Lindsey Williams – Time Out Productions – Kevin Gallagher – December 2013

Lindsey Williams – Time Out Productions – Kevin Gallagher – December 2013

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Lindsey Williams on Time Out Productions speaking with Kevin Gallagher in December 2013 talking about a planned Global currency reset planned to take place before the end of March 2014 and the coming 30% devaluation of the US Dollar.

He announces his new DVD “Global Currency Reset” that is now available at Prophecy Club. It is available for express shipment now.

Kevin Gallagher’s show can be listened to at the Time Out Productions website.

Find out more about Lindsey Williams' DVDs
Lindsey Williams' DVDs


3 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – Time Out Productions – Kevin Gallagher – December 2013”

  1. Frederick P. Donikowski says:

    Global Currency Reset latest update on Kevin Gallager’s show by Lindsey Williams states for the 1st time that some Currencies will be increased!!! Buy currencies that will be going up now. This will give you the best leverage agonst the pending devaluation of the US dollar. Now get this. This is the best way to assert your independence from the RESET besides buying bullion gold eagles and junk silver. Save what is left of our country by becoming a multimillionaire now and reinvesting in small business and buying US made goods! You can do it but probably only a few days are left. Buy from your bank through the teller at window Monday!

  2. Michael says:

    This is for real. Coming to your SOON!

    • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

      Clickex sounds like the Insiders’ new global digital-only currency, the last thing on earth we should support as we will be cashless & controlled!!


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