Elite Instituting Drastic Measures Immediately…

Pastor Williams just emailed me something I should share with you all immediately…

“A while back I mentioned that my Elite friend was traveling for a few months. He and his wife JUST arrived back home. I just received an email from him. It was startling beyond words.

HE SAID –“The Elite are instituting drastic measures which will be implemented IMMEDIATELY. The world as we know it will never be the same again. Expect catastrophic events in the monetary world, nature and the Elite EXPECT DIVINE REