Update From Pastor Lindsey Williams – January 2014

I have had an email update from Pastor Lindsey Williams relating to what is about to happen around the world in relation to the global currency reset.

Lindsey Williams

Pastor Williams says “There are some strange things happening in the financial world in the past few weeks. I have been hesitant to risk my reputation on what I know. Christine Lagarde, IMF personally came to the U.S. a few days ago. A gentleman who was in the meeting she had with some of the most powerful people in America, he said she was very angry and vowed to close some banks down if they did not cooperate immediately. We are in the midst of a big power struggle. People that I know in the financial world are extremely concerned because they expect “that one of the numerous things could happen any time”.”

He went on to say “The best advice I can give is – “If it is written on a piece of paper, it is worth the paper it is written on.” GET OUT OF PAPER!” Those of you who prepare now are going to prosper. Those who second guess Pastor Williams’ warnings will find the future bleak.

Furthermore, he also told me “I have done no radio shows and cannot for a while because I don’t dare answer certain questions.”

Chaplain Williams will not be available until the middle of February 2014. However, he said that “I will send you updates every time I can (am allowed to).”

Pastor Williams ended his email stating “please urge everyone to get the Global Currency Reset DVD and give it to everyone they know”. If you have not already viewed the DVD you can purchase one from Prophecy Club. This DVD will inform you about what is happening and how you can protect yourself and your family. The currency reset could happen at any time, without warning.

On a personal note, I have read the comments that come from the many concerned visitors and followers of Pastor Williams’ work at his website LindseyWilliams.net. It looks like several people are trying to out-guess the Elite. As Pastor Williams has said many times GET OUT OF PAPER! Fiat currencies such as the Iraqi Dinar, Chinese Yuan and Bitcoin are worthless. The only investment you should make is in physical gold and silver. Pastor Williams has said this time and time again “Gold and silver are the currency of the Elite!” Please listen to what he says and prepare accordingly.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you and God bless you, Pastor Williams!

  2. Lisa D'Alia says:

    Pastor Williams is a godsend! Thank you for your godly wisdom and advice.

  3. Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

    My family thank you for your update, Pastor Williams, we appreciate your concerns and sharing them with us. G’day, mate!

  4. Lee says:

    Thanks for update. Every couple weeks check to see if any Updates from Pastor Williams. Do get concerned if it’s been a long while.

  5. Rebecca Sampson says:

    I am among those who thank Pastor Williams for his charity and fortitude in passing along this information.

    My only thought is that the elite may be fickle and
    these things (reset) may transpire later than we think.

    We wait for any radio interview updates and are
    thankful for the good will of Pastor Williams.

  6. cupcake1001 says:

    The currency reset it seems, is a way of levelling the world currencies based on the value of assets owned by each country. It provides backing for currency (some in gold and other commodities) and may be an interim means to a fully gold backed currency. It also prevents the Fed and other central banks from printing money at will. For those in the US in particular, yes of course standards of living will drop because the country, through reserve currency status, has been disadvantaging other nations since the 1940′s – the day of reckoning is approaching. As for the elite, they will not get their way and even though they may have had a part in the currency reset, this is the beginning of their demise. There are now too many forces working against them.

  7. bigo says:

    I guess a nice courtesy of him to update. Though not a whole lot of info. An update that says no update right now. Wait till middle of february. But that is an update. It was good to have that. I don’t have to keep checking youtube or this site for updates for another month. I’ll keep my pencil sharpened and paper ready for mid feb. glad to be updated.

  8. Jim Willie concurs with Lindsey Williams that a global reset is on the way and that the only reliable currency will be the precious metals. On Jan 15, 2014 he posted his own update here:

    Here are the closing words of that blog, quote:

    “The solution is coming, but it comes from the East like a sledge hammer. The centers for global financial reform are the BRICS nations, the G-20 Forum, the Shanghai Coop Organization, and GATA. If and when the solution is imposed from entities outside the nation, then the result will be a rapid decline, a sudden shock, and a vast elimination of paper wealth inside the United States. The Jackass has been clear for several years, that the USA is heading for a slide into the De-Industrialized Third World (DI3W) for refusal to pursue proper just solutions.

    The slide will occur when the USDollar is no longer widely accepted for trade payments. The slide will occur when the USTreasury Bond is no longer widely used for banking system reserves. The global financial hegemony, whereby the USDollar in recent years has openly been supported by the USMilitary with flank support by numerous agencies, is coming to an end.

    The people can join the Gold Train with Silver cars, or they can watch their home equity, pension funds, life savings, and income sources go down the drain as the global reset occurs. The reset is code word for the Return to Gold Standard, but the USGovt authorities do not wish to forewarn its population of a grand resurrection in the gold price.

    The Elite are furiously buying and stealing gold, sometimes under cover of war. The United States is the obstacle for the final implementation of the global reset. Invest in Gold & Silver, if you can find any at these artificial intervened phony prices. Find an Asian source, hire an Asian agent, and use an Asian vault. All has been turned upside down, as formerly communist has converted to capitalist, and formerly capitalist has converted to fascist. Go Gold!!”

  9. WOW, very weird! Watch Chrisine Lagarde’s speech. Note her introductory remarks about numerology and hte magic “7″ !!

    @IMFNews Jan 15 tweeted:
    If you missed Christine Lagarde’s speech at the National Press Club you can watch it here:


    Another twitter user ‏@Liberty4Ulster tweeted on : Jan 15:

    “And did Madame Lagarde allude to a possible #GCR date in her opening speech today about “magic 7′s” and 2 and 14. Strange stuff indeed. Was Friday 7 February 2014 to Friday 14 February 2014 alluded to in Lagarde open remarks at Press Club for Global Currency Reset? #GCR”

    And keep in mind that the first week of February marks the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics and the date when the U.N. committee announces their findings on the Vatican pedophilia interrogation.

    • Nick says:

      Man i think you right can some one listen to her and share his thoughts about the magiac ’7′number


      • bigo says:

        7 is the number of gods in the pagan rituals; the number of planets from egyption times. Used many times for sacrifice; sacrifice to the gods. 11 is the twin pillars of gemini. One good, one bad. The false flag. stage the event and then be the savior. 13 is death an resurrection. 6 man as god. 17 immortality. Its hard to say the date. March 4th has also been surmised. 90 days from lindsey’s radio show annoucement, and given in Rockefella assistant washington post article a year and some ago, saying something like the march 4 14 date still is on.

      • scott says:

        Feb, 14th is a Friday and Feb. 17th (monday) is President’s Day (Federal Holiday). LONG WEEKEND is a perfect time to reset.

        • lapiu says:

          Timed to occur during jews’”Blood Moon Festivals”- to prove they are The Chosen, God has punished those who [disobeyed] “did not bless ISrael”etc.

        • chloeJ says:

          from late 2013, a stock market numerology advisor-

          Lets take an important look at January in the Year of the SNAKE for the DOW, which comes just once every 12 years:

          From JAN 1st to JAN 31st, the DOW dropped -2.2%.
          The S&P dropped over -3.0%.

          From JAN 1st to JAN 26th (the Snake Year ended January 26th in 1990,) the DOW dropped over -5%.
          The S&P dropped over -6%.

          From JAN 1st to JAN 31st, the DOW dropped over -7.5%.
          The S&P dropped over -5.5%.

          Out of all these years, 1978 is the most relevant to 2014.
          1978 (1+9+7+8=25. 2+5=7).
          2014 (2+0+1+4=7).
          One last stat – according to my records the only other time in resent history their was a 7 year and SNAKE year at the same time was 1942(1+9+4+2=1+6=7
          In January 1942 DOW went from 111 to 109 ( not a Big Move, But CONSISTENTLY BEARISH

    • Listen carefully between 12min 18sec & 12min 27sec of this video and you would know the answer of what is coming soon…

  10. Michelle peng says:

    Too back I am going to miss you by one day . I have only one question beside gold , food, water, gun, sewing machine, and practical things. I should get ride of real estate that have mortgage. Is that right?
    I choose to listen to your advice,
    Michelle Peng

  11. BruceL says:

    *This is VERY, VERY significant!

    These “illumined ones” always want actions to occur on certain dates and BIG events during “high dates”. So much to this don’t know where to start, but bottom line to them- 2014 is a BIG deal.

    We will see if GOD intervenes(like in Syria) or allows and uses their foolishness for His glory.

  12. BruceL says:

    (Previous comment was re. Lagarde speech- must listen!)

    I sent to Quayle and Hagmann’s… get it out.

  13. DJ says:

    Praise God for Lindsey Williams! God Bless him for all of his hard work and sacrifice! I’m curious what people here (especially those financially oriented) think about my trading strategy. My thoughts are these:

    1) If the banks will not close for a year then trading paper assets should be safe until that time.

    2)Shorting the USD and the markets (SPY puts) now should return windfall profits.

    3) Buying short term out of the money calls on GLD and SLV (as Goldman Sacs is buying GLD by the millions of shares) should make you a 200 to 1 return.

    Every 1K invested should become 200K if silver hits 45 (do the math).

    Thoughts anyone?????

    • Limo says:

      If the GCR occurs Silver won’t get to 45, but around the 29 level, based on today’s price. But I think buying calls on commodities in general will yield a pretty high return. As for the stock market falling, it could happen, it could not. I would think markets would go up, even if nominal, I would not go short at this point.

      • DJ says:

        Thanks for your reply! Can you please explain your reasoning behind your $29 price target? Thanks.

        • Limo says:

          Well it’s just Mathematics. Let’s look at the last major devaluation of a reserve currency, the 1949 British Pound devaluation. 1 GBP went from 4.03 to 2.8 overnight, in US dollar terms, a 30% devaluation. All commodities didn’t move in US dollars but everything “went up” by against the GBP, gold, silver, oil, whatever. Assuming Silver doesn’t move from today’s level, then it would infer a jump to 29. I don’t know what’s going to happen then, and looking at the technicals I highly doubt Silver will move beyond $40 this year, maybe in 2015 or 16. I would be horrified if Gold went to whatever doomsday numbers naysayers are predicting, $3000 would be bad enough for the common person, $5000 many people would be completely devastated, and at that point gold and silver would be the least of anyone’s worries.

      • BruceL says:

        Price target on Ag

        Limo- my target PRIOR to reset is ~$30, AFTER >$60.

        Here’s why,

        Purpose of the reset will be to have a “Gold Backed” form of currency (my opinion thsi form not tied to any one nation i.e. Reminbi, but a will be a form of Crypto Currrency, see http://finovate.com/2013/11/klickex-launches-crypto-currency-20-a-new-global-asset-backed-currency.html

        To do this Au needs to be >$3000/oz, hear multiple Jim Willie Q4_2013 interviews.

        So with post reset Au at $3000 and per Willie will “double overnight”, it “will be” ~$1500 PRIOR.

        Using a conservative multiplier for Ag @ 50:1, we get Ag PRIOR at $30.

        Just my “theory”, but the numbers have to originate somewhere…

        PS- with all the Dinar garbage being pimped out there, I submit this as truly a “best guess”.


        • Limo says:

          Agree about the prior target. You might also be interested in reading this


          • BruceL says:

            Appreciate the link and oh yeh, in a previous thread you stated, “$3000 would be bad enough for the common person, $5000 many people would be completely devastated, and at that point gold and silver would be the least of anyone’s worries.”

            100% agreement! Sometime I think I am like some neutral observer that’s just gonna watch it all unfold, when in reality, I will be in the middle of it.

            Was telling my wife last night, we have x number of ammo, etc. If we need more, we got bigger problems…

        • Limo says:

          Hi Bruce, replying to your thread. I pray gold doesn’t go that high, it’s just madness how people especially all the precious metal experts are thinking they’re going to be rich or something with gold at that level, but when that happens it will be a very very different world that we’ll be living in. People should be very careful with what they wish for. But for what it’s worth, it’s better to prepare now than later, and with no disaster yet people have more time to prepare.

        • jake diesel says:

          Way too low. I say if it wasn’t manipulated now it would be around $250.

          The historical ratio for gold to silver is 16-1. Plus, it hit 50$ in the 80′s. Take into account how much money we have printed in the last 30 years-account for inflation-and we are only at 20$ when the high was 50$ back then…cmon man…$250 at least.

          I am not the only one saying this:

          Jim Willie-Eric Sprott-Steve Quayle-V the Guerilla Economist-Dave Morgan-John Williams-Brother John F-Jim Sinclair..I could go all day!!!

      • chloeJ says:

        how can it stop @ 29 USD when industry requires its use and the mines have halted production last year? it was 29 in past years already where the economy was nowhere close to its final implosion. silver at 50- that is a minimum.

  14. GermanLawyer says:

    Mr. Williams, God has sent you to warn all of us. I wonder how this currency reset is going to affect us in Europe. It is difficult for me to fathom the reset based on each country’s assets because with the Euro it seems only Germany has any by now. So is the Euro going to be revalued upwards or downwards? Probably upwards compared to the US dollar.

  15. John Fuller says:

    Suggestion….14th february: 14/2=7 ??

    • DJ says:

      The elite LOVE numerology! Bernake retires on Jan 31st so I think Feb or March is a good target. 2-14-14 would fit right in to the numbers game.

  16. John Fuller says:

    DJ, I understand JPMorgan have bought up most of the silver and gold in the COMEX.
    A perfect time for the precious metals to rise here as public sentiment is so low. Nobody I meet wants to buy it.
    The Commitment of Traders’ report shows the smart money is heavily long on gold and silver….

    • DJ says:

      I have purchased hundreds of calls (March and April exp with strikes on SLV from 25 to 35) on both GLD and SLV. My greatest fear is the counter-party risk associated with collecting after the GCR. Do you think the Comex will be able to meet it’s obligations? From what I hear it is really low on physical metal and if there is demand from the paper holders to have physical delivered, it may take down the comex. The fact that GS is buying millions of GLD shares does make me feel better.

  17. Liberty4Ulster says:

    I agree that 14th Feb is a likely candidate for a numerology based guess on the GCR date as 14 2 2014 contains many divisions and additions of 7. Although 7th Feb plus 7 days reset brings us to 14th and they are both Fridays! Also worthy of note is that the Pastor said he would not be available (allowed) to do interviews until mid Feb (14th?) and that may be another clue to the timing. If you haven’t listened to the Lagarde IMF speech at the Press Club, I encourage you to do so (at least first few minutes about magic sevens) and decide for yourselves. The link was posted above.

  18. John Fuller says:

    I just watched the video of Ms C Lagarde’s new years speech.
    (Link from Bankster’s post above)

    This is what I made of it, FWIW:

    Lagarde’s response to the question: Are currency wars over now?@0:38mins

    When she started talking about the currency wars she touched her nose. According to body language theory:”…if the speaker is the one who displays the nose touch gesture, it means he could be lying.”

    Lagarde: “We don’t see a currency war. In our models (gesture which looks like “if you believe in them” with a cute smile) we see a much better alignment of currencies relative to the fundamentals of the economies. .. .. So there is (stumbles with her words) none of that (currency wars) at the moment (then folds her arms – defensively – with tight, down turned smile and downward gaze – which suggests to me she wanted to close the subject without any further discussion).

    Incidentally, she said this on the new reserve currency question: “..not necessarily rival, but join the US Dollar as a reserve currency. I think we will see that. Now, in what period of time, I don’t have a clue”. (The last phrase she uttered quickly with eyes downcast, and again with a tight mouth). She then looked up and smiled at the (friend) who was reading out to her the questions )(i.e. next question please.

    And I had a look at the recent (January 9) Press Briefing by William Murray, Deputy Spokesman, Communications Department, IMF to see if I could find any hints.
    …Not much, except perhaps: “We have a work program which shows sort of the institutional priorities. And you’ll see there’s a lot of work underway on unconventional monetary policy….”

    • BruceL says:


      Man- I did the same thing, have PMs currently and wanted to leverage price action on some extra cash. Took a position on the AGQ Calls for Jan-15.

      ?- If the COMEX implodes, what happens to all these options that are priced according to the price set by this entity. Walking a thin line…

      My conclusion is to have a majority of money in the actual in-hand physical, very small amount on these other vehicles.

      2014 is gonna be amazing on all fronts

      • DJ says:

        Looks like AGQ holds futures contracts. I somehow missed this symbol and will add it to my list. SLV and SIVR are supposed to hold real metal (there is debate about what they really hold), so the comex deliveries will not be as much of an issue. IMHO the best strategy (besides holding physical) is to diversify and spread the counter-party risk around to as many symbols and entities as possible. I’m also playing the FX markets. Exciting times!

        • Mikel says:

          DJ be careful with those triple etfs they could wipe you out in no time.

          • DJ says:

            I’m buying options so my only exposure to loss is the price of the options. I agree that if the position moves against me I may lose my total premium. I am prepared to suffer that loss.

    • BruceL says:

      John- EXCELLENT observations!

      I appreciate the thoroughness. It’s almost as if they are so arrogant and deceived they don’t even try to conceal their wicked beliefs(numerology over the living GOD) and agenda(enslave the “unenlightened”).

      Anyway, good stuff.

      In the words of the late Steven Covey (“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”), ‘Begin with the end in mind’.

      What’s the “end”? One is that according to scriptures no one can buy or sell without the mark(governing authority on earth approval). To accomplish this, there has to be one form of ‘currency’, i.e. One World Currency.

      It’s coming and accelerating VERY rapidly.

      Thank you for taking time to analyze and write it down

      In Him,


    • BruceL says:

      At 19:07, shes states
      “…forthcoming asset quality and stress tests that will take place in 2014…”

      ?). Is this a possible revaluing of currencies to their respective country’s assets.

  19. Austrian says:

    Lagarde said: 2014 drop the zero, so 14:2=7!!
    magic 7!!
    then 70′ bretton woods, dropp the zerros= 7!!
    then 25 years german wall falling, she said twice 25!
    Now 25:7=3,5 that means 5.march of 2014 GCR – its logicly.

  20. Jesusonly says:

    Common sense will tell you that if you did invest in a particular currency that is not worth anything now, will be worth something when the reset occurs. There would have to be a digital system in place to replace every piece of paper money in the world if the physical paper won’t be worth anything. There is more divine intervention involved in this process than you know. Evil will not prevail and I promise that 100%!! It’s already confirmed..

  21. Sentinel says:

    Folks, the GCR process will be finalized in Hong Kong, this is the last meeting before the “Go”. China is in the driver’s seat and the coming January 31st, Chinese New Year been the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar is an important timeframe.
    Such meeting has to happen before the 31st otherwise nothing will move till after February 15th.

  22. DJ says:

    Here is my full strategy for the GCR:

    To all of those asking for trade ideas for the GCR, here are some very risky trades with heavy leverage: Look up the “option chains” of these symbols.

    SLV (calls) long Silver
    GLD (calls) long Gold
    FAZ (calls) short of the Russell 2000 Financial sector
    USO (calls) long oil
    SPY (PUTS) shorting the S&P 500
    DIA (PUTS) shorting the Dow Jones
    CYB (calls) long the Chinese Renmimbi
    SGOL (calls) long Gold
    SIVR (calls) long Silver
    SPXS (calls) 3X short S&P 500
    TYO (calls) 3X short 10 year Tbils

    Should make me around 2-4 Mil overnight.


    • Lola says:

      about how much are you risking to make that 2-4 mil?

    • BruceL says:

      In the same camp. My thinking:
      - GCR occurs, not immediate chaos e.g. Banks limiting withdrawals etc. so one has time to get cash out of Brokerage Account and into some PMs.
      *Concern- will there be PMs to buy at the APMEX’s of the world at that time or will we be stuck holding the “Zimbabweas”?

      Gonna be time sensitive I think to pull it all of or it may take months for it to ripple through the system.


      • DJ says:

        IMHO there will be people willing to sell PM’s and take their profits. Even after the GCR, many people still will not “get it”. You can always buy other physical commodities like farm land or oil.

      • chloeJ says:

        Over past weekend, HSBC wouldnt allow bank withdrawals unless depositors revealed what the money was to be used for. even then- big withdrawals were delayed and Lloyd’s ATMS shut down. This is the beginning stages to what will soon be a deluge.

    • Limo says:

      I generally agree (gold, silver, oil = long) but I wouldn’t short the stock market (if anything it’s probably a better idea to be long). USO doesn’t really track the price of oil, you’re better off in the futures market if you want to trade oil (or just commodities in general).

      • DJ says:

        If the USD gets devalued by 30% how do you not see the markets tanking big time? Just curious what your rational is? The markets are a reflection of future profits. A 30% increase in the COGS (cost of goods sold) would tank most US companies. It’s just simple math. But please explain your position as maybe I’m missing something. Thanks for your input.

        • Limo says:

          Look at last year’s best performing stock market, the Venezuelan stock market, all from the fall of its currency. Likewise when Zimbabwe had its hyperinflation, the world’s “best performing” stock market. So no, I do not see a tanking. I see it rising to new highs. Let history be your guide.

          • DJ says:

            Thanks for the insight. What do you think about shorting T-Bills?

          • Limo says:

            Shorting T-bills would be a good idea but not as of yet. I don’t think interest rates will rise until inflation as according to fudged government statistics, is evident and sprayed all over the news. Be long the stock market, that in my opinion will keep going up (until the very end). Most people here are saying the market will get crushed, but the evidence is in history itself. We don’t live in a free market, but a manipulated one, if you want to make fiat, go with the trends and perceived reality, not ideology.

    • Mark says:

      Well you know if the GCR or whatever is coming, happens past the expiration date of those options, it all goes to 0.

      It’s a gutsy bet, good luck.

    • Y Diddy says:

      All of those things you have listed are PAPER.

      Did you not hear Lindsey say ‘get out of paper’?

  23. DJ says:

    I just wanted to say that regardless of what happens financially, we need to put our faith and trust in Jesus first and foremost. Paper money and gold and silver pale in comparison to the safety and security of being in Gods perfect will and being wrapped in his love. His people will be mighty and do exploits!Watch this vision about the future, it is inspiring! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYOto-Ka7RI

  24. Sharly says:

    Dear Chaplain Williams,

    This is really threatening and I thank you for your integrity and courage to publish your information. It is a great help to at least limit the forecast losses.
    Much further information could be gained by the comments and links attached.
    Thankyou so much and God bless!

  25. John Fuller says:

    If were to try to find a date which adds up to 7 in numerology from now on”

    2/7/2014 = 2+8 = 0+(2+0+1+4=7) = 7
    So that would be Saturday 8th Feb 2014
    Jim Willie reckons it will happen on a Saturday night – over a weekend, anyway.
    BTW, as an aside [and perhaps a bit of a long shot) Saturday is associated with the planet saturn - which, I have found in research, is associated with Satan….. That should fit nicely! :)

    Recalling what PumpDump wrote on the original forum back on Dec 14th:
    "Lindsey Williams said on November 21 that he was briefed a few weeks back about a financial event that is planned possibly within the next 3 months. So, a few weeks is probably at least 2 weeks meaning NOvember 7.
    So, to me it seems the 3 month period extends out until February 7 at the latest, possibly the end of January. What do you all feel about this?"

    If his reasoning is rift, I would guess that the 8th would still just be a possible day.

    Perhaps another way to look at it [IF this numerology thing isn't a red herring] is to ignore the 2014 and just look for month/day numbers [which also produce a result which is on a weekend].
    Jan 24th {Friday – could they unleash the news after markets close?] 1+2+4 = 7
    Feb 5th [Weds] 2+5 = 7

    Just thinking…

  26. Peter B says:

    I also found the numerological introduction the strangest and most disturbing of Christine Lagarde’s presentation (why is arguably the most powerful woman on the planet devoting public time to esoteric speculation? It’s not at all surprising that you can find quotes from her proudly displayed on a Kabbalist website…).

    What is very interesting is that it seems that Lindsey Williams wasn’t the first to publicize the GCR; it seems that New Age blog posts by the likes of Scott Mowry were talking open about it (and proclaiming it to be a breakthrough in the evolution of human consciousness) at least as far back as Julne 2013.
    Take a look at

    Although this kind of interpretation is definitely out there on the lunatic/occult fringe, the articles in question do relay some insider information that has to be considered credible given its overlap with what we have learned via Lindsey Williams. Christine Lagarde is for instance mentioned by name as a prime mover in the process.

    A good example is this, dated August 25, 2013:
    ‘We had been hearing multiple and credible reports of Christine Lagarde’s frustration over the delays, and a report was issued which indicated that she was at the end of her patience with Wells Fargo’[the source alleges that Wells Fargo had been given a major role in the implementation of the GCR on account of the strength of its IT department]

    On the subject of numerology, take this from the same website’s source ‘ZAP’, dated August 4:


    Listen to the first five minutes of Christine Lagarde’s Jan 15 speech (complete with reference to the New LUNAR Year) and the resemblence to the above paragraphs is so striking as to border on the creepy.

    The question naturally arises – what esoteric philosophy is driving all of this??? While caution is certainly necessary with respect to the many Illuminati-hunting conspiracy theory websites out there (many of which operate on very little other than unsubstantiated rumours), to find the head of the IMF indulging in this kind of language is worrying in the extreme.

    • Peter B: forgive my shameless promotion of my favorite author, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. I just finished reading his new book “Financial Vipers of Venice.” The book answers your question about “what esoteric philosophy” are they following. And, yes, you hit the nail right on the head with that question.

      It’s not a long book and it focuses on conditions that setup the Reformation, the elite cabal in Venice who guarded secret knowledge from Mesopotamia. Hey wait, isn’t that what Christine’s last name MEANS? “LaGarde”

      Book is available anywhere, or here directly:

  27. Peter B says:

    It is perhaps worth noting that Christine Lagarde’s remarks on numerology and the ‘magic year’ 2014 do not appear in the official IMF transcript of her speech ‘as prepared for delivery’

    • lapiu says:

      Blood Moons events where Epic upheavals have occurred. NWO is a strictly ‘jewish’ enthronement and they control the intl banks:

      Jewish Passovers on April 15, 2014, and April 4, 2015, and the Feasts of Tabernacles on Oct. 8, 2014, and Sept. 28, 2015.

      Mar 15-17 PURIM- Ides of March- St Patricks Day weekend

      April= 4/15/14

      • lapiu says:

        Lagarde references Cabalah, and the OT story of Joseph’s 7 year feast/7 yrs famine in Egypt. Reset will mandate accepting Mark of the Beast; bitcoin introduced as first cashless society instrument, then moving to SDRs outright? Satan is Lord of this World and what Lagarde does, she admits, “I follow orders”.
        The Big Event will be packaged as Divine Will/Divine Prophecy to put the top Masonic Zionist into overt power. Look for the date to be hooked to jewish religious dates

  28. Occasnl Trvlr says:

    I came up with July 25, 2014. Here is my comment from the previous thread:

    It was the numerology opening that clued me in to paying major attention.

    I came up with the July 25, 2014 this way:
    She emphasizes “7″ so very heavily, then refers to Bretton Woods and this being similar in nature. But it is so odd how she emphasizes “25″ when mentioning the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Bretton Woods was July 22, 1944. But they can’t quite hit 70 years, July 22, 2014, exactly. The soonest Friday after 7/22/14 just happens to be 7/25/14.

    She is brutally explicit in that it won’t be the doing of the G-7, rather the G-20, and the fact that she picked the Berlin Wall to emphasize “25″ means to me that Dr. Willie is right, Germany will be a big player in the new monetary paradigm.

    She says quite plainly that during this next “7 years of plenty”, a group of nations other than the groups she’d listed would be needing the help of the IMF.
    What groups had she listed?
    Latin America

    Also, thanks to you, “Jimm Motyka”, you pointed out the obvious that had completely escaped me.
    She did this at the NATIONAL PRESS CLUB. If this news is not disseminated (which it won’t be), her hands are completely clean. The folks there were far too blatantly stupid to hear a word she said, and got caught up in an estro-fest.

    I just looked, Bloomberg’s spin is that her point was fighting deflation.

    Her best idea? Day care for Japanese women.

    • Mikel says:

      I think you guys are reading to much into this numerology thing, but funny you pont to July cause a few cyclist I read up on mention july as a trigger point.

      • BruceL says:

        Mikel- its not that we are reading too much into it, it’s that they- the deceived “illumined” ones actually believe in the idea that numbers (numerology) hold divine powers/”blessings” and that they try/are commanded to perform their actions on these significant(in their mind) dates.

        It is demonically driven.

        *Also, many in the Illuminati sect have this depraved belief that if they telegraph(cryptically) to try to warn the unenlightened, they are doing Gods work. It is the unenlightened ones fault then they didn’t see the warning and take action.

        So what are we doing that are “cracking their code”? Trying to determine what the next move may be.

        Bottom line, is the LORD is using them all as His chess pieces to fulfill His purposes.

      • lapiu says:

        disagree. especially since they cut it from the transcript. that’s huge

  29. michael says:

    I thank you for another update.
    The only update from Lindsey Williams in February I want to know what is the new reserve currency that’s all I want to know forget about gold and silver that has been said so many times,you can’t use silver and gold to buy food and pay bills yet.

    This articles tell me what currency the centrals banks will buy and hold


    China decided late last year to give UK investors the right to buy up to 80 billion yuan ($13 billion) of mainland stocks, bonds, funds and money market instruments directly using its currency, making Britain the first country outside Asia with such status.

    Last week, the state-controlled Bank of China also sold a 2.5 billion yuan ($413 million) bond in London, the biggest issued in the currency – which is also known as the renminbi (RMB) – so far in the British capital.

    Luxembourg is currently Europe’s leader in yuan bonds, funds and loans, with the largest pool of Chinese currency deposits in the region and 40 yuan bonds listed on its stock exchange.

    China has relaxed controls over the last five years to establish the yuan as an international currency of trade and reduce its reliance on other currencies. The yuan is expected to become a leading so-called reserve currency, meaning it will be stockpiled by central banks, and be fully convertible by 2015.

    • DJ says:

      Gold and silver ARE MONEY! You can convert an ounce of Gold into ANY fiat currency you want to, both now and after the GCR. You can’t eat a piece of paper either, it simply represents purchasing power as Gold does. Gold is simply a better and safer store of value. That is why LW has been telling us to BUY GOLD for years now (and those who listened have been handsomely rewarded financially). God Bless You and good luck with all of this! (sorry about the yelling (CAPS).

  30. David says:

    Well, got myself more Silver and Gold.

    You guys realise that currency is possibly going to Zerro in the next year?

    • DJ says:

      Yes but until it does please give me lots of it to care for those I love and help those in need! The timing of all of this (making lots of fiat then turning into hard assets) must be flawless as capital controls will be implemented soon after the GCR.

  31. Jim says:

    Any thoughts on this.

    Back about 1980 a movie called Roll Over came out. In short, currencies crash people move to gold. An account was set up to handle this. Account number 21214. Or 2-12-14. Here is the link to the theatrical trailer. Other segments found on YouTube show more financially important scenes and less of the love story, but it’s a starting point.


    • Occasnl Trvlr says:

      Uh, yeah, my thoughts?
      Ho-Lee Shitake Mushrooms!

      Those first few seconds of that trailer really make it seem pretty obvious.

      Maybe that’s why Christine is getting ticked off.

    • lapiu says:

      Marquis size admission.
      That bit of preplanning is EXHIBIT A.
      Great you found the trailer, not just full movie. Trailer compresses it into blatant evidence.

  32. PumpDump says:

    I find this update to be very interesting and it goes along with one of my original posts a few weeks back that the GCR will not just occur without a preceding event(s) taking place.

    I find it interesting at this point in the game that there is still push back from the US. From the original release by Lindsey Williams, it was all set into stone and the financial powers that be in the US were on board.

    Back to one of my original posts, I said that I believe there would be a crisis and then a GCR. I’m still leaning towards that crisis being a banking crash/crisis in the Euro zone. This would be significant enough to force the hand of the US/Federal Reserve to accept/implement the GCR/devaluation of the dollar.

    The comment by LaGarde about closing some banks supports my theory as well as I believe she is referring to Eurozone banks that are desperate for recapitalization.

    If the IMF is still intent on sticking with the original 90 day period of the GCR, I expect the Euro banking crisis to occur a couple weeks prior.

    Don’t forget what Lindsey William’s old elitist friend told him: “When you see the Euro collapse, you have about 3 weeks to get out of paper.” This was way before the Eurozone crisis of 2011.

    Considering the continued decline of the Eurozone and their banks, along with Lindsey Williams comments, along with my conspiracy that the next dictator (or antichrist for Christians) will come out of Europe, I believe the triggering event necessitating the GCR will be a Euro banking crisis.

    This will also provide the opportunity of further integration of the Eurozone by reforming into a new Economic Union (vs European Union) and kicking out countries that refuse to give banking sovereignty to the European Central bank. These steps will ultimately save the Euro but in the beginning it will fall dramatically.

    So two things done at once: The US dollar removed as the world reserve currency and reforming of the Eurozone (strengthening).

    Cheapest way out.

    Lastly, look up the video of the financial analysts several years ago on Bloomberg talking about the reforming of the Euro along with a flat out currency reset announced on a Saturday.

  33. Shadow says:

    I posted this on another thread on this forum and makes sense in light of what people are saying here :

    Occasnl Trvlr said:

    “I came up with July 25, 2014…”

    This seems like a likely target. I agree how she stressed “25″ (even to the point of pausing, repeating and giving a knowing stare) was deliberate and non-sequitur in light of her previous focus on 7 and 2 not to mention the whole seemingly inappropriate and bizarre meandering into the whole numerology topic in the first place. She seemed to first stress the month “7″ and then throw out the day “25″, citing the anniversary of the “fall” of the Berlin Wall….the symbolic metaphor is so obvious as to be blurring the lines between exoteric and esoteric meanings.

    Further, 7-25-14 is the end of a moon cycle…or more specifically 7-26-14 is the date of the “New Moon”. In the occult this well understood to mean a time of “new beginnings”. As pointed out 7-25-14 is also a Friday and so an after-hours announcement after market close on Friday would be appropriate to handle damage control in the financial markets over the weekend whilst those markets are closed….as per tradition.

    This event is a big deal in the timeline of the occultist elite. They are going to certainly have the date of the GCR announcement align with some occultically powerful celestial occurrence in the context of their mythology. This event is just too important not to have what they perceive to be a helping hand from the occultic energy and a “new moon” would provide some of that juice in their minds.

    I originally was looking at 2-14-2014 for the simple numerological significance of the repeating 2 and 14, but after I read your analysis and re-listening to her speech, I am more swayed to the 7-25-14 date. Or perhaps we are all wrong…

    I was rationalizing a further delay in the timing (Lindsey updating that Lagarde visited and had a meeting with the high ups and was “furious”). This might indicate their timetable is being delayed by opposing greedy elite interests that need more time to hoard gold and prepare or who knows what.

    This situation, as we’ve seen in the past, is fluid and timetables change. I am still open to the 2-14-2014 date as well but as Lindsey has said…”it could happen at any time without warning”. I’d be interested to hear other peoples analyses as well. For those interested here is a link to the transcript of the speech by Lagarde in PDF format from the press club :

    btw…this transcript from the press club does include the cryptic numerology remarks.

    I’ll have to watch it again and take notes to really pick it apart. I agree this speech is rife with info waiting to be mined if looked at with open eyes.

    • BruceL says:


      “…forthcoming asset quality and stress tests that will take place in 2014…”

      Interesting comment since another “stress test” may collapse the whole thing.

      Let us know what you gleen further.

    • lapiu says:


      For “the biggest event in a thousand years” as Lindsey calls it? NWO usually accompanies with a blood sacrifice, amount of blood commensurate to enormity of outcome or ratio to whats at stake?
      That would indicate a violent of bloody trigger ala 911 or 311 Fukushima.

  34. d. compton says:

    would apprec. ans. from anyone who knows.

    when reset happens…is this when gov. also steals % of our bank acct. or does it happen very soon thereafter?

    also, will money orders work for paying bills after gov. steals % from our acct.?

  35. Mike Mahoney has published his thoughts on the Comex gold inventory tonight. His final two paragraphs talk about the #GCR — without specifically mentioning that word, but he sounds pretty definite about it happening! His words seem to generally follow along the same thread as Jim Willie:


    Quote: “This boosts leverage to an amazing 112.2x, more than the 90-100 to one commonly cited as wackadoo. In that vein, Deutsche Bank will sell their LBMA seats to another participant, and while the horror of spot price setting by telephone with a third party is the red herring (as the price is merely an offer to sell the metals at the price, for immediate delivery), it may be timed with turmoil should the euro go gold-backed alongside the yuan and ruble, whether aided by an international organization or not. Why else would they put the populace through so many broken promises, if not harboring the intent of eventual transition to a sound, international monetary system?

    From this perspective we couldn’t help but notice those needing to devalue, supposedly due to strong currencies, seem to have the most profligate central banks. Perhaps Germany is slowly moving to market-based price discovery of gold, by pulling their reserves home, now breaking from daily fixing routine. The bank did mention they would still remain active in precious metals—this is an important point. Many feel the framework is already there, in China, and European nations Cyprus and Greece, didn’t sell gold, rather using it as collateral in euro lending. Is this the last helicopter out, as silver has twice intertwined around six year old support levels?”

  36. John Fuller says:

    Shadow, your 2/14/2014 [as Valentine's Day], shares the following significant events. They may not have fallen on that day through coincidence:

    1946 Bank of England nationalised
    1971 Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House
    1963 U.S. launches communications satellite Syncom 1
    1958 Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan forms
    1950 U.S.S.R. and China sign peace treaty
    1903 U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor forms
    1670 Roman Catholic emperor Leopold I chases Jews out of Vienna
    1076 Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV
    And, as pointed out, 2/14 = 2 + 1 + 4 = 7

    Another one for the pot [this is getting complicated…] is that Paul Volkar [Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan] said in the Washington Times [Oct 25, 2012] that ..”there is a very large possibility that the real end of the world will occur around March 4, 2014″.

    We know that this is not the end of the world, but it does suggest that he has chosen to use that actual date for some reason [….it could be a practical reason or an occult significant date?]. 4th March: 3 + 4 = 7 [not a weekend though…]

    Significant historical events for 4th March:

    2001 – 4 March 2001 BBC bombing: a massive car bomb explodes in front of the BBC Television Centre in London, seriously injuring 11 people. The attack was attributed to the Real IRA.
    1801 – 1929 – 13 x US presidential inaugurations
    1791 – Pres Washington calls the US Senate into its 1st special session
    1789 – 1st Congress declares constitution in effect (9 senators, 13 reps)
    1699 – Jews are expelled from Lubeck Germany
    1492 – King James IV of Scotland concludes an alliance with France against England.
    1215 – King John of England makes an oath to the Pope as a crusader to gain the support of Innocent III.

    • lapiu says:

      Forgot a big one, tho more political, than financial.
      Feb 14, 2005 US-Israel sponsored the first Big Event trigger of their first manufactured “Arab Spring” via trained Al Qaeda mercs who killed PM Hariri. Lebanon’s 911 wasthe tool to drive Syrian Army out of Lebanon after 30 yrs- on the road to regime change in Syria (the false flag blame on Assad). Israel -US ‘s most wanted Hezbollah terrorist funeral on that date- Feb 14, 2008- after being killed by Mossad on 2/12/8.
      So 2/14/14 would be a multi-pronged anniversary for Illuminati. Or maybe they’ll trigger GCR then – and capstone Syria regime change by killing Assad to get regional/global destabilizaiton rolling. Bottom line- whats coming is about ISRAEL

  37. Richard says:

    This blog site is listing articles and interviews about the reset as they appear in various media.

  38. Dear readers, we urge you to visit http://orthodoxviews.com for a correct Christian context of the events happening in the world today.

  39. singwin says:

    Thanks for the update from LW and thanks for posting the speech of Lagarde. Before the speech, people speculate about which fiat currency will go up. After the update and the speech, people speculate about the date GCR will occur. I will just continue to buy gold every month. I really hope GCR will occur in 2014. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. All I want is to buy a nice apartment in Hong Kong with my gold after the GCR.

  40. Fall Fiesta says:

    Jesus is about to come down with Fire!

    Place all faith in the Lord.

    Time is short.

  41. michael says:

    I just seen on Bloomberg TV CEO of Bank Of American in Davos
    so all the Bankers are there.

  42. michael says:

    I just seen on Bloomberg TV CEO of Bank Of America in Davos
    so all the Bankers are there.

  43. Shadow says:

    Here is topic I wanted to touch on…the reason for this “information leakage”.

    Let’s face it, if the elite contact-person told Lindsey to not share the information (indeed he has instructed Lindsey to hold back quite a bit of information from us currently), Lindsey would not be sharing it. Lindsey has said this himself, stating he has been threatened and he fears for his family’s well being as well as the continued flow of information from his contact.

    My point here is that the “elite” contact is in full control of what and how much information is supplied to the “profane” public that will listen via his conduit Lindsey.

    So this begs the question, “Why are they supplying this information to us?”. Though Lindsey has offered his speculations of this subject in past radio shows, I propose the answer to this question is, in fact, two-fold.

    1) The first is a bit of extrapolative conjecture based on a moral framework inculcated into their “religion”. A general Masonic principle is that no member of The Order can be “recruited” or actively requested or pursued to join. A member is suppose to enter the order under their own “free will”. Indeed, this theme of “free will” is recurring and pervasive in The Order. Likewise, this principle enters into other philosophic and ritualistic practice for the Insiders.

    Now, it is my thesis firstly, that part of this “ritual of destruction” that we currently find ourselves immersed in is that we must enter into our own destruction by our own “free will”. Without going into the historical origins of this belief system, suffice it to say that it is believed that more power or potency is garnered through a “voluntary” victim. Additionally, there is a moral absolvency that is achieved if the victim enters their fate under their own free will. The general principle is that by revealing the “possible future”, if we willing walk into it, we become “willing victims” and both the morality and potency of the act is sanctified.

    It’s like setting a mouse trap with some cheese in plain sight. If the mouse takes the cheese and get’s its neck snapped, there is a moral absolving of culpability as the mouse saw the trap, and walked into that trap under their own “free will”.

    Informing us of our potential fate is a ritualistic act borne of their “religious mythology” and self-serving, disingenuously flawed moral code.

    2) I believe it serves their needs to inform and leak this information as it acclimatizes us to a potential outcome ahead of the event to where we “accept our fate”. This is especially important for the potentially more “radical” faction of society which tends to be “awake” and receiving information through certain channels such as these forums. The people who are “awake” are the most dangerous faction to contend with because it is these individuals that are more likely to rebel and organize resistance to the known agenda and endgame. It is therefore this faction that must be quelled into passive acceptance as much as possible.

    By first creating a perception that large “wheels of fate” are turning which are beyond the ordinary individuals control to influence, they create a sense of hopeless acceptance and inevitability in the mind of what would otherwise be a source of active resistance to their agenda.

    Further, by projecting their plans through direct and overt information leakage, they are inoculating that “dangerous” faction, with the intended result of removing the “shock” of the planned event upon its execution. In doing this, they temper and quell what would be a more violent reflexive movement against their plan and agenda and turn this behavior into passive acceptance as the result was known ahead of time, removing the shock the accompanies surprise.

    This is much like knowing the ending of a movie. A powerful emotional reaction is much more likely in the viewer when the storyline unfolds without prior knowledge. Once one has seen the movie or are told of its storyline and ending, one becomes less emotionally invested in the events as they play out in the film.

    It is through this innoculatory forewarning that pacification is achieved in the very faction that might create resistance to the desired outcome.

    By leaking information on the coming event and also providing information on a means to shield ourselves (through gold and silver), they create a financial reward if/when their plans are enacted and achieved. They place the cheese in the mousetrap (financial reward through gold and silver) place the trap in plain sight (to diffuse the rebellion that will arise from the shock and alarm of the unexpected), and we willingly walk into our fate under our own free will thus minimizing resistance in a potentially troublesome demographic.

    I only bring this topic up because I see people on this forum now posting how they “Can’t wait” for the GCR to occur and want the “elite” to “get on with it already.” Case in point. Mission accomplished.

    • Nate says:

      Thanks for this Shadow.

      Some of these thoughts are exactly what I was thinking.

      Nicely articulated as well.

    • jj99 says:

      You are on the right path
      1) I will not call it a “religion” or “ritual”, but I guess they think that are “saving” the humanity from itself. Humanity is too childish and irresponsible to take care for itself. This is a fact. You try to be honest with your child/pet, and tell it the truth in some way. To hide too much, means you are scared or think you are doing something wrong. It’s possible very little of them to understand these concepts, and for the rest to be really a ritual. But you know, every ritual was created by someone with understanding, the rest just follow…

      2) Telling you what they really want in some way is actually preparing you to accept it. So, I think Lindsey is mostly doing what they want him to do. Even if he tends to talk and hype a bit more then they want, he plays his role. The situation is a bit complex and is really a matter of choice. Yes, humanity have a choice, but will most probably fail to understand and make it. For them, this means that they are doing the “right” thing, i.e. they can clear their conscious, it’s the human “choice”. For us, who don’t like this choice, it means we will most probably live it also, so we must take it as a fact and prepare… This doesn’t mean that you must blindly accept it, like most people do.

      For gold/silver/farms etc., no, it can’t be a trick. Many others talk about this, and it’s no-brainer. Probably less then 5% of the 1% that will even listen, will do actually something. Especially after the price fall. People value what others seem to value. Most of them have no opinion and strength to go and actually do something on their own. So it’s really not big leak of information there…

  44. John Fuller says:

    Great thoughts Shadow – I agree with all that.
    I might add that I think the chaplain has recently implied that he’s said more than he should have though.

    As an aside, I was wondering about PumpDump’s idea that a banking event in Europe might be coming which will give the IMF the excuse to implement the GCR action.

    If a major bank in the EU were to fail, I expect the initial reaction would be a flight into US dollars. This could take down the price of gold, silver, oil, etc till the devaluation.

    If that’s correct, it makes sense for Pastor Williams to have told us to buy physical gold before Jan 2014 and then just sit through whatever happens. If one were to have leveraged positions in gold or dollar [short] the whipsaw could cause alarming losses through margin calls ….

    • Peter B says:

      On the subject of European banks, current developments need to be monitored very carefully regarding Deutsche Bank (who left the London gold price fixing[sic!] mechanism last week just as the German regulators are onto them for involvement in precious metals market manipulation. It has been common knowledge since 2012 that DB is currently more heavily leveraged than Lehman Bros. in 2008.

      What is interesting is that there has so far been little or no reference to the GCR on the part of those who have been doing the most penetrating work into the artificial suppression of the price of gold by the banking cartel (Eric Sprott, Ted Butler, Andrew Maguire, GATA). Their predictions of a huge rebound in the price of PHYSICAL gold in 2014 are therefore independent of the information coming out via Lindsey Williams, and not at all dependent on when and whether the GCR takes place. What happens if we put the two factors together, i.e. 1)the end of market manipulation because of the collapse of deliverable gold inventory and action on the side of the regulators against naked short selling using insider information and 2) the fallout from the GCR. In this case, the predictions that gold will go north of $2000 would seem extremely conservative: what would appear more likely is the case scenario outlined by Egon von Greyerz of Mattehorn Assets Management (who also does not mention the GCR but shares LW’s prediction of the total collapse of the present system) that gold may ultimately go as high as $50,000 … but in a very unpleasant world.

      It should be emphasized that the perspective of Europe-based analysts such as Greyerz or others such as Dimitri Speck, Alasdair MacLeod et al.is important in adding weight to the contrarian hypotheses being offered on this and other sites; they have no agenda with regard to US politics and cannot therefore simply be dismissed as conspiracy theorists promoting an ultra-conservative agenda.

    • lapiu says:

      Deutsche Bank was one of those caught heavily shorting the various airlines and corporations directly damaged after 911. (Sorry- Lagarade ignited the ‘conspiracy stuff’ not us)

  45. Peter B says:

    However … in trying to envisage possible scenarios for how all this may pan out, a number of variables have to be factored into the discussion:
    i) The outcome of the power struggle between the banks and Christine Lagarde is by no means assured.

    ii) The elite’s idea (discussed by LW) that the GCR can be carried out smoothly without large-scale unrest may be highly presumptuous. Public reaction may well turn in a direction that the elite have not anticipated, throwing the future projected timetable for their moves into question.

    iii) There may also be political reaction on the part of sovereign governments who refuse to cooperate with the financial elite’s plans.

    In other words, we have a rapidly morphing and complex situation which needs to be watched on an ongoing basis.

    • david says:

      The Australian Dollar has fallen to $0.47 Cents before, and it did not effect people at all. Then three months or so later it went back up to $1.05

      If anything, the revalue of global currency will change things. Manufacturing might come back the Australia and US as it is no longer a cost advantage to do manufacturing in China.

      You will see inflation, but then again that can only last for a while. I expect nations to default on their Debt.

      That will be good for gold and silver, if you can hold on to it :)

  46. R.fox says:

    Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of The International Monetary Fund, speaking from Nairobi today, said that they will be revising upward their forecast on global growth. This new forecast will be made public in 3 weeks. She stated that it was premature to say anything more.

    date on 16 jan 2014 was could be 7/ or 14 Feb 2014??


  47. morningstar says:

    even talks about a stock scheme with us companies???

    Watch till wednesday he says uh Fed anyone???

  48. James Alan says:

    I have a question of great concern. I appreciate anyone’s perspective:
    LW’s been saying for a long time: “get out of debt” and “buy gold (and/or silver)” – both of which I generally agree with.
    If, for example, I have a $100K (payoff on) mortgage at 4% and I have $100K to pay it off. What if, rather than pay it off, I buy $100K worth of gold. When gold doubles (or more), I can convert 1/2 the gold to payoff the mortgage.
    Any flaw or risks in that thinking?
    Thank you,

  49. John Fuller says:

    “Watch till wednesday he says uh Fed anyone???” Can you write that in a different way please, morningstar – I don’t understand… Thanks

    • Larry says:

      Not sure what the FED reference is but I think he is talking about Art Cashin on CNBC watching out for the China situation until next Wednesday in the story he linked.

      Cashin says the China debt story is not a one day event and to keep an eye out on it until Wednesday.

  50. Nate says:

    Hope everyone is doing well and preparations are coming along.

    I have noticed that there is a lot of speculation around the time of the GCR.

    What I have to say is simply this; before these kinds of events go down a wall is put up to stop information getting out.

    It seems that they have stone walled Lindsey and not allowed him to do any radio shows or interviews, as he might be asked certain information and he does not want to let anything slip out (this also means that Lindsey knows a lot more than he is able to let on).

    The fact that he has emailed and said that he is going away, but will come back in mid February, peaks my interest and leads me to believe that something big will go down between now and mid February.

    Otherwise, why would he not be available now until mid February?

    He has also said that ‘there is a struggle going on’.

    I feel that this is why he has said he will try and get information out if he is allowed, as it all depends on how strong a chance the western elites have in seeing their plan come to fruition.

    Your thoughts…..

    • Larry says:

      I think there may be an ongoing battle behind the scenes related to the western financial institutions not wanting to give in to the uprising eastern block (the so called BRIC nations).

      The IMF was expecting the US Congress to vote to allow these BRIC nations a voting position at the IMF. Congress did not go along with that yet. This may be causing problems behind the scenes. I have a post about this on my blog which will be following this reset event until as it unfolds regardless of how long it takes. Blog is here:


    • jj99 says:

      Very good interview, and it mentions something that Lindsey Williams fails to understand:

      “-Do you think that the world is ruled by a certain group or groups of people, who “control” the history of this planet? Is this possible or are they just conspiracy theories?

      Certainly, the world – in the current mess – is run by perhaps one thousand individuals, who use the false economic theories that prevail to further their hold on power. There may be an even smaller very influential group, within these thousand individuals. But the main problem is not these power groups: the main problem is that false economic theories are supported by billions of humans who blindly accept those theories. So actually, it is the people themselves who enslave themselves.”

      No, there isn’t really an “elite group”. There are billions of people that just don’t care, and are that easy to manipulate and rule. It’s not that some group is so powerful. It’s that so much people are giving their power away, because it’s just easier to follow promises.

      • chloeJ says:

        certainly you are correct. the most important element is us, our sinful compliance.
        but lindsey is also correct. “there really is a small group of folks who rule the world” and direct the other ‘thousand’ elite, even if the ‘profane’ dont know their names . that is beyond question

  51. jpv says:

    no one is talking about the 23 trillion china real estate bubble to burst
    how will this fit in the GCR?
    23 trillion china debt is greater that usa, making them as bad as usa is.

    • srknox says:

      Wal-Mart announces lay-offs (2,300 unless it’s another hack piece). http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/01/23/1272094/-CNN-scrubs-story-about-China-dumping-bonds-and-S-China-Sea


      Looks like we’re plowing into the Chinese Lunar New Year, Jan 31st, right on schedule. JCP, Macy’s, Intel, few of numerous reported failing retail companies, sliding off the fiscal cliff, as it were, creating a monstrous tsunami wave of Chinese bankruptcies that is set to hit the mainland soon, via Wall Street and Main Street—SWOOSH!. Must be the minor disruptions, everyone has been warning usabout.

      Wait til the nation hears the State of the Union speech scheduled to air next week requiring that US government debt (that includes state, muni, county, city) be “ROLLED BACK” (Roll-Back Movie 1981)to pre-crisis (2007) levels, because the US and World economies according to TPTB (IMF)are doing “great”, and now it’s time to repress and adjust. Imagine going back to a 2007 household family budget, only this time without wage, cost of living, cheap prices,and the credit increases everyone has had for the last 7 years, and now somehow, someway have to make up for it. That’s a 30-40% reduction at least. Then comes the next wave, under girdled re-set (riptide). And that’s just this spring. IMF says asset and stress test one more time for good measure (July 2014?)

      No wonder Chaplain Williams couldn’t talk. All he and the world can do is reluctantly watch as the predicted slaughter unfolds.

  52. Liberty4Ulster says:

    Madame Lagarde will be addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos today at 1400CET on stage with some major players
    Lets see if she mentions her magic 7′s again?

    • Peter B says:

      Just heard Christine Lagarde live from Davos via the webfeed. She said the word straight out: ‘RESET’…

      Needless to say, she couched this in the normal vague diplomatic language, and didn’t actually mention the word ‘currency’, but nonetheless said that the ‘reset’ is global in terms of ‘structural changes in all corners of the world’.

      It should be noted that there are any number of terms that Mme Lagarde could have used to describe these changes, so the use of ‘reset’ surely has to be considered a deliberate, calculated choice.

      Any more proof needed about the reality of the GCR other than the actual announcement of the rates?

      • Peter B: yes, Lagarde’s RESET statement was tweeted out by the official @Davos twitter feed and can be seen here:

        And repeating what Michael posted, yes, how coincidental is it that Art Cashin, a director at UBS Bank (Switzerland — think ‘Knights Templar’) posted this statement yesterday:

        “Ordinarily Friday is the best day of the week—shorts tend to cover going into a weekend—but this is different because today we’re worried about currencies. And nations use weekends to adjust their currencies. They usually do it on a Sunday when no one’s around.”


  53. michael says:

    http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000239477#eyJ2aWQiOiIzMDAwMjM5MzQ2IiwiZW5jVmlkIjoibU9jQzVVK2MvQzh5cmlLVGdRUnF6UT09IiwidlRhYiI6InRyYW5zY3JpcHQiLCJ2UGFnZSI6IiIsImdOYXYiOlsiwqBMYXRlc3QgVmlkZW8iXSwiZ1NlY3QiOiJBTEwiLCJnUGFnZSI6IjIiLCJzeW0iOiIiLCJzZWFyY2giOiIifQ== because today we’re worried about currencies, and nations use weekends to adjust their currencies. they usually do it on a sunday when no one around. so it triggers a run for cover in the meantime. they want to reduce their risk profile going into this for fear that one, two, or four medications may adjust their currency over the weekend. we’re talking about not specifically but some of the countries that have been a concern this week,

  54. TO ALL READERS HERE … please, do go listen to Christine Lagarde’s comments that she just finished an hour ago at the Davos forum. She is the first speaker in this symposium. Her portion is only about 10 minutes long. ALL OF THESE COMMENTS ARE ABOUT GLOBAL RESET:

    Some points that I picked up:

    * Her two “R’s”: RISKS and RESET
    * And her RESET idea is broken down into three “resets”:
    * Once it is well anchored, it could be “of a different kind.”
    * Financial sector reform
    * Structural reforms that are necessary in all areas of the world

    Free archived video here:

  55. Larry says:


    Take a look at this I ran onto doing research on Bitcoins. An IMF approved hard asset backed version of Bitcoin already being used in some Central Banks?


    Interesting for sure.

  56. chloeJ says:

    Here we go on capital flight and runs on the banks

  57. I listened to the whole video of Saturday’s program. Larry Fink of Blackrock was the only person to acknowledge Lagarde’s use of the word “reset,” as far as I could tell. And he was adamantly opposed to her comments that the Fed Taper is preventing the global economy from moving forward. He squarely blamed those other nations’ domestic policies for their woes. It was clear that the US is not on board with the Reset plan … which certainly jives with everything Jim Willie has been saying.

  58. Occasnl Trvlr says:

    Remember how The Chaplain said that for us commoners, the next few months or so would be like finding ourselves in the midst of a barroom brawl?

    Here’s how I see it (borrowing some of Dr. Willie’s terminology):
    The “castle-dwellers” are going to see this (the GCR) through. They are turning away from, and turning the world’s monetary system away from, the Nazee/Narco-barons, and turning it toward the Dragon. The Dragon will not tolerate the Roman faction, and will barely tolerate the narco-barons. The castle-dwellers are moving the seat of monetary control to the Dragon. But the narco-barons have the most, and very-high-quality, arms, along with the hubris and insensitivity to use them.

    But, the castle-dwellers have made the necessary in-roads into the narco-barons banking playhouses, and their change (i.e., the GCR) is coming.

    The politics played out so clearly: during the “Iran nuclear negotiations”, the Bear deploys medium-range nuclear-capable missles in range of Western Europe, and the Dragon declares and defends the ADIZ. And the current public representative of the narco-barons BACKED DOWN.

    When considering what’s going on, KEEP YOUR SCORECARD UP-TO-DATE!

    Occasnl Trvlr

  59. Jeddy says:

    HSBC in UK limiting cash withdrawals according to BBC.


  60. Liberty4Ulster says:

    Pastor Williams said to watch China.
    Well, here we go…

  61. Mark says:

    Here comes talk of bail-ins. I can’t believe people tolerate this abuse. Give your money to the bank, get nothing for it. And then the banksters/government can steal it.


  62. srknox says:

    Again, check for dis-info. 10% savings/checking? bail-ins next, 2-3 weeks=/-?


  63. Jeddy says:

    Good news Pastor Williams to do radio again starting next week. see commentary on link below


  64. Everyday Joe says:

    Did James Harkin, creator of LindseyWilliams.net, put links to the 3 articles Lindsey sent him in the latest email alert? I couldn’t find them in the email that came out yesterday. James or anyone that has those links from Lindsey, please post them here.

    (ED: The articles are paraphrased from the emails I received from Pastor Williams, I did not receive direct links to a 3rd party website.)

  65. Jonathan says:

    We should be Prepared no matter what. It is inevitable that this will happen. Like John 3:3-5 say we must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God.
    So time will come that all we have is Jesus Christ, and we will have to have faith like never before (Luke 18:8), because those who endure to the end shall be saved(Mark 13:13). Call on Jesus that’s the only help we will have when everything hits the fan.

  66. Everyday Joe says:

    US could start defaulting on debt ‘very soon’ warns Lew


    “US Treasury Secretary calls on Congress to raise debt ceiling immediately to prevent the issue from harming the economic recovery.”

    Feb. 7th is a key date. It’s also the date the Elite’s Legatus meeting is going on. Could Feb. 7th be the date the market tops and starts it’s long crash down? Or does it mean something more? Tune in to Lindsey Williams on Pastor Butch Paugh tonight Feb. 3rd at 6-7pm California time.

  67. Wallingford says:

    Feb 7 mentioned by Lagarde during her numerology tutorial @ Nat Press Club.

    “2/7/14= 2×7″ recall her continued emphasis on that date?

    I cant bring up Lindsey’s intv tonight from GCN. Cancelled?

  68. Everyday Joe says:

    Lindsey’s Feb. 3rd interview was in the 2nd hour with Pastor Butch Paugh. It’s in the 2nd hour about 6 minutes in and he only talks for 5 minutes about the BioCare Center in Mexico. Pastor Butch later mentioned Lindsey did not want to talk about the reset in this interview.


    (ED: Show archive without ads is available here: http://www.lindseywilliams.net/lindsey-williams-dr-rodrigo-rodriguez-call-to-decision-pastor-butch-paugh-february-2014-post/ )

  69. Aurum says:

    There was an OP-ED in the New York Times yesterday titled:

    The IMF Needs a Reset


    They mainly discuss how the voting and the power structure of the IMF member states needs to be reset.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      Wow, that article is a direct restatement of what Christine LaGarde said in her last big public appearance at the Press Club. Mainly that the US Congress is holding up the reset by not passing what the US Exec Branch (Obama) agreed to in 2010 with the IMF. Basically giving carte blanche to the IMF to do whatever they feel is necessary.

  70. jpv says:

    Elite knew of us congress not signing on to IMF treaty way back to 2010, why then did the elite inform Lindsey of the coming reset when treaty wasn’t signed?
    Either info is false or us congress not signing the treaty will not be a stopping factor for the reset to occur.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      It’s possible your last assumption is right. That the IMF will go ahead with or without Congressional approval. They may be using these public statements to lay the groundwork in ultimately blaming the US Congress for the Global Reset! “If only they’d signed on as Obama did to the 2010 proposal, we wouldn’t be in this mess” type of blame by the IMF.

      On Dec. 4th Lindsey Williams told Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio that a financial Global Reset would come within 90 days. The first time Lindsey was so precise in his estimations. That would put the reset as late as March 4th, 2014.


      Curiously, back in Oct. 25th 2012, the Elite insider Grady Means wrote an Op-Ed which was also posted on the online Washington Post here:


      Grady pointedly mentions March 4th, 2014 as the date the armageddon type crash of the financial markets happens. Is it a coincidence that it matches the end of the 90 day window that Lindsey stated on the GoldSeek radio program? Don’t forget that Grady Means is a former assistant to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller (yes, a Rockefeller) and a former economist at the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. He has also managed multi-billion dollar firms over his career. So, why does he put himself on the line with such a specific date unless there was some solid plan that was already well underway by 2012!?

      Yes, I would go with your second thought. Our representatives are just order takers for the much more powerful money brokers. It’s possible the IMF didn’t want Congress to sign off on the 2010 proposal so they could use them as the people to blame. The Elite always plan things out very thoroughly so nothing is left to chance.

      March 4th, 2014 may be the start of the events that Lindsey laid out in his last DVD video.

  71. Holy Warrior says:

    OK… I see things getting very aggressive and to the point. If you’re not on board – you are expendable!

    Lindsey said that the IMF – Christine Lagarde – was furious and threatened some of the banking industry because they were’nt conforming to the Elite’s plan.

    You have to check this out!

    • WhiteFlags says:

      The 3/4/14 could point to Sun. 7/27/14 (as mentioned by others after Fri. 7/25/14, New Moon Sat. 7/26/14). How so?

      Well, 3/4 = 7. So 3/4/2014 could mean 7/2/14.
      Add 25 days (Berlin Wall date she mentioned) to 7/2/14 & that would take you to Sun. 7/27/14, the date banks normally reset, per the Swiss Bank guy quote above.

      There’s a story out today (7/22/14) that the two American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge were replaced with two WHITE flags (“Surrender”). Is Wall Street at the bottom of that bridge? Maybe that’s a 3-day notice before Fri. 7/25/14 Banks Close(?)

  72. jj99 says:

    Willem Middelkoop interview The Big Reset:

  73. PumpDump says:

    It appears the GCR or start of move towards a gold standard is being pushed off. I’m really starting to wonder if this will be possible by March 4th, especially with the stock market nearing all time highs once again. I believe there has to be a crisis soon for the GCR to be acceptable and implemented before March 4. I’m also wondering too since the initial post was November 21st, which means next week is the 90 day mark. No doubt a reset of some time is going to occur, it just looks like there is more time. Although anything can happen within a couple of weeks. And considering how much things dropped month for a crisis in a few emerging market countries, I imagine the fall will be VERY steep with a crisis in Europe.

    I guess time will tell.

  74. wiiy no more says:

    You all better re-read Lindsey’s message in a interview–Dec. 4th. He said currencies would be re-set within 5% of each other. Yes gold/silver are good–but no time did he say Iraq dinar etc. is no good. In fact he said that currncies would be re-valuated on the assets of their country. That leaves the USA in alot of trouble and place like Irq in good shape.

  75. Holy Warrior says:

    Well, if Lindsey is correct that the Collapse won’t happen until the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama-care)is fully implemented, then it appears we have 2 years. This Dictator of ours has given yet another extension until 2016.

    He is once again illegally by passing Congress and declaring he is illegally altering the Law. Now although this is illegal, I for one am welcoming it. This gives me ample time to prepare to the max!

    I am now working my way to literally 1 ton of dry food storage. This does’nt even include essentials and supplies. I feel confident I can provide for my family during this critical crisis.

