
Heal Yourself 101 – 192 Pages – $29.95

I thoroughly recommend that you obtain both DVD-sets and both books. They are excellent sources of information that will be invaluable to you and your family during the collapse of the economy.

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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit