Lindsey Williams, an ordained Baptist minister went to Alaska in 1970 as a missionary. While in Alaska, Pastor Williams found out about the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, which began construction on 29th April 1974. Because of Pastor Williams’ love for the USA and concern for the spiritual welfare of the over 25,000 workers on the pipeline, he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company.

Pastor Williams was given the northern 7 out of the 28 construction camps including the oil field at Prudhoe Bay to hold worship services at the 7 camps once a day. After six months a PR employee at Alyeska Pipeline Company told Pastor Lindsey Williams that he was an invaluable asset to the company. He said that Lindsey was saving the oil pipeline company thousands of dollars of counselling fees and had voted successfully to give Pastor Williams executive status if he wished to accept it. Executive status meant that Lindsey Williams could go anywhere he liked and see anything he wanted regarding the pipeline operation. They gave him a vehicle and an executive pass and he was also invited to sit in on board meetings in an advisory capacity in order to help the relationship between management and labour.

For three years Pastor Lindsey Williams had the opportunity to sit, live and rub shoulders with the most powerful, controlling and manipulative men on the face of this planet.


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My name is James Harkin from Conspiracy Movies and I created this website in order to showcase Chaplain Williams' work online in an easy to find way. I do not charge to operate this site, I have created it out of respect and appreciation for Pastor Lindsey Williams' work over the years. The site is kept up to date with all interviews and presentations shown. However, if I miss any of his interviews or video presentations, please let me know by completing the ‘contact us' form and include URLs to those video or audio presentations. Also if you have any comments regarding the site, please also let me know.

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    • JH
    • September 27, 2021

    Hi. I remember back in the 1980s Pastor Williams saying that Ronald Reagan told him he was forced to take George Bush as his running mate, otherwise Reagan would end up like a certain disgraced(?) politician. Do you know if Pastor Williams documented that anywhere? And who was the disgraced politician that Reagan might end up becoming…Goldwater…Nixon…or other? And who threatened Reagan? Thanks!

    • Tim Wilson
    • September 16, 2021

    Where is pastor Lindsey. These videos show a very young Lindsey Williams. Seems that you are editing Lindsey’s messages but you seem to give the impression that they are recent talks. You and I both know they are not. If these are edited messages from Lindsey talks of past say so. Where is Lindsey Williams today. I would like to speak with Him.

    Pastor Tim Wilson Tampa, FL
    50 years Baptist Minister

      • James Harkin
      • September 18, 2021

      You can contact Pastor Williams by using the relevant form on the Contact Us page.

    • Liz
    • May 2, 2020

    need a mobile friendly site

    • Mark Steiner
    • February 6, 2016

    Have followed Bro. Williams ministry since early-mid ’80’s with “Energy Non-Crisis” and personal appearances in Denver. Am a fellow Watchman on watch for the imminent return of he Lord. Much deception out there, most of it originating in the church. I too would be interested in reading a doctrinal statement or statement of faith, etc. Thanks, Jesus IS coming soon.

    • Don Cauley
    • June 14, 2015

    Thanks for the info. Though I have never heard of Pastor Lindsey Williams he sounds like someone with God’s calling. The territory along that pipeline and the oil fields is rough country especially during winter. I’ll pray for the pastor and your web site to save souls for Christ.

    Thank you

    • pastor stephen begi
    • November 1, 2014

    Pastor, Greetings to you in the majestic name of our Lord Jesus Christ . I pray that this humble,friendly message finds you walking in the favor of God.
    God,s minister, God has invested enough message of salvation in you to get out of your country to go all over the world to preach the gospel and win more souls to Christ.
    God has called you out of many, chosen you ,anointed you and approved you for his great Job.
    Pastor, you are God,s special workmanship.psalm 139,says that God knew you before you were formed in your mother,s womb!
    pastor, your greatest blessings began when God said,He created you in his image in Genesis 1;26, everything you put your hands to, is going to prosper.
    Pastor, you are so precious to the Lord,silver and gold was,nt enough.God wanted to purchase you with something more valuable than any precious mental or mineral.so He used the blood of Jesus Christ.
    Surely, in everything we do,we believe in positive changing and affecting the lives of people who we are constantly working towards inspiring change.
    Pastor, working together is to fruitful growth and maturity in the Lord among us.
    My good friend, we are thanking God that we are connected to an anointing servant ,ministry ,who are committed in spreading the GOOD NEWS of spreading a salvation message and win more souls and many to LOVE Jesus Christ .
    We are requesting you to pray for us, send us teachings and we invite you to visit us here in AFRICA for Revival and Reformation seminars.
    May the Lord be with you when you consider our request.
    Pastor Stephen oyaro.

  1. Reply

    I am a research psychoanalyst with the medical board of California, age 82, live in Costa Rica and Colombia. Are you interested in building a site for me free to I can help people?

    • Jonathan
    • January 25, 2013

    Thank You for setting up this website. Do you know if the last video by Lindsey Williams is copywritten? (the next 4 years)

    Some of us don’t have the $80 dollars to get the dvd, and I was wondering if someone is going to post it up on Youtube anytime soon?



    • Stefan Frankel
    • September 18, 2012

    Thank you very much James for the site.


    (ED: Thank you for your kind comments.)

    • Jon
    • July 4, 2012

    I am curious as to whether the site has a doctrinal statement. Many wear the name Baptist but it doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone.


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