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The New Elite In 2015

Pastor Lindsey Williams returns with a new DVD ‘The New Elite In 2015.'

The topics included in the DVD are:

  • When is the US banking system going to crash?
  • Bank deposits are no longer money!
  • ISIS vs ISIL!
  • The truth about oil!
  • Deflation not inflation!
  • Annihilation of Israel!
  • Violence in Washington!
  • Interest Rates!
  • The Levant???

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This DVD was released on February 16th, 2015. It's more poignant now than it ever was. Prepare immediately!

This presentation of The New Elite In 2015 from Pastor Lindsey Williams is required viewing by all Americans. Please share this presentation with everyone you know.

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Special Events Scheduled For 2015

From Lindsey Williams: I contacted my elite friend at your request and to my amazement, he gave me what you asked for. The date in 2015 for the financial collapse Also… – What will happen to the housing market – Warnings about the stock market – Chaos in the derivative market – Corporate bankruptcy – Divine intervention in 2015.

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This DVD was released on September 15th, 2014. It's more poignant now than it ever was. Prepare immediately!

This presentation of Special Events Scheduled For 2015 from Pastor Lindsey Williams is required viewing by all Americans. Please share this presentation with everyone you know.

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2015 Elite Agenda

Pastor Williams tells us that 2015 will be the most eventful year you or I have ever lived. Everyone must understand the following: Cycles of seven, Elite riot control, Blood moons, Where the Elite hospital is (You Will Need It), How much time do we have?, Iraq – Jordan – Lebanon – Syria.

*** You have to get gold and silver, immediately! You must hold it in your hand. You can buy Gold and Silver Coins and Bars at Wholesale prices and with Free Shipping on Orders over $199, through our Recommended Gold and Silver Dealer. Check out the special gold and silver offers here.

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This DVD was released on July 14th, 2014. It's more poignant now than it ever was. Prepare immediately!

This presentation of the 2015 Elite Agenda from Pastor Lindsey Williams is required viewing by all Americans. Please share this presentation with everyone you know.

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Latest News Articles – January 14, 2016

From James Harkin (Webmaster & Editor of Because there is so much news and information coming out of the mainstream media now and it takes me several weeks to write and compile a comprehensive newsletter, as I did in December 2015. I have decided to regularly update you with important news stories every few days. If you would like me to continue post news stories regularly here, please let me know in the comments section of this article. Also, if you have any important news stories please send them to me (James) and I will include them.

Lindsey Williams - Latest News Articles

Latest News:

Discover exactly how to prepare yourself and your family when the SHTF! What you MUST do when the lights go out, 13 things CRUCIAL to stock, How to prepare food for long-term storage, How to survive away from home, How to create the ULTIMATE survival kit, The 6 things EVERY survival kit must contain. Download Your Free Report Now!

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The Elite have just told Chaplain Williams everything he has wanted to know for months. Answers – Finally. This information will be made available to you. Please be sure that we know how to contact you by email. Watch for future ANNOUNCEMENTS.


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Lindsey Williams - Gold Is The Only Hedge

Precious Metals Are The Only Lifeboat!

The price of gold is down about 11 per cent in 2015 and nearly 45 per cent from its September 2011 nominal peak. Commodity prices are collapsing around the globe amid an economic slowdown. By the Federal Reserve raising rates, it may or may not strike another blow against the gold trade. But, don't tell the gold bugs. The US Mint said it sold 97,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins in November, marking a 185 per cent monthly jump and a 62 per cent gain from the same period in 2014, Reuters reported. Silver coin demand also surged and already has broken the record it set last year.

Peter Schiff said “The demand is there. It's growing. It's even greater outside the US than domestically … The reality is that there's never been a better time where people should be buying gold than now. Currencies are being intentionally and deliberately debased around the globe, interest rates are at absurdly low levels and likely to stay there for the indefinite future.” He also thinks buying gold and silver is a great way to profit from the coming crises, and he explained that silver whilst having more volatility than gold there is more upside potential in silver relative to gold, given the ratio is very extreme in gold's favor against silver. He also said “I would look in this bull market, when the new bull market resumes, and if gold is $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, wherever it ends up maybe higher than that. I think the appreciation of silver on a percentage basis will be even higher…”

Lindsey Williams - Gold Is The Only Hedge
Lindsey Williams – Gold & Silver Are The Only Hedge

Rob Kirby, a macroeconomic analyst and expert in gold helps his ultra-wealthy clients attain gold by the ton. He says “They can't get enough of precious metals. They scour the earth looking for large amounts of metal … People that I work with represent money so large that they know they're going to end up in the very end game, that they are going to end up with a whole lot of dollars that are going to be worth nothing. They accept that, but in the meantime, they are going to convert as many of those dollars as they can into things that are tangible and are going to maintain value once the world gets it and realizes the US dollar is tapioca and is worth nothing.” Kirby also said “… Gold has a derivative complex, futures and options connected to it where price discovery is nonexistent. People who have an interest in making the dollar look strong can sell paper contracts and keep the real price of gold suppressed.” Can the “powers that be” do this indefinitely? Kirby says, “Not a chance in a finite world. You see, to keep the game running, they need an endless supply of physical precious metal which they don't have. When they run out of physical metal to back up the fraudulent paper exchange, the game runs out.”

Egon Von Greyerz, founder and managing partner of Matterhorn Asset Management AG (MAM) says this about the tight supply of gold and silver “As I have discussed many times, the physical market for gold and silver is very tight. Bullion banks have low stock levels and central banks have leased or sold a major part of their gold. But since they refuse to be properly audited, they are desperately trying to hide the real position. China and India are continuing to buy more than the annual production of gold by the miners. And the supply situation from the refiners is tight with delivery delays for bigger orders.” He also says this about the strength of the US dollar “Gold seems very weak, but that is only in US dollars. In virtually every other currency gold is holding well. That includes the Euro, the Pound, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the Yen, even the Swiss Franc and of course weaker currencies like the Ruble as well as most others. The dollar is on its last swansong. The strength could last a bit longer but the reserve currency of the world is living on borrowed time. The technical picture for gold is indicating misplaced optimism for the dollar bulls. And fundamentally the most indebted country in the world will soon realize that the road to prosperity cannot be built with printed pieces of paper. No economy that runs budget deficits for over 50 years and current accounts deficits for over 40 years can survive. Retail sales are declining and the major retailers trading is under real pressure. Industrial production is weak and so is housing. Freight and trade is declining fast and these are important advance indicators of economic activity.” On the intrinsic value of paper gold he says “But just like the paper money printing will fail so will the creation of paper gold. It makes absolutely no sense that unlimited supply of paper gold should have any value. I don’t believe that we are far from the point when the paper gold holders will realise that the intrinsic value of their paper is ZERO. The geopolitical situation in the world is also looking very grim. Sadly the war industry is likely to prosper greatly in coming years. And investors in the bubble assets of stocks, bonds and property will see a wealth destruction that they could never have imagined whilst holders of physical gold and silver (held outside the banking system) will maintain their purchasing power and preserve wealth.”

Von Greyerz also said “Gold should not be bought for speculation or for a short term investment. Instead, for the privileged few that have savings, gold should be bought as insurance against a rotten financial system and in order to preserve wealth. But remember it must be held in physical form and stored outside the banking system. When we advised investors in 2002 to put an important percentage of financial assets into gold at $300, our target was $10,000 in today’s money. We still stand by that target as a minimum. The problem for the world is that we are unlikely to have today’s money for very much longer because soon all central banks will print unlimited amounts of money to try save the world financial system from collapsing. But sadly, solving a problem using the same method that caused it will not work and eventually we will see a deflationary implosion of the financial system. But before that we will have a brief period of hyperinflation that in nominal terms could take gold to $100,000 or $100 million.”

38% of all gold in Hong Kong Comex warehouse left on November 13. Roughly 21 tonnes, or 685,652 troy ounces of gold in .999 fine kilo bars, was withdrawn, net of a small deposit of 27,328 ounces, from the Brinks warehouse in Hong Kong. To put that into some perspective, that is the same amount of all gold in the entire JPM warehouse in the US. And that is a potentially dangerous development, especially with respect to a commodity that is being traded at a leverage in excess of 300:1. And in the face of shrinking inventories of gold available for delivery at current prices in both New York and London. And if people should choose to stand for physical delivery given the relative scarcity, how much of a price adjustment might be required if they could even find any to be had without an onerous delay and in sufficient numbers?

300 paper contracts that never result in physical deliver. If the paper contracts were all considered fraudulent, gold would jump in value. $315,000 an ounce?

One of the world's top gold producers says market dynamics may well lead to shrinking gold supplies in the future. Randgold Resources Ltd. CEO Mark Bristow told Bloomberg that half the gold mined today is not viable at current prices. In other words, many mines aren't even hitting their break-even point on half of the gold they dig out of the ground. That means new supplies of gold could begin to dry up in the near future. Amplifying this problem is the fact that many companies have already mined the easily accessible ore on their claims, leaving only gold that will prove much more difficult and expensive to dig out of the ground, according to Bloomberg:

“Gold miners buffeted by the drop in prices are shortening the life of mines by focusing only on the best quality ore, a practice known as high grading, which will restrict future output and support higher prices, according to Bristow. He said in a presentation to bankers in Toronto that the industry life span is down to about five years because companies have been aggressively high grading at the expense of future production.”

The latest World Gold Council Report hints at the coming supply squeeze. Year-over-year quarterly mine production shrank by 1% to 828 tons in the third quarter of 2015.

“The long term indication is that supply will remain constrained as the mining industry continues to proactively manage costs and optimize its operational performance. The reductions in expenditure on activities such as exploration and development will likely have a detrimental effect on production levels in the future.”

Some experts even predict the world will soon reach what is known as peak gold. This means that the amount of gold being pulled out of the earth will begin to shrink every year, rather than increase, which has been the case since the 1970s.

Chuck Jeannes announced in September that he believes the world will reach “peak gold” either this year or next. Jeannes serves as the chief executive of the world's largest gold mining company, Goldcorp, so he certainly understands the dynamics of gold supply. And last April, Goldman Sachs analysts predicted gold production would peak in 2015, saying there are “only 20 years of known mineable reserves of gold and diamonds.”

Meanwhile, gold demand continues to surge. Global gold demand in the third quarter of this year grew a healthy 8%.

Given all the data, it appears the gold industry will soon enter a long-term and potentially irreversible period of tight supply, even as demand remains robust. Investors would be wise to take note of the fundamental dynamics on both supply and demand side of the gold market, and not just focus on the current economic data or most recent Federal Reserve pronouncements.

Asian countries are not only buying up gold, they also have a huge appetite for silver. Chinese imports for silver are on record-breaking pace this year, driven partly by strong demand for jewelry and industrial applications such as solar panels. According to the Wall Street Journal, based on the current trend, Chinese silver imports will top 3,000 tons in 2016, making it the best year since 2011.

“China which accounts for around one-fifth of global silver demand imported 282 tons of the precious metal in October, up 36% year-over-year. Its total imports of 2,678 tons in the first 10 months of the year are already around the same level as achieved in the whole of 2014.”

The Chinese aren't alone in their silver binge. Silver demand in India has remained robust after a record-breaking 2014. India accounts for another 10% of global silver demand.

The bottom line is Chinese and Indians value gold and silver. And once they get it, they are reluctant to let it go.

Right now it takes over 77 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold, the so-called gold/silver ratio. So far this century, on average, it has taken less than 60 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. Just get back to that level silver would have to jump 30% higher than today's price. For all of the 20th century it took just 47 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold and historically that is 65% higher than today's prices. In 2011, when precious metals prices peaked, the ratio got down to 30/1. To be able to buy one ounce of gold would be 30 ounces of silver. That is 158% higher than it trades today. In 1980 it took just 17 ounces of silver to get one ounce of gold. It makes sense to hold a portion of your investments in physical silver.

China continued adding to its gold reserves and accelerated its pace in November. According to Bloomberg, the Chinese upped their stash of gold an estimated 21 tons in November, the largest increase in at least five months. China announced its gold holdings for the first time in six years in July. Since then, it has continued to buy gold, adding 14 tons in October, 15 tons in September, 16 tons in August, and 19 tons in July. Many analysts say the gold buying spree was part of China's strategy to stabilize the yuan as it pushed for inclusion in the IMF's benchmark currency basket. China isn't the only country growing its reserves of gold. Russia and Kazakhstan are also buying up gold. Central banks and other institutions boosted gold purchases to the second-highest level on record in the quarter to September, according to the World Gold Council. Central bankers recognize the value of gold as a stabilizing force and a traditional store of wealth. Wise investors will follow their lead and buy gold

Axel Merk from Newsmax says in his 2016 outlook to take an alternative look at your investments and diversify your portfolio with underlying assets that aren't highly correlated with one another. He says specifically to embrace gold since gold has been a profitable diversifier in each bear market since 1971, except for the one induced by Paul Volcker in 1980.

Investors around the world continue to wake up to the fact that the collapse of the World's Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme in history is approaching faster than ever. We are seeing the demand for Global Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) decline 2011 to 2015 compared to the previous five years, it went negative by 21.2 million ounces. This was in stark contrast to the huge increase in demand for physical gold bars and coins of 208.8 million ounces during the same time period. The same trend is happening in the silver market where investors purchased 994.1 million ounces of physical silver bars and coins during the 2011 to 2015 period compared to 18.2 million ounces in the Global Silver ETFs.

Bill Holter from JS Mineset says “The money worldwide is FAKE. Gold is, has been and always will be REAL money. Gold is God's money. That's what this is about. This is about forcing the population of the world to us FAKE money and the REAL money is being accumulated.” And in a world of increasingly worthless fiat Bill reminds us of one critical fact, “Silver is a no brainer. Silver is the cheapest ASSET on the planet.”

Hugo Salinas Price says “When push comes to shove, China, with 1.3 billion or more population, will take unorthodox measures. The pressure of the enormous population of China, made up of quite intelligent men and women, is going to force its government to stop adhering to international covenants. China will take whatever measures can offer hope to the Chinese. China will then say to the world: “We sell cheap. Very cheap. But, we sell for gold, for very little gold; and we pay with gold for what we buy – for very little gold, but we pay gold. You want our stuff, you find a way to pay us in gold. Or else, what do you have to offer us, in exchange for our stuff? You have something we want – we pay in gold. Rest of the world, do as you please.” The nations of the world are not going to flounder endlessly in the crisis that is upon us. Out of the huge crisis, China will break away and state its terms. And the terms will be: GOLD. The rest of the world will follow.”

Pastor Williams, myself and many financial analysts and reporters as well as Pastor Williams' Elite friend has suggested for some time that owning a significant amount of physical gold and silver. People across the world consider gold and silver money, including the Elite themselves. They have for thousands of years. If our governments eliminate paper currency, you won't be able to store wealth by keeping cash at home or in a vault. You'll have to store all your cash in digital form, at a bank, or another financial institution.

With gold and silver, you can store a portion of your wealth at home or in a vault, outside the banking system. And, unlike cash in a bank, reckless government printing and spending cannot destroy the value of gold and silver.

At $1050 its trading at less than cost of extraction and refinement. Therefore, not too long before gold vaults run dry. The current spot price for gold is no longer workable, we are going to start seeing some high mark-up prices going past peak gold. China is sucking up physical gold for their strategy of inclusion within the SDR and JPM and Comex Hong Kong are virtually empty. Ultimately WHEN, not IF the crash happens, there will not be enough life rafts for everyone. Its only a matter of time before the major crisis hits that will see the SDR unveiled. Those in the know are already cashing out of paper and into tangibles.

Pastor Williams pleaded with you to get prepared by September 15th, 2015. The reason was what has been said within this newsletter. Its time to get as much physical gold and silver as you possibly can. If you do not have a local dealer you already have a relationship with, I recommend GoldCo who are experts in transferring your paper into physical precious metals whether you have cash or a retirement account to convert into gold and silver. They can guarantee delivery within 7 business days. Call GoldCo NOW toll-free on 1-877-414-1385 before it is too late!

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Lindsey Williams - Chaos Approaches

Worldwide Financial Collapse

On Wednesday afternoon Janet Yellen announced that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates 0.25%. The first raise in interest rates since 2006. She didn't raise them because the economy is strengthening. The economy just happens to be weakening rapidly, as global recession takes hold. The stock market is 3% lower than it was in December 2014, and has basically done nothing since the end of QE3. Janet would have preferred not to raise rates, but the credibility and reputation of her bubble blowing machine was at stake. The Fed has enriched their Wall Street benefactors over the last six years, while destroying the real economy and the middle class. Do not get caught up in the rate-hike hype and the short term impact that it may or may not have on gold prices. No matter what the Fed does, its bullish for gold in the long term. In the meantime, just thank the Fed for extending the opportunity to buy gold for less than $1,100 an ounce – or cost price!

Peter Schiff thinks that the Federal Reserve will immediately lower them again when it becomes clear the economy is in recession in 2016. The quarter point increase will be reversed in short order as soon as we experience market collapse part two. It will be followed with negative interest rates and QE4, as these academics have only one play in their playbook – print money. They created the last financial crisis and have set the stage for the next – even bigger collapse. John Hussman explains how their zero interest rate policy has driven speculators into junk bonds as the only place to get any yield. “Over the past several years, yield-seeking investors, starved for any “pickup” in yield over Treasury securities, have piled into the junk debt and leveraged loan markets. Just as equity valuations have been driven to the second most extreme point in history (and the single most extreme point in history for the median stock, where valuations are well-beyond 2000 levels), risk premiums on speculative debt were compressed to razor-thin levels. By 2014, the spread between junk bond yields and Treasury yields had fallen to less than 2.4%. Since then, years of expected “risk-premiums” have been erased by capital losses, and defaults haven’t even spiked yet (they do so with a lag).”

Lindsey Williams - Chaos Approaches

Last week, a large junk bond fund barred investors from pulling their money out. Third Avenue Management LLC is barring investor withdrawals while it liquidates its high-yield bond fund. This means that investors in the $789 million First Avenue Focused Credit Fund may not receive all their money back for months, if not more. This is reflected by the Wall Street Journal reporting that US junk bonds are down 2% on the year. Echoed by activist investor Carl Icahn renewed his warnings about the high-yield debt market, criticizing a perceived lack of liquidity in junk bond funds. “The high-yield market is just a keg of dynamite that sooner or later will blow up,” Icahn's comments echoed remarks he has made in recent months about the dangers of high-yield debt. If bonds end the year down, it would be their first losing year since 2008. Additionally bond defaults are at their highest level since 2009. Worldwide, companies have already defaulted on $95 billion in debt this year. That translates to 102 corporate defaults, or 42 more than last year (2014). US companies account for over half of these defaults. Moreover, the US energy sector accounts for 26% of global defaults this year. Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's says half of all energy junk bonds are distressed and that means these bonds have a high risk of default.

Shares of gadget maker Apple have fallen 21% from its recent high of $134.54 a share. This has obliterated $160 billion in shareholder wealth. The decline is larger than 477 companies in the S&P 500 are worth. Does this sound like a recovery?

John Hussman explains that the liquidation of insolvent criminal Wall Street banks would have set the country back on the path to legitimate recovery. Instead, the ruling class chose accounting fraud, QE to infinity, and screwing senior citizens with 0% interest rates. “In hindsight, the financial crisis actually ended – precisely – in March 2009. How? The Financial Accounting Standards Board changed rule FAS 157 and overturned the mark-to-market requirement, instead allowing financial institutions “significant judgment” in the way they valued their assets: often called mark-to-model (or as some of us call it, mark-to-unicorn).” He also warned those who chose to listen in 2000 and 2007 about the impending collapses. He has been warning those who choose to listen for months again. This market has gone nowhere in the last 13 months. It’s about to go somewhere, and that is DOWN. Remember 2000 and 2007. Enjoy the trip – deja vu all over again. “In the absence of clear improvement in market internals – and last week was categorically opposite to that – I view the stock market as being in the late-phase of an extremely overvalued top formation that will likely be followed by profound losses over the completion of this market cycle, and the U.S. economy as being on the cusp of a new recession.”

Peter Schiff also believes the inclusion of the Chinese yuan in the IMF's basket of reserve currencies signifies the end of an era for America on the global stage. He also said “… gold prices are going higher, because it's already fully discounted into the market. I believe more rate hikes than are actually going to be delivered have been built into the market. Lots of people have shorted gold on anticipation of a rate hike. They are buying the fact beforehand.”

Leading up to the Federal Reserve's important December decision on whether to raise interest rates, or keep them near zero, the US central banks conducted two emergency secret meetings over the past two weeks in which the public had little disclosure of what was behind the discussions. However, one interesting and perhaps controversial decision that appears to have come out of them is that the Fed has passed a new law on November 30, 2015 which eliminates one of its original 1913 mandates as being the lender of last resort for the banks.

Out of all the functions and programs implemented by the Federal Reserve since the Credit Crisis of 2008, this appears to be the most confusing since it goes against the primary reason why a central bank was instituted back in 1913. And to suddenly change course seven years after the last financial crisis rocked the global banking system by choosing to shut off the liquidity spigot says a great deal about the solvency of the Fed itself. It doesn't mean that the Fed will not lend to banks in times of emergency, but the bank must prove to the Fed it can pay the emergency funding back.

With the Dodd-Frank Banking Reform Act now allowing banks to re-hypothicate its own customer's money and accounts in the event of a liquidity crisis shows that the US central bank no longer has to follow their original mandate of being the lender of last resort since it is now the public that will provide the funds to bail out banks during future crisis. And with this new law being instituted not by Congress, but by the Fed itself, one must ask if the need and purpose of a private central bank is even necessary anymore, since its primary purpose is no longer being used to protect the banking system from bankruptcy or insolvency.

Regular stress tests of all major banks will be carried out to establish risk. As Pastor Williams already said. Big banks need to come up with $1.2 trillion to cushion themselves from the next financial meltdown. Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and four other banks are most affected. JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup among 8 US banks ratings were cut by Standard & Poor's due to Fed's decision to limit emergency funding. Morgan Stanley will eliminate 1,200 jobs (reflecting 2% of Morgan Stanley's total workforce), including 470 fixed-income and commodities traders and salespeople, as Wall Street's outlook for its debt-markets business dims.

This new legislation with legislation that banks cannot declare bankrupt, they can only refinance themselves in the form of a bail-in of depositors monies or be purchased by another bank and the US tax payer is now liable for all derivatives losses of those banks could possibly be setting up the global financial collapse to be bigger than all the other collapses combined.

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says the US dollar is constantly manipulated by the Treasury. Kirby contends, “I think we are palpably close to major dislocations in the market … China has been selling US securities on an all-out basis. So, the US Treasury market is weak. So, when the Treasury sees this, it runs counter-intuitive to the strong US dollar which has been a rig job from the get go … The strong dollar and swap spreads trading negative are absolutely in opposition to each other. It exposes that something is tragically wrong, and it is something that doesn't make sense. It's like shining light on cockroaches.” Kirby predicts, “I'm guessing the window is four or five months. We are certainly working our way to a blow off event that is going to change our financial universe forever. … These are end game machinations. This is like going to see David Copperfield and he ends up with the biggest illusion of the night. That's what this is. That's what we are seeing.”

In an interview with Finance and Liberty in November 2015, Jim Willie says “The trigger event for the Western banks breakdown will be emerging market debt default. There's been between $5 and $10 trillion of it and it's already started.” Willie said “I think it's an absolute ‘lock' we're going to see a couple trillion dollars in defaults from emerging market nations in the next several months. The Fed is going to be in a very difficult position along with the Bank of England to cover the failed emerging market debt, just like they covered the Wall Street … mortgage bonds.” On oil he said “I think the domestic trigger in the US will be the failures from oil hedges. Outside the US will come from emerging market debt default. The combination is going ti put tremendous pressure on the ‘dollar managers'.” He also spoke about insolvent banks hiding losses “the big banks] profits are not just ‘down', but that their profits are overwhelmed by losses ten times larger – but hidden. We've got a new sub-prime problem that's going to hit the banks. It's for car and student loans. The student loans are now up to $1.5 trillion, and a remarkable statistic is out there … something like 30-40% of graduates are not finding a job, so they're facing default.”

In June auto sales had reached 10-year highs on record credit. In short, the “renaissance” in US auto sales is being driven by increasingly risky underwriting practices and is leading directly to the securitization of shoddier collateral pools in a return to the “originate to sell” model that drove the housing bubble over a cliff in 2008. Thomas Curry Comptroller of the Currency recently stated “what's happening in the auto loan market reminds me of what happened in mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the crisis.”

According to top trends forecaster Gerald Celente, 2016 is going to be very rough. Celente says “Global recession, and it's already happening, all they have to do is open their eyes and open their ears. Iron ore, copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, one after another from wheat to dairy products to corn. When you look at the Bloomberg Index, it's down to 1999 levels on average. What is that telling us? There is too much product and not enough demand. It's the same thing with oil. There's too much production and not enough demand. What we are looking at is a global slowdown because commodities are the canary in the mine shaft.”

Celente says all this is signalling another financial bust bigger than 2008. Celente explains, “So, what you have is a bubble, a debt bubble that has grown to $220 trillion worldwide since this fake quantitative easing and negative interest rate schemes that have gone on with central bank after central bank … You can't make this up. Interest rates and negative yields have never happened before in the world. This is brand new. They are over their heads and out of their league. They don't know what they are doing. They are making panic decisions trying to keep the Ponzi alive.”

On global war, Celente says, “Unfortunately, when all else fails, they take us to war. Look, go back to 1929 and the market crash. You had market crashes, Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war. Voila, here we are again. Panic of '08, Great Recession, currency wars, world war … When the market collapses, the war talk will heat up.”

Gold and silver are running counter to other commodities. Why? Celente says, “Demand is up for gold and silver. To me, it is the ultimate safe haven. I've been saying since 2012 and 2013 that the bottom for gold is about $1,050 an ounce. I gave that number out because that's about what it costs to pull it out of the ground. Gold is about planning for the worst.”

So, is the spike in gold and silver demand a precursor to the next crash, which Celente is predicting to be coming soon? Celente says, “I totally believe so. It's definitely worse now. Look at the bubble they created. If there is a terror strike, they will use this as the excuse to rob us to try and mitigate the disaster that they have caused. I believe they will declare a bank holiday and devalue the currency. That's the way they are going to get us out of this.”

Analyst and trade Karl Denniger predicted years ago that Obama Care would “kill the economy” and “eventually implode”. That is exactly what is happening now. Denniger contends, “The majority of the money we spend in healthcare is jacked up due to these monopolist policies which raise the cost four or five times where it ought to be. On top of that, we are being forced to pay for people who have made lifestyle choices that dramatically raise their cost of healthcare. The health insurance people are faced with an untenable problem because if the only people who buy car insurance wreck one car a year, the cost of car insurance is $20,000 a year because that is the cost of the car.” Denniger goes on to point out, “The rate increases that are coming down this year are astronomical. I am seeing rate increases as high as 50% for inferior coverage. Benefits come off your top line as an employer. So, all this means much slower growth if any at all because all this money is being siphoned into the health insurance and healthcare system.”

With the economy sinking in part due to Obama Care, is the Fed going to raise rates soon? Denniger says, “Janet Yellen doesn't have any choice but to raise rates. We have an emergency policy rate right now that is destroying the pension funds and the insurance companies in this country. This is where the pressure is coming from. It has nothing to do with the economy. It has everything to do with fixed income bond ladders. That is a mathematical problem that Yellen has to confront. She certainly is going to take a lot of heat, but rates are going to go up.”

Denniger also accurately predicted “It's going to be a quarter of a point, and everybody will scream but it does not mean anything from an economic perspective. What it does is it signals to the market that the game of rolling down interest rates is over, and increasing systemic leverage, that era is over. It is mathematically certain that it has ended. So, how long does the bubble remain? Where do we go from here? Not in a positive direction.”

Raising interest rates will restore some credibility in the short-term. However, the Federal Reserve risks squeezing itself financially, along with the rest of the world, due to the rising cost of borrowing. The decision could eventually create disastrous consequences when it comes to managing the US debt – perhaps sooner than the Fed would anticipate. Whatever decision the Fed made, it doesn't benefit itself or the economy. Even Billionaire Sam Zell warned that the Fed is too late, “Recession Likely In Next 12 Months”.

As Karl Denniger stated, and Pastor Williams and myself have said for quite some time now, low interest rates harms retirement funds. In order to keep paying out retirees, pension funds need good returns and therefore they needed the interest rate hike. 0.25% is a start, but we'll see in early 2016 if this was a mistake. Already the world's largest pension fund Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund posted a $64 billion loss. How long before other retirement funds post losses?

Trader and analyst Gregory Mannarino says this about the surging stock market, even know the economic and geopolitical news is bad “Forget about the stock market. It has absolutely disconnected from reality in every way, shape or form you can think about. We are now existing in economic fantasyland. The market top from May has held so far. Will it continue to hold? Here's what I'm thinking now. I do believe it has the potential to hold, but why is the market up on the shooting down of this Russian jet and helicopter? Because they are expecting the world central banks to do something. We have terror all over the world and war building up. This is going to give them an excuse to print and stimulate. That is going to have an effect on the markets, and that is why its higher.”

Financial expert and expert in the federal budget and a former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts says this about the biggest financial problem the world faces “The reality is the big mother lode on the whole planet, whether you are talking about derivatives, the bond market or the stock market, is the U.S. federal budget. What is slowly begging to happen is the dawning realization that we are not only going to have to re-engineer and cut the federal budget, but we are talking about reinventing the U.S. economy. There are going to be extraordinary choices, and this is why nobody wanted to be the Speaker of the House. Paul Ryan did not want to be the Speaker because Paul Ryan knows this is coming. They will probably be able to delay it until after the election (2016), but then after the election, we’re going to have to sit down and say we can’t keep doing this. Why is this relevant?  All the markets globally work off the federal budget. It is extraordinary the amount of cash flows and credit that work off the federal budget. The credit and cash flows coming out of that budget are enormous. The reality is it is going to have to be re-engineered. That’s going to be a very shocking experience for many people.”

Richard Russell, founder of Dow Theory Letters said “The end of capitalism will be due to the unbelievable amount of debt that is currently being created. This will create monster inflation that will destroy every currency. The only currency that cannot be destroyed is gold. When investors realize this, we'll have the makings of the greatest bull market in gold ever seen.” Jim Rickards, writing in The Daily Reckoning newsletter said “The military and intelligence communities are absorbing the new reality, but most investors are still behind the curve. Traditional stocks and bonds are digital assets that can be hacked, wiped-out or frozen with a few keystrokes. It's important to allocate part of your portfolio to physical assets that cannot be wiped out in financial warfare. These assets include silver, gold, fine art, land, rare stamps, cash (in banknote form, not bank deposits) and other physical stores of value.” 

Renowned money manager Eric Sprott is still very bullish on physical gold and silver. Why? Sprott procaims “The US is broke … About a thousand professors have signed up and told Congress you’ve got to deal with this issue, and it is immediately ignored, but it is by far the biggest issue. It’s not just government. It’s corporate pension plans, and state pension plans and all these unfunded obligations where everyone thinks they are going to receive something only to find out that they are not going to receive something … We can’t keep extending and pretending and suggesting everything is great. Unfortunately, someone is going to pay the price, and I am not sure when the price is going to be paid. The analogy I use is we all knew ten years ago that Detroit was broke. It was so mathematically certain that you knew what was going to happen. The same thing will happen to the United States.” On his physical gold and silver investments, Sprott says, “I don’t lose any sleep over the price of gold going down in the sense that I believe what I believe. I believe it’s been manipulated. It’s very much about currency and economics of the Keynesian scheme that we’re going to spend money, print money and it’s all going to work. It’s not working. I don’t want to wait and find out the day it falls apart because when it falls apart someday, then it will be too late. I want to be positioned beforehand.” Sprott predicts, “There has to be a collapse. It will be way bigger than 2008. We had a debt problem in ‘07 and ‘08 and the debt has exploded.”

Larry Edelson said that the stock market was looking bearish and that “all available evidence tells me that U.S. and European stock markets are now a recipe for disaster.” He announced FIVE problem areas: FIRST, has been accompanied by declining volume. When a market rises and volume simultaneously declines, it's a bearish sign. SECOND, most stocks traded — both here and in Europe — are actually declining. There are very few leaders pushing the major indices higher. In fact, as I pen this column, here in the US. Of all publicly traded stocks – 44.63% or fully 6,442 are now down at least 10% year-to-date – While a whopping 36.9% or 5,204 are down more than 15%. And only 32.5% are actually up for the year. 77.5% of all publicly traded U.S. stocks are either flat for the year or down more than 10%. THIRD, of the stocks that are actually advancing, their numbers are also shrinking. Also a very bearish omen. FOURTH, most other indices are actually down for the year. The Dow Transports are down 10.2%. The Dow Utilities, down 3.5%. The Russell 2000, down 2.5%. FIFTH, total margin buying of U.S. equities — according to latest data (Sept. 30) — stands at a whopping $454 billion, just a tad below record highs. His answer to these five problem areas is “If you're heavily invested, just get out now.”

The Bloomberg Commodity Index is now trading lower than it did in 2008, and after 9/11. This is a stunning collapse in compdities prices. Companies like Anglo-American, are announcing layoffs. Anglo is laying off 85,000 people, 2/3rds of the company. China just announced over 100,000 coal miners to be laid off. Also, in November it was a record month for China in terms of the pace of its liquidation of foreign exchange reserves. The People’s Bank of China reported on Monday, December 7 that foreign exchange reserves, which mostly consist of U.S. Treasury debt, dwindled by another $87 billion in November. This constitutes a stunning 2.5% drop in one month.

Brazil is sinking deeper into its worst economic crisis in decades. It's economy shrunk by 4.5% during the third quarter, according to government data released recently. It was the biggest quarterly decline since Brazil started keeping GDP records in 1996. Its economy has shrunk three quarters in a row. The downturn is only getting worse. Brazil's economy is spiraling into a a full-blown depression. Since July 2014, Brazil's currency has lost 41% of its value against the US dollar. Meanwhile, Brazil's annual inflation rate just topped 10% for the first time in 12 years. And the country's unemployment rate hit a six-year high of 7.9% in October.

China's slump is one reason why Brazil is unraveling. China's economy grew 9.7% per year from 1990 through 2014. In 2010, China became the world's second-largest economy. During this time, China's explosive growth helped boost the global economy. China needed a lot of raw materials to build its infrastructure. This helped countries, like Brazil, that export those materials. In fact, China's rapid growth helped Brazil become the seventh-largest economy in the world. But, China's economy is slowing now. Last year, China grew at its weakest pace since 1990. That's creating big problems for Brazil.

Brazil sends 19% of its exports to China. That's more than it sends to any other country and nearly twice as much as it sends to the US. China's slowing economy means it's building fewer factories, office buildings, and bridges. That's hurting demand for Brazil's largest exportL iron ore, the main ingredient in steel. Iron ore accounts for 19% of Brazil's exports. It's by far the country's largest export.

The US economy also appears to be slowing down. According to the Wall Street Journal, spending on capital goods fell 3.8% during the first 10 months of 2015. Capital goods include equipment and machinery. Meanwhile, business investment only grew 2.2% during the third quarter. That's one of the smallest increases since the Great Depression, according to the WSJ. The energy sector is a big reason those figures are so weak. As you likely know, energy prices have plummeted. The price of oil has dropped 40% over the past year. And the price of natural gas has dropped 34%. Energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie estimates that North American oil companies have cut spending by $220 billion since last summer.

US exports fall to the lowest level in three years. The US trade deficit climbed 3.4% in October as exports of American-supplied goods and services fell to the lowest level in three years. The gloomier trade picture, the result of a strong dollar and weak global growth, is likely to weigh on the US economy again in the fourth quarter. A higher deficit subtracts from GDP. Exports dropped 1.4% to $184.1 billion, hitting the lowest level since October 2012. A strong dollar had made it more expensive for US companies such as manufacturers to sell goods and services to foreign customers. A weak global economy has also made it harder for customers outside the US to buy American goods. US imports also dipped, down 0.6%, though most of the decline stemmed from the cheaper oil. The value of US oil imports was the lowest since 2003. Similarly, the gap between how much petroleum the US imports and how much it exports also slide to $4.5 billion, the lowest deficit since 1999. The falling petroleum gap largely reflects a surge in US oil production owing to fracking.

The WSJ also reported that companies in other sectors are dialing back investments as well. The industries that are pulling back range from retailers and manufacturers to energy companies and service firms. Major retailers such as Macy's are cutting back on spending. Macy's Inc. plans to close 35 to 40 stores early next year, joining J.C. Penney Co. and Abercrombie & Fitch & Co. among retailers announcing cutbacks this year.

Based on credit card data, this holiday spending period is a disaster. Following disappointing sales over the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, there has been absolutely no follow-through momentum as is usually seen. Chain store same-store-sales crashed 6.3% week-over-week. It appears that shoppers were sated after the hefty promotions offered in the prior week associated with Black Friday. There may also have been a drop off in brick-and-mortar shopping activity while many online retailers were offering deals for Cyber Monday.

Companies buy more equipment and machinery when they're optimistic about the economy. They cut back on spending when they think the economy is slowing. Right now, declining business investment is one of the many signs pointing to a slowing US economy.

The ratio of inventories to sales rose slightly in October to the highest level since the recession, a potentially worrying sign that companies are having trouble selling what they are producing. The ratio of inventories to sales rose to 1.38 from 1.37, the highest since 2009, the Commerce Department reported on Friday. Generally speaking, a rising ratio is not healthy, unless companies foresee an acceleration in demand. Business inventories were flat in October, as manufacturers and wholesalers slightly reduced stockpiles while retailers added to them.

The Baltic Dry Freight Index has collapsed to all time lows at a time of typical seasonal strength for freight and thus global trade around the world, Reuters reports that spot rates for transporting containers from Asia to Northern Europe have crashed a stunning 70% in the last few weeks alone. This almost unprecedented divergence from seasonality has only occurred at this scale once before… 2008!

More evidence is revealed each week that the unexpected is happening.  Instead of economic strength and robust growth, economic fundamentals are breaking down.  Manufacturing is slowing.  Consumer spending is soft.  For additional edification, just look at copper, iron ore, or aluminum…

In the UK retail sales are flatlining, the CBI Industrial Trend Survey is down, consumer confidence is down, manufacturing output is down and the trade deficit in goods has ballooned last year to £134 billion.

IMF director, Christine Lagarde, has been recklessly advocating for a wholesale seizure of 10% of all accounts in the Eurozone, but because there may be riots and even a revolution if there are wholesale bail-ins, the IMF has settled on a more incremental plan of economic subjugation in which a 10% tax will be implemented against all bank account holders in order to pay down the debt. What the IMF and the central bankers are not telling you is that the debt can never be paid down because the primary source of the debt comes from the derivatives market which totals a minimum of one quadrillion dollars. In short, these bankers are merely trying to stay one step ahead of the burning bridge by stealing your pensions and bank accounts. And does anyone truly believe that these bankers will stop at looting just 10% of your bank account? When does 10% become 20%, which becomes 30%, which becomes 100%? This will be followed by the bankers issuing neo-feudalism syle of welfare to all citizens. Mark my words, the 10% “tax” is just the starting point.

The IMF Report states “The tax rates needed to bring down public debt to precrisis levels, moreover, are sizable: reducing debt ratios to end-2007 levels would require (for a sample of 15 euro area countries) a tax rate of about 10 percent on households with positive net wealth… Simulations show that maintaining the overall budget at a level consistent with the IMF staff's medium-term advice would bring the average debt ratio to about 70 percent of GDP by 2030, although in a few countries it would remain above 80 percent. However, the large debt stock, the uncertain global environment, weak growth prospects, and the absence of well-specified medium-term adjustment plans in systematic economies like Japan and the United States complicated the task.”

The FDIC has only about $25 billion in its deposit insurance fund, which is mandated by law to keep a balance equivalent to only 1.15% of insured deposits. If a banking collapse were to be on the near horizon, the bankers are not going to notify you because they would not want to incite a bank run. With only 1.15% of all deposits being insured by the FDIC, your money would be left vulnerable and only the Elite would be warned as they quietly transfer their money to a safer haven. During the Gulf oil spill, it was revealed that Goldman Sachs issued a “put option for preferred insiders” in Transocean (the owner of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig) and the Elite had their stock profit margin guaranteed while everyone else took a financial bath. This is the undeniable pattern of the global Elite.

Additionally your bank account has been collateralized against the derivatives debt. The bankruptcy reform laws stemming from the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005, derivatives counter-parties are given preference over all other creditors and the customers of the bankrupt financial institution, including FDIC insured depositors. This gives what the experts say “super priority” in terms of the line of succession from which to collect bankruptcy monies. Bank of America has conspicuously co-mingled their derivatives debt with your savings account and as such they have every legal right to use your money to cover their debt. During the MF Global debacle, the reson that MF Global customers lost their segregated account funds because the MF Global debt load was caused primarily because of their derivatives debt which, under bankruptcy laws, gave derivatives claimants super-priority in the bankruptcy proceedings.

If you move to withdraw the bulk of your money, there are three federal banking laws that you should be aware of, namely, Cash Transaction Report (CTR), a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and structuring. CTR. Federal law requires that the bank file a report based upon any withdrawal or deposit of $10,000 or more on any single given day.The law was designed to put a damper on money laundering, sophisticated counterfeiting and other federal crimes. Structuring and SAR. It is a federal crime to break up transactions into smaller amounts for the purpose of evading the CTR reporting requirement. In these instances, the bank is required to file a SAR which serves to notify the federal government of an individual’s attempt to structure deposits or withdrawals by circumventing the $10,000 reporting requirement.

JP Morgan Chase is banning wire transfers from their bank to foreign banks to prevent American capital flight which will surely happen as America wakes up to the desperate situation that the banks are in. The bank is also prohibiting any cash withdrawals of $50,000 or more. HSBC followed suit and its highly likely that all five megabanks will enact the same policies in the near future.

It is getting increasingly difficult to get away from the system. Even if you were to leave the country, it is becoming much more difficult for your money to come with you. There is a war on cash and it is becoming increasingly difficult to barter without a paper trail. If you have taxes outstanding the government can restrict your passport until those taxes and fines are paid. Obama quietly signed H.R. 22 into law and deep within those pages is a provision giving the government the authority to revoke your passport if they believe in their sole discretion that you have “seriously delinquent tax debt”. You have no alternative but to work with the system. However, one thing you must do immediately is no longer be faithful to just one banking institution. Open multiple accounts and spread your risk. Do not focus on just large banking companies also investigate small institutions, but make sure you do your due diligence. Keep just enough money in your bank accounts to pay regular bills and keep some in cash at home because with the introduction of negative interest rates the banks you will pay the bank to hold your money. Buy a safe and security system to secure your home. If your state allows, it may also be wise to arm yourselves as I have heard certain states police no longer have the ability to protect its citizens. Obviously when the crash does occur the US dollar may be worthless until the currencies of the world are reset and the new world currency is revealed. Therefore, for cash in excess of a few thousand dollars it would be better to invest any excess in tangible items such as physical gold and silver that you can sell or trade at a later time. Keep some physical gold and silver at home and some in a vault. Certain gold dealers have the ability to store physical metal offshore in such jurisdictions as Singapore, which has very good banking secrecy. However, as we have already proven, things can change rapidly in the global political and financial arena so continue to keep abreast of latest developments worldwide.

You have two choices, wait and see what happens or sell your worthless paper and invest in gold, silver, fine art, land and other tangible items. It is up to you, we can only share the facts of what is happening. Plan for the worst. This is what Pastor Williams has been telling you.

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Chinese Renminbi

New World Currency Announced


In October 2015 the New World Currency was not officially announced. It was expected that the IMF would announce a reserve currency alternative to the US dollar. However, on November 30th, 2015 the Chinese Renminbi was approved by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a Main World Currency and will be included in the Standard Drawing Rights (SDR) basket from October 1st, 2016 with a 10.92 percent weighting, which is nationalistically greater than Japan's Yen and Britain's pound. This heralds a giant step towards the end of the US Dollar as the sole world reserve currency. However, that being said whilst the British pound's weight in the SDR will fall from 11% to 8%, the Japanese Yen from 9% to 8% and the Euro from 37% to 31%, conspicuously absent from this list of demotions is the US dollar, which remains a rock-solid 42% weighing. But, does the weighting really matter?

Does the public announcement of a new reserve currency really matter when many countries are already no longer using the US dollar to trade? The US dollar has been the dominant reserve currency since the end of WWII, on terms that were dictated by the US government practically by gunpoint. In the decades since, they have continually and viciously abused this privilege, violating the trust of the rest of the world. It's no wonder why there is now so much demand for an alternative. This has happened so many times throughout history. Dominant reserve currencies come and go.

Chinese Renminbi
Chinese Renminbi

On October 8, 2015 China launched its own cross-border Yuan payments system. Currently most global payments are handled by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). The new and streamlined China International Payments System (CIPS) is modelled on the US Clearing House International Payment System. The new system will thereby bypass the US dollar for international financial transactions. Russia is already developing their own SWIFT alternative based upon CIPS success and in time, this will be rolled out amongst the other BRICS nations. When sanctions threatened to cut off Russia from SWIFT, one of its top bankers said it was the equivalent of a declaration of war.

The BRICS nations have also created the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) and China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). These developments are expected to protect BRICS from exchange rate volatility. We must also mention that Russia and China have already signed a deal to bypass the US dollar for oil trading.

Gulf Arab states are also planning along with China, Russia, Japan and France to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese Yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar. Iran has also announced that its foreign currency reserves would be held in euros rather than US dollars and Russia has included the Chinese yuan in its reserve currency basket to boost the yuan's presence in the Russian financial market.

With regards to Gulf Arab States planning to end dollar dealings, Standard and Poor’s has downgraded its sovereign credit rating for Saudi Arabia. According to figures published by the IMF this year, the kingdom’s budget deficit will hit $130 billion this year. The IMF has also warned that Saudi Arabia could be bankrupt within the next five years if the government maintains its current policies. The crude price decline has prompted the government to cut spending, delay projects, and sell bonds. The kingdom’s finances are depleting at an alarming rate by continued subsidies, hand outs to public sector workers in order to keep dissent in check, the deadly aggression against Yemen, and a patronage system that has expanded over years. As soon as sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran are removed, they will pump even more oil into world markets that will further reduce the price. The fall of the House of Saud is inevitable. As Pastor Williams Elite friend has said, Saudi Arabia will be the last regime to fall. On another note the UN granted Saudi Arabia the chair of a key UN Human Rights Council panel, Saudi Arabia has put to death well over 100 people so far this year. What does this tell you about the UN? But, I digress…

There may have been no official announcement of a new global currency, the Global Currency Reset, according to Pastor Williams’ Elite friend there has been a backlash by several countries which could see their economies severely impacted from such a reset. It is possible there will not be a reset. It may go straight to the new world currency that would also include physical gold, hence many countries converting US debt to physical gold. That doesn’t mean that the GCR will not go ahead, but it may go ahead under considerable revision especially due to a world-wide collapse of the financial markets that would see the IMF step in and announce the SDR as the world reserve currency, whilst resetting currency rates based upon asset to debt ratios. It is also possible that because of political red tape at the IMF several countries around the world are going ahead with major financial changes that will affect the global financial market without the IMF.

Speaking about a revised Global Currency Reset, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has said the system of currencies and capital rules which binds the world economy is not working properly, and was largely responsible for the financial and economic crises. It added that the present system, under which the dollar acts as the world's reserve currency, should be subject to wholesale reconsideration. Although a number of countries including China and Russia have suggested replacing the dollar as the world's reserve currency, the UNCTAD report is the first time a major multinational institution has posited such a suggestion. In essence, the report calls for a new Bretton Woods-style system of managed international exchange rates, meaning central banks would be forced to intervene and either support or push down their currencies depending on how the rest of the world economy is behaving.

The proposals would also imply that surplus nations such as China and Germany should stimulate their economies further in order to cut their own imbalances, rather than, as in the present system, deficit nations such as the UK and US having to take the main burden of readjustment. “Replacing the dollar with an artificial currency would solve some of the problems related to the potential of countries running large deficits and would help stability,” said Detlef Kotte, one of the report's authors. “But you would also need a system of managed exchange rates. Countries should keep real exchange rates [adjusted for inflation] stable. Central banks would have to intervene and if not they would have to be told to do so by a multilateral institution such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Recently the Chinese president visited the United Kingdom (the main financial center of the world), there was so much fawning over China by the British government and British Royal Family that 40 billion pounds ($62 billion) of deals have been made including: Nuclear power project, automobiles, theme parks, financial center, healthcare, oil and gas, cruise ships, aircraft engines and insurance industry. China’s president Xi said “With growing interdependence and interwoven interests, countries in the world are increasingly becoming a community of shared future.” With closer ties to China and BRICS, is the UK hedging its bets against continuing control of globe by the US? After the visit to the UK by the Chinese president, the US warned the UK not to leave the EU stating the UK would face barriers trading with the US due to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and USA.

This closer tie with Britain includes the founding of the Bank of China Trading Center (London). The Bank of China is committed to developing London as the world’s leading offshore Renminbi (RMB) center “through promoting the economic and financial cooperation between the two countries and acting as a long-term and trusted partner and financial advisor for all global customers involved in China related business.”  This goes hand in hand with the China Construction Bank joining HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Mitsui & Co Precious Metals, Bank of Nova Scotia – ScotiaMocatta, Toronto Dominion Bank, and UBS in taking part in the daily auction process hosted by CME Group and Thomson Reuters for the silver price-setting mechanism. Eastern markets continue to play an increasingly important role in global finance, and the Chinese are steadily positioning themselves to become essential to the international gold and silver trade.

Before Ken From died he said that China was the “Big one – Watch China.” Is it possible that he was not talking about the crash of China, but the global expansion of China?

China has called for a New Global Reserve Currency to Replace the Dollar. Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan recommended creating a currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund and made up of a basket of global currencies. Xiaochuan said the move would help “to achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability.” Earlier in October, the Yuan passed the yen to become the fourth most-used currency for global payments and is very much one of the reasons why the IMF has chosen to announce China's currency as part of the SDR. China has been stockpiling gold as part of its strategy to raise the stature of the Yuan on the world stage. After announcing its reserves for the first time since 2009 in July 2015, the world’s largest consumer of gold has upped its holdings steadily. The Chinese gold stash increased another 1% in September 2015.

The IMF has two major criteria for admission into the SDR:

  1. The country must be a major trading nation. China easily passed.
  2. The currency must be “freely usable”. China has passed this test too. China is rapidly closing in on the British pound in third place (the US dollar and the Euro occupy the top two spots). Over 1,000 banks in 100 countries use the Yuan for payments with China – up 20% over the past two years. Trading in Yuan was almost non-existent five years ago when it was looking to enter the SDR before, but today ranks among the most globally traded currencies.

There is no doubt that the United States was against its inclusion. However, its power is limited. China gained over the threshold of 70% approval from IMF shareholders. The US had a voting share of 16.7%, so it alone could not block China’s entry. Plus, it’s unlikely that the US wanted a repeat of the embarrassment of its opposition to the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Despite its opposition, most US allies joined the AIIB anyway.

A word of warning and potential risk to the global financial markets is, IMF inclusion of the Yuan could trigger $1 trillion of inflows into the Yuan, as central banks add the currency to their reserves. It is unsure how the Yuan would be included, there are current reforms of the SDR currently under way that would allow multiple SDR’s that would take the politics out of reserve currency determination and let the market decide the basket. However, what the Chinese do not want is for these new found buyers of the Yuan to send the currency soaring beyond its pre-devaluation levels, thereby slamming the Chinese economy further which could result in a full-blown global crash. China is a parallax economy. From one position China appears to be in a massive financial crisis thanks to a bursting credit bubble that has the potential to drag most of Asia, and possibly the world, into an era of massively depressed trade and asset prices. From another China has already become the world's second largest economy, and has accumulated more savings than every other nation on the planet.

Financial writer and gold expert Bill Holter says “China used fiat debt to build real infrastructure, and when the system blows up, the fiat debt blows away and they are left with infrastructure. Do they have 20% bad loans? They very well could and probably do. If that is true that they are going to have a debt blow up, don’t forget China has been importing big tonnage of gold for years now. Over the last five years, they have imported 9,000 tons of gold. Their way out is the old way out. The old way out was to revalue gold higher. They could revalue gold and step up and say they will pay $50,000 or $100,000 per ounce for any and all ounces for sale. You can’t say there is not enough gold. What you can say is that it’s not priced correctly to support the system. If they have an implosion of debt which leaves their balance sheets impaired, the way to recapitalize the balance sheets is to revalue the price of gold higher. It creates capital, in other words.”

China are backing their currency with gold and real infrastructure assets since “gold forms the very material basis for modern fiat currencies.” and Gold is the world's only monetary asset that has no counter party risk, and is the only cross-nation, cross-language, cross-ethnicity, cross-religion and cross-culture globally recognized monetary asset.

Gold is a monetary asset that transcends national sovereignty, is very powerful to settle obligations when everything else fails, hence it’s exactly the basis of a currency moving up in the international arena. When the British Pound and the USD became international currencies, their gold reserve as a share of total world gold reserves was 50% and 60% respectively; when the Euro was introduced, the combined gold reserves of the member states was more than 10,000 tonnes, more than the US had. If the RMB wants to achieve international status, it must have popular acceptance and a stable value. To this end, other than having assurance from the issuing nation, it is very important to have enough gold as the foundation, raising the ‘gold content’ of the RMB. Therefore, to China, the meaning and mission of gold is to support the RMB to become an internationally accepted currency and make China an economic powerhouse.

As was stated above, China wants to found the Bank of China Trading Center in London, UK. China Construction Bank is also taking part in the daily auction process for the silver price-setting mechanism. The Chinese are also establishing a Gold bank. This is to break the barrier between the commodity and monetary world. It is designed to acquire more reserves and gives China more say and control within the gold market. When Pastor Williams says the new world currency will be GOLD BACKED. It is true as that is what China has done to secure its place within the SDR basket. “Gold & Silver, that's the currency of the Elite!”

Under the New World Order, the Sustainable Development Agenda is formulated for every country to rely on every other country within its global fiefdom. It is calling for a global currency. Not a currency based upon one superpower, but a currency based on stability. It is possible that other countries will be invited to join the SDR in the future. Russia, India, Brazil and other countries with huge resources and little debt are likely candidates and we can now we see why countries are forming their own groups via organisations such as BRICS, TPP and TTIP. They are ending national sovereignty in order to support each other through global government. If what the IMF and UN have proposed comes to fruition, all countries around the world must be on board with the Sustainable Development Agenda. Resource, asset and income rich nations will support those weaker nations. Just like within the USA federal financial policy mandates the richer states support weaker states. We will see this stabilize the Euro Zone after the current refugee crisis has done its job. This will then become the global norm, under the New World Order that according to George Soros could very well be China-owned.

The US dollar as the sole reserve currency is over. It's not *if*, its it's not *when*. It's over for the US dollar, it just hasn't been officially announced, yet.

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Greg Nikolettos Human Microchipping Agenda from the Alternative View 3

Just A Cashless Society?

One of the key parts of the New World Order is the cashless society. As the US dollar makes way part of an artificial basket of currencies including the Chinese Renminbi, countries around the world are preparing for the end of cash.

Italy made cash transactions over 1000 euros illegal; Switzerland proposed banning cash payments in excess of 100,000 francs; Russia banned cash transactions over $10,000; Spain banned cash transactions over 2,500 euros; Mexico made cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos illegal; Uruguay banned cash transactions over $5,000; and France made cash transactions over 1,000 euros illegal, down from the previous limit of 3,000 euros. France has 92% of its consumer payments cashless.

The war on cash is a favourite pet project of the economic central planners. They want to eliminate hand-to-hand currency so that governments can document, control and tax everything.

In Cork in Ireland the “Cork Cashes Out” scheme supported by major banks, was created to promote the use of credit and debit cards, and to encourage consumers to shift from splashing the cash towards electronic-only transactions.

Swedish banks no longer handle cash anymore. Cash transactions are down to just three per cent of the national economy and three out of four of Sweden’s largest banks are phasing out the manual handling of cash in bank branches. Even churches are implementing contactless card readers for donations.

Norway is also making the transition to cashless, with approximately 11 per cent of the population not carrying cash at all.

Somaliland is one of Africa’s poorest countries. A mobile revolution has created an informal electronic banking system. Cash is disappearing and there is no need for credit cards, as even street vendors accept payments by mobile phones.

Kenya is the biggest African user of mobile money. M-Pesa, originally a method to send money home from cities to families in rural areas is now being used for receiving salaries, paying bills and school fees and this is slowly making cash obsolete.

In Canada the federal government is phasing out printed checks in favour of direct deposit. They also stopped minting one-cent coins. They are also phasing out paper currency in favour of polymer-based plastic. 90% of consumer payments are cashless.

In South Korea policies have been implemented that encourage cashless behaviour.

Belgium has given high priority to making payment systems more efficient. 93% of consumer payments are now cashless. This is compounded by the Belgian government imposing a limit on cash payments to 3,000 euros.

In the United Kingdom 89% of its consumer payments is cashless. Australia has 86% cashless consumer payments. The Netherlands (Holland) 85% cashless consumer payments. The same can be said of Finland and Denmark.

With every major crisis there seems to be an increase tightening on freedom. This is reflected on ever tighter use of cash in transactions. In the US you cannot withdraw more than $10,000 in cash from your bank.

Recently De La Rue (the world'w leading bank note producer) announced it will cut its banknote production capacity by 25%. The company is closing half of its production lines and eliminating 300 jobs. De La Rue prints more banknotes than any other company in the world. It produces banknotes for over 150 national currencies, including the British pound sterling. The company's CEO said the decision was made to keep the company “in line with the future needs of our global customers.” De La Rue may also sell its cash-sorting machine business for similar reasons.

Ron Paul said “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

Where is this heading? As you may already be aware of the prediction announced by the NBC in 2007 that everyone will have an RFID chip implanted under their skin by 2017? Further evidence of this was confirmed by film producer Aaron Russo in his 2006 documentary America: Freedom to Fascism. This is not an idle conspiracy theory. It’s unlikely the prediction that all Americans will be microchipped by 2017. However, under the Sustainable Development Agenda one of the 17 new development goals talks about providing legal identity for all by 2030.

To this comes The Real ID Act where passports will be required for domestic travel in some states in the USA from 2016, also the IRS can revoke passport for non payment of taxes.

The World Bank is a vital source that offers financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. The bank, owned by 185 member countries including the USA, Russia and China, plays a “collaborative role to advance the vision of an inclusive and sustainable globalization.” Therefore, the main economies of the world are members of the World Bank and the World Bank is financing globalization.

