April 2020

Vaccinations: Do They Really Work... Are They Worth The Risk?

Vaccinations: Do They Really Work… Are They Worth The Risk?

“Immunisations are they worth it? Parents that is for you to decide. I would like to give you the facts as medical authorities have stated them. Then you decide what you should do. Because I have already discovered if I advise you to or not to give your child the immunizations I could be taken to task by the authorities. To the very best I can, I am going to very carefully document with statements from leading medical authorities what they say about immunizations.” – Pastor Lindsey Williams


This is a presentation produced many years ago from Chaplain Williams not shared publicly on the Internet before, it was only available to members of Lindsey Williams Online. Since we are about to enter a phase of confusion on this planet I felt it imperative that this DVD be released on social media. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO. EVERYONE MUST LISTEN.


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