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Purchase Everything You Need

NB: This article was written by James Harkin and may not be the thoughts or opinions of Pastor Lindsey Williams or

Purchase Everything You Need


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If you can buy everything you need without mortgage or debt, get it now before January 1st 2014.Whether it is land, a fuel efficient and reliable vehicle (Japanese vehicles seem to be very fuel efficient and reliable), equipment, solar panels, wind turbines, water filters, water distillation equipment, AAA+ rated white goods, etc. Purchase anything that will allow you to survive the coming collapse without going into debt. Definitely look at things that people will need and store some that you can resell later. Can openers, feminine hygiene products and diapers, etc. Not only will this bring in an income in currency that can pay your taxes, but you will have extra currency in order to buy items you need during the hyperinflationary period.

Adding to the list of items I suggested for you to obtain under ‘Store Food, Water and Fire Arms’ there are some other pieces of equipment I would highly recommend you obtain. The fact of the matter is that you cannot trust a corporation, news outlet or government to tell you the truth so its always best in order to plan ahead for the welfare of your family.

Purchase Everything You Can Without Debt
Purchase Everything You Can Without Debt

I recommend that you obtain the following items:

Hand held Geiger counter – Fukushima was a disaster that may have dumped thousands of tons of nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean. Incompetence on behalf of the Japanese government according to the mainstream media shows that very little has been done to contain its environmental impact. I have seen many images of radiation spreading across the Pacific and into the worldwide ocean currents that will see all the oceans and seas affected. If this is correct then we need to protect ourselves. Government agencies and corporations making a profit from selling foodstuffs cannot be trusted to keep you healthy so I would thoroughly recommend that you obtain a hand held electronic Geiger counter to check if items, foodstuffs, even people are affected by radiation.

Gas Leaks Detector – Fracking has become a major blight in the wide open spaces of the USA and if you are looking to purchase a small home on land out in the countryside it is important that you are not in an area that has been hydraulically fractured since it’s likely that the ground has been damaged and gas is leaking and water aquifers have been contaminated. A gas leaks detector will allow you to detect any natural gas leaks as well as methane, ethane, propane, butane, acetone, alcohol, ammonia, steam, carbon monoxide, gasoline, hydrogen sulphide, smoke, industrial solvents, lacquer, thinner and other gases. It makes good sense to protect your family from the dangers of gas and that is why I recommend obtaining a gas leaks detector.

TDS Meter – A total dissolved solids meter is a good investment for checking the total dissolved solids in liquids such as water sources. A TDS meter will double check the performance of your water filter, check for water hardness. The more total dissolved solids the less high quality the water is. Although it doesn’t detect bacteria, a higher TDS measurement could show the presence of heavy metals. Personally I use the TDS meter to check the quality of spring water. Using a website such as you can find publically accessible springs. I trust spring water more than I trust domestic piped water since I know the health problems related to Fluoride in the water. Buy a TDS meter and protect your family from contaminated water.

EMF Meter – An Electro-magnetic Field meter is a good investment if you are concerned with the effect that cellular mobile phones, power lines, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi and other electrical radiation has on the human body. It has been claimed by scientists that children living and being schooled close to overhead power lines have a higher rate of cancer than those children living away from overhead power lines. When buying your small home with land in the countryside you would definitely want to check the EMF levels on the property to see if there is excessive radiation from a cell tower or overhead power lines close to the property. I use an EMF meter to position where I sleep, because I know that EMF can affect sleep patterns and cause harm to the body. It’s an important investment for the health of your family.

Other equipment I would recommend obtaining would be solar panels and wind turbines that will give you a supply of electricity if the national electric grid fails. As I have said before any decentralisation of power is good for you. It will also save you from having to pay exorbitant payments to the electric suppliers. When you have less income due to the collapse of the economy you do want to have a source of electricity and solar panels are a good investment. Even if you do not have the panels in order to cater for your existing consumption, average family home consumes around 3Kw, you will have electricity for when you need it, either recharging batteries or using computers or communication equipment.

Another item that you might want to check out is a satellite phone. This has a direct link to satellites instead of using cellular towers or the wired telephone network. The elite use satellite phones in order to keep in contact with people around the world using cellular towers since they can contact people who are in the countryside where there is no cellular coverage. They are very expensive, but if you can get one, I recommend having it in case of emergencies.

If you cannot afford a satellite phone, during the collapse of the American economy it may be beneficial to return to CB radios. Using the citizens band radios will allow you to communicate with other people around the local area and further afield that may have news regarding potential problems due to military, looters, FEMA and more. In any emergency it is good to keep in contact with others to share information that will help you and your family with any potential problem that may pop up. Advance warning is essential in preparation.

Something else I have thought of that may also be of benefit are manually operated equipment. A bicycle or tricycle and trailer may be beneficial if you want to move things around in bulk. Manual juicers, blenders, clockwork radios, torches, and other things that may be needed that don’t need an available source of electricity could help you also.

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Pastor Williams has said that numerous events will begin to transpire as soon as the affordable healthcare bill kicks in that is going to fulfil everything the elite wanted in order to keep you from revolting. They don’t want this to happen, but they may not be able to keep you from revolting. They have made preparations if you do. What happened in Boston and the lockdown of the city was like a test that showed them that the people will comply. The events that will transpire will be brought on gradually over a period of time until they can make you into that total slave that they want. You don't have to be that way if you follow the information Pastor Williams’ elite friend has told us. Buy what you need now without going into debt.

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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit