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Update From Pastor Lindsey Williams – January 2014

I have had an email update from Pastor Lindsey Williams relating to what is about to happen around the world in relation to the global currency reset.

Lindsey Williams

Pastor Williams says “There are some strange things happening in the financial world in the past few weeks. I have been hesitant to risk my reputation on what I know. Christine Lagarde, IMF personally came to the U.S. a few days ago. A gentleman who was in the meeting she had with some of the most powerful people in America, he said she was very angry and vowed to close some banks down if they did not cooperate immediately. We are in the midst of a big power struggle. People that I know in the financial world are extremely concerned because they expect “that one of the numerous things could happen any time”.”

He went on to say “The best advice I can give is – “If it is written on a piece of paper, it is worth the paper it is written on.” GET OUT OF PAPER!” Those of you who prepare now are going to prosper. Those who second guess Pastor Williams' warnings will find the future bleak.

Furthermore, he also told me “I have done no radio shows and cannot for a while because I don't dare answer certain questions.”

Chaplain Williams will not be available until the middle of February 2014. However, he said that “I will send you updates every time I can (am allowed to).”

Pastor Williams ended his email stating “please urge everyone to get the Global Currency Reset DVD and give it to everyone they know”. If you have not already viewed the DVD you can purchase one from Prophecy Club. This DVD will inform you about what is happening and how you can protect yourself and your family. The currency reset could happen at any time, without warning.

On a personal note, I have read the comments that come from the many concerned visitors and followers of Pastor Williams' work at his website It looks like several people are trying to out-guess the Elite. As Pastor Williams has said many times GET OUT OF PAPER! Fiat currencies such as the Iraqi Dinar, Chinese Yuan and Bitcoin are worthless. The only investment you should make is in physical gold and silver. Pastor Williams has said this time and time again “Gold and silver are the currency of the Elite!” Please listen to what he says and prepare accordingly.


193 Responses to “Update From Pastor Lindsey Williams – January 2014”

  1. Brun says:

    It’s been eerily quiet…

  2. Everyday Joe says:

    Any updates from Pastor Lindsey?

  3. john says:


  4. Mark says:

    This article is from 2012, Washington times
    Someone connected to the Elite saying a crash around March 4, 2014:

    Another item, Someone pointed out a Nostradamous quatrain:

    Century 8, Quatrain 28:

    The copies of gold and silver inflated,
    which after the theft were thrown into the lake,
    at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated
    by the debt.
    All scrips and bonds will be wiped out.

    Do these items mean anything? probably not. Just pointing them out.

    Agree with Holy Warrior 100%

    • bigo says:

      when I saw this article in dec it validated Lindsey. It just seemed the debt limit thing was gonna be the issue. But now with debt limit passed, it does not at all feel like the reset is on the near term horizon. Perhaps years down the line. But shit can change any day.

  5. DJ says:

    Who wants to go in a coffee farm in South America and get the heaven out of this doomed country?

    • Julie says:

      Yes I agree. I’m so thankful for someone like pastor Williams. One thing I often think about is, why would a thief set a date and time he’s going to come? Therefore I believe it’s going to hit quite unexpected, like overnight.

  6. Holy Warrior says:

    Remember what Lindsey once said, the Elite don’t go by dates. They go by events. Timing events is a complicated issue. Getting things done according to plans can’t go by dates.

    I take everything that Lindsey says as knowledge for the future. I truly believe that most of what Lindsey declares will definitely happen. But I don’t expect any dates or timing he gives to be solid. Things change on a constant basis. I just know it will probably happen sometime in the near future – so I better prepare for it now. The longer it takes… the longer I have to prepare.

    Every week that goes by is another week to buy food, ammo, medicine and supplies. That’s it. Period.

  7. Jerry says:

    And as I said, he cannot control the elite nor can he predict God’s intervention.

  8. Jerry says:

    Y Diddy –

    Lindsey gets his info straight from the horses mouth. Maybe you’d be happy following others. For me, he’s been right on.

  9. Jerry says:


    You apparently have no experience with Lindsey. He can’t control what the elite does. Nor can he control divine intervention.

    • Y Diddy says:

      Jerry, if you can’t see how inaccurate Lindsey has been in the past then it is you that has no experience with him. I trade financial markets for a living, so it is my job to know about these major developments and price action in the financial world.

      I’m not saying that Lindsey has been totally inaccurate. He hasn’t. In fact, he has been greatly informative on many occasions, and I have seen every DVD he has ever released and listened to pretty much every interview multiple times.

      All I’m saying, and I think Bigo is saying as well, is that he has been wrong on so many notable occasions, that we want to see these things actually take place because he is quickly losing his credibility. It’s like his batting average is falling by the day.

      With pretty much every forecast that Lindsey makes, there are others out there saying the same thing. Lindsey always talks about his reputation. If he wants to salvage that, then he has to be right about this 90 day currency reset, and he is quickly running out of time.

      • bigo says:

        I sent my friends the “two years” video in 2010. I took the chance. Could have been a valuable, instead a conspiracy theorist. Then was the delay till end 2013. Now the 90 day thing (which I know of only one, when he was right). I sent some folks the 90 day warning. Fortunately not many. Still a little time left if we go by the later dec 4 show. It seems like something big on the horizon. But it seems like they gonna just bleed the country for as long as they can get away with it. I can find 1000’s of forecasters say shit is going down, but dates have always past. Lindsey did have his 90 day oil forecast. It does not seem the reset forecast going to happen. Which basically will blow all his future forecast credibility. They do give him bad info, that’s for sure.

        • Creed says:

          Don’t forget the ‘crisis in the Middle East if 4-5 months’ (from 10-21-10). That was dead on, though the timing of events do seem in flux, but when you are talking world events , guess they either aren’t as in control, or the timing isn’t quite right.

        • Creed says:

          Oh, you did hear LW warn about 401k confisication and shortly after you hear MyRA and Tom Harkin introduced his bill. I believe there plans are to have a new One World Currency, to go with their one world gov’t and one world religion. Did you see the Pope sending a message to a Kennith Copeland Conference? The timing may be off, but the outline of events still seem in play and fit with scripture.

  10. Jerry says:

    Y Diddy – you can always find another to follow. Good luck with that.

  11. Holy Warrior says:

    There are now a total of 7 bankers that have been “offed”. I can’t believe this is happening right before our eyes along with the total purging of the U.S. military. They are blatant pigs. I think we as the super power should just asasinate the Elite and take all their money and assets. We all know who they are and that they are doing it. Makes me sick

    But you know…
    they will all get theirs when our Lord returns.

  12. bigo says:

    time is running short for Lindsey’s reputation. If the reset does not happen, Lindsey goes to clown status. Will never have any credibility again. All ready he has been wrong on tons of stuff. the 2012 crash, the 2013 crash. Plans change, so we cut him a break, but the 90 day thing, if it don’t happen, he becomes just like any other speculator.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      I’d have to disagree with fact behind my disagreement.

      Point 1. Already Christine LaGarde has verified what Lindsey was saying by calling for a Global Currency Reset and complaining that the US Congress/Senate are holding it up (Obama already sign on to it).

      Point 2. The IMF published a paper suggesting confiscation of 401K and Retirement Plans to offset the low sales of US Treasury Bonds and the falling petro dollar (countries selling oil in other currencies). Obama in his star of the union speech floated the “MyRA” which ask people to buy US Treasuries with their Pension money (soon it may be mandatory).

      Point 3. Willem Middelkoop is interviewed in January for his new book “The Big Reset” on RTLZ. Willem bases his theories on what he reads from the IMF documents. Watch the interview and you’d think you have the Lindsey Williams DVD running. Most of the same points. Clearly Willem has some of the same level contacts.

      Lindsey has said many of these things before it’s gone public, so Lindsey’s successful hits are better than you are portraying it. Lindsey has always said the Elite are not Gods and sometimes their plans fall behind, but they work tirelessly to achieve what they want in the end. Remember when Lindsey predicted the fall of the Middle Eastern countries and it happened one by one? Maybe oil didn’t spike as high as he predicted but it did finally go up.

