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September 24, 2015 Asteroid Prediction NOT Made By Pastor Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams

A few days ago Pastor Lindsey Williams was made aware of a video circulating the Internet that stated that Pastor Williams had made a prediction that an asteroid would hit the earth on September 24, 2015. This prediction was not made by Pastor Williams. He has told me this:

“I did NOT write this – I did NOT produce this video or make this prediction. It is  being attributed to me but I had nothing to do with it.”

I have contacted the video producer, YouTube and Vimeo to have Pastor Williams' name removed from the video. As far as I am aware this has been carried out. There are still many articles circulating the Internet that have not removed Pastor Williams' information even know I have personally contacted them to advise them.

I am at a loss to understand why these websites have not contacted to ask if the story was correct before repeating it.

Therefore, please disregard any predictions presumably made by Pastor Williams unless they are made through his official channels, namely and


James Harkin
On behalf of


48 Responses to “September 24, 2015 Asteroid Prediction NOT Made By Pastor Lindsey Williams”

  1. SouthernLadyCC says:

    Pastor Williams, I believe you when you say you didn’t write the predication concerning the asteroid. I hope all is going well with you.

  2. Omari says:

    Those are all lies the world will not end and chill people nasastated that there will not be an impact on earth for the next century so calm down people besides God only knows when the world will end so end this September 23 final day thing it’s all just a hoax ok

    (EDITOR: Pastor Williams did not say September 23rd. He was given a range of dates and information between September and December 2015. The world will not end, nobody said it would. But, the show will not continue with all of us.)

  3. srk says:

    The new Free Doom Act. YES, Passed by CON,Gress, of the Now Disabled states of Humerica, (yes, look it up) as in Re Gress, does not restrict Government Shovernement, access to people’s cell phone use. Doesn’t restrict NSA from monitoring conversations. This, passage monitors, And allows ALL, AI, access to the Cell, HONE.

  4. Brian says:

    I see they just found some signs made in Israel dating back to before Israel was taken captive and the nation destroyed by Babylon. These signs said my elite friend in heaven has told be what is about to take place and it is time to order this latest scroll with information so important that I can’t stress how badly you need to have this to protect your family and escape the coming trouble.
    If Lyndsay is a pastor selling his warning is very much like Balaam did. This message should be also stressing teh spiritual side of this and for a Christian minister not to link these events to the tribulation seems he really doesn’t have a grasp of what is going on.

  5. Mahdiya says:

    Isaac Newton predicted an asteroid to hit the earth one day earlier, on Yom Kippur, September 23rd.

  6. srk says:

    Emoji. The cell, cough, cough, Cell phone as an emotional tool. Only now it’s audible breathing, hasping, psych ops, talking noise, deterrent, hedge,against the truth, used be text, but now audible emotions, you can hear, through your Cell, phone, do you hear voices in your head? Oh yes, you do, and you will. The truth can’t be said because you’re now afraid of your, Cell, phone.

  7. Jake says:

    Hi everyone…
    Ummmm does anyone else think something has happened to Lindsey given the fact we are literally 4 months from “the big one” and he hasn’t said a word? I thought he would talk more through his website or radio or something… even just another dvd?!! But he is being very quiet… is that a good sign or bad sign or no sign? He doesn’t owe is anything but I remember he said as the time draws near he would update more but it hasn’t happened. We are about 120 days away nowand all is totally silent from Lindsey after all these years of building us up for this. Am i expecting too much to hear a word from him? I hope he is ok. Perhaps the webmaster could call him?

    (ED: Nothing has happened to Pastor Williams. There is a newsletter about to be released from Pastor Williams shortly.)

    • Bill says:

      We don’t want a news letter! The Pastor told us to check “The Site” “Often” and I have faithfully. We are not looking for a celebrity, we are looking for what his friend is telling him. We can interpret what is said without articles and experts. I’m not trying to be ugly but he does owe us. He set himself up as the go to man for information. He did many many interviews of which I don’t believe I missed any. He created the following and told us to watch. Well we are and have been. Like I said in a different post; if there is no news that’s ok but tell us. But if there is news don’t make a dvd or a newsletter or wait for a new month. Just tell us!

      (ED: Bill, have a little bit of respect. Pastor Williams can only do so much due to health reasons. You already have all the information you need to keep yourself as safe as possible from the New World Order. If you are unhappy with how Pastor Williams shares his information, there are plenty of other sources for you to investigate.)

      • Bill says:

        Needed to be said. You are affecting people’s lives (many). Life decisions and personal relationships are being navigated by what is said. I am sorry if Pastor is not well but I don’t quite understand what “can only do so much” means. There is no need to make this a production. Have him tell you. You take notes and post it. The gravity of what is coming is far too great and too near to hesitate. The sheep who have trusted and followed need to know.

        (ED: As I told you before, if you do not like the way Pastor Williams shares his information, please search for other people who will serve you to your requirements.)

    • Marguerite says:

      Pastor probably or obviously doesn’t have anything new to say. He’s given ample information beforehand laying out the elite’s agenda including the timeframe for collapse, which I think is an amazing piece of information. If someone doesn’t have anything new, what can they do? Fabricate material just for the sake of it? That’s not like the Pastor.

      I hope he is in good health. God bless him and his family. When September/October arrives and we see things unfold as stated, how grateful is one going to be that heeded Pastor Williams’ advice.

      (ED: I sent out a newsletter on behalf of Pastor Williams today. It was sent to his email list.)

      • Marguerite says:

        Thanks James. Got the email where Pastor confirms the crash is imminent. It was interesting to read that Pastor himself hasn’t been receiving replies to emails he sent to his elite friend. I think one needs to be grateful for receiving the information we’ve had so far. Pastor really has done well maintaining a connection.

  8. mike says:

    Hugo Salinas-Price-Global Economy in a Terrible Mess, No Way Out Without Suffering


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