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Latest News Articles – January 14, 2016

From James Harkin (Webmaster & Editor of Because there is so much news and information coming out of the mainstream media now and it takes me several weeks to write and compile a comprehensive newsletter, as I did in December 2015. I have decided to regularly update you with important news stories every few days. If you would like me to continue post news stories regularly here, please let me know in the comments section of this article. Also, if you have any important news stories please send them to me (James) and I will include them.

Lindsey Williams - Latest News Articles

Latest News:

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18 Responses to “Latest News Articles – January 14, 2016”

  1. Gary says:

    Hi James & Lindsey,

    Does Pater Williams have any knowledge of the Elite access to quantum access technology. This may be why they are so cocky about how things always seem to work their way. If not you really need to YouTube and contact Andrew D. Basiago for a full briefing. This man’s story is bulletproof and highly credible. He was handled by the CIA under the Nixon government.


    Gary in Ireland

  2. carlos says:

    How low will oil go any ideas?

  3. Brenda says:

    James, I too am grateful for your time spent and keeping us updated every few days as times arise!

    I, like so many others, do not have extra money or another place to live when times as we know them are gone. So we must remember to not let fear steal our faith; HE who is in me is greater than he who is in the world!

    May God bless us all!

  4. Nina says:

    Another thanks voiced here. This is much appreciated!

  5. Stephen says:

    Fascinating article on Chinese Company Replaces Humans With Robots, Production Skyrockets, Mistakes Disappear. With prices dropping on stuff, many will look for ways to cut costs. And many roads will lead to Robots.

  6. john says:


  7. CAK says:

    This is a great idea, James, and more timely than having you compile a newsletter over the course of weeks or months. You still find things that we don’t, or at least I don’t. For those who quibble, have you ever run a Web site? (I imagine James does this in the middle of other things in his life.) I am truly grateful for all the hard work done here. People complaining that it is not enough or not quick enough, maybe I should sell you my igloo in Cuba. (Smile.) If the Elite are giving LW time to produce a DVD, there must be one last message from them that they want him to convey to us.

  8. steve says:

    Appreciate the updates James. I like this info to. especially about the North Atlantic empty cargo ships.

  9. diva says:

    Thank you so much James we appreciate all the hard work you do and keeping us well informed!


  10. James says:

    Joanie Stahl Z3 news says the elite picked trump to be POTUS 2 years ago, seems to be fact the way it looks. Does your elite friend Know?

  11. Dave says:

    Thanks James.
    some of these I have heard or read, the articles are concise and to the point- I appreciate that.
    I think that for those who only come to this site this is far superior than the newsletter and less time consuming for yourself.

    As always I appreciate Pastor Williams personal insights and recommendations thru a biblical lens even if they take a while to be delivered.

    I did see Walmart today is closing stores and retail is way down- Bloomberg

  12. Richard says:

    Hello James, yes please continue to update us as per your proposed schedule and format.

  13. MRD says:

    I like this James; thank you. I appreciate your hard work. God bless you and Pastor.

  14. Tim says:

    Is there a way to gain access to your previously published newsletters?

    (EDITOR: Good idea. I will review the newsletter email system and pick out newsletters that can be linked here.)

  15. Ernie says:

    May God have mercy on us and guide us through this!

  16. diva says:

    While we can appreciate news updates we already receive that from multiple websites however we come here to receive the latest updates from Pastor Lindsey Williams on what the “ELITE” are planning for us so we can inform our families and share news to with the masses so that we are prepared for what is coming. You said Pastor Lindsey Williams received news in December from the “ELITE” he had been waiting for months to hear and now we are waiting months to hear answers from Pastor Lindsey Williams. Can you please provide that update? thanks, diva

    (EDITOR: It takes time to film and edit a DVD. I have been told the DVD should be ready within two weeks. Those who have signed up to Pastor Williams’ newsletter email list will receive details as soon as it is released. In the meantime I took it upon myself to share mainstream news stories in order for people to be informed of what is currently going on around the world.)

    • able danjer says:

      Thank you again James. Is there any word of bank closures? Have we crossed the point where Pastor Williams referred to that money must be removed from saving accts?


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