      Forget the details, Lindsey is pointing the direction to us all. Indicators point to the confiscation of pensions (already happening the world over), devaluation of the dollar (countries don’t buy US bonds and diversify out of the dollar in oil sales), the rise of gold (gold up 7% in 2014, silver 11% which is better than the NASDQ) and the economic chokehold that ends with govt. healthcare turning into a bigger mess of unaffordable healthcare leading to a collapse of savings for countless Americans.

      It’s clear that less income for Americans lead to less taxes and problems with the American Debt. You and I, the ordinary everyday people, are roughly 70% of the spending in the USA, while govt makes up 20%, and the remaining 10% part of the spending pie is businesses. So you tell me where this ends if the joblessness is on the rise and income among the working is falling!? Lindsey has been pointing the direction to all of us who’d listen since the early part of the 2000’s.

      Lindsey pointed out the hit to the Russian Elites that were planned in Cyprus Banks long before it was reported in the mainstream news. Lindsey has earned his reputation. Clearly you have not followed all the things he’s shared with us.

    • Y Diddy says:

      You’re right. Lindsey has certainly dropped the ball of late, most glaringly with his repeated comment that there would be no tapering of Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve. They have tapered twice since those comments and have expressed intention to taper further.

      Lindsey has said on a number of occasions that the Federal Reserve ARE the elite. That certainly undermines his credibility.

  13. jake diesel says:

    they have been saying that everyday for 10 years.

  14. jpv says:

    some dinar/GCR talk: [dinarguru]
    1. In Iraq there are announcements on TV, Radio and in the papers saying effective immediately the US Dollar is not to be used. Folks are lining up at banks for lower denoms and to exchange USD (not just merchants).
    2.That their tv is showing interviews of cbi officials speaking of pending rv because of the new demands now on dinar. This is being broadcast to calm the people, because they are upset that their new rate is not publicly international.
    3. Iraq banks have been notified that they are to be fully international tomorrow (Friday AM). Confirmed x3 banks. Bank transactions halted due to expected currency fluctuations until tomorrow.
    4. As I told you yesterday, the hold up was at the request of the IMF, they wanted to clean up some mess created by weasels. That is officially done and all good.
    5. International RV to occur in next day or less!!!!!!!!

    6. GCR is scheduled for 15 Feb 2014.

    7. Iraq bonds finally set to go live on 16 Feb (after the GCR).

    lets see what happens, or just frauds.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      DinarGuru is not to be trusted. They’ve said this many times over the last 3 years but have never provided links to video’s of these broadcasts or news articles. Dr Jim Willie says that the Dinar scam has been a ridiculous smoke screen to distract attention from the real aspects of the forthcoming Global Currency Reset. Lindsey Williams has basically said the same thing, calling the Dinar promise another fiat currency to avoid.

    • PumpDump says:

      LOLOLOL, I’ve been to Iraq. It isn’t the way you make it sound. HAHAHA.

      THERE WILL BE NO GCR until it is needed and that WILL NOT before a major market downturn. NOT BEFORE BUT AFTER.

      Why on Earth would the US agree to this when markets are near all time highs. If you follow the market you know that the Yen/USD yield has played heavily on the market’s performance. A 1 to 1 between the two would crash the market so why on Earth would any government agree to this while market’s are fine.

      The GCR is a solution to a problem and that problem hasn’t reared its head yet in the markets. This could change soon but there WILL NOT be a GCR this weekend.

      I still find it funny reading the White Hat Auxiliary who try to make these criminals sound like saviors and that they are doing what is best for the people. HAHAHA. LOLOLOL

  15. Holy Warrior says:

    Well, if Lindsey is correct that the Collapse won’t happen until the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama-care)is fully implemented, then it appears we have 2 years. This Dictator of ours has given yet another extension until 2016.