One of the Sustainable Development Goals (target 16:9) is by 2030, to provide legal identity for all, including birth registration. On the World Bank’s website it says “Providing legal identity for all (including birth registration) by 2030 is a target shared by the international community as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (target 16:9). The World Bank Group (WBG) has launched the Identification for Development (ID4D) cross-practice initiative, with the participation of seven Global Practice (GP) / Cross-Cutting Solution Areas (CCSAs) share the same vision and strategic objectives, to help our client countries achieve this goal and with the vision of making everyone count: ensure a unique legal identity and enable digital ID-based services to all.”

According to the World Bank website this agenda will crossover to not only identification, but cashless transactions including tax collection and loan repayments. This is cross-cutting so it will be global. We see governments cooperating during war, this agenda will see governments cooperating under peace. Cooperating under global government.

The agenda is for a Digital-ID for all. The Elite understand that Biometric ID-cards can be lost or stolen and therefore can be seen as unsustainable. The next best thing is for humans to receive a microchip. Rosa Koire said “UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action-plan – implemented worldwide to inventory and control, all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.” I wrote at length in the June newsletter about ‘2015 Development Agenda – The New World Order Incarnate’, which explains about how the New World Order is the Sustainable Development Agenda, also known as Agenda 21.

The new IPv6 range of Internet Protocol addresses can allow every grain of sand on the planet to be IP addressable. In fact this new range of IP addresses is so large you will be left with more IP addresses than grains of sand. This means that everything can have an RFID chip (it has been said that there are RFID chips being developed that are smaller than grains of sand) that can be tracked by the global database we call the Internet. Every human being can be tracked is merely scratching the surface. Everything we do can be tracked, traced, reported and quantified. As suggested by Agenda 21. This is a total 1984 solution “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever.”

The worrying thing is that there is a secure technology already available that can be used to inventory and control everything. It can easily be used in RFID technology. It is already being used with QR codes. The technology that was written by an elusive (almost certainly black-ops) computer programmer that nobody knows who they are. I am talking about BitCoin. The technology behind this could easily be adapted for a cashless society and everything else right up to grains of sand can be inventoried and controlled on a global scale. Embedded RFID chips and or QR code tattoos could be the future for humanity as well as everything else on the planet. On the same train of thought, the Bank for International Settlements, which can be thought of as the central bank of central banks, released a report last week saying that cryptocurrencies and emerging financial technologies could hurt central bank revenues. However, that may just be how the Elite tie this all together.

In 2009 an Australian researcher named Gregg Nikolettos presented “The Human Microchipping Agenda” at the Alternative View 3. Showcasing the global microchipping agenda, tracing the first microchip back in time to the current ownership of the technology. Going back in history, parallels are drawn to the Nazi regime totally controlling the populace through information gathering, and revealing the companies behind Hitler that still operate today.

This all-encompassing lecture reveals how world governments with Google, Microsoft and other companies will utilise census data, RFID, DNA and biometric harvesting, satellites, global databases including Facebook and emerging technologies including biosensor microchips, to usher in a new age movement of accepting ‘chipped’ individuals. All fuelled by the war on terror – with the ultimate goal of bringing in a worldwide web of digitised ‘online’ individuals who serve a mainframe.

This presentation also demonstrates how the Trans-humanism movement is the modern-day eugenics, repackaged and rebranded for a new generation. Greg also showcases the marketing strategies Verichip is developing to achieve the ultimate objective of micro-chipping every person on the planet.

This presentation is offered free of charge by researcher Ian R Crane from The Alternative View in the UK. It is such an important presentation, if you value your freedom – you must watch it!

A cashless society is just the start! Agenda 21 financed by The World Bank and brought to you by IBM.

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Pope Addresses UN General Assemboly

Pope Announces New World Order

The New World Order was officially initiated as of the 25th September 2015. This was the date of the UN meeting to shape and adopt the new development agenda that will build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) and Agenda 21. It was also the date that global government began. In June 2015 I wrote an article entitled ‘2015 Development Agenda – The New World Order Incarnate‘. The Sustainable Development Agenda is also known as Agenda 21, which is the New World Order. The seventeen new Sustainable Development Goals have seen an end to national sovereignty and where nations will no longer exist, all states will recognize a single, global authority. World Government.

The 17 new Development Goals are outlined at the UN's Sustainable Development Goals website. On the surface it looks great, an end to poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. With these goals being realized globally within the next 15 years.

The Pope introduced the world to the Sustainable Development Agenda at the UN. You can watch his speech here:

The speech is transcribed here.

Pastor Williams points out that the Elite are no longer relying on the statement ‘New World Order'. Pope Francis did not use this statement, but rather has pushed for scientists and journalists to contribute to the raising of awareness of political institutions and citizens of the need for a lifestyle that is sustainable on the human and ecological level, and works to ensure the full realization of each person and the authentic development of Creation. This New World Order agenda is being rolled out under Agenda 21, also known as the Sustainable Development Agenda. Since the Sustainable Development Agenda is the New World Order, we really need to investigate the meaning behind every part of the seventeen new Development Goals. In a future newsletter I will breakdown the points and their relevance to you and your family's future.

For a full rundown of Pope Francis' visit to the USA please click here.

I wrote an extensive article on who Pope Francis represents and their considerable involvement in the UN in June 2015. The article entitled: ‘Pope Francis to Visit the USA in September 2015‘.

The Pope's visit to the UN was the start of the New World Order. However, if you look back at the eight original Millennium Development Goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, since so many things have pushed towards a New World Order since the new millennium. Everything will change the way we live our lives forever. The next step in global government was the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference that ended on December 12th, 2015.

More than 190 nations are attempting to agree a new international deal to tackle climate change by cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Over 140 world leaders including Barack Obama (USA), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Xi Jinping (China) and David Cameron (UK) attended and delivered speeches alongside Prince Charles of the UK Royal Family.

The UN wanted to agree a truly universal global deal on tackling climate change, as part of efforts to prevent global warming exceeding 2C above pre-industrial levels this century. That's the level of warming beyond which some scientists agree the world is likely to see the most severe effects of climate change including extreme weather such as heatwaves, droughts and flooding. Preventing 2C-5C warming would require countries around the world to take action to limit or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Here is the five-part deal that the UN wished to outline:

  1. National pledges to cut emissions: Most countries have already submitted pledges, known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), setting out how they plan to limit their emissions in the period after 2020.
  2. A long-term goal: Some sort of target for global emissions reductions that are required by 2050 or 2100, consistent with preventing 2C global warming.
  3. Holding countries to account: A clear framework for measuring whether countries are actually carrying out the emissions cuts they have promised.
  4. Increased pledges in future: A mechanism to make countries come back and agree to deeper national emissions cuts in future.
  5. Finance: An agreement that developed nations will help developing countries with the costs of going green, and the costs of coping with the effects of climate change.

The full I09 Paris Climate Agreement is available here. Just co clarify, the three biggest polluters, US, India and China agreed to limit warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels; the US and Europe had accepted some responsibility for damage done by climate change; developing countries had agreed to a dilution of the original climate convention, and had given way on financing, liability and the dates wheere there would have to be revisions.

Go back to Pastor Williams interview of Economic Hitman, Jonathan May. The full interview is available in high quality to watch online amongst other great work by Pastor Williams at In 1986 Jonathan May exposed a 30 year plan that included the whole climate con. May mentioned a “development bank” would be established and that every nation would sign up for it.

In the I09 Paris Climate Agreement document I wish to draw your attention to Page 16: “Resolves to enhance the provision of urgent and adequate finance, technology and capacity-building support by developed country Parties in order to enhance the level of ambition of pre-2020 action by Parties, and in this regard strongly urges developed country Parties to scale up their level of financial support, with a concrete roadmap to achieve the goal of jointly providing USD 100 billion annually by 2020 for mitigation and adaptation while significantly increasing adaptation finance from current levels and to further provide appropriate technology and capacity-building support;” Page 8: Further decides that, in accordance with Article 9, paragraph 3, of the Agreement, developed countries intend to continue their existing collective mobilization goal through 2025 in the context of meaningful mitigation actions and transparency on implementation; prior to 2025 the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement shall set a new collective quantified goal from a floor of USD 100 billion per year, taking into account the needs and priorities of developing countries; “Decides that the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Facility, the entities entrusted with the operation of the Financial Mechanism of the Convention, as well as the Least Developed Countries Fund and the Special Climate Change Fund, administered by the Global Environment Facility, shall serve the Agreement;”

$100 BILLION A YEAR BY 2020! That is just for starters, this will increase I assure you. They need $100 billion a year to fight climate change. Is this really climate change they are fighting, or are they trying to pay for global government and their new global police force?

There is so much data available on climate change. Personally I believe the climate change agenda as part of the sustainable development agenda as the Elite have proposed through the UN is merely a way of further micro-managing humanity until we are mere drones for the Elite's use and amusement. Therefore, I thought I'd scour the internet for some snippets of information about carbon and why the Elite are using it against us:

Whilst some scientists such as eugenicist and BBC propagandist David Attenborough accept that man-made global warming is causing climate change. Since 1998, 31,000 scientists have announced that “…there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the forseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate.” Even one of the founders of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore (who has a BS in Biology and a PhD in Ecology) and has been a leader in the international environmental field for over 40 years, said “I am skeptical humans are the main cause of climate change and that it will be catastrophic in the near future. There is no scientific proof of this hypothesis, yet we are told “the debate is over” and “the science is settled.”” His full article can be read here. It is such a powerful article that you need to read it to understand that current climate change science is not accepted by all environmental scientists.

In Al Gore's (climate change profiteer and oilman) environmental documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth' a judge at the High Court in London, England ruled there were nine key scientific errors that had arisen “in the context of alarmism and exaggeration” in order to support Mr. Gore's thesis on global warming. The ruling followed an unsuccessful attempt to block the UK government's plan to screen the documentary in more than 3,500 secondary schools in England and Wales. Which, subsequently went ahead as children in my own family have been forced to watch this documentary with bias towards the theory that climate change is man-made. Our children are being taught climate change propaganda and even recently when I attended a school award ceremony a large part of the assembly was concerning energy efficiency and how the school can combat climate change. You can read about the nine key scientific errors in the documentary here. The Science and Public Policy Institute issued a detailed report on 35 lies that the movie told.

A March 2008 canvas of 51,000 Canadian scientists with the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysics of Alberta (APEGGA) found that although 99% of 1,077 replies believe the climate is changing, 68% disagreed with the statement that “…the debate on the scientific causes of recent climate change is settled.” Only 26% of them attributed global warming to “human activity like burning fossil fuels”. Regarding these results, APEGGA's executive director Neil Windsor, commented, “We're not surprised at all. There is no clear consensus of scientists that we know of.”

A 2009 report issued by the Polish Academy of Sciences PAN Committee of Geological Sciences, a major scientific institution in the European Union, agrees that the purported climate consensus argument is becoming increasingly untenable. It says, in part, that: “Over the past 400 thousand years – even without human intervention – the level of CO2 in the air, based on the Antarctic ice cores, has already been similar four times, and even higher than the current value. At the end of the last ice age, within a time interval of a few hundred years, the average annual temperature changed over the globe several times. In total, it has gone up by almost 10 degrees C in the northern hemisphere, and therefore the changes mentioned above were incomparably more dramatic than the changes reported today.”

There is no doubt that stratospheric geoengineering is being carried out around the world that is affecting weather. Wikipedia says this of stratospheric geoengineering: “The ability of stratospheric sulfate aerosols to create a global dimming effect has made them a possible candidate for the use in solar radiation management climate engineering projects to limit the effect and impact of climate change due to rising levels of greenhouse gases. Delivery of precursor sulfide gases such as sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide or sulfur dioxide by artillery, aircraft and ballons has been proposed.” the dumping of aluminium, barium and strontium all over the world. This is already being carried out and there are several websites dedicated to investigating chemtrails and other weather modification projects currently active around the world. Check out GeoEngineering Watch.

The data has been manipulated. Propagandists are pushing the Climate Change agenda on humanity. Hundreds of articles written in the last few days from around the world are warning “Earth's climate entering new ‘permanent reality' as CO2 hits new high“, “2015 to be the hottest year ever says world climate body“, “Paris last chance for world leaders to tackle climate change“, “‘Our Major Cities Will Be Submerged“, “Climate change: Past five years were warmest on record, report warns“, “Developing countries will need $270bn more to adapt to climate change – study“, “Children will bear the brunt of climate change – UNICEF report“, “Laos counts the cost of climate change: record floods, drought and landslides“, “Prince Charles: climate change may have helped cause Syrian civil war“.

Every year the planet Earth follows a pattern of seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), seasons are produced due to the planets axial tilt and portions of the planet moving closer and others further away from the Sun. This alone shows the power our sun has to drastically impact on our ecosystem, weather and temperature. There are a few absolutes we should all agree on: First, without the Sun the earth would be a very cold planet. Second, if the Sun expanded or our planet was forced closer to the star, the earth would subsequently be much warmer. So undoubtedly the Sun is the most influential contributor to our planets climate.

In a recent study by the Center of Climate Research at the University of Madison, Wisconsin results revealed: The ocean stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than does the atmosphere; Much more carbon flows through the ocean than the amount produced by burning fossil fuels; An amount of carbon equal to the total amount stored in the atmosphere cycles through the ocean in about eight years.

71% of the Earth is covered with ocean water containing 50 times the amount of CO2 produced by fossil fuels. When the Earth is closer to the Sun, heat causes the ocean to evaporate and raise CO2 levels at a rapid rate. Proving man is not the key contributor of global warming. If the Sun traveled further away from the planet or became dormant (according to the Royal Astronomical Society's annual meeting in July 2015, Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University in the UK confirmed that the Sun will go into its Maunder Minimum [Grand Solar Minimum] in 15 years.), the planet would immediately get cooler. The behaviors of the Sun will dictate the temperature of all planets in our solar system, sun flairs, dormant periods will all show up in ice cores (as proven by Polish Academy of Sciences PAN Committee of Geological Sciences). Plants require CO2 to make oxygen and the dwindling oxygen levels and weather modification from stratospheric geoengineering programs are a bigger risk to humanity and our ecosystem than man made global warming. Pollution is bad for the environment, bad for humanity. However, CO2 is not the key contributor to global warming as government funded scientists and propagandists claim.

The environmental movement has been hijacked. Many people in the environmental movement are in it for the right reasons: they see the ongoing poisoning and destruction of the planet, led by corporations, and are determined to defend and speak out for the Earth. However, most have unwittingly been channeled in a direction that doesn't help the Earth, unintentionally supporting the very forces that are responsible for the pillaging of it.

By continuing to push notions that carbon dioxide is a poison, that global warming exists and all of mankind is responsible for it, that we need a worldwide carbon tax and that we require Agenda 21-style global governance, these people are unknowingly promoting the New World Order program and placing Elite controllers in power who don't care about the environment and view it merely as a resource to be exploited for profit. It has even gotten to the point where those opposing popular beliefs about climate change are being treated like criminals and there have been calls in the US for President Obama to prosecute them.

Climate change is a huge part of the globalists New World Order agenda. According to research by The Coalition Against Geoengineering the basis for the hijacked environmental movement lies within formerly secret military reports. An exerpt from the ‘1966 Report from the Iron Mountain‘ discusses how a global government could be imposed without war, and suggests the threat could instead be environmental pollution: “It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility for mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species. Poisoning of the air, and of the principle sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced,…” The Club of Rome's 1991 document entitled ‘The First Global Revolution?' contains this passage: “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together … all these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

As said above, carbon dioxide (CO2) is a nutrient. We breathe out carbon dioxide every breath, but we also take some of it in on the in breath. According to the Interplanetary Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we are therefore poisoning ourselves every breath. Think about it, if CO2 were really a poison, why does it help plants grow so much? Why is it a key part of the fundamental equation of biology: sugar + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water + heat? How is that those in the environmental movement are ignorant of basic biology?

We are carbon based lifeforms? Is this a war on humanity? The more CO2 you have the more plants grow. The demonization of carbon is not about helping the environment. The New World Order idea has always been to attach the worsening condition of the environment to an individual's energy usage – and even their breathing – so as to introduce a carbon tax. Global government literally wants to tax you for breathing, for merely being alive.

This entire Climate Change Agenda is focused on one reason and one reason only: TAXATION. The whole scheme to get people and corporations fixated on their carbon footprint, rather than how much actual benefit or harm they are doing to the environment is to pave the way for more taxation and centralization of power. To have a worldwide carbon tax you need a One World Government to enforce and collect it. The UN, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and its other subdivisions are constantly talking about global governance for this very reason. In this context, “global governance” means centralizing vast amounts of power into a body destined to become the World Government, under the pretext of fighting anthropomorphic global warming and climate change. It also means extending the reach of the United Nations so that local bodies such as local councils and municipalities that belong to the ICLEI can implement its global directives and make it look like it was locally decided. The Cap-and-Trade scheme was already being discussed in the 1980s, so a carbon tax is not a new idea.

Many climate change activists such as the BBC's climate change propagandist David Attenborough believe the planet is over populated. There can be no doubt that rising populations can put a strain on resources, yet where is the proof that this planet cannot support 7 billion, 9 billion, 20 billion people? Is it really population that is the problem, or is it rather self-centered greed and destructive environmental practices and technologies? Can we not stimulate better modes of efficiency, in resource sharing and development and release of technologies suppressed because they go against the established order? Also, it has been known in many countries for a long time that as you increase education, you decrease population, naturally. There is no need for stealth sterilization programs, introducing contraceptives through vaccines or other depopulation murder programs. When people gain a higher education, they organically choose to have less children. If the conspirators really cared about the planet's population, why not use their money to help everyone access better education? Underpinning the propaganda of overpopulation is eugenics. It's the idea that some humans are superior to others, and that some humans don't deserve to be here. This is really the philosophical and spiritual basis of the hijacking. As they have confessed, the conspirators in their delusions view the rest of the population as a virus that must be rid from the planet.

A few days ago HR 2232: Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015 entered Congress. This bill is essentially a national version of the SB277 mandatory vaccination legislation which passed in California earlier this year, with the same impossible exemption requirements. The bill, as currently written, would require all state public schools across the nation to mandate blanket vaccination of their enrolled students in order to receive their federal aid money.

The problem with the New World Order is not just about Climate Change. We have fracking destroying water aquifers. We also have GMOs, food additives, eugenics vaccinations, geoengineering, EMFs, radiation leaking into the oceans from damaged nuclear plants, oil being extracted around the world and being leaked into the environment, companies poisoning rivers with toxic sludge and much more we should be focused on stopping.

Around the world there have been tests of the global carbon tax, already being tested in several countries around the world including: British Columbia, Ireland, Australia, Chile, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Quebec and Canada. Please visit the Carbon Tax website for information about what is already happening. It will be global and you will be paying it. As I have already stated. The Elite want to use the global carbon tax to fund Global Government and the Sustainable Development Agenda. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change there will be Climate Finance, which refers to local, national or transnational financing, which may be drawn from public, private and alternative sources of financing. They are clever not to mention a tax. However, they do use the wording ‘contribution', if a country were to provide funds for climate financing, then this would come in the form of a stealth taxation and although the UN climate chief is skeptical about a global carbon tax, he did say national taxes were possible and laws to cap emissions were good for business. A collective national tax sent to a global central government would equal a global carbon tax and cap-and-trade would work for business like it has for years.

According to the ICLEI, by 2050 two-thirds of all humans will be living in cities. As I have discussed in my article ‘2015 Development Agenda – The New World Incarnate‘, people will be racked and stacked in mega-cities whilst the rest of the planet will be a no-go area. Propaganda through the media including films that portray a post-apocalyptic future such as the Hunger Games are really being laid out for our future.

As Pastor Williams has said for years, watch for the “Buzz Words”. When the Paris terror attacks happened the first thing I did was look for who profits from this event? Why Paris? Why Now? Question everything because your life and your liberty depend on it!

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