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Pay Off Your House Mortgage

NB: This article was written by James Harkin and may not be the thoughts or opinions of Pastor Lindsey Williams or

Pay Off Your House Mortgage


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It is important for you to pay off your house mortgage. If you have the funds available pay off your mortgage because when the economy crashes you may no longer have the income in order to pay your mortgage. The Federal Reserve own your home, they have been putting $40 Billion every month into mortgage backed securities. They have been doing this since 2008. It is now 2013, so 5 years of buying $40 Billion of mortgage backed securities every month would equal around $2.4 Trillion in mortgaged backed securities. The total value of the outstanding mortgage debt market in the US is $13 Trillion. Therefore, the Federal Reserve directly owns just-under 10% of the mortgage market. However, you have to understand that banks, pension funds and investment companies own the rest and when the economies of the world are deliberately crashed, all of these banks, pension funds and investment companies will also fail. The result is that the Federal Reserve will have to take them over. So eventually if it isn’t already, your mortgage will be owned and controlled by the Federal Reserve. Incidentally, the Federal Reserve controls all banks who must ask permission to do certain things. Therefore, if they have that much control over what banks such as J.P. Morgan are doing then it is possible that these banks are doing the Federal Reserve’s bidding in the markets to manipulate the gold and bond prices to keep the game going that little bit longer.

Federal Reserve Bank Building Washington DC USA
The Federal Reserve Will Own All Mortgages

The Federal Reserve will own supermarkets, office blocks, warehouses, care homes, restaurants, bars and bowling alleys. There’s nothing that the Federal Reserve won’t control after all is said and done. This means any businesses that remain will be in the elite’s pocket and individual business people will do as they are told if they want to keep their lifestyles. It’s happened before and it will happen again.

Many people don’t have the funds in order to pay off their mortgage. There is something you can do. Sell your home and buy something that you can purchase outright. It doesn’t matter where it is, so long as it is outside of a city and in the countryside with a bit of land in order to grow your own food. Pastor Williams says “it is better to live in a 1 room log cabin without a mortgage than to live in a mansion worth a million dollars that the Federal Reserve owns because they probably already own your mortgage” that you will lose when the collapse takes place. This is a possibility for you to lose your home, I highly recommend that you follow the word of Pastor Williams and pay off your mortgage as quickly as you can.

If Your House Is Mortgaged You Will Lose It
If Your House Is Mortgaged You Will Lose It

Like I wrote about before with that fancy car, do you need that million dollar mansion, is it a necessity or are you just massaging your ego. Ultimately people live to their incomes and if they are earning thousands of dollars per month they will spend thousands of dollars per month. Those who live lavish lifestyles are not going to be able to cope when the crash occurs if they are unable to sacrifice their lavish lifestyles. Those who act now are going to not only survive, but prosper through the crash, not have the stress of the Federal Reserve coming to take their home and have the money to provide their family with the necessities.

With a smaller home with land, you will not only see your utility bills drop drastically, but its reduced costs will enable you to not have to work a 60 hour work week in order to provide for your family. Any extra money you have in your pocket can be used to buy the items you need to prepare, whether it is equipment, a vehicle or supplies. You won’t have to stress that your income doesn’t allow you to buy what you need. Of course if you have spare money, buy gold that will allow you to prepare for the biggest buying opportunity of your lifetime.

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If what Pastor Williams says is true, then its likely those who do nothing will have their homes confiscated by force and they could end up in soup lines and either living on the street or moved into FEMA camps or worse. In the bankrupt UK many people who are renting their accommodation from their local authorities. The UK government, in order to scrape a few pennies out of the poorest people are telling them that they will pay extra tax if they have a spare bedroom. Either they move into smaller accommodation or pay more from their already low incomes. Therefore in the US it’s a real threat that people will be moved like cattle around the country where the labour force will be distributed by necessity and if you become controlled by the Federal Reserve who wouldn’t relocate in order to feed their family? There’s also a possibility that because of the sheer number of repossessions that people will be allowed to stay in their homes, but they will be expected to rent them from the Federal Reserve.

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    • Tim
    • December 9, 2013

    What advice is there for someone who currently rents?
    I have some savings but not enough to buy a house in California. I do not wish to relocate, except maybe to Hawaii.

      • FuzzyCamel
      • June 28, 2015

      I just sold my house and am renting.
      Renting has several advantages:

      -When the banks close, you don’t have to pay rent anymore, the landlord is screwed.
      -You can pack up and leave anytime.
      -If the rental is burned in riots, it isn’t yours.
      -You essentially have zero risk.
      -Insurance won’t be there, so if your house burns you are SOL.
      -Inflation clauses are extremely uncommon in rental agreements, so the landlord is screwed again.
      -You can flee the country if needed, the landlord is stuck holding the bag if you break the lease early.
      -You own nothing, you are free to move wherever needed.

      The elite are selling their rental properties. The large apartment building I am moving into was just sold by 4 Rabbi’s, definitely in the know as they’ve owned the building for decades.

      The only effective way to ‘short’ the housing market is renting. When prices fall, you can buy in without taking a loss.

      Another big perk, is apartments are easier to defend from looters. Most have controlled access, and you can shoot from an elevated position which a big plus. Also, looters and thieves have one way in, the apartment door. Keep your guard dog next to the door at night, have alarms. Use a shotgun with buckshot as it won’t go through walls as much.

    • bm
    • November 29, 2013

    I have enough to pay off my mortgage and then some but I would have to sell my physical gold and silver. I have very little fiat currency. What do you recommend that I do? I think that you are giving people very good advice about the coming collapse of the banking system, but I am confused as to which of your recommendations I should follow at this point. Should hold the gold and silver or pay off my mortgage. Thank you.

    • mark
    • November 7, 2013

    Thanks Angela, no, my mortgage is a fixed rate. My plan is to sell just enough silver (once the price goes up) and pay off the loan the same day. According to Jim Willie at goldenjackass dot com…..the silver price should go up to $250 per ounce as soon as the comex runs out of gold and silver and the prices go to their real value.

    • Angela
    • October 28, 2013

    I agree with Silverbro; in post WW11 Germany, a man used ONE gold coin to purchase the hotel he worked for before and during the war. That’s how much gold was worth at the time. I suggest getting out of other debt, though, ie., credit cards because the interst rate will probably skyrocket. The credit card companies (banks) will do anything to get more mmoney out of us. Remember, the Bible says “the borrower is servant to the lender”.

    To Mark: If you have an adjustable rate mortgage, I think your payments could go through the roof, otherwist, you could probably use silver to make the payments after the dollar is rendered useless. For a while I have heard that we will still be able to spend the dollar until it burns itself out with hyperinflation. If you can afford some gold, I would suggest having some on hand as the other articles say.

    Good luck and trust in God…he will protect those who believe in Him!

    • Silverbros
    • October 8, 2013

    Post dollar collapse, those with precious metal holdings will be able to continue to pay their mortgages with their PM holdings. If you can’t afford to pay-off your mortgage, another option is to make sure you have enough precious metal holdings to cover mortgage payments. I think we are all going to be surprised how little precious metals it will take to pay-off a house post collapse. If you are blessed to have no mortgage, please make sure you have enough precious metal holdings to cover your property taxes. Nothing worse than having a paid for roof that gets tax foreclosed on because you can’t pay taxes with your worthless fiat currency.

    (ED: I think that’s also a good plan too)

      • mark
      • October 20, 2013

      Question….When hyperinflation hits…I have the cash to keep paying my mortgage note for about 6 months….will my mortgage note stay the same during hyperinflation….I know food and gas will go up? I’m hoping that within that 6 month period….Silver goes up quite a bit…so I can sell my Silver and just pay off my house…What do you think?


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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit