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Buy Gold As Quickly As Possible!

Pastor Williams has asked me to send out an important update relating to the rapid death of the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency. He has asked me to ‘PLEASE BEG everyone to buy gold as quickly as possible.’ I posted an article at last week relating to Britain including China’s RMB as a foreign currency reserve for the first time issuing a bond outside of the US dollar and I expand on this article later. Today he shared with me more news this week relating to oil being sold in Russian rubles as well asSaudi Arabia wishing to end the petrodollar system with a major announcement expected to come within weeks, or the very latest a few months for this game changing event. Everything is heading towards the crash that Pastor Williams predicts in his new DVD ‘Special Events Scheduled For 2015’. Pastor Williams has said ‘The American dollar is VERY, Very, very rapidly no longer to be the reserve currency or the petrodollar. Please warn everyone you can. Get out of paper NOW!’

Lindsey Williams - Death of the Dollar

Reserve currency status does not last forever. Pastor Williams has said ‘The Dollar is losing ground BY THE DAY.’ US National Debt has surged $1 Trillion in just 12 months since the tapering of quantitative easing. The Fed is also most likely stalling for time in raising interest rates since it believes that the US economy is really weaker than it wants to admit. Gold is somehow being prevented from its previous job of accurately reflecting an explosive US national debt picture. It seems the stock market is being manipulated. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to make preparations. If you haven’t already gotten out of paper, it is time to do so. Please take Pastor Williams’ words seriously. In his new DVD ‘Special Events Scheduled for 2015’, Pastor Williams tells you the date of the financial crash slated for 2015. It is going to happen! If you are worried about your financial situation, this DVD is essential viewing. To recap, when Pastor Williams was told about the Global Financial Reset (GCR) and went on numerous talk shows to warn you, it was announced officially by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF at Davos World Economic Forum in January 2014, exactly as Pastor Williams was told by his Elite friend. Do you really want to hold onto worthless paper investments? Holding out for that extra percentage point on worthless paper doesn’t sound like a good idea especially when you are being told the truth about what is about to happen, which is a Global Financial Crash of the likes we have never seen before!

Pastor Williams has always told you to invest in physical assets such as gold and silver. He has not suggested you invest in any fiat currencies. Do not try and outthink the Elite. Do not wait any longer. I know many people are afraid of making a decision concerning their financial future and are waiting to see what happens. Do not wait too long. Pay attention to the warning signs and buzz words. What is currently happening with the US dollar is a massive warning to us all!

Reserve Currency Does Not Last Forever

Precious metals are now at a very low rate. It is unlikely the price can fall much further without extraction being halted until the price rises. The price of gold and silver has been manipulated by the Elite so they may buy all that they need. Pastor Williams has told us this before. Take this warning seriously. For the past several years gold has performed between $1,200 and $1,400 an ounce. It is unlikely to fall south of $1,200. The cost to extract, refine and distribute precious metals is rising and it costs approximately $1,100 per ounce to produce, most probably more with rising inflation. Pastor Williams is recommending that everyone gets out of paper and buys gold and silver now, before it is too late. It is very timely he says this now because you will get more physical gold for your fiat US dollar currency. Please contact your local trusted gold dealer and purchase gold and silver today.

If you do not know of a precious metals broker you can trust, my own personal recommendation is Regal Assets. Although they deal in larger investments of more than $5,000, they offer a great service with a 7-day delivery guarantee, where other companies can take several months. They are experts in transforming paper IRA or 401k retirement funds into gold, silver and other physical precious metals and have several options for those concerned with gold confiscation. A part of their great service they also pay the first year dues for retirement accounts, which include all the setup fees, administration fees, storage fees and delivery of metals. The reason I recommend Regal Assets is that I have found them to be honest and trustworthy. You can ask them any question and they will give you an informed answer. They have a 99.9% client satisfaction rating with all of their testimonials verified by Trustlink. They also have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, 5 out of 5 stars client rating and preferred membership status with Trustlink, they are an official retailer listed with the United States Mint and rated #20 in the United States for financial services by Inc. magazine. Give them a call on 1-888-748-6766 or visit their website where you can read many testimonials from their existing customers.

Some of you may not have a lot of money right now. Times are still tough. I tell everyone to take every day as a day you can prepare for the worst. The guide I wrote a year ago ’10 Steps to Avoid the Crash’ goes a long way to help you prepare. Get yourself as self-sufficient as possible. Let us all pray for the best. The protection of your family is the most important preparation you can make. Prepare now, prepare quickly!

Pastor Williams also told me ‘As people become more and more SINFUL, the systems of our present modern world become less and less efficient. Eventually the whole system will break down and fail. The Elite do have their share of problems also.’

IMPORTANT: Prophecy Club Back Up & Running after Virus Hit!

The Cryptowall virus hit Prophecy Club computers this past week and they were shut down for most of the week. During the shutdown Prophecy Club accepted no phone calls because of the virus. Just to let you know phone calls will now be accepted by Prophecy Club. Prophecy Club apologises for any inconvenience caused by the virus.

You can purchase Pastor Williams' new DVD ‘Special Events Scheduled for 2015' from the Prophecy Club website or by calling 1-888-799-6111


19 Responses to “Buy Gold As Quickly As Possible!”

  1. Jodee Meyer says:

    In Revelation Jesus said that they will be throwing their gold and silver in the streets as it will be worth nothing. So, God cannot lie. Will this be later down the road? Will gold/silver really be worth anything after the crash despite this prophecy? Thank you for your answer in advance. I want to be 100% clear on this.


  2. chloegrace says:

    How does the ReValuation of Iraqi dinar fit into this whole picture? Would love to hear interview with Lindsey giving us some more details and timing if possible…

    Thank you!

    (ED: Pastor Williams does not recommend fiat currencies or bitcoin whatsoever. Pastor Williams only recommends tangible investments in gold, silver, farmland, etc.)

  3. Sam says:

    Things are crazier than they were just a few weeks ago…wish LW would do an interview to detail as much as he can…

  4. Mike says:

    Buy Gold As Quickly As Possible how far down are we going is it to early to buy??

  5. Marguerite says:

    James, with BRICS having set up their own financial system, do you consider they may now be immune to the upcoming financial crash? In listening to the Pastor’s earlier material, the information he received from the elite is that they plan to crash all currencies and countries of the world. With the formation of BRICS it seems to indicate the game plan may have changed for the elite, and if so it suggests that being connected to BRICS nations could be a safeguard in a way. Would you or the Pastor have a comment on this? Thanks in advance.

    (ED: They are not immune, all currencies will see themselves in turmoil since many hold US paper. Of course certain countries see what is coming along very rapidly. They will do whatever they can to limit their risk. However, American debt alone is larger than all the other countries around the world combined. The Russian Ruble is currently under pressure and is very close to intervention by their central bank.)

    • Marguerite says:

      Thank you James. Your comment makes total sense. Being early days for BRICS they haven’t had sufficient time to build up immunity.

  6. HolyWarrior says:

    Yep! Here it comes! My silver oz are gonna fly high somewhere around $200.00/oz around the end of the year.

    If it does’nt happen that’s fine… either way. Because if it does happen it means the Dollar is worth less… not good for purchasing. But if it does not happen it gives me/us more time to prep.

    In actuality I don’t want it to happen yet. I prefer it to happen farther down the road, so to speak. The only bonus to me if it did happen is it would get my wife off my back about having invested in all our silver – proving her wrong.

    Here is the link:

  7. Rob says:

    Lindsey said that those who have gold will be able to buy things for pennies on the dollar after all the dust settles. How will people know when the dust has settled? How will they know how much their gold and silver is worth?

    • Al says:

      Hi Rob,
      nobody can tell you the value of Gold and Silver during a crash or after, but I have heard that after the crisis 1929 you could buy a house for one ounce. Right now Gold and Silver is falling again. Will the price really sky rocket? Who knows. But when the currencies will crash, your money is worthless. So what else shall we purchase as substitute for wealth?

    • andre says:

      hi friend – by that time – actually right now there are gold and silver markets in the east – china and maybe other places – where your coin dealer will be able to sell to or get prices – just hold them to the facts and dont let them make up their own prices – remember – America is not the whole world – we are a minority – there are many places that will not feel the pain as much as we might

  8. Mark says:

    Probably nothing is going to happen until after the US election in early November.

  9. Y Diddy says:

    I don’t see how the GCR was ‘announced officially by Christine Lagarde’ at Davos. She mentioned the word ‘reset’ several times but did not specifically mention a currency reset.

  10. Jan says:

    Here is an article that tries to get people to think about buying gold the same way they think about buying insurance.

    This is a good article for people new to all this to read because it shows why they need to think about having some gold as insurance.

  11. r.u.sirius says:

    the dollar sadly would be a very long time remain the only reserve currency, bet? i think for at least 10 yeras for sure! don’t get me wrong, i would party all night long when the dollar isn’t anymore the reserve currency for the world

    • McRonald says:

      You’re “siriusly” mistaken. International support for US bonds is rapidly unwinding. No debt support = no dollar support.

      • r.u.sirius says:

        have u got a link(s)?

        thx alot and kind regards

        • McRonald says:

          I think fall of 2015 will see some of the largest moves pertaining to the new order. Watch for the gold price to collapse FIRST. Then the Bank for International Settlements will reprice gold based on a physical only market. It’ll take all the paper pricing out and leave gold at far higher price. The € will be better after the repricing of gold. No more currency rigging. Just a competitive system based more on supply and demand and currency swaps between currencies and gold allowed to do what it naturally does and signal inflation in any country that chooses to use loose policies. US national debt has formed a massive bubble. Should fall by half ($6trillion) in a span of a few months by late 2015 I’m thinking. It’ll be the big print to soak up that unwanted debt and convert it to currency. Probably have higher interest rates then and possibly hyper inflation or hyperstagflation.


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