“Probably The Most Important Program I Have Ever Sent You” – Pastor Lindsey Williams

Today, Pastor Lindsey Williams sent me a video featuring a pro-vaccine expert,  Geert Vanden Bossche (DVM, PhD) warning of a coming Covid Vaccine Disaster. The original video was posted on March 11, 2021, by Del Bigtree from The Highwire. You can watch the full video here. The following video highlights the main points in the original video. You can also read Geert Vanden Bossche's open letter to the WHO here.

Pastor Lindsey Williams has always been concerned with the vaccine and immunization programs of the United States of America. However, he has always very carefully documented with statements from leading medical authorities what they say about immunizations and not just expressed his own opinions. In his presentation ‘Vaccinations: Do They Really Work… Are They Worth The Risk?' produced many years ago, he stated clearly at the beginning “Immunisations are they worth it? Parents that is for you to decide. I would like to give you the facts as medical authorities have stated them. Then you decide what you should do. Because I have already discovered if I advise you to or not to give your child the immunizations I could be taken to task by the authorities. To the very best I can, I am going to very carefully document with statements from leading medical authorities what they say about immunizations.” So you can understand how important this information is to the health of you and your family.

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    • srk
    • September 2, 2021

    Ok back again. Thankfully, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL
    So please, exactly what does blood analysis have to do with anything at the moment or this necessity realized somehow, perhaps sometime, in the near future?
    Would that be the next pillar to fail, fall, forecast?
    Inquiring minds still stand.

  1. Reply

    Thanks for this.

    You may want to use some of this….

    i have no facts or evidence that there is now nor has there ever been a microorganism isolate known as or described as the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus commonly called COVID19. i refer you to the recent court decisions in Alberta Canada. This alleged virus has been the excuse used to create emergency authorizations, mandates, illegal rules and orders issued by governors and mayors absent any lawful authority that violate unalienable rights and that violate solemn oaths by said persons to the constitutions that were written to protect the fundamental inviolate rights of the people living on the Hawaiian Islands. Please provide the contracts or obligations upon which your employers rely to take such actions, keeping in mind that the HRS is not law but evidence of statute and regulation applicable to those with emoluments.

    Further, i have no facts or evidence that PCR tests used to create “cases” are either accurate or reliable, or that the PCR tests have been calibrated using isolates of COVID-19. i allege that it is impossible for PCR tests to distinguish between covid and the flu or any variant absent isolates. There has never been an isolate. If you disagree please provide any facts, evidence, science or proof of isolates upon which claims to the contrary by your employers rely. An isolate is required. Nothing which is against reason is lawful.

  2. Reply

    Ok, let’s clear up CONVID.

    No, it’s not a virus, and it certainly cannot be thwarted with an antigen antibody, anybody, hello???

    Second, this CONVID non pandemic is a cover, again (remember) for ALL OF US, that when the globalists decide to make some thousand more money, honey, homie, agriculture non homie monies 7 signs of hell in their pocket moves, to their favor, will CONVID quite nicely, line their pockets, whilst everyone remains frozen (as in the groove) and the Reverent (bear screws and kills you).
    The answer from CONVID is yes the answer from God, is Oh Heck No.

    Hence, moar money moves from the Global Delete.

  3. Reply

    Thank you Pastor Lindsey and James.

    AI, NOT I, AM is programmed to LIE .
    Hence, the hesitation and resistance for true followers of hopeful truth comes from ABOVE, not from, below.
    TRUE NORTH! Is the way home!
    Thank you patrons of God, Lindsey, James, and many beloved, for pointing the way back to GOD’S TRUTH! And, the true path Home!
    Be guarded my friends! For The True battle is yet to come!


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