    He is once again illegally by passing Congress and declaring he is illegally altering the Law. Now although this is illegal, I for one am welcoming it. This gives me ample time to prepare to the max!

    I am now working my way to literally 1 ton of dry food storage. This does’nt even include essentials and supplies. I feel confident I can provide for my family during this critical crisis.

    Here is the link:

  16. wiiy no more says:

    You all better re-read Lindsey’s message in a interview–Dec. 4th. He said currencies would be re-set within 5% of each other. Yes gold/silver are good–but no time did he say Iraq dinar etc. is no good. In fact he said that currncies would be re-valuated on the assets of their country. That leaves the USA in alot of trouble and place like Irq in good shape.

  17. PumpDump says:

    It appears the GCR or start of move towards a gold standard is being pushed off. I’m really starting to wonder if this will be possible by March 4th, especially with the stock market nearing all time highs once again. I believe there has to be a crisis soon for the GCR to be acceptable and implemented before March 4. I’m also wondering too since the initial post was November 21st, which means next week is the 90 day mark. No doubt a reset of some time is going to occur, it just looks like there is more time. Although anything can happen within a couple of weeks. And considering how much things dropped month for a crisis in a few emerging market countries, I imagine the fall will be VERY steep with a crisis in Europe.

    I guess time will tell.

  18. jj99 says:

    Willem Middelkoop interview The Big Reset:

  19. Holy Warrior says:

    OK… I see things getting very aggressive and to the point. If you’re not on board – you are expendable!

    Lindsey said that the IMF – Christine Lagarde – was furious and threatened some of the banking industry because they were’nt conforming to the Elite’s plan.

    You have to check this out!

    • WhiteFlags says:

      The 3/4/14 could point to Sun. 7/27/14 (as mentioned by others after Fri. 7/25/14, New Moon Sat. 7/26/14). How so?

      Well, 3/4 = 7. So 3/4/2014 could mean 7/2/14.
      Add 25 days (Berlin Wall date she mentioned) to 7/2/14 & that would take you to Sun. 7/27/14, the date banks normally reset, per the Swiss Bank guy quote above.

      There’s a story out today (7/22/14) that the two American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge were replaced with two WHITE flags (“Surrender”). Is Wall Street at the bottom of that bridge? Maybe that’s a 3-day notice before Fri. 7/25/14 Banks Close(?)

  20. jpv says:

    Elite knew of us congress not signing on to IMF treaty way back to 2010, why then did the elite inform Lindsey of the coming reset when treaty wasn’t signed?
    Either info is false or us congress not signing the treaty will not be a stopping factor for the reset to occur.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      It’s possible your last assumption is right. That the IMF will go ahead with or without Congressional approval. They may be using these public statements to lay the groundwork in ultimately blaming the US Congress for the Global Reset! “If only they’d signed on as Obama did to the 2010 proposal, we wouldn’t be in this mess” type of blame by the IMF.

      On Dec. 4th Lindsey Williams told Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio that a financial Global Reset would come within 90 days. The first time Lindsey was so precise in his estimations. That would put the reset as late as March 4th, 2014.

      Curiously, back in Oct. 25th 2012, the Elite insider Grady Means wrote an Op-Ed which was also posted on the online Washington Post here:

      Grady pointedly mentions March 4th, 2014 as the date the armageddon type crash of the financial markets happens. Is it a coincidence that it matches the end of the 90 day window that Lindsey stated on the GoldSeek radio program? Don’t forget that Grady Means is a former assistant to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller (yes, a Rockefeller) and a former economist at the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. He has also managed multi-billion dollar firms over his career. So, why does he put himself on the line with such a specific date unless there was some solid plan that was already well underway by 2012!?

      Yes, I would go with your second thought. Our representatives are just order takers for the much more powerful money brokers. It’s possible the IMF didn’t want Congress to sign off on the 2010 proposal so they could use them as the people to blame. The Elite always plan things out very thoroughly so nothing is left to chance.

      March 4th, 2014 may be the start of the events that Lindsey laid out in his last DVD video.


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