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THE NEW AGENDA – Knowing This Is Your Key To Survival – A New DVD From Pastor Lindsey Williams

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The New Agenda - Knowing This Is Your Key To Survival

New DVD From Lindsey Williams

New DVD From Lindsey Williams
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  • The Elite Agenda – Point by Point.

  • Reserve Currency – Which One?

  • How Long Do We Have?

  • Why The Elite Changed Their Agenda.

  • MONEY – Under The New Agenda.

  • Gold and Silver.

  • Suggested New Mindset.

– Chaplain Lindsey Williams

– Author of The Energy Non-Crisis

The New Agenda - Knowing This Is Your Key To Survival - A New DVD From Pastor Lindsey Williams

The New DVD From
Pastor Lindsey Williams
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20 Responses to “THE NEW AGENDA – Knowing This Is Your Key To Survival – A New DVD From Pastor Lindsey Williams”

  1. Srk says:

    Robot currency. Robot lawyers, corporations, organizations, stock, bonds, good hacking, robot.

  2. Srk says:

    Wurld Cotton, anyone?

  3. Ann says:

    Was the 10 steps for survival ever Updated? It looks the same to Me?

    (EDITOR: It is coming soon.)

  4. Srk says:

    Holding onto cash is a crime. Cashless socities advancement is good, so says CNBC Julia Boorstin in her promoagenda hit piece knocking off cash, April 22, 2017…mild global soft sell nudge for currency less societal models. Using cash makes one a victim when $100.00, $50.00 available for use and makes one completely vunerable to commiting crime cash use. Double win, go figure.

    • Ann says:

      Media talking heads so dumb! Fortunately many are now questioning what they hear on the so called “news” more like brainwashing

  5. Srk says:

    Collapse and discontinued use of previously abundant, disposable, petroleum based plastic bags, means what to civilized trade societies? Especially the now wet, USA? What other convienent trade items are axed next in the name of saving the planet?

  6. Srk says:

    Wholesale Automatic US car loans, pennies on dollar, debt for non carbonly correct vehicles, pity the borrowers, they really do not know what they’ve tried to gain will in the end lose, hopefully will stop consumerism globally, asap

    • Clikue says:

      Rate hike announced, which was alleged to trigger the Big Selloff. Then debt ceiling hit on Mar 15. Again, no word anywhere or dent in DJIA. None of the usual histrionics or drama about “raising debt ceiling” etc Werent these indicators the sign that the economy was going to explode?
      shows how utterly arbitrary, corrupt, and fraudulent this market is that nothing in reality impacts it. All totally a media mirage of fakery.

      • Srk says:

        Silent, yet steady, soon to be replaced currencies collapse. Feds signal more US based interest rate hikes this year signal more global dollar interest rate hikes across the chessboard. Slowly, almost imperceptively impact, rippling, throughout global financial waters, until the devastating out of the blue lethal Tsunami reaches peak saturated, shores…All global markets washed out in a panic. Financial asteroid set off by deep space, uh, deep, state…sorry, their bad.

  7. Srk says:

    Barclay’s, anyone…

  8. pow says:

    Russia was always an Illuminati creation. Koch Bros made their millions there developing oil industry for Stalin. Harriman, Rockefeller’s Chase and all down the line. Bolsheviks were the first zionists to annihilate Russia. 1990 and the neocons Shock therapy continued it. Russia now owned by the jewish Oligarchs who swindled all former USSR industries into their own pockets.
    Century later? Russia military is middling, w/ many outdated tanks, weapons, rusty nukes etc. Its over hyped S300 /S400 couldnt pick up a single target to defend Syria. junk. Economy the size of Spain, w/ decreasing birth rate and wide open frontier borders.
    I dont believe a word of this Russian enemy stuff. Phonier than Cold War. Russia now more Xtian than EU or USA.
    Read Anthony Sutton, Carroll Quigley.

  9. Al says:

    As far as I know, Trump was influenced by Pastor Norman Vincent Peale and his church a lot. Pastor Normans portrait is hanging in a Scottish Rite Lodge. Seems that Norman is a 33 degree mason. I don’t believe that Trump is out of control.

    • Clikue says:

      Develope some discernment and learn some priorities. Messages are more important than spellings and abbreviations. Why dont you start protesting what REALLY matters- like the down fall of your nation. Typical Xtian who fixates on triviality while the country is collapsing. Its the likes of you, why a society w/ more chuches than ever, is yet completely irrelevant in America. Wise up

  10. NoGlobalGov says:

    I am of the opinion that ‘PJ’ is giving us disinformation. For some unknown reason the ‘thumbs down’ button won’t work. Trump’s surrounded himself with a Jewish cabal just like all the others. He’s one of them. The elite want Russia to strike first just like they wanted Germany and Japan to strike first They can then avoid the blame for war and for the financial collapse and the chaos caused will facilitate the people accepting their horrid One World Government.

  11. PJ says:

    a message from Stan Johnson of the Prophecy Club

    Lindsey Williams newest DVD is scheduled to be released the first of February. I am looking forward to seeing it. I have spent over 2 hours speaking with Lindsey about what he has been told by his Elite friends. From what I am told this is going to be a VERY important DVD for you to have. More on that in a moment.

    Lindsey was told that Henry Kissinger went to Trump Tower to kiss Trumps feet. To tell him the Elite know he is not bought or controlled and they have decided NOT to fight him but to cooperate with him. They have decided to give him 8 years of prosperity and happiness. They are NOT going to crash the dollar as was previously planned. Yes, there is more, much more but this is the part I must speak to.

    Understand Lindsey is only the delivery boy. He doesn’t write the script he just delivers it.


    I asked Lindsey, “Isn’t the Elite primarily a western group and not necessarily Russian?” He said, “Yes.” To summarize the rest of the conversation we concluded that the Russians may well upset the plans of the Elite with their plans to take America down. Many times Lindsey has stated the goal of the Elite is to comfortably merge America into a World Government. They do NOT want protests, blood in the streets and certainly don”t want war!

    However, those aren’t the plans of the Russians! The Russians are prepared and growing in military strength daily to fight and win a nuclear war with America so say the Prophets and news reports.


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