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Lindsey Williams – “This is an emergency and should be posted to warn everyone who will listen”…

Pastor Lindsey Williams sent me an excerpt from an email he received today relating to a potential Catastrophic Currency Crash in 2013…

Well–something that you were informed about a year and a half ago has just bled out in a tiny corner of a major media outlet today—Bloomberg Television.

A Bloomberg anchor at the Jackson Hole Conference interviewed a prolific book author and “High Academia” Ivy League professor. The following is the gist of the interview.

The discussion noted that emerging countries’ initial concern and policies have been oriented toward the problem of an appreciating currency. (This would make their produced and exported assets more expensive and less competitive). Yet the interviewer noted that emerging market “currencies are plunging by the day”. (This is the result of the Trade War and the currency implications you were alerted to by Chaplain Williams well over a year ago). The professor when asked “How ugly this could get?”, responded “This could get very ugly”. The professor explained that emerging market countries had experienced a “capital flow bonanza lasting for several years—the golden boom years”. The professor continued by citing studies that indicated that after such dynamics— “…the probability of a banking crisis, the probability of a CURRENCY CRASH, the probability of a default, all increases afterwards”.

The GDP per capita in PPP of the year 2011. It is from Worldbank, CIA and IMF Data. Courtesy of Wikipedia

The GDP per capita in PPP of the year 2011. It is from Worldbank, CIA and IMF Data. Courtesy of Wikipedia

As if to emphasize this concept, Brazil Thursday announced a $60 billion intervention in their currency. And two days prior, India’s currency plunged to a record low despite their central bank’s attempt to support it. Indonesia's rupiah fell to a four-year low and the Malaysian Ringgit slid to its weakest in more than three years. Mexico and other Latin American countries’ currencies hit various lows last week as well. (There is some background information on currency and trade that follows below).

What is instructive about the various currencies plunging in value is the “deflationary” performance (loss of value) of most assets in 2013. Depreciating in value this year are corporate bonds, municipal bonds, U.S. Treasury Bonds, gold, silver, copper, coffee, wheat, lumber and natural gas. Emerging countries stock markets have felt the brunt of such deflationary values by declining over 14% in 2013 (based on the “EEM” ETF). The U.S. S&P 500 Index is down slightly since the advent of “tapering talk”.

This is a warning of what may happen around the world in the near future. For those who listen to Pastor Williams' message, the time to prepare is upon us all. His new DVD set will be ready shortly featuring a top Wall Street insider who will explain in detail what may be vital for the welfare and even survival of those who listen. This message goes out to everyone in all countries across the globe… PLEASE PREPARE NOW!


106 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – “This is an emergency and should be posted to warn everyone who will listen”…”

  1. Tammy says:

    Ann: Sorry, but I read the caption incorrectly. I post here sometimes from work- get too much in a hurry.

  2. Mickey says:

    Economies are being destroyed by the people who run them by design. Read “THE ACT OF 1871” &, then you will see the set up that was put in place to do what we see today. To many have caught on to the facts that has been looking you in the face as each day you pass one their Idols to their self, each a faction of one group who took control over the European, US & other nations thru the Central Banking Cartel. What no standing army could do a group of bankers & bought politicians & the government agencies who serve only the DC Corporation.

    Please take look at what has happen at Fukushima in Japan, this has changed the world for GOD only knows, he is the only one that could heal it, not man or the elites & the corporations or hidden medical cures they think that have to save them & emerge as a super race after the great culling is complete. The US Nuke plants are in bad shape & falling apart, Fukushima has alreadly thousands in the USA but it remains un-reported. The EPA, NRC, Congress all know the radiation cover all of N. America & the world, no place is safe. So don’t kid yourselves, the word of GOD & his son JESUS is real! Do your best to obey his laws & put no false gods in front the true GOD!

    • cupcak1001 says:

      Fukushima was no natural disaster. If it got press, the evidence will come to light that there was no 9.0 but more of a 6.0 size earthquake – no building were structurally damaged prior to the arrival of the tsunami. The tsunami was triggered by nuclear explosives placed strategically in the nearby trench.

      The scale of the Filipines typhoon is also no natural disaster – microwaves were sent into the atmosphere to intensify it.
      This is certainly adding to the cabal agenda of eugenics via “technology” laced with political chess.

      In order to reduce these so called natural disasters, the cabal have to be taken down, and their HAARP toy dismantled.

  3. ann says:

    what makes u think I was talking about you?
    I was not

  4. Tammy says:

    Ann, the Chaplain is trying to reach and help other people- I’m attempting to do the same. I work as a nurse in a busy, urban hospital with all ethnic groups. Our hospital is non-profit- and our resources will be stretched with this terrible health bill. Our culture promotes violence to our youth- you wouldn’t believe the young people of all ethnic groups that dress and act like gangsters. I see the effect of that violence everyday- a broken body and mind. And if you wish to vomit on me, go right ahead- I’ve had a lot of that in the last 25 years!

    I’m trying to follow the Chaplain’s advice and simply try to get a 3 months supply of food and water for my family. I have chronically ill family members that I need to provide for in this terrible time.

    In this forum, I’m here to reach other people and establish a dialogue for help and support. There are so few of us that know about this economic collapse, I’ve found only a few co-workers that have a concept of “the world reserve currency.”

    I am part of a small group at my church that is attempting to pool our money together and buy items that we can use as group to save money. If our resources permit it, I hope to have a pantry of stored food for our congregation. We need to pull together.

  5. Tammy says:

    I am not a friend of the Elite. The teachings of Jesus Christ are non-violence and love. Follow the path of Jesus- and help others.

  6. ann says:

    Gerald celente believes there will be a war in 2014 -but apart from this Lindsey w and celente are on the same page-will be interesting to see who is right.

    on another note please if you are a friend of the elite — I want to vomit on you!! stay away -Lindsey and the rest of us do not want you here

  7. Tammy says:

    Reading the comments, many of us are angry regarding this situation. I’ve went through that phase myself with grief, then anger at the coming reset. We have to realize that this situation was created before many of us were born. The coming reset has been culminating for many years, it just wasn’t apparent in the course of normal life. (What were told/educated as normal life)! People hate change, but we have to accept and embrace it. Make the best of the situation.

  8. Tammy says:

    To quote the Chaplain, “get your spiritual house in order.” Believe in Jesus Christ- His way is to help others.

  9. Tammy says:

    I’m going to follow the good Chaplain’s advice and prepare my family for this transition as Elite Friend calls it. Non-violence is the best course of action. The safety of my family is my only goal and to make the best of the situation. As a nurse, I hope to help others during this phase. I am learning new skills such as textile weaving and spinning.

  10. srknox says:

    Oh goodness, Elite Friend,

    I hope you didn’t take out any student loans to pay for your psychology research.

    Your thesis is incorrect. Bad research.

    Mark, hit the mark.

    It is said, from time, Im Me Mo Ri(re)I, Al(l),

    Man, cannot live by bread, his brain, his money, his dastardly deeds, nor influence for too long.

    Now, Elite, Friend, are you willing to join the rest of the true thinkers?

  11. ComeAndTakeIt84 says:

    The real question is why does a so call Elite Friend give a two fracks about a few religous zealots on this site?

    • Elite Friend says:

      Is that what you call yourself? Then call me a researching psychology student.

      My thesis is “99% of the population always thinks and acts in retrospect of what has already happened, because they have lost all bravery towards preparing for anything different.”

      • HolyWarrior says:

        ? No response ?

      • Mark says:

        Thanks for taking the time to talk to the commoners. I mean it really, when do any of get to have this kind of discussion?


        Look I’m all for change, IF the change is positive.

        But, “Who watches the watchers?”

        I just worry that when the Elite fully come to power in the next few years, there will be nothing at all to restrain all of you any more. You will have control on the level never before in human history. With the belief that you all are gods, that you can define right and wrong, that soon nothing will be wrong, no matter how horrible or unjust.

        What happens when they run out of peasants to abuse, who’s next?

        I’d love to see a better world, but can it happen when humanity no longer has a conscience or a soul?

  12. HolyWarrior says:

    Elite Friend,
    Apparently by your post above, you must think I am being arrogant or rude. This is not the case. What I am trying to understand is, if you are truly part of the Elite (most likely at the fraying edge)why you are posting contrary to Lindsey’s warning.

    According to Lindsey, his contact(s) are warning of a final Derivitive Collapse to end the world’s financial system. Yes, there are and have been minor and major “bumps” leading up to “the big one” that’s coming. And it is very obvious that the U.S.A. will collapse on it’s own without more of your “help” due to it’s overwelming debt and no budget.

    Yes, I do understand the overall Derivitives market. In my opinion it is nothing but a scam. It is not needed. I believe it was created with the sole purpose of collapsing the financial system in the future. It’s nothing but a casino for the banking system so to speak.

  13. Elite Friend says:

    What do you think caused the two previous “Crashes”? Do you know what derivatives are? Why must we “Crash” anything again? Because gold is $3000? Or because we’ve already invaded Iran?

    Why can’t we NOT “Crash” the markets unless say, we are able to take it much higher? How about otherwise we WILL just keep on being “accommodative” and limit any correction that might come?

    If you won’t even answer these questions in a good manner, I’m afraid our interaction experiment here has ended. Good luck!


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