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WHAT MY ELITE FRIEND TOLD ME… – A New DVD From Pastor Lindsey Williams

New DVD From Lindsey Williams
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  • What will take place after October 1, 2016?
  • Will Donald Trump be the next president?
  • If he wins, will Trump be allowed to take office?
  • Elite Divine Encounter.
  • Two currencies – One devalued?
  • Big trouble among the Elite.
  • The date of the CRASH!
  • The most encouraging DVD From Pastor Williams to date.
  • Hear congressmen Ron Paul and David Stockman.

Pastor Lindsey Williams

Author of The Energy Non-Crisis

Lindsey Williams - My Elite Friend Told Me... What to expect between now and January 1, 2017.

The New DVD From
Pastor Lindsey Williams
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73 Responses to “WHAT MY ELITE FRIEND TOLD ME… – A New DVD From Pastor Lindsey Williams”

  1. Kat says:

    Silver Stackers Warning:
    Elite Royals Want to Break your Habit – Charles Savoie

    “Silver history expert Charles Savoie, who’s acknowledged by David Morgan, is here to discuss potential confiscation by 2017 of gold & silver and the who, what when where and why of the manipulation and conspiracy to suppress real money from the public.”

    02:30 Would Government Nationalize and Steal Precious Metals?
    13:00 When and Why would they Confiscate? What Prices?
    19:20 Removal of Silver as money Started Collapse of China
    28:00 Potential Tax on Silver Investments
    30:00 2016 Election, Trump to bring US back to Britain
    34:30 What’s Going on in Texas: Gold not Available
    38:00 Get Research from Charles on Silver

    Get more from Charles Savoie:

  2. everyday joe says:

    Does Lindsey Williams have any thoughts on the date of September 27th being tied to the dollar collapse? This date is being floated around all over the web as a collapse date for the dollar. I know the Chinese Yuan is being added to the SDR basket somewhere around that date, but that alone wouldn’t collapse the dollar.

  3. Dammy says:

    US to lose more control over the global finance via blockchain technology:

  4. Matt says:

    Bette is a contributor…

    “The Banks are CLOSED!”

    Arrows shot to the middle of America and America crumbles. The internet has been sabotaged.

    my thoughts:

    Bette, thank you for this word. Obama is handing over control of the internet on 1 Oct. Also on 1 Oct the Chinese RMB becomes part of the IMF’s SDR currency. Could the “arrows” be an EMP? An EMP would lead to a breakdown of society within hours and ideal placement would be dead-center of the USA.

  5. Dammy says:

    Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Update:

  6. Valentin says:

    Ça commence à devenir flippant pour 2016 un soldat de l’armée américaine. Parle qu’eux ( les Illuminatis) vont introduire la loi martiale pour 2016.( guerre civile )

    Ça j’ai pas un bon traducteur anglais- français sur mon ordi. Je crois aussi qu’il a parlé qu’ils vont probablement commencer à édifier le nouvel ordre mondial pour fin 2016.

    Bon plusieurs ont parlés qu’au USA il n’y aura pas d’élection à cause de loi martiale et Obama ca prolonger son mandat.

    UNA va devenir réalité pour janvier 2017 – UNA : Union Nord Américaine.

    Certain parle d’une attaque EMP avant les élections USA.

    Donc en résumer guerre civile , loi martiale Big One financier , UNA

    3 eme guerre mondiale pour le printemps 2017.


    It starts getting scary for 2016 a soldier in the US Army. Speaks they ( the Illuminati ) will introduce martial law for 2016 ( civil war )

    That I have not a good English- French translator on my computer. I also think he said they’ll probably start building the new world order for the end of 2016 .

    Good many have spoken at USA there will be no election because of martial law and Obama ca extend his term .

    UNA will become reality for January 2017 – UNA : North American Union.

    Some speak of an EMP attack before the US election.

    So to summarize civil war, martial law financial Big One, UNA

    3rd world war for Spring 2017

  7. Dammy says:

    Icahn mentions that the only reason things have not gone south is because the USD is the world reserve currency, but who knows for how much longer:


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