    Here is the link:

  76. jpv says:

    some dinar/GCR talk: [dinarguru]
    1. In Iraq there are announcements on TV, Radio and in the papers saying effective immediately the US Dollar is not to be used. Folks are lining up at banks for lower denoms and to exchange USD (not just merchants).
    2.That their tv is showing interviews of cbi officials speaking of pending rv because of the new demands now on dinar. This is being broadcast to calm the people, because they are upset that their new rate is not publicly international.
    3. Iraq banks have been notified that they are to be fully international tomorrow (Friday AM). Confirmed x3 banks. Bank transactions halted due to expected currency fluctuations until tomorrow.
    4. As I told you yesterday, the hold up was at the request of the IMF, they wanted to clean up some mess created by weasels. That is officially done and all good.
    5. International RV to occur in next day or less!!!!!!!!

    6. GCR is scheduled for 15 Feb 2014.

    7. Iraq bonds finally set to go live on 16 Feb (after the GCR).

    lets see what happens, or just frauds.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      DinarGuru is not to be trusted. They’ve said this many times over the last 3 years but have never provided links to video’s of these broadcasts or news articles. Dr Jim Willie says that the Dinar scam has been a ridiculous smoke screen to distract attention from the real aspects of the forthcoming Global Currency Reset. Lindsey Williams has basically said the same thing, calling the Dinar promise another fiat currency to avoid.

    • PumpDump says:

      LOLOLOL, I’ve been to Iraq. It isn’t the way you make it sound. HAHAHA.

      THERE WILL BE NO GCR until it is needed and that WILL NOT before a major market downturn. NOT BEFORE BUT AFTER.

      Why on Earth would the US agree to this when markets are near all time highs. If you follow the market you know that the Yen/USD yield has played heavily on the market’s performance. A 1 to 1 between the two would crash the market so why on Earth would any government agree to this while market’s are fine.

      The GCR is a solution to a problem and that problem hasn’t reared its head yet in the markets. This could change soon but there WILL NOT be a GCR this weekend.

      I still find it funny reading the White Hat Auxiliary who try to make these criminals sound like saviors and that they are doing what is best for the people. HAHAHA. LOLOLOL

  77. jake diesel says:

    they have been saying that everyday for 10 years.

  78. bigo says:

    time is running short for Lindsey’s reputation. If the reset does not happen, Lindsey goes to clown status. Will never have any credibility again. All ready he has been wrong on tons of stuff. the 2012 crash, the 2013 crash. Plans change, so we cut him a break, but the 90 day thing, if it don’t happen, he becomes just like any other speculator.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      I’d have to disagree with fact behind my disagreement.

      Point 1. Already Christine LaGarde has verified what Lindsey was saying by calling for a Global Currency Reset and complaining that the US Congress/Senate are holding it up (Obama already sign on to it).

      Point 2. The IMF published a paper suggesting confiscation of 401K and Retirement Plans to offset the low sales of US Treasury Bonds and the falling petro dollar (countries selling oil in other currencies). Obama in his star of the union speech floated the “MyRA” which ask people to buy US Treasuries with their Pension money (soon it may be mandatory).

      Point 3. Willem Middelkoop is interviewed in January for his new book “The Big Reset” on RTLZ. Willem bases his theories on what he reads from the IMF documents. Watch the interview and you’d think you have the Lindsey Williams DVD running. Most of the same points. Clearly Willem has some of the same level contacts.

      Lindsey has said many of these things before it’s gone public, so Lindsey’s successful hits are better than you are portraying it. Lindsey has always said the Elite are not Gods and sometimes their plans fall behind, but they work tirelessly to achieve what they want in the end. Remember when Lindsey predicted the fall of the Middle Eastern countries and it happened one by one? Maybe oil didn’t spike as high as he predicted but it did finally go up.

      Forget the details, Lindsey is pointing the direction to us all. Indicators point to the confiscation of pensions (already happening the world over), devaluation of the dollar (countries don’t buy US bonds and diversify out of the dollar in oil sales), the rise of gold (gold up 7% in 2014, silver 11% which is better than the NASDQ) and the economic chokehold that ends with govt. healthcare turning into a bigger mess of unaffordable healthcare leading to a collapse of savings for countless Americans.

      It’s clear that less income for Americans lead to less taxes and problems with the American Debt. You and I, the ordinary everyday people, are roughly 70% of the spending in the USA, while govt makes up 20%, and the remaining 10% part of the spending pie is businesses. So you tell me where this ends if the joblessness is on the rise and income among the working is falling!? Lindsey has been pointing the direction to all of us who’d listen since the early part of the 2000′s.

      Lindsey pointed out the hit to the Russian Elites that were planned in Cyprus Banks long before it was reported in the mainstream news. Lindsey has earned his reputation. Clearly you have not followed all the things he’s shared with us.

    • Y Diddy says:

      You’re right. Lindsey has certainly dropped the ball of late, most glaringly with his repeated comment that there would be no tapering of Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve. They have tapered twice since those comments and have expressed intention to taper further.

      Lindsey has said on a number of occasions that the Federal Reserve ARE the elite. That certainly undermines his credibility.

  79. Holy Warrior says:

    There are now a total of 7 bankers that have been “offed”. I can’t believe this is happening right before our eyes along with the total purging of the U.S. military. They are blatant pigs. I think we as the super power should just asasinate the Elite and take all their money and assets. We all know who they are and that they are doing it. Makes me sick

    But you know…
    they will all get theirs when our Lord returns.

  80. Jerry says:

    Y Diddy – you can always find another to follow. Good luck with that.

  81. Jerry says:


    You apparently have no experience with Lindsey. He can’t control what the elite does. Nor can he control divine intervention.

    • Y Diddy says:

      Jerry, if you can’t see how inaccurate Lindsey has been in the past then it is you that has no experience with him. I trade financial markets for a living, so it is my job to know about these major developments and price action in the financial world.

      I’m not saying that Lindsey has been totally inaccurate. He hasn’t. In fact, he has been greatly informative on many occasions, and I have seen every DVD he has ever released and listened to pretty much every interview multiple times.

      All I’m saying, and I think Bigo is saying as well, is that he has been wrong on so many notable occasions, that we want to see these things actually take place because he is quickly losing his credibility. It’s like his batting average is falling by the day.

      With pretty much every forecast that Lindsey makes, there are others out there saying the same thing. Lindsey always talks about his reputation. If he wants to salvage that, then he has to be right about this 90 day currency reset, and he is quickly running out of time.

      • bigo says:

        I sent my friends the “two years” video in 2010. I took the chance. Could have been a valuable, instead a conspiracy theorist. Then was the delay till end 2013. Now the 90 day thing (which I know of only one, when he was right). I sent some folks the 90 day warning. Fortunately not many. Still a little time left if we go by the later dec 4 show. It seems like something big on the horizon. But it seems like they gonna just bleed the country for as long as they can get away with it. I can find 1000′s of forecasters say shit is going down, but dates have always past. Lindsey did have his 90 day oil forecast. It does not seem the reset forecast going to happen. Which basically will blow all his future forecast credibility. They do give him bad info, that’s for sure.

        • Creed says:

          Don’t forget the ‘crisis in the Middle East if 4-5 months’ (from 10-21-10). That was dead on, though the timing of events do seem in flux, but when you are talking world events , guess they either aren’t as in control, or the timing isn’t quite right.

        • Creed says:

          Oh, you did hear LW warn about 401k confisication and shortly after you hear MyRA and Tom Harkin introduced his bill. I believe there plans are to have a new One World Currency, to go with their one world gov’t and one world religion. Did you see the Pope sending a message to a Kennith Copeland Conference? The timing may be off, but the outline of events still seem in play and fit with scripture.

  82. Jerry says:

    Y Diddy –

    Lindsey gets his info straight from the horses mouth. Maybe you’d be happy following others. For me, he’s been right on.

  83. Jerry says:

    And as I said, he cannot control the elite nor can he predict God’s intervention.

  84. Holy Warrior says:

    Remember what Lindsey once said, the Elite don’t go by dates. They go by events. Timing events is a complicated issue. Getting things done according to plans can’t go by dates.

    I take everything that Lindsey says as knowledge for the future. I truly believe that most of what Lindsey declares will definitely happen. But I don’t expect any dates or timing he gives to be solid. Things change on a constant basis. I just know it will probably happen sometime in the near future – so I better prepare for it now. The longer it takes… the longer I have to prepare.

    Every week that goes by is another week to buy food, ammo, medicine and supplies. That’s it. Period.

  85. DJ says:

    Who wants to go in a coffee farm in South America and get the heaven out of this doomed country?

    • Julie says:

      Yes I agree. I’m so thankful for someone like pastor Williams. One thing I often think about is, why would a thief set a date and time he’s going to come? Therefore I believe it’s going to hit quite unexpected, like overnight.

  86. Mark says:

    This article is from 2012, Washington times
    Someone connected to the Elite saying a crash around March 4, 2014:


    Another item, Someone pointed out a Nostradamous quatrain:

    Century 8, Quatrain 28:

    The copies of gold and silver inflated,
    which after the theft were thrown into the lake,
    at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated
    by the debt.
    All scrips and bonds will be wiped out.

    Do these items mean anything? probably not. Just pointing them out.

    Agree with Holy Warrior 100%

    • bigo says:

      when I saw this article in dec it validated Lindsey. It just seemed the debt limit thing was gonna be the issue. But now with debt limit passed, it does not at all feel like the reset is on the near term horizon. Perhaps years down the line. But shit can change any day.

  87. john says:


  88. Everyday Joe says:

    Any updates from Pastor Lindsey?

  89. Brun says:

    It’s been eerily quiet…

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