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It’s All Shaping Up For 2015! – Lindsey Williams

Pastor Williams sent me an article taken from USA Today entitled “China Currency Push Takes Aim at Dollar”. The article talks about China bidding to enter the heart of global finance by establishing its currency, the renminbi, as part of a ubiquitous monetary unit used in official transactions around the world. Pastor Williams has said this information is “Very important. Latest on Chinese currency becoming the Reserve Currency. It is all shaping up for 2015. Our listeners need to know this. This information comes from my friend. It is reliable.”

American Dollar Shredded

The article discusses a decision on a new Special Drawing Right, which is the composite reserve currency used in official financing being decided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. The decision on a new SDR structure, to be made in the next 15 months, will influence how China and its currency can play a bigger part in driving world trade, investment and capital flows. The article goes on to discuss recalculating the composition of the SDR, which comes up for review in 2015, to follow market developments, reflecting a big increase in demand for renminbi financing from private banks, central banks, traders, corporations and asset managers. The renminbi has made impressive strides recently and is challenging the euro in several key fields.

In another article from Reuters entitled “Fed Officials Keep Eyes on Mid-2015 Rate Rise” Pastor Williams has said “this is just what we predicted in our latest DVD – Special Events Scheduled For 2015. In the article it says that the Fed is considering raising interest rates around the middle of next year (2015), although two top officials at the U.S. central bank said the exact timing would depend on the economy. The article continues by saying the Fed considers the U.S. jobless rate of 5.9% close to its full employment targets. Pastor Williams said to be wary and shared another article that said that today’s recovery is a total sham with real unemployment at least 12% with the labor force at its lowest since 1978 when only 40% of women having entered the workforce and with most “new jobs” being part-time retail and service jobs. The article went on to discuss futures market shifting to point to a September 2015 rate hike after bond-buying ends before rates increase being between two and 12 months.

The news continues, with Pastor Williams sharing another article from the Financial Times entitled “Banks Rewrite Derivatives Rules to Cope with Future Crisis”. Pastor Williams says “the banks see what is coming and want to cover their losses.” He continued by stating “This is exactly what my friend said and we have said in a number of DVD’s. Interest rates rise, Derivative problems, Stock market collapse, Banking trouble, September & October 2015. Like dominoes. The banks see it coming as you will see in this article.”

The article talks about the world’s biggest banks tearing up the rule book on the derivatives market to make it easier to resolve future failing institutions such as Lehman Brothers. It says that 18 banks ranging from Credit Suisse to Goldman Sachs have agreed to give up the right to pull the plug on derivatives contracts with any crisis-stricken institutions. What this means is that these banks have come up with a plan to stop their counterparties terminating derivatives contracts in the event of a crisis. Ultimately shareholders of the failed institution would be wiped out, but the operating company would be recapitalised or sold to mitigate the shock to the broader financial system ending ‘too big to fail’. The company would stay in business, with the financial sector absorbing the losses. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association said that the banks portrayed the success of the talks as a rare positive example of industry collaboration and will announce the agreement to change its “protocols” will take effect from January 1, 2015.

I subscribe to a quarterly periodical in the UK called “The UK Column” published independently from the established mainstream media. Within the newspaper were a number of articles one was entitled “New Rules For Financial Carnage” and talks more about what is proposed by the Financial Times article above, about new rules designed to protect global systematically important institutions such as Commerzbank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, HSBC, Societe Generale and Credit Agricole. The new rules follow a “war game” which took place on October 13, 2014 at the offices of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Arlington, Virginia. Present were the FDIC and Bank of England staff, along with “top financial brass” from the US and UK treasuries. The war game was the first of its kind and designed to test how they would react to another financial crash of the scale of 2008. The new rules oblige banks to wait up to 48 hours before requiring settlement of derivatives contracts from a failing bank. This delay will be used to give regulators time to transfer asset from the failing bank, as well as obligations to a “bridge company”, negating the need to unwind derivatives contracts. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said “We want to make sure we are able to handle an institution that previously would have been too big to fail … We are confident in this framework, but we are testing it.”

Another article within the pages of “The UK Column” is entitled “Legacies, Clouds & Uncertainties”. This article discusses the recent release of the IMF’s World Economic Outlook update entitled ‘Legacies, Clouds & Uncertainties.’ The article says that while attempting to put a brave face on the current situation, the IMF tried to divert attention onto the fraudulent notion of “growth.” In this context they completely ignored the fact that the growth they spoke about fails to meet current debt obligations, never mind unfunded future obligations such as old age care and pensions.  An incredible amount of seniors are claiming disability benefits, social security, Medicare and Medicaid; driving the welfare spending to nearly $1 trillion per year in the US alone. They downplayed the successes of emerging economies, since these economies are no longer playing casino finance, opting instead for real physical economic development. One area they could not ignore is the systematic risk still running through the financial system “Easy financial conditions and the resulting search for yield, could fuel financial excess. Markets may have under-priced risks by not fully internalizing the uncertainties around the global outlook. A larger-than-expected increase in U.S. long-term interest rates, geopolitical events, or major growth disappointments could trigger widespread disruption.”

“Downside risks have increased compared with the spring. The main reason is the increase in geopolitical risks, including turmoil in the Middle East and international tensions surrounding the situation in Russia and Ukraine. Also, with the baseline now reflecting increased financial market optimism – risk spreads and major implied volatility indicators are close to pre-crisis expansion lows. Equity prices have continued to rise, and longer-term yields have declined – downside risks from a financial market correction have increased.” In other words, we are looking at a major risk of a major financial crash. When the IMF are telling you to prepare, you need to prepare and quickly!

On September 25, 2014 Pastor Williams asked me to send out a newsletter entitled “Buy Gold As Quickly As Possible!” As predicted gold didn’t fall far south of $1,200 an ounce at $1,180 per ounce on October 6, 2014 before it rebounded to just under $1,250 an ounce today. As I have said many times, gold has been trading historically for the past several years between $1,200 and $1,400 an ounce. Our prediction was correct once again! Please take notice of what Pastor Williams has told you time and again, “Gold & Silver, that’s the currency of the Elite!” He has only recommended tangible assets such as physical gold and silver. I am sure many of you took his advice and purchased as much gold as you could lay your hands on. If you haven’t, physical gold is still very cheap and I recommend that you purchase physical gold today before it rises significantly. My personal recommendation for anyone looking at investing in physical gold is Regal Assets for their first class service, especially for IRA and 401k rollovers. You can contact them for help and advice on getting out of paper and into tangible precious metals on 1-888-748-6766.

In his new DVD “Special Events Scheduled for 2015” Pastor Williams warns you about what is about to happen with the stock market and derivatives market. These are not idle warnings, official announcements are happening by the day and you cannot pass by a warning from the IMF. The Elite are making their plans, why are you not making yours? Like dominoes everything Pastor Williams’ Elite friend has predicted is occurring before your eyes. Do not procrastinate. It is time to start preparing for the worst. Please purchase a physical copy of Pastor Williams’ new DVD “Special Events Scheduled for 2015” and share the information with your family and friends. You can purchase a copy by calling Prophecy Club on 1-888-799-6111.

Remember, the American dollar as a symbol of stability is over. It is already no longer the sole world reserve currency or currency for the worldwide trade of petroleum. Reserve currency status does not last forever. Plans are already in place for a new world currency. Plans are in place to reset the global currencies, crash the stock market and correct the derivatives market. Pastor Williams has given you the information to protect your family from the crash. His recent DVDs allow you to accurately predict events scheduled for 2015, which he has dubbed “the most unusual year you have ever lived through“. Last year I wrote a free 100 page guide entitled “10 Steps to Avoid the Crash”, in this guide I expand on the ten steps that can help you to survive, even thrive through the coming collapse. I know many of you have started preparing. I cannot tell you too often that preparedness is important to safeguarding your family’s health and wealth.

A number of you have written to Pastor Williams regarding health issues. Pastor Williams recommends The International BioCare Hospital & Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico for any help, advice and treatment for any health issue you are experiencing. You can call them on 1-800-701-7345 or visit their website. Please check out many testimonials of satisfied patients.

Pastor Williams has produced a short presentation entitled “Alternative Answers for the Treatment of Cancer” and you can watch that free below:


47 Responses to “It’s All Shaping Up For 2015! – Lindsey Williams”

  1. Marguerite says:

    Another one for the Pastor.

    Harry Dent has been forecasting China’s bubble is about to burst, so has George Soros and a top Chinese central bank economist.

    Pastor Williams was first to warn about China in an earlier DVD where he shared the following comments given to him by his elite friend – “China is the big one” and “China is on the verge of collapse”.

  2. mike says:

    Save America. Nov. 14, 2014 Bombshell! The Mortgage Crisis And Funding:

  3. mike says:

    France will not sign multi-billion transatlantic trade deal with US in 2015

  4. Marguerite says:

    Hoping the Pastor and James are well. God bless you both – your work is tremendous and appreciated.

    (ED: Thank you for your kind comments.)

  5. Marguerite says:

    James, on one of the Pastor’s DVD’s he mentions his elite friend advised not to accept any social security payments or handouts from the government.

    Would it be possible to have the Pastor elaborate further on this, maybe from his elite friend? What could be the consequences of accepting government payments?

    Not accepting government handout may be difficult particularly if a person has no other source of income to pay for living expenses. Any further insight would be of interest as I know a few individuals already receiving government benefits due to unemployment. Some own their home fully and have no debts others are renting. It has me wondering whether receiving a government benefit is a risk in having the government turn around and take an asset an individual owns in exchange for the benefit.

    Thank you in advance.

    (ED: What Pastor Williams is saying is that if we accept payments and handouts from the government they will use it to the benefit of the government. They will assume that they own you. We must start to live as self-sufficiently as possible. The Koch brothers want the next president to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs. By depending on the Elite, we are giving our power away to them. This must stop in order to rebuild our countries. I will forward your comment to Pastor Williams and get a definitive answer from him.)

    (ED: I have received the following message from Pastor Williams regarding your question, he says “The greatest danger of receiving anything from the government is – What will you do when you no longer receive it because the government cannot give it. This will happen because of the national debt. Government cannot continue paying much longer.”)

    • MRD says:

      What about disability payments? I was forced out of the workforce due to a neuorological issue, MS, at age 46. I paid into the system so I get out of it what I put in. If Americans were truly Christian, they would line up to help me, but of course they don’t. I rely on family and my wife, God bless her.
      As a born-again Christian I try to give to others what I can and what I would want. Will others do that if it is taken away, or am I then one of those useless eathers?

    • Marguerite says:

      Thank you James for discussing the query with the Pastor. His response is right-on the mark and an aspect which is quite important for one to be conscious of. God bless you both.

  6. Richard says:

    Could the Obama Administration bypass Congress to approve the IMF quota reforms by early 2015?


  7. Marguerite says:

    Economic and geopolitical strength is important for a world reserve currency and this may explain why the U.S. economy has been under destruction in order to end the USD as reserve.

    But in this era who has confidence in any of the nations to assign their currency world reserve status? Obviously China is looking the part at present.

    It is intriguing to determine what the elite have in mind for a world reserve currency.

    How can any world reserve currency exist without being pegged to a physical resource of value? Precious metals historically have played this role. Unless the elite have come up with a genius alternative, one has to arrive at a conclusion that the world will need to go back to gold/silver as a store of value.

    If the globalists and bankers manipulate the gold/silver prices now, what’s to stop this from occurring into the future?

  8. Peter says:

    Mr Williams has not posted for 2 months now.

    Does anyone know why?

    • Mike says:

      Pastor Williams contact is dead. the new one is not sharing anymore info.

      (ED: Pastor Williams’ Elite friend has sent some new information. Its not good news. I will be sending out a newsletter later today (11/18/14).)

      • morningstar says:

        Mike. says Lindsey contact is dead. Lindsey told us when his last contact died. Next i am on the newsletter list and did not receive an update as the. ed post. stated. Did anybody else?

        God bless 1 john 5:1-7

        (ED: Only one of Pastor Williams’ Elite friends died. The newsletter will be sent out hopefully tonight.)

        • Mike says:

          morningstar i under stand that but we only have little time left there is nothing else to know because everything is on the dvd. its going to happen like pastor williams said 2015 sept or oct that is it.

      • Wag the Doug says:

        no you wont

        it’s 11/19

    • Mike says:

      The only thing we have is God. without him we have nothing. stay strong with him

  9. Jan says:

    Here is an article on why buying silver (as suggested here on this web site and by Pastor Williams) is a smart way to prepare for the future:

  10. Tommy says:

    What has happened to Lindsey?

  11. RT says:

    so why is gold and silver plummeting and the stock market going up. I was told to buy gold and silver immediately and it is down about $200-$300 an ounce since. What drastic measures have been taken? I read the posts you put out and how the world is falling apart but we keep buying gold and silver and the wall streeters keep getting richer. Oil is down to about $80 a barrel? I thought $150 was the target? I am not bashing LW so please do not delete my post. I am just looking for an explanation. I am doing my best to prepare but I am starting to feel like I am wasting my time. I have been preparing for 5 years now. I am being told the dollar is dead but relatively it is not that bad. I am told the economy is falling apart but the stocks that I sold 5 years ago are at record highs? I am told inflation will be out of control but gas prices are down? I am told healthcare is on the brink but my doctor still sees me when I need? Ebola is going to get us all sick, but nobody in America has it? Are we being played? I am just venting and looking for answers LW. It always seems like it is 6 months away for the last 5 years?

    (ED: Oil is down and gold is connected to oil. Unfortunately Obama wanted the oil price down, the Elite did not.)

    • PJ says:

      Like the title says “it’s all shaping up for 2015” and it’s always good to have prepared.

      Be patient for another 6 months or most likely in Sept/Oct 2015 at the last blood moon of the Tetrad and the time of Shimita year.

  12. mike says:

    Currency Manipulation: The IMF and WTO

  13. Marguerite says:

    Repeating message all round.

    Warren Pollock says a Pompeii style event coming. Everyone ought to be ‘backpack prepared’. He has taken down his website and retreating

  14. Onz says:

    Sergey Glazyev delivers his alternative to the US dollar denominated financial system that is getting more attention post sanctions on Russia.

    Very interesting:

    • Nutz says:

      “Russian President Vladimir Putin is delivering a speech at the plenary session of Valdai International Discussion Club, a forum involving the world leading experts at foreign and domestic policy.”…

    • doc says:

      is this just me, am I seeing this right. everytime gold and silver takes big drops in the market due to selling paper, they just take the paper they just sold and buy dow jones [email protected] nazdaz. I mean everytime. gold -25oz silver -80cents oz. dow jones +142.75 and [email protected] +4.30. this happens every time.

      • Jake says:


        Sort of but not quite. Basically it is all about the illusion. The plunge protection team push the stocks up on the same day as the cartel smash gold. Not using the same money they just do a joint co-ordinated effort. So yes gold and stocks have an inverse relationship. It’s all a joint effort to keep the illusion of a good economy alive. Soon though the East will reset the gold price as they own it all and so will stick the middle finger up to the western paper silly system. New rules and new prices. Watch silver rocket more than gold. Watch the stocks fall out of bed. We are just waiting on one the East to say “enough” literally overnight.

  15. FuzzyCamel says:

    Reading the Reuters article on the US/UK test big bank collapse, I get the following:

    Laws have been changed to protect taxpayers, meaning when your bank collapses you lose all your money deposited. Stock holders lose all their money. The assets of the bank (mortgage/claim to your house, land, car, etc) are transferred to the IMF.

    This is why Williams is saying NO DEBT and GET OUT OF PAPER.
    Anything with debt on it, when interest rates skyrocket, you will default on it.

    And the paper money we use, is DEBT! Borrowed from the IMF and private banks, printed, and circulated. So in essence, we are using a debt based currency to pay for our debts. This is why paper money is no good. Because the paper money in our hands isn’t our’s, it is the governments property. And when those interest rates skyrocket, our government will default as well.

    This is hostile takeover, they will own everything!
    We’ll be serfs to the UN/IMF!

    • HolyWarrior says:

      Good eyes, doc! Did’nt notice but will look now!

    • Bradford says:

      Hey FuzzyThinker. Most mortgages are fixed rate,thus people are locked into those rates even if interest goes up.

    • Jake says:

      No joke… i am applying for a mortgage in jan/feb after everything i have heard… yes it is insane but hear me out… after the collapse nobody will be lending and i need a home now. I dont want to rent all my life and im not as young as i used to be. It is a tough decision but im getting a mortgage in new year on a little flat. Wont be a massive mortgage but big enough. If this crash happens it may not hit the uk as bad as the usa as i think the usa is being bullied the worst. Banks probably wont give anyone a mortgage long after this crash if it is as epic as lindsey says so here goes nothing… getting my first mortgage and hoping for the best. If i wait another year and no crash apoeats then thats another wasted year of renting. Gotta get a property at some point in my life.

      • Al says:

        The problem with a mortgage is the following: if we have a financial crisis the banks become massive problems. They will ask you to pay back immediately the oustanding amount of your mortgage. How will you do that Jake? why not wait and buy a cheap home in short after the crisis?

        • Al says:

          Jake, probably the down payment amount will be enough to purchase the flat you desire. Stay patient…

        • Jake says:


          Thanks for your reply. Can i ask u in all honesty, do you really think that will happen? It crossed my mind too (that banks may all call in the debts and thus everyone loses thier mortgage). Do u think evrry bank will do that or are there some like building societies that wont? I oresume u are in uk if so u will know what a building society is 🙂

          Also, what did u mean by the down payment alone will likely buy a flat in the crash…? Really??? In the uk? I know usa has cheap property in downtimes but the uk always has expensive propety even ib the 2008 crash. How low could it ever really go in the uk? We are highly populated and a small island unlike usa so property is always so damn expebsive here. Thanks for your help i look forward to any further help u can give.

        • Al says:

          Jake, I am not a financial advisor and I also don’t know what will really happen. As far as my belief I think it will come much worse than 2008, more like 1929.

          I also don’t know what kind of income you have, but I would guess that there is the opportunity to get in trouble to pay back a mortgage. If your income is secured even in a major crisis then just ignore me.

          I can not predict how the banks will handle theirs clients and therefore all I say is just my humble opinion. I have decided to stay out of depth and be flexible to react to any circumstances.

          I would even move my family out of trouble to any place in the world. This is what I have decided to do as preparedness. Everyone is responsible for his own decisions and should not rely on other peoples opinions alone.

  16. Mark says:

    This is a pretty important speech by Putin.

    Lindsey is right about events, just has been wrong about timing lately. Still it’s been good information.

  17. Al says:

    China has launched a IMF rival bank project.

    • doc says:

      goldman sacks just said oil will drop down to 75 dollars in 2015 and stay the same in 2016. this is the same goldman sacks that forcasts gold to hit 1050oz dec 31 2014

  18. Marguerite says:

    I really appreciate this site. Thank you Pastor and James for the updates and this article.

    I did come across a Reuters’ article some weeks ago talking about a meeting of UK and US banking officials and at the meeting would create a simulation of a bank collapse. The article ended stating very briefly in a 2 line sentence that changes would be FORCED through immediately and that these changes removed protections which existed for customers. No specific detail was given of the changes. This article has clarified things further.

    On reading “negating the need to unwind derivative contracts” I too thought “OK no more derivatives crash” but I noted ED response under Jake’s comment.

    I know Pastor Williams advises against paper however with the rise of the renminbi, I’m sure people would be buying the currency and wonder whether it’s worth holding some?

    Special Events Scheduled for 2015 DVD – I’m happy with my purchase of the DVD – it wasn’t only informative but the inspirational piece about freedom I found was quite valuable and worth having. And the Pastor’s video on the health center in Mexico is very helpful – good to see the Pastor and his wife in great health.

  19. Jake says:

    I am confused by this, does this mean the derivative collapse won’t be as bad after all? Are they putting plans in place to not let them really crash after all? Are they giving us a soft landing? If so, then this crash may just fizzle out like 2008 did. I kind of thought the derivatives were the big one that would sink everything, now they’re putting pillows under them to make it all less bad when they fall?

    Has the big collapse plan changed? Thought this one was going to bring in the new world order, not just rob a few shareholders.

    (ED: The derivatives crash will happen. The banks are colluding to make sure that they are not hit with the fallout. Therefore, they can bet with other people’s money without taking the responsibility for it. Its called moral hazard. Therefore, banks will never go out of business when they make bad deals. However, shareholders will lose everything. When you deposit your money in a bank, its no longer yours. You cannot trust someone else with your money. This is a fact!)

    • Jo says:

      If the derivatives market collapses, bank accounts will be raided, a-la “bail-in” style. This was discussed in the G20 meeting and in the works. Believe it or not, this will be why having a stock/fund now is safer than having cash in the bank. The rules are being re-written.

  20. Jan says:

    The IMF is issuing many warnings as well as the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). Here are just some of the recent warnings issued:

    We won’t be able to say that there were no warnings issued as you can see from the above. Thank you for alerting us to the new derivatives game plan as well.


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