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“Probably The Most Important Program I Have Ever Sent You” – Pastor Lindsey Williams

Today, Pastor Lindsey Williams sent me a video featuring a pro-vaccine expert,  Geert Vanden Bossche (DVM, PhD) warning of a coming Covid Vaccine Disaster. The original video was posted on March 11, 2021, by Del Bigtree from The Highwire. You can watch the full video here. The following video highlights the main points in the original video. You can also read Geert Vanden Bossche's open letter to the WHO here.

Pastor Lindsey Williams has always been concerned with the vaccine and immunization programs of the United States of America. However, he has always very carefully documented with statements from leading medical authorities what they say about immunizations and not just expressed his own opinions. In his presentation ‘Vaccinations: Do They Really Work… Are They Worth The Risk?' produced many years ago, he stated clearly at the beginning “Immunisations are they worth it? Parents that is for you to decide. I would like to give you the facts as medical authorities have stated them. Then you decide what you should do. Because I have already discovered if I advise you to or not to give your child the immunizations I could be taken to task by the authorities. To the very best I can, I am going to very carefully document with statements from leading medical authorities what they say about immunizations.” So you can understand how important this information is to the health of you and your family.

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Rebellion… It’s NOT What You Think!

With the passing of every day under the Biden administration, it seems more draconian measures are being rolled out under executive order. Soon we will all be vaccinated against a disease with an already incredibly high chance of survival and we will all have vaccination passports for travelling to foreign lands, restaurants, or own job, and the local supermarket. The two-weeks to flatten the curve has become a year under house arrest for many of us! Even with a vaccine, masks and social distancing are still being required and we will see by autumn if mandatory lockdowns continue well into the future.

As this “virus” continues to wage war across the globe, another financial collapse is raising its ugly head. The National Debt is at an all-time high and is set to double within thirty years. We see in the media almost daily that companies are declaring bankruptcy and jobs are being lost to automation. There are now 45 Million on Food Stamps and over 100 Million not in the labor force.

Trump is no longer President. As predicted Agenda 21, 30 and the Sustainable New World Order is back and whilst under Trump, the Elite had focused upon other countries around the world with their plans, now Trump is no longer between them and you. Remember this, there can be no superpowers in a sustainable world and they will get what they want.

So, it is up to you to protect yourself. As Pastor Williams told you back in 2013 with his DVD ‘Elite Emergency Data’ and what I expanded on in my free 100-page book ’10 Steps To Avoid The Crash’ which has now been downloaded over 22,000 times! Several brand new chapters are being added to my new book ‘Avoid Any Crash’ which is coming out in the next few weeks. One of the new chapters involves what we consume and I’ve done extensive research on why this is one of the most important steps.

From hundreds of hours of research, I can honestly say that big corporation do not have our best interests at heart. The only thing big corporations are interested in is profit. Big corporations will not be happy until you are paying for everything, from the water you drink to the air you breathe. It seems that the big food corporations are working together with the big pharmaceutical companies to keep you sick. The processed food is little more than junk and the pharmaceutical companies seem to only treat the symptoms. You are being slowly killed because of convenience. Very few of us make our own food or sit down for a family meal. There’s considerable growth in fast-food delivery services during the “conrona plandemic“, and it has been proven that a large percentage of our ailments are due to what we consume via our mouths. Yes, the food we eat causes a considerable number of cases of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes every year. Unless we do something proactively we will all be at the mercy of drug manufacturers high prices as we get older.

So, we know there’s a problem and we are powerless to change the route of global politics. Our voting systems don’t work and taking up arms ourselves is a big mistake and will lead to even more draconian measures being enforced upon the population. There is one thing that we can do right now that will save us money over the long term and possibly improve our health. As spring is rapidly approaching and we will be spending more time outside, in our garden.

What we do with our garden can be one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to rebel against the Elite’s plans for humanity and this planet. Whether you live in the countryside, the suburbs, in a townhouse or only have a balcony, you have the ability to grow your own food and help protect yourself and your family from any crash. If those who suffered through the great depression had a food garden they wouldn’t have had to line up at soup kitchens.

In 2014 I studied Permaculture under one of the top Permaculture teachers in the world, Geoff Lawton. I have read many books by top Permaculture authors such as Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer, and David Holmgren as well as Ron and Johanna Melchiore. I can talk with authority about growing food and living a sustainable life, even when I live in an urban location with a north-facing garden.

So many people are successfully living a sustainable lifestyle as off-grid homesteaders including the Dervaes family growing over 6,000lb of fresh produce from just 1/10th acre in Los Angeles, California. Not only do they save a lot of money on the food they consume but they also earn a healthy income every year from their garden. Other people such as my friend Garry Tibbo have become self-sufficient and he even says “Everything you need is in a 1-mile radius of where you live.” Recently Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has installed six raised beds in her garden to grow leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and much more.

There is a video I’d like you to watch from a couple who have created several off-grid homesteads spanning over 40 years. They also have a book entitled The Self-Sufficient Backyard that discusses over one hundred projects that you can implement on your own land. Projects you really need to consider creating for your own self-sufficiency including how to make a cheap rainwater harvesting system, the seven herbs you need in your medicinal herb garden, how to create your own backyard hybrid electricity generating system, how to keep pests away from your organic fruits and vegetables, how to build your own root cellar, how to get your own independent water source, how to get free hot water, how to build an easy beehive, how to build a year-round self-sustaining greenhouse, a plant you can grow in tiny indoor spaces that will generate you an extra income, six crops you can plant in your backyard that can generate you extra income, and many more ways to save you money and make you more self-sufficient.

Click here to watch the video:

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P.S. Growing your own food is the only way to know what is put into your food. You cannot trust corporations to provide you with the nutrition you require for optimum health. Only you can do that. This is why I recommend this book because it’s written by someone who really has become self-sufficient.

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Absolute Proof…

Yes, it is two hours long. It will be the most informative two hours you have ever spent as a person who believes in America. God bless you and God bless America.


Direct Video Download Here

From Michael J Lindell

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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit