Lindsey Williams – New Information and Radio Schedule

“We Need a RESET IN THE WAY THE ECONOMY GROWS Around the World” – Christine Lagarde, IMF Chairman

This is one of the most important articles Pastor Williams and I have created.

Pastor Williams has sent his radio interview schedule that is posted above. He will be discussing alternative and natural healthcare with Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez MD of the IBC Hospital & Health Care Center in Tijuana, Mexico. It will be very important for you to listen to these shows if you value your health. Everything is connected, health and wealth are intertwined and therefore when Pastor Williams talks about the health of the American people it is important that you listen. I am sure he will also talk about the Global Currency Reset during the interviews, so please make sure you take the time to listen.

I was also sent a number of articles by Pastor Williams relating to the Global Currency Reset. The first article he sent me talks about how the currencies of the world will be revalued. Every country under IMF and World Bank control will be valued based upon their assets. This means physical assets as well as the country’s ability to make future profits from such areas as oil extraction, mining, refinement, fishing, forestry and agriculture. The more jobs a country can create to produce tangible goods, the higher the currency value. Around the world the outlook is a positive one, where those country’s currencies are revalued higher will benefit from the ability to improve their lifestyles. For example Africa will see water wells drilled, irrigation systems installed for crop and livestock production to help produce exportable commodities. All of these will see many of the third world countries standards of living raised considerably.

What does this mean for Americans? Max Keiser, of Max Keiser Financial War Reports said this “What will happen is there’s going to be a currency revaluation across the globe. The dollar will probably be cut in half versus its other major trading currencies. Gold in particular will have to be, as it was in the 30’s, valued upward. So gold and precious metals and any currency that beings in a basket of commodities or precious metals as the basis of that currency will, in concert, you’re going to see a revaluation of gold bullion I believe… and you can see the price of gold move up 50, 60% in one day or one week, or it could move 100% in a week. This means that all currencies are going to be revalued against gold and the currency that stands to lose the most would be the US dollar.

And people will wake up in America, as it has happened in other countries, like Iceland recently, or other bail out countries from the IMF, or in Russia, or in the UK in the 70’s and suddenly they wake up and it’s like our currency was devalued by 50%, we’re now being bailed out by the IMF and the world bank, everything at the store costs double or triple or quadruple, and there’s nothing they can do about it because it’s not like these things happening without a careful coordinated plan by the banking establishments around the world that’s setting this all up to go when it needs to go. It’s going to be relatively effortless on their part.”

What Pastor Williams has said is being repeated through many other outlets including King World News “The new system will be backed by hard assets, one of which most assuredly will be gold, and the gold price could well be revalued overnight in that process. The timing of all of this is imprecise, but it’s inevitable. So as much as the short-term price action might have people frustrated, it shouldn’t disturb their long-term view in the least.” Silver Doctors says “Ben Davies states that revaluing gold and backing the monetary system with it could be one of the least disruptive ways out of the credit mess.” Also, “There will be no currency war, but there will be co-ordinated devaluation of all G20 currencies against gold, just like there was in the 1930’s.” Goldseek has said “But, far from being a silly idea, gold revaluation has been a mechanism of restoring solvency to government since central banking was invented and is very much a serious topic now as central banks race to devalue against each other …” GATA also said “Millar stresses the periodic upward revaluation of gold as the mechanism for defeating a deflationary debt depression at the end of an economic cycle” and went on to say “However, it appears that Phase 4 (instability and ultimately deflation due to excessive debt) may have started. If so, Phase 5 (revaluation of the gold price to raise the monetary value of the world monetary base and hence reduce the burden of debt) becomes likely or inevitable. The extent of that revaluation would need to be major according to our calculations, probably by a factor of at least seven times, possibly by up to 20 times the current price of gold.”

A precedent has been set by the book ‘The Silver Bomb’, which said “The era of debt-based economy, which is dependent upon the creation of debt, which is leveraged with still more debt will draw to an end. The free-fall will come to a sudden stop and the hard reset of the respective values of all commodities and currencies will occur. The banks are already preparing for the paradigm shift.”

If you have visited I recommend that you review the comments section of the latest articles. Our very active and informed commenters have given us hundreds of great comments bearing information that continues to confirm what Pastor Williams has said. There is thorough analysis of the chairman of the IMF Christine Lagarde’s recent speech at The National Press Club including the blatant statement alluding to global currency reset “…forthcoming asset quality and stress tests that will take place in 2014.” Later global currency reset confirmed in her speech at Davos World Economic Forum“We Need a RESET IN THE WAY THE ECONOMY GROWS Around the World”. The IMF is telling you what they are going to do. Definitely keep an eye out on what the IMF is saying.

Christine Lagarde - IMF - Global Currency Reset

Christine Lagarde, Chairman IMF at ‘Davos World Economic Forum’.

Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price has given an interview to Mexican news website Inteligencia Financiera Global stating that “The world is attempting to live by means of the great lie of fiat money. It will not work. You deal with Reality by means of Truth; Truth is thinking that checks with Reality. Gold is money, and if we refuse to face that fact, we are lying.” He also talks about how we got to this current global economic crisis. “We got to this state because our leaders – in Universities and in Politics – have wished to forget Reality and have thought that by using our brains we can get around Reality. Thus our thinkers and political leaders have been attempting to put Reality to one side and in its place, use fictitious money, which can be manipulated to keep people happy.” He goes on to say “Our leaders have chosen mass deceit as their instrument of power. What they will obtain will be utter chaos and disorder, and mass impoverishment.” Price goes on to say “The clear beneficiaries of monetary and credit expansion are those who get the money and the credit first, before the rest of the people. They become wealthier, at least for a time, while the rest of the people sink into diminished well-being. But, eventually, all goes up in smoke and heads begin to roll: those of the guilty as well as those of the innocent.”

Hugo Salinas Price also talks about precious metal markets manipulation saying “Of course the gold and silver markets and manipulated. You have to either be blind or a Harvard Graduate with doctorate in Economics to ignore the fact. The purpose of the manipulation is the same as the purpose of the French Revolutionaries in attacking gold when they were printing their “Assignats” paper money like crazy; to try to suppress the indicator, which showed the destruction they were carrying out with unlimited printing of fiat money. Gold tells the Truth and so it is an enemy of those who wish to deceive their populations. Paul Adolph Volcker, famous head of the Federal Reserve of the US, once stated: “Gold is my enemy”.

On a return to a gold standard he said “A return to a gold standard will not be possible until thinkers and leaders begin to think differently from how they think today. We know for a fact that people in Asia have not forgotten about gold. They are buying gold frantically. They can see what we cannot, that the dollar is doomed. Perhaps a new monetary order may be imposed by China and Russia acting together. At least, that is a hope.” Price also talks about the “thousand individuals” who control the world and that “the people themselves who enslave themselves”.

Mr Price also talks about China accumulating gold at a high rate. He said “… the Chinese are not so silly as to think that gold is no longer of vital interest and importance to humans. China is thousands of years old. The US is not even 250 years old. They know that the rule of the US dollar is coming to an end, and are preparing for that moment. They are not talking about this, because they know that those who think understand China’s motives, while it is useless to explain their motives to those who will not think.

Importantly Hugo Salinas Price talked about the Federal Reserve’s gold reserves. He said “… the US does not have the gold it says it has. The US was the custodian of a gold cookie-jar, and the US government ate up all the cookies. They have no gold left-“.

The second article Pastor Williams sent me more or less confirms what Hugo Salinas Price says relating to the Federal Reserve not having the gold reserves it says it has. Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr Paul Craig Roberts has said this of the Federal Reserve “They don’t have any more gold. That’s why they can only give Germany 5 tons of the 1,500 tons it’s holding. In fact, when Germany asked for this delivery last year, the Fed said no. But, it said we will give you back 300 tons … So, they said we will give you back 20% of what you trusted us to keep for you over the next seven years, but they are not even able to do that.” He goes on to confirm that the holdings of gold in the West are being drained and transferred to Asia. Because the Federal Reserve does not have the physical gold they are turning to massive ‘naked shorts’ of gold futures contracts. This has also been discussed in the e-book I wrote in October 2013 detailing ’10 Steps to Avoid the Crash’. In summary Dr Roberts said “They don’t have real gold … So they come in and dump contracts, say in a period of 6 minutes, that are three times the amount of gold COMEX has to make delivery. So, it drives down the price of gold. That’s how they got the price of gold down from $1,900 to $1,250.” This blatant manipulation of the gold markets confirms why the Federal Reserve will not allow anyone to audit their vaults, because they don’t have any.

Dr Roberts also goes on to say “The ability to continue selling these ‘naked shorts’ is now disappearing because there is no gold left to back them up … None of these ETF’s has the gold to back the shares. The ability to continue looting them in order to make good on gold deliveries is running out. So, this will prevent the Fed from selling ‘naked shorts’ to protect the dollar from its policy of quantitative easing … You can’t print $1,000 billion of new dollars every year without causing other holders of dollars to wonder about the value of the money and to seek a way of getting out of it. China has been doing that by going into gold.” This confirms what Pastor Williams has been saying for many years, “get out of paper” and “Gold and silver are the currency of the Elite.”

Roberts predicts, “If people in the West try to move from dollars into bullion and there’s not any to speak of, then you would see a massive rise in the price.” He also predicts “I think, this year, you are going to see a further downturn in the economy. The signs are not only that we do not have a recovery, but it’s going to get worse … Christmas sales were very negative. There’s no growth in people’s income and no jobs. So, if the economy goes down further, what does that mean? It means the deficit widens. It means they have a greater debt ceiling lift. They have to have a bigger ceiling increase, and all of this will alarm the world. They’ll say, good heavens, they already had a trillion dollar deficit. Now it’s gone up, and the Fed can’t stop the quantitative easing without the stock and bond market collapsing. The banks’ solvency will become an issue. So, the world is watching a bigger deficit, more printing of money, and they are likely to start dumping dollars. When they do that, they’ll say ‘gold, I want gold’. There’s not much supply to meet demand, and the price has to escalate. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if that shows up this year.”

Also confirming what Pastor Williams has been told by his Elite friend that the Affordable Health Care Act is not about healthcare. Dr Roberts said “The Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable and doesn’t provide care. It’s a way to loot the poorest people and steal whatever assets they have … The poorest who are supposed to be helped are herded into Medicaid, where any property they own is subject to estate recovery.” Medicaid Estate Recovery is the process initiated by U.S. state governments for recovering payments they made under the Medicaid program to program beneficiaries. The government recovers the sum of payments from the estate at the time of death of the program beneficiary.

A few people have complained that nothing has happened, yet. They should take every day as a blessing when nothing happens, because it is another day they can use to prepare. Most people who read this article will do nothing. I don’t know why people wait until it’s too late. You have the information not only from Pastor Williams, but from many other sources. You know the US debt can no longer continue to spiral out of control. You have the ability to do what you can to protect yourself and your family. Your time to prepare is running out. Those relative few who have taken steps to protect themselves from what is about to happen are going to be glad they did when the dust settles.

To those who are still on the fence, please read through Pastor Williams’ website. Listen to his radio interviews; watch his DVDs and films some of which are freely available on YouTube. Follow the advice given in the free e-book ’10 Steps to Avoid the Crash’. All this help and advice is there to help you protect yourself.

Those of you who haven’t at least converted part of their investments from worthless paper assets into physical gold and silver – I have to ask why you are so hesitant? When the Global Currency Reset happens, it’s likely your investments will halve in value overnight Those who wait and do not take heed the warnings laid out by not only Pastor Williams but other highly respected individuals are taking a very big risk to their family’s health and wellbeing. Please take the warnings shared by a former Federal Reserve Chairman, a Billionaire, even the chairman of the IMF. The Global Currency Reset is real. Gold is more precious now than it ever was, you should now understand why Pastor Williams has repeated many times that Gold and Silver are the currency of the Elite. The collapse is coming, it is inevitable. Protect yourselves and your families. You have the tools, now use them. Stop procrastinating, start doing something however small, today!

If you do not know of a reputable company that can convert your paper assets into physical gold I personally recommend Regal Assets who are an expert in converting your IRA and 401k into gold, silver and other precious metals. The process is relatively painless with only a few forms to complete, so great for those who have never bought gold or silver before. For Pastor Williams’ email list subscribers they will pay the first year dues for retirement accounts, which include all the setup fees, administration fees, storage fees and delivery of metals, saving over $500. They also have a 7 day delivery guarantee. This guarantee is invaluable when the Federal Reserve and COMEX are struggling to deliver. You can contact Regal Assets toll free on 1-888-748-6766. Another service that is good is GoldSilver, for those who want to order smaller quantities of gold and silver for delivery. Mills Crenshaw, one of Pastor Williams’ friends for over 40 years and a host of a national radio show also sells small unit gold and silver and can be contacted on 1-801-706-2256.

“Gold and silver are the currency of the Elite” – Pastor Lindsey Williams

“China is in big trouble!”… News just in before publishing of this newsletter from Pastor Williams, “In Mexico I just talked with a business person from the Philippines who frequents Hong Kong. They briefed me for about an hour about what is happening in China with banking trouble, real estate problems and an unhappy populous. The Chinese New Year (Our January 31st 2014) is very significant. Watch out – Anything could happen.”

145 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – New Information and Radio Schedule”

  1. David B says:

    This is getting exciting.

    Gold and silver is cheap still, I’m buying more today.

    Thank you, Thank you

  2. singwin says:

    Thanks for your new article but I am still not 100% convinced GCR will happen anytime soon.

    “A return to a gold standard will not be possible until thinkers and leaders begin to think differently from how they think today”

    I don’t believe world leaders think differently and would like to return to gold standard. The US has gained so much power from the dollar as fiat money and reserve curreny. Don’t get me wrong. I did buy lots of gold. I believe in honest money but GCR is just too good to be true.

    “In Mexico I just talked with a business person from the Philippines who frequents Hong Kong. They briefed me for about an hour about what is happening in China with banking trouble, real estate problems and an unhappy populous. The Chinese New Year (Our January 31st 2014) is very significant. Watch out – Anything could happen.”

    I don’t know about that. I am a Chinese living in HK and I can tell you the no. 1 priority of Chinese government is stability. I doubt if they would allow anything bad to happen during the Chinese new year.

    • Y Diddy says:

      It’s not about US hegemony anymore. You’re failing to look at it in the context of a globalized world. The financial power resides within supranational organizations like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements. The political power is within intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations. Multinational corporations are just that – multinational, and all of the above are integrated by groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission.

  3. srknox says:

    First, debt sustainability, via IMF style, complete financial reform, repudiation of private property by, “aggressively mobilize domestic revenue”, “…drastic measures…” and …”series of escalating income and consumption tax increases culminating in the direct confiscation of assets.”

    Initial target tax rate: 10%, “…all households with positive net wealth with retirement savings (savings, checking, 401k’s IRA’s), or home equity, would have their assets plundered, under the IMF’s formulation., Taxing times.

    Then currency wars, Global currency reset.

    Lowering standard of living comparable to third world countries. Remarkable experiment, remarkable experiment, indeed.

    Then trade wars, via TransPacificPartnership

    Former Canadian Prime Minister:

    We’re all going to have to give up a little bit of our sovereignty in order to make the world work

    There’s going to have to be global governance.



  4. TC601 says:

    The GCR is not bad for China. China will benefit from the GCR. The playing field will be more level with the BRICS nations havin more control. America will lose some power as a result of the GCR.

  5. Fall Fiesta says:

    I have to say that the TRU News radio program aired today (01-27-14) with Rick Wiles interviewing Jim Willie was very interesting! I think Jim elaborates in more detail what the pastor would like to say but cannot.
    On another note, it is amazing all the weird stuff that is happening at the Vatican, with the tasteless and sin ridden Grammy Awards and with all the sports events to come in the next few weeks.
    It is time for Christians to WAKE UP!!!!

  6. Larry says:

    First let me thank this site for trying to keep people informed on this critical topic.

    It is important to stay as informed as possible. I am going to post this link to my blog on every new update so anyone who wants to can use the info there. This blog is intended as a public service only. I will follow this story to conclusion and post all the quality information I can find for free use and circulation.

    My goal is to locate credible information so people who don’t have time to keep up can go here to see all related info on one blog site.

    When I post articles it does not mean I am promoting the content or making predictions. It means I think the article is good enough to merit someone’s time to read it. My view is not important. Factual information is important.

    Here is the blog link for anyone interested:

    • Larry says:

      I want to add this. Don’t worry if exact time frames people give do not pan out. People are trying to do the best they can with information they have I am sure. This is one topic where being too early is way better than being too late.

      Just appreciate anyone trying to provide good information. That is my feeling on it.

      • chloeJ says:

        They are bragging on a neighboring website:

        “We started the economic meltown on holocaust remembrance day!

        Straight from Satan’s mouth. Truly a spiritual battle against the powers & principalities. Pastor Williams is right to exhort us to Jesus

  7. Marathonman says:

    Thank you James Harkin for this extensive write up. Your tireless effort is always appreciated.

    Now we shall wait for the day of reckoning. Victory to us all!!

    • Peter B says:

      This insider report is really worth reading, as it is an indication (as if one were needed) that the next few days are going to be critical. It is all the more credible for not coming from within what might now be called the ‘Global Currency Reset Communiy’, nor from the cluster of sites focused almost exclusively on the Iraqi Dinar.

      I had already heard about the threat of a Chinese trust default on Jan 31, and this absolutely confirms LW’s remark that ‘anything could happen’ this coming weekend.

      At the same time, this report reinforces my impression that the financial elite (if last Saturday’s Davos panel discussion is anything to go by) may well be far too sure of themselves if they think that they can manipulate global public reaction to events which will rapidly turn chaotic. The feeling is inescapable that the elite have placed too much faith in their own technical analysis and institutional power in terms of predicting the outcome of certain policies, not sufficiently taking into account the non-linear nature of human societal interactions which are almost sure to spiral out of all control in the event of major turbulence such as is being forecast.

      Arrogance is bound to prove to be the elite’s Achilles heel.

    • Peter B says:

      According to Reuters and Bloomberg reports, it seems that some kind of deal was struck on Monday to avert the impending default re. China Credit Trust/Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

      However, this by no means implies that the underlying issue of China’s shadow banking sytem has gone away. And China is in any case only one piece of the global financial jigsaw, even if it is a huge one. Vigilance remains very much in order in the days to come.

  8. John says:

    People need to start arming themselves- mentally against what we face. Everyone needs to study their sovereign rights and enforce them within this corrupt system. They need to remove financial support for this system and bleed the beast dry. An informed collective can quickly cripple the IRS, local tax authorities, judicial(statute) system, and government.
    AND you CAN do it within this corrupt system.

    SPREAD IT- The guy is being illegally held right now fighting these criminals single highhandedly. He has proven for 14 years that the enforcement of rights within this system work. All they can do is kidnap him illegally without warrant and hold him illegally. Imagine if several thousand started learning their rights! Get off your butts and learn and take back your RIGHTS.

  9. Falesteeni says:

    I got one thing to say. “Those who live by the Dollar WILL Vanish with the Dollar”

  10. Jim says:

    Does anyone have thoughts on what will happen to gold and silver related stocks (like the gold mining etf GDX) when the GCR hits? Will they go up with gold and silver or crash along with the stock market?

  11. Jimm Motyka says:

    I don’t think anyone has speculated the obvious here yet, but with Pastor Williams resuming interviews on Monday (2/3), does this mean that the GCR will happen this weekend? Lagarde was pretty direct in mentioning the Chinese New Year in her speech to the National Press Club. People tend to forget (or simply don’t know) that the occultists/elite/illuminists will be celebrating Imbolc during this time period, so I’m seeing a possibility here. Having Lagarde as the focal point on this, during this festival, is a bit uncanny (to asy the least).

  12. Ann says:


  13. michael says:

    What happens to third world countries.Why not buy currency of third world countries? They don’t have much industry to be affected. They have more of an agricultural and energy based economy.
    any comment

    • David B says:

      I would not second guess what currency are going to go down or up in value. Unless you have risk money to waste

      Gold and silver are going up verses all currencies

  14. Veronica says:

    Thank you for the updated interview schedule and the continued inside information.

    May I ask, though, why is Pastor Williams not going on the large alternative shows this year? He has been on Infowars regularly as well as Coast to Coast. Thanks for the response.

  15. chloeJ says:

    Shock And Awe From Turkey Which Hikes Overnight Rate By 4.25% To 12%, Blows Away Expectations
    TURKEY’S CENTRAL BANK RAISES OVERNIGHT LENDING RATE TO 12.00% – this is the key rate, which was just hiked by an unprecedented 4.25%

  16. Singwin says:

    The problem of Credits Equal Gold trust was solve. No default. Nothing bad will happen in China during new year holiday. Don’t trust anyone says anything on the internet!

    • Peter B says:

      See my reply above. A temporary solution for the China Credit Trust situation was found on Monday, but
      a) the threat was real and reported in many outlets such as
      b) the structural issues regarding China’s shadow banking sector remain
      c) the potential timing of a Global Currency Reset is not necessarily linked to the question of the China Credit Trust, so it cannot be concluded that nothing will happen in the coming days. There are so many different factors in operation here that all bets have to be off.

      • singwin says:

        I don’t trust what Gordon Chang (and Forbes) said about China. He has a track record only reporting bad news. The default of Credits Equal Gold was an old news. It was already settled, days ago.

        The insider report from could only be treated as fiction. Why would I trust someone I don’t know writing anything on the internet? It’s no secret Geogre Soros want to short China. I wouldn’t doubt he control both the main stream and alternative media to deliver information for his own agenda.

        Today the Feb announced another taper of 100B per month. 10 year T bill is now at 2.69% So what about those who insisted on “QE to infinity”? Nobody could be trused on the internet.

        For the last few years I’ve heard so many times about “the collapse is comming” and they are wrong every single time.

        I am not saying GCS is not real. I just don’t know. People tend to over-connect the dots to build a picture they want to see.

    • Wallingford says:

      China Trust wasnt an internet rumor. China said it itself on official statement. Countries around the globe are starting to raise interest rates. Recall Lindsey’s warning long ago re: when interest rise. (he referred to EU, but with interconnected systems- the contagion could spread if the country GDP is big enough- and Turkey’s is)

      • singwin says:

        I guess when Lindsey said raise in interest rate, he was talking about US Tresaury interest rate, that’s what all the interest rate swap contracts are tied to. Due to Feb’s tapering, money flow out from other countries and back to US Treasury. That’s why other countries need to raise interest rate, while the 10-year T-Bill is not rising.

        The China Trust was a real problem. The shadow banking in China is a real big problem. But just like the EU debt crisis a year a ago. They could just papered over it.

  17. singwin says:

    If nothing happen between now and 3 Feb, then my guess is Lindsey Williams will say the elites change their plan and we have more time to prepare in the radio show. I am not saying GCR is not real. GCR may be real and I hope it’s real. But It doesn’t make sense that it will start from China during the Chinese holiday when all markets are closed and nobody go to work. Of course It could start from Japan, EU, Trukey,, etc. We’ll see.

  18. Jessica says:

    Is Lindsey still expecting a global currency reset by the time the 90 days are up?

  19. Wallingford says:

    Whether its 60, 90 or 120 days- Lindsey is correct that it will occur. Pushback from the public and one NWO faction vs another may buy us more time. HSBC tried to implement a policy where withdrawals were only granted after interrogation- this, from the biggest drug laundering entity in the world for narco-terrorists.
    Now look-

    The pace may be slowed, but the outcome is assured, esp as US citizens refuse to fight for their sovereignty, and will allow NWO to do what it wants.

    • Peter B says:

      It’s important to remember that when LW first relayed the news about the Global Currency Reset (several months after various New Age websites had already put out quite detailed information about GCR implementation, Christine Lagarde’s impatience with Wells Fargo etc.) it was with the proviso ‘IF Christine Lagarde gets her way’. It’s clear that there are huge variables involved here which nobody on earth controls or CAN control – the global economy is a complex, non-linear system.

      A couple of excellent articles have come out at which underline the confusion and contradictions that seem to characterize prognoses at the moment.

      The first concerns the ‘IMF’s Emerging Confusion On Emerging Markets’, and eloquently demonstrates that IMF economists are unable to read the situation in emerging markets, sending out contradictory signals:

      The second quotes JPMorgan(!!!) as saying that ‘Avoiding China defaults now will amplify the future problem’. The sheer irony of this statement has not been lost on readers, as you’ll see if you look at the er…forthright comments.
      This rather confirms the detailed investigative work of commentators such as London whistleblower Andrew Maguire who for months now has been saying that the ‘too big to jail’ banks (i.e. JPM and Goldman Sachs) have been playing a blatant double game, particularly with regards to the precious metals markets. On one hand they have been trying to convince the public that gold is a ‘slam dunk sell’ (GS), while on the other they (JPM) have been massively moving long on gold for their house accounts. This, says Maguire, is exactly what Goldman Sachs did a decade earlier, as can be proved from the records of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange when they were still public. In other words, the claim is that the banks’ strategy is to get the shorts to take on their risk assets (i.e. fraudulent paper gold contracts), while they themselves prepare for WHAT THEY KNOW IS COMING by going to the trusted safe haven – PHYSICAL metal.

  20. Wallingford says:

    As per Pastor Lindsey’s newest post on the mandatory Retirement levies- isnt this what Social Security was supposed to be? Now we are to be taxed TWICE under the guise of “retirement funds”? Unbelievable. WHERE is America? Their Superbowl god will not protect nor save them from coming disasters, yet they have little time for aught else.

  21. Y Diddy says:

    Interesting that Lindsey said “The Chinese New Year (Our January 31st 2014) is very significant. Watch out – Anything could happen.”

    given this article:

    this video of Lagarde is also interesting:

    she ambiguously uses the word ‘reset’ at 9:11

  22. Jimm Motyka says:

    The GCR is VERY close, especially with news like this. Is tomorrow “the” day? (Pun intended) The “Horse” is at the gate for the Chinese New Year.

    • Wallingford says:

      Grammy Awards featured the satanic ritual, muscial number called “Dark Horse”- they have officially unveiled the next phase. Even entertainment vets were startled by the blatancy of the ritual. Perry seems to be used as a conduit for ‘messages’ – her latest album was called ‘Prism’ also name of the NSA super surveillance system

  23. Nick G says:

    Lindsey, you were right! It’s on CNBC about the reset!

    I went ahead and made a site and will be posting information. This is my first website but it’s already #3 on google!

    I will post ANYTHING YOU ASK.


  24. Wallingford says:

    Did the China Trust bank that was going to default on 1/31 actually do so? Has been little on the subject today. Was supposed to be a game changer.

    • Peter B says:

      See the comments above – the default was averted by a deal struck on Monday, but the structural problems regarding China’s ‘shadow banking’ system remain, as even JP Morgan are now admitting:

    • singwin says:

      I would not trust anything Gordon Chang writes about China. He is a permabear. He once predicted the Chinese government will be over-thrown by 2013, which did not happen ofcourse.

      Similarly, I would not trust what KingWorldNews writes about the metals. They are permabull.

      Today is 1 Feb already and nothing bad happend in China.

      Today the 10 years T-bill is 2.65 and it’s trend is goning down. We are in a classical deflationary situation where money rush to US Treasury for safty.

      I have a feeling that GCR will not happen by 21 Feb (3 months from LW’s first announcement).

      It could be the elites did not have their way.

      It could be the whole GCR is a piece of dis-information.

      • Peter B says:

        Of course needs to be read and listened to critically, like anything (including this site).

        It is certainly true that it is sponsored by mining companies, that it has a defined editorial line and that KWN headlines sometimes tend towards sensationalism.

        HOWEVER, what carries weight in an evaluation of KWN content is the sheer number of interviewees with proven track records either in investment or government who are able to support their arguments with hard evidence, charts, analysis, COMEX inventory statistics etc. Figures such as David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts, James Rickards and Eric Sprott are heavyweights in a completely different category from even a Jim Willie (who is undoubtedly an extremely creative thinker with flashes of brilliance but whose analysis contains a large dose of speculation).

        In addition, the exposure by KWN interviewees of the technical details of high-frequency/algorithmic trading – only visible to people who follow graphs on an hour-to-hour basis – and its role in the manipulation of the precious metals markets is an invaluable public service. The action that is in progress on the part of the German regulators BaFin against the banks makes it clear that we are not merely dealing with a conspiracy theory here. All indications are that BaFin’s findings are already corroborating what folks such as Andrew Maguire, GATA or Dimitri Speck have been saying for years through many channels besides King World News.

        • Larry says:

          Great thoughts Peter B.

          All media sources have some credible news, some speculation, and some I am sure put out disinformation. It’s good to read a wide variety of sources understanding any bias they come from.

          That is what I try to do on my blogsite. I’ll offer this thought for what its worth on timing. Some research I have done for my blog leads me to believe that there is a plan in mind to undergo a reset. And there may even be some kind of timetable.

          But I think there are competing interests in the world that are negotiating trying to see if change can be done on a cooperative basis through the IMF for example. But since this would involve the US bankers giving up power (the dollar loses reserve status), there are problems getting everyone on board. This jives with a recent comment here that Mr. Williams heard that LaGarde was unhappy at how some things were unfolding. Keep in mind the US Congress refused to agree to more power at the IMF for the BRIC bloc.

          Until and unless these powerful competing entities (the old guard US FED and IMF vs. the new BRIC led coalition) can reach agreement, things may be delayed.
          Also, politicians will want to be involved and that adds complications. If they can’t all get on the same page, things could break down and they might starting fighting with each other (intensified currency war like we just saw this past week).

          Of course a sudden major crisis could trigger the change and that is always possible too.

          So my research indicates all these factors could impact the timing of a reset and also how it actually unfolds. That is why I am following it on my blog site and archiving what I think are key pieces to this puzzle over time. To have a base of solid information available for people who care about all this. I am going to follow this to conclusion on the blog no matter how long it takes (unless Google shuts down Blogspot:)

      • Limo says:

        I agree with you. Permabulls and permabears are hazardous to your wealth. The best thing is to hedge your position. The market right now is signalling signs of deflation.

      • singwin says:

        One mis-understanding that I always hear from the gold bulls is their claim that the Chinese government encourage it’s citizens to buy gold. That’s not true. I am a Chinese living in Hong Kong and I work with people living in Shanghai and Shenzen and we have never been encouraged by the government to buy gold. Chinese buy gold mainly for wedding purpose. gold as an investment is a minority game. People are obessed with real estate, both in HK and China. There are lots of mainland Chinese comming to HK to buy gold and I guess the reason is they have so much money and nowhere to spend.

        • Limo says:

          I agree, I have family in Asia and they’re more interested in real estatet. Real estate is mainstream thinking, not gold. Until we see mainstream participation, I highly doubt gold will rise. The graph of gold right now looks like it’s being prepared to be smashed again, and the USD is rising.

  25. Wallingford says:

    So it bought more time, and more debt? Heard rumblings they’ll take gold down to around 1084. by years end.

  26. HolyWarrior says:

    Where did you hear of this info, Wallingford?

  27. michael says:

    China’s currency to overtake U.S. dollar?

  28. Peter B says:

    While I am extremely sceptical about the claims being made by the Iraqi Dinar revaluation community, there is some interesting intelligence just emerging right now at
    The claim that is being made over there is that the Reset (which they are of course hoping will make them rich overnight) is being held up by the American Congress out of a reluctance to give up the US dominant voting position on the IMF. Plausible?

  29. Peter B says:

    Latest from Christine Lagarde: text of the Dimbleby Lecture ‘A new multilateralism for the 21st century’ -
    Quite stimulating reading – no specific mention of a reset here, but a sustained argument in favour of globalization of the international monetary system. In Mme Lagarde’s reading, this multilateralism

    ‘also requires collective responsibility for managing an international monetary system that has traveled light years since the old Bretton Woods system. The collective responsibility would translate into all monetary institutions cooperating closely—mindful of the potential impact of their policies on others.

    In turn, that means we need a financial system for the 21st century. What do I mean by that?

    I mean a financial system that serves the productive economy rather than its own purposes, where jurisdictions only seek their own advantage provided that the greater global good prevails and with a regulatory structure that is global in reach. I mean financial oversight that is effective in clamping down on excess while making sure that credit gets to where it is most needed. I also mean a financial structure in which industry takes co-responsibility for the integrity of the system as a whole, where culture is taken as seriously as capital, and where the ethos is to serve rather than rule the real economy.’

    Reading between the lines here, the key point in relation to the notion of a Global Currency Reset is her clear advocacy of a ‘regulatory structure that is global in reach’. Up to the reader whether this should be interpreted at face value or whether it should be viewed as indicative of a power struggle between the IMF on one hand and national governments on the other.

  30. Richard says:

    Bitcoin Magazine asked me to write this article which relates to what we are following on here for anyone interested:

    It’s about a possible new asset backed cryptocurrency.

  31. Occasnl Trvlr says:

    Looking at these comments, only Wallingford mentions Ms. Perry’s performance.

    Isn’t this blatantly obvious? They are telling us, SHOUTING at us, THIS IS the year of the dark horse.

    “A day’s wages for a loaf of bread,” or somesuch, followed by pestilence.

    On like DONKEY KONG by next lunar new year. Don’t you think so?

  32. Wallingford says:

    seems no more updates from lindsey on the GCR. too bad.

    • Peter B says:

      I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of gagging order at work here for the time being. In any case, something strange definitely seems to be going on more generally: this morning the blog dinaresguru to which I referred earlier was deleted completely. There were extremely detailed and concrete accusations against the insiders written in the course of the last few days on that blog… Basically the contention was that the revaluation of the Iraqi currency (and therefore the GCR, at least in part) had already occurred but was not being made public in order for the insiders to benefit from a completely different rate from the many members of the public who rightly or wrongly have acquired Iraqi dinars ahead of the purported revaluation. The claim is that the insiders have been allowed to make extremely profitable transactions by exchanging a currency (IQD) that is not yet legal in the US. This may naturally be false, but there appears to be a substantial community of people out there who are absolutely convinced that this is happening and that they have the evidence. Only time will tell…

      My question is why the blog has suddenly been deleted, and by whom?

      • Peter B says: is now back in action. Take a look at the material over there: it’s difficult to judge how much of it is true, but it is so detailed that it has to be considered an important source regarding the Currency Reset/Revaluation, at least in the absence of further insider information coming through LW, Jim Willie, ‘White Hat Auxiliary’ or others.

        For example, the first post reads:

        “Mort: my int lawyeer just said that the few countries that already did rv was the 1st basket-so he said the dinar-dong- and the zimbabwe will be among the others coming out next in the 2nd basket-”

        This is predicated on the notion that the GCR is already happening gradually.

        Then read through the ‘TNT Forum’ notes for today; if what is being alleged here has any basis whatever in fact, we have the makings of a Major Political Scandal on our hands…

    • Glen says:

      Pastor Williams was very specific about his prediction of a GCR before March 4, 2014. It hasn’t happened yet so what can he say? He is very busy now in Mexico doing radio interviews promoting a hospital. I am sure that when he has time and has some new info to share he will do so. Until then? Wait.

  33. john says:

    Hey Lindsey is GCR till on track for MARCH 4TH or sooner??? Im hearing there pushing it back some even saying 2015 now? No word from you that things are still on schedule for 90 days. LET US KNOW.

  34. Aurum says:

    There was an OP-ED in the New York Times yesterday titled:

    The IMF Needs a Reset

    They mainly discuss how the voting and the power structure of the IMF member states needs to be reset.

  35. Judy says:

    This has all been so planned, and manipulated, so that a few people could create a One World Currency..They started small, then went National, now heading towards world control. They “think” they are nearing the finish line.
    The whole damn world needs a reset.
    Then, maybe we could discuss all of the crap being put into our skies, which, if allowed to continue will cause an extinction level event in the near future…food for thought!

    • Wallingford says:

      the extinction level event has been in progress for 3 yrs now- its just that so few notice. FUKUSHIMA has poisoned the entire food chain and within a couple yrs the ever accumulating radiation will make the entire W coast UNIHABITABLE- from the Arctic to Peru. Salmon are YELLOW, seals are orange, lobster are being caught that are lavender and even corp media is reporting on “rivers of millions of star fish melting into goo” on W coast. 2012 already, Stanford U found EVERY tuna off Calif was radioactive. NOT ONE, was rad free. This is truly right out of Revelation; a global ticking bomb that can not be stopped. even global currency reset cant outdo that for scope.

      • Mark says:

        Stop spreading this alarmist BS, everybody here has enough to worry about with the world’s fiat economy in the condition it is in.

        Will there be more cancers around the world because of Fukushima? Yes

        Will everyone get cancer? No

        Will there be some increased mutations of animals? Yes

        Will life adapt and more on? Yes, see Chernobyl.

        Don’t get me wrong Fukushima is bad but an Extinction Level Event?!?!? Like the asteriod that killed the dinosaurs!?!? Get real, we’ve got enough to worry about.

        • Wallingford says:

          Get educated or keep quiet. IAEA ok’d dumping of ALL Fukushima radiation into the Pacific- which has been ongoing SINCE DAY 1. 400 tons of it a day, and they cant stop that since Fuku is built atop an underground reservoir. There are THREE fully melted corium cores in the earth (China Syndrome). BTW- Chernobyl- was LANDLOCKED and therefore its spread was finite and not into global oceans- Chernobly was only a quarter the size of the SMALLEST Fuku reactor. There are FOUR reactors in play in Japan nuke complex (some say 6).
          WHO, in a rare moment of half-truth just came out and admitted that cancers will rise worldwide by 70+ % in coming years. (But they tip toe around WHY).
          What I’ve quoted are some hard stats based off Japanese, French and other world nuclear experts/scholars. You want to say YOU know better than Ivy league scientists at STANFORD U? LOLOL I dont think so pal.
          If you cant take the truth, its not my fault. Then check out of reality. GCR, ObamaCare and other manmade policies can be reversed. Fukushima is in a class of its own. Do some research (NOT the NYT) before you go off on a tantrum.

  36. morningstar says:

    WOW watch the first video it is a private prediction from web bot. i know maybe it is tea leaves to some. but then watch the next two and see if this is not exactlly what Lindsey, jim willie and others are talking about Feb-Mar.

    • singwin says:

      I said I don’t trust permabulls and permabears. I don’t trust anyone without any track recors on the internet who claims to have insider information. But webbot is differnt. webbot has a perfect track record of being wrong all the time. I take it as a counter-information. Whatever web bot predicts something, 99% it is not going to happen. So it getting likely that GCR is just a made-up story.

  37. Peter B says:

    Interesting new exchanges over at including an extended statement from ‘White Hat Auxiliary’ which is worth reading (despite an irritated and somewhat superior tone which some readers may find off-putting or downright menacing). Yesterday Reuters produced a news release stating that 40 representatives and senators standing down before the US mid-term elections, which appears to corroborate at least some of what is being said over on the dinaresguru site. These exchanges need to be monitored attentively (though not uncritically): it can’t necessarily be assumed that everything in them is simply hot air and conspiracy theorizing.

    Plea to webmaster – can we get these comment threads into a place on the website where they can easily be read, as they are now embedded several clicks down. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Peter B says:

      Still trying to sort out truth (even if only residues of it) from disinformation on all this. Given what I’m seeing, there seems to be little doubt that anything marked ‘Tony (TNT)’ with regard to the Iraqi Dinar should be systematically ignored as this source has faced legal proceedings for fraud in the past. That he is able to spin out an extended narrative with many details may seem impressive at first, but is in all probability simply evidence of a certain skill at confabulation without which he could not have built up a large following.

      My question is this – take away the infamous ‘TNT Tony’ and what is left? Has he been piggy-backing on legitimate information coming through Lindsey Williams, Jim Willie and public IMF statements in order to keep his yarn about the Dinar going? Close, discerning monitoring needed here.

  38. Ron says:

    Jim Willie is the one to focus on, new audio as of Feb 5. Linsey said watch China, Jim explains why. Jim also says get out of paper and buy gold. The reset is coming but it will be based on gold.

    The web bot or is a waste of your time. Noboby has threatened Jim Willie and he is talking, consider him your source until you hear Linsey tak again.

    • Peter B says:

      Am in broad agreement that Jim Willie is worth listening to and vastly preferable to (even if I felt it necessary to follow the latter until proven false, a little digging throws up too many red flags for it to be considered reliable). The jury is out for me as far as the intel offered by ‘White Hat Auxiliary’ is concerned.

      The brilliance of JW’s analyses ought to be self-evident – my only caution would be that he does indulge in a fair amount of speculation. This is perhaps inevitable given the subject-matter that he tackles. Take his recent theorizing as to the reasons behind the Chinese acquisition of the NYC building with JP Morgan’s gold vault; his fascinating argument that the relatively low price paid by the Chinese for the transaction indicates that the building was put up years ago as collateral definitely has a certain logic and internal coherence to it, but no conclusive proof. He exhibits the strengths and weaknesses of a lone ranger – on one hand an incredible force of conviction, but on the other a tendency towards rant (as came out in his recent Trunews interview, for example).

      My own sense is that JW is best read as part of a broader diet including a variety of voices such as Eric Sprott, Egon von Greyerz, John Hathaway, James Rickards. It is when convergences can be established between several sources that the reader stands the best chance of getting closer to the truth IMHO.

      • Larry says:

        Peter B has well thought out comments imo.

        Don’t accept any one person as the end all of information. Look for good sources of information, test them over time. Hold on to the ones that have the best track records.

        Keep in mind there are a lot of powerful competing forces in the world. When they agree, things happen quicker. When they are arguing, things can stall out.

  39. Creed says:

    Didn’t LW mention something that Bernanke planned before he was Fed chairman to prevent deflation? and he listed four things, the last tool the Fed has is devaluing the dollar, like Roosevelt did??? We have already accomplished the first three…
    I think i found it:
    Last paragraph under “Curing Deflation”:
    “Although a policy of intervening to affect the exchange value of the dollar is nowhere on the horizon today, it’s worth noting that there have been times when exchange rate policy has been an effective weapon against deflation. A striking example from U.S. history is Franklin Roosevelt’s 40 percent devaluation of the dollar against gold in 1933-34, enforced by a program of gold purchases and domestic money creation. The devaluation and the rapid increase in money supply it permitted ended the U.S. deflation remarkably quickly. Indeed, consumer price inflation in the United States, year on year, went from -10.3 percent in 1932 to -5.1 percent in 1933 to 3.4 percent in 1934.17 The economy grew strongly, and by the way, 1934 was one of the best years of the century for the stock market. If nothing else, the episode illustrates that monetary actions can have powerful effects on the economy, even when the nominal interest rate is at or near zero, as was the case at the time of Roosevelt’s devaluation.”

  40. Jimm Motyka says:

    I am in agreement about the WHA. While I have found some of the info credible, there is the discerning side of me that says to listen, but don’t trust. They seem too excited about their big cash day, while telling people they are looking forward to this new level playing field. It seems too paradoxical.

    • singwin says:

      The comment by Adolf Hitler on Harvey Organ is very interesting. I’ve been saying don’t trust anyone say anything on the internet.

      • Pratt says:

        GCR is not just a claim by LW. IMF, World Bank and US govt policy have all been objectively working towards this end.
        NWO was fully intending to implement this by crashing the stock market, among other reasons. But seems they have shifted their tactics at the last moment. That does happen- as with Syria in Sept 2013. This is not LW’s fault.
        Lets continue to watch. We know they WILL eventually do the GCR, be grateful if we’ve gotten a few more months.

  41. singwin says:

    If GCR is going to happen over weekend, only 3 weekends left before 4 March.
    15 Feb
    22 Feb
    1 March

    It’s time to prepare for the most important item, not food, not water, not buttets. It’s to realize that all you have been reading about dollar collapse is not going to happen. it’s the preparation to going back to “main stream”. There is a chance that “dollar collapse” is just an industry, with players who ae coin dealers or people looking for commercial, hit rate, subscription. I am not saying I am sure about that. I am not. I still have some little faith on LW. He made some good calls (and bad calls also). But if you google this topic (dollar being replaced), you will find articles published every year for the last 5 years. Those articles are very similar to every single one being quoted in this web site. I am not saying the dollar will never be replaced. Every person is going to die. But to say that someone is going to die next year is a totally different thing. The internet contains very little truth and a enormous amount of self-interest.

    • Mark says:

      Unless the US stops spending more than it takes in (unlikley), there is no question the dollar collapse is coming. Maybe not in March, but it’s coming and in the near future, and to not prepare for it would be just simply foolish. Every single fiat currency in human history has collapsed, as will the US dollar.

      And as I’ve said before, if Lindsey is wrong, it’s because they are feeding him disinfo or one of the Elite’s plans didn’ work out.

      Lindsey is a good man trying to help us, he’s only a messenger. Don’t blame him for any bad info.

      • singwin says:

        Japan has a debt-to-GPD ration over 250%, much worst than USA. the Yen is still here

        • Mark says:

          Ah, but how much longer? That kind of debt and US debt is not sustainable. It’s all going to break down at some point. And actually the longer the better, more time to get ready.

  42. Peter B says:

    I have said this before, but it needs to be remembered that from the outset Lindsey Williams qualified his remarks on the Global Currency Reset by saying ‘IF Christine Lagarde gets her way’… so I don’t think that talking of bad info is necessarily correct at this stage.

    That there is a major geopolitical transition in progress involving an evolution of the status of the dollar as the sole world’s reserve currency ought to be a secret for nobody. You don’t need to be a follower of LW to sense this. All you need to do is to read the official transcripts of Mme Lagarde’s speeches (e.g. National Press Club) or some official IMF research papers to see that their models predict something different from the present setup.

    The structural pressures within the current system are such that it is clearly unsustainable (just look at any of the graphs of monetary expansion since 2008, for example, or statistics regarding the enormous leveraging in international finance) and there are any number of experts saying this. Periodically there have been resets in the past, such as Bretton Woods in 1944 and its replacement by the petrodollar/fiat currency arrangement in the early 1970s following the blow-up of the London Gold Pool, Nixon’s exit from Bretton Woods and changes in power dynamics of global oil production. Saying that a reset is imminent isn’t crystal-ball gazing, just an application of the lessons of history. Many have compared the situation to the end of the 1960s, the major difference being that we now have the small matter of a $1 quadrillion market of derivatives removed from any underlying asset to deal with. If a society builds its financial structure around a market that many regard as delusional, then at some point sooner or later there will be consequences. These things simply cannot be rolled over ad infinitum without reality reasserting itself.

  43. Jerry says:

    I can’t believe all the people that think this reset is so great. It’s just a further move to a one world government with the elite controlling everything and leading to the mark of the beast.

    • Pratt says:

      Austrian bank going under, is this the start?

    • Glen says:

      If this reset happens we will all suffer. I hope Lindsay has been fed incorrect information. Yes, I would like my silver to go up in value. No, I don’t want the value of my pension to go down. The price is just too high for Americans to handle. I believe that a GCR is inevitable but I also believe we are better off if it happens a couple of years or more into the future. Oh, Jim Willie has a new public article out if you are interested where he discusses the devaluation of the dollar. He believe’s that we are in the process of this happening now.

    • __________ says:

      Don’t believe anything these guys tell you about Obamacare being pushed off till 2016 or anything else. When they say they aren’t going to do something for a few years or they’ll be your friends then that is time to look out even more. It could be a few weeks or months later and we find out they lied to us (again).

      If reports are true that 30% or more people are unemployed and more and more people are on food stamps every day to get by.. then that means they are weakening enough people to accept whatever they propose when the next catastrophe happens. Could be huge earthquakes, war, natural disaster or some feigned false flag. I saw a recent headline stating the latest Trillion dollar bill is 80% going to food stamps. That tells me they are not satisfied with only 30% unemployment.

      Only thing I can truly rely on is Jesus, what the Bible says will happen and maybe some hints at what is coming from people like Lindsey and whistle blowers which seem to be fewer and fewer.

      Jesus is coming.. get ready.

  44. Glen says:

    If you go to JSmineset today you will see an article written by Bill Holter which describes his experience at the latest Jim Sinclair Q and A conference. Exellent article. Mr Sinclair believes the Great Reset will occur in 2 to 3 years. He also says that gold and silver will go up this year, silver could even reach 49 dollars per oz he says. The dollar should go down in value at least 25% this year according to Mr Sinclair. The timing is different but Mr Sinclair’s message is not much different than Pastor Williams. And, this information is coming from Mr Gold so it adds to the message. Now, Jim Sinclair was wrong last year in his short term calls. Long term he is spot on.

    • Pratt says:

      U.S. to suspend pension, retirement funding: Lew The Next 24 Hours May Be Critical For The Debt Ceiling

      WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told Congressional leaders Monday that he is taking two extraordinary measures to avoid hitting the debt limit. In a letter, Lew said he will suspend debt issuance for the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and not invest fully in the Government Securities Investment Fund of the Federal Employees’ Retirment System. Lew said that the actions were taken “during previous debt-limit impasses,” and that both funds “will be made whole once the debt limit is increased.” Federal retirees and employees will be unaffected by these actions, he said

    • singwin says:

      Bill Holter is a coin dealer. Every call about “gold will go up soon” was wrong for the last 2 years. Why is it so different this time?

  45. singwin says:

    I believe Lindsey Williams is a good man, so are most readers here. That’s not the point. I am saying If should continue to trust his information.

    He told me the elites wanted to make 2012 the most event year but it truned out 2012 is just another year.

    He told me the dollar will be dead by 2012 but right now the dollar is still the reserve currency.

    He told me after 2012 a war will break out in middle east and it will spread all over the world.

    He told me gold will go up in proportion to the devaluation of dollar. In readlity, gold dropped and continue to drip after QEII.

    He told me, just in his latest DVD, I have to buy gold by Jan 2014. Today is Feb 2014 and I would still buy gold at cheap price.

    The last good call I could remember is in 2008 when he said the oil price will drop below %50.

    • Sam says:

      Really? If you click on my name you’ll see this huge list I just finished putting together of all the things Lindsey talked about since 2008 that all came true:

      * $50 a barrel oil
      * the arab spring
      * rent to the bankers
      * $2,000 gold (it didn’t quite make it to 2,000 when he said it would but came pretty close so I’m counting it)
      * north dakota oil boom
      * occupy wall street
      * rise of the muslim brotherhood
      * syrian civil war
      * iran provocations
      * debt limit suspension
      * tax hikes on the poor (remember the fiscal cliff?)

      There’s links to all the interviews where he made the claims and then the news articles that were published later proving him right, so there’s no question he knew before they happened.

      BTW after the timeline I get into an easy and novel strategy for using Lindsey’s “updates” to expose the globalists, in case anybody’s interested.

      • singwin says:

        Interesting post. I will study it carefully.

        • Travis says:

          I tend to agree with you, singwin. Lindsey hasn’t been particularly accurate in the past few years. And nothing has transpired to make me believe there will be a reset within the next three weeks. That said, currency crises do tend to happen suddenly.

  46. Ron says:

    Worth a look and study(Jim Willie Archives).

    Notice he has pubished 4 articles this Febuary alone, he is trying to wake people up to whats coming.

    Has anybody here planed to leave the country?

    • J says:

      The RESET will not happen till JULY 2014 it’s been pushed back 4 months. They need more time and America is not cooperating and refuses to sign IMF reset form 2010.

      • singwin says:

        Do you mind telling me how you got this information, J?

      • Chris says:

        US Congress and Obama have no more say here. The process has bypassed Obama for decisions. This thing will go down with or without Obama’s signature. This has been confirmed by WH contact.

  47. Mark says:

    Was watching the House Financial Services Committee hearing with Janet Yellen. And one of the congressmen asked (I’m paraphrasing) “What if the world decides that the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency?” They didn’t show Yellen’s answer. I’ll post the transcript when they put it up. Interesting.

  48. Wallingford. says:

    This is not the first time I ‘ve seen this-

  49. michael says:

    There is 2 weeks left in February will this still take place.

    • Larry says:

      Research I do for my blog on monetary system change indicates that things may be stalled right now. There is an ongoing dispute over and IMF proposal to re allocate voting power at the IMF. It had been expected Congress would approve that already but they didn’t. It is turning into somewhat of a debate. It is not likely any kind of reset plan could move forward until this issue is resolved.

      I plan on putting up articles on this on my blog tomorrow that kind of show where things stand. The US has veto power at the IMF and until Congress approves this, I would not expect any major changes coming out of the IMF which is where a reset would have to come from for all nations to agree on it.

  50. Jimm Motyka says:

    Bob Chapman (International Forecaster) mentioned this to me, years ago. He said that he was aware of bills in the House and Senate, which were not being assigned any numbers. The reason being is that people would get outraged if they knew it was happening and could cross reference the info via a document number. This (again) fits into info that Pastor Williams mentioned in his last DVD. People, it’s not a matter of if, but one of when.

  51. Jimm Motyka says:

    As most of us know, this is not gold appreciating in value, but rather the dollar depreciating in its buying power. In the past three days, many articles similar to this have been written. Movement towards the GCR seems to be happening.

  52. Jimm Motyka says:

    Wait until they have to exchange their old FRNs for the new TRNs and realize that they have lost 30% of their purchasing power.

    I had a dream, a few nights ago, where I saw gasoline immediately go to $5.53 a gallon, all in a matter of hours. I believe that scenario is quickly approaching.

  53. Mike says:

    When is Pastor williams going to be on again
    thank you

  54. pacson says:

    Interesting forecasts and projections. What other issues has Lindsey Williams mentioned for the coming few years? Appears that the events or levels he has mentioned are correct in the direction, level or nature, but markets and political activity changed them just a little bit. Thank you for sharing them!

  55. singwin says:

    The latest few comments make me feel I don’t belong here. It started to look like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. A dream? WHA Contact? Are you guys serious about your money?

    • Limo says:

      Oh don’t worry I’m in the same camp as you. The stock markets are going to make new highs, but I’m sure no one on this thread is taking part except me. Forget what the permabulls and permabears say, they’ll end up destroying your wealth.

  56. RICK says:

    What’s going on???

    • Wallingford. says:

      The latest is that Italy announced incoming wire transfers will automatically have 20% seized by the govt- to protect against money laundering- ours’ not theirs’

  57. Glen says:

    I think it is increasingly unlikely that Pastor Williams GCR will happen in the time frame provided for us. The worst part is that Pastor Williams has decided to stay quiet about the whole thing and just let the time run out without comment. Now, there is still time for this event to occur, I do not believe it will happen however. I will never take such an announcement as this, coming from Pastor Williams, seriously in the future. It is a serious issue when someone I look up to like Pastor Williams cry’s wolf. Good luck to all.

    • Mark says:

      All he is doing is repeating what the Elite are telling him, if this doesn’t happen it’s not his fault. Either they lied to him, or something didn’t go to their plan. Lindsey has provided lots of good info, like the four signs to look for before the collapse, or to get prepared for the coming collapse. The only question is WHEN it’s going to happen, there is no IF here. The collapse could have happened in 2008, but they papered it over. This can only be delayed so long however. It is coming, be thankful if it doesn’t happen by the end of February, you can still have more time to prepare.

    • Mark says:

      Also have you noticed all the banker “suicides” lately?

      Finally, via Financial Post, here is a chronological summary of all recent banker deaths:

      Sunday, Jan. 26: London police found William Broeksmit, a 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, dead in his home after an apparent suicide.

      Monday, Jan. 27: Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym died after falling from a hotel room in Bangkok in what police said could be possible suicide. Slym, 51, had attended a board meeting of Tata Motors’ Thailand unit in the Thai capital and was staying with his wife in a room on the 22nd floor of the Shangri-La hotel. Hotel staff found his body on Sunday on the fourth floor, which juts out above lower floors.

      Tuesday, Jan. 28: a 39-year-old JPMorgan employee died after falling from the roof of the European headquarters of JPMorgan in London. The man, Gabriel Magee, was a vice president in the investment bank’s technology department, a source told WSJ.

      Wednesday, January 29: Russell Investments’ Chief Economist Mike Dueker was found dead in an apparent suicide. Police said it appears Dueker took his own life by jumping from a ramp near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Tacoma, Wash., AP reported. According to Bloomberg, Dueker, 50, had been missing since Jan. 29, and friends and law enforcement had been searching for him.

      The week before, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG died. The cause of death has not been made public.

      Monday, February 3: 37-year-old JPMorgan Chase & Co executive director who died from unknown causes Feb. 3 appears to be the latest in a series of untimely deaths among finance workers and business leaders around the world in the past three weeks. Ryan Crane, a JPMorgan Chase & Co. employee who in a 14-year career at the New York-based bank rose to executive director of a unit that trades blocks of stocks for clients, died in his Stamford, Connecticut, home.

      Tuesday, February 18: 33-year old JPMorgan forex trader is the latest in a string of suicides to take his life in Hong Kong.

      and there’s this, one of the most connected Elite’s out there, George Soros is betting on a crash:

      Something is up, and probably in the near future!

  58. chris says:

    There is a great article on called Watch out it is coming! I live in Canada and am very disturbed by everything I see going on in the Usa. My advice is invest in rice. If china stops shipping stuff because they wont accept your dollar anymore Walmart will be empty in 72 hours.

  59. John Fuller says:

    Over at Larry’s blog []I learn that the yaun cannot be a reserve currency [because it needs to have masses of liquid assets - which it has not].

    The conclusion is that, when the big meltdown occurs, a digital reserve currency will be well primed for the event and ready waiting in the wings [KlickEx...??].

    But before that time [a year or two] what about this more recent GCR that Pastor Williams warns about?
    It may be delayed, it seems. But if and when it does happen [as a 'fill-in' till the derivatives meltdown later] which nation has the qualifications to carry the status of reserve currency??

    • Y Diddy says:

      Of course it’s not going to be the Yuan.

      From other comments Lindsey Williams has made, it is obvious it is going to be the IMF issued SDR or similar.

      • John Fuller says:

        That certainly would make sense, Y Diddy. But I’ve often wondered at that, as Pastor Williams said that he has a contact who’s been accumulating the proposed new reserve currency. As far as I know you cannot exchange other currencies for them yet…??

        • Larry White says:

          Good comments in this sub thread.

          Jim Rickards says the IMF will push the SDR as a solution eventually. But right now, that can’t happen without US approval. The US Congress won’t even allow the IMF to re allocate voting power so I doubt they will accept a global currency any time soon. This is why I think the whole process is stalled. Unless a sudden crisis emerges, it does not look like anything will move forward at the IMF. So the BRICs are just moving forward on their own to build a system that does not depend on the US dollar as world reserve currency. That is my take right now.

  60. Mark says:

    Wow this is a great article, makes me a little hopeful actually. There’s alot of necessary gloom and doom around here, it can’t be helped, but still have to try and find hope where we can.

    • jj99 says:

      Anyone who thinks that gold is just an inflation hedge doesn’t deserve reading… The same for anyone who thinks that having deflation means that we can’t have inflation at the same time…

  61. michael says:


    • jj99 says:

      The system was designed to create this debt. I highly doubt that the countries will just default. This means that the rich will pay the poor, which has never happened in the history of the world…

  62. clement says:

    G20 this weekend. Press very quiet about the meeting- very little of the usual hype about the gathering

  63. RWofWA says:

    It seems a portent attitude is in order since Chinese Treasury holdings took the biggest plunge by selling off some 48 billion in US paper recently. And what makes it even more interesting is the EU purchased much of it!! So how long can the printing press continue when the largest purchaser of our IOU’s is not buying? LW may not have been exact on his 90 days but I recall he stated that “if” the IMF gets their way it will be within that 90 day period. I hope the USA is granted some time because those who have posted they are ready may not know what they really are ready for. It could be Zimbabwe over night.

  64. jpv says:

    gold shooting up
    stocks at high from inflation and fed printing press

  65. Nick says:

    I’m hoping Lindsey will be able to talk more about the reset. It’s almost March! I know someone was talking about March 4th being an important day, what is Lindsey’s thoughts on this?

    I’m posting this youtube channel because when you search for global currency reset on youtube it brings up this channel:

  66. Larry White says:

    Pastor Williams has advised people to acquire gold to prepare for a coming currency event. Today Bloomberg ran an article on gold price manipulation. We cover that here on our blog:

    Tomorrow we will run another article on gold about some surprising US insiders that are associated with a website that acquires physical gold for high net worth buyers. All this is consistent with Pastor Williams advice on gold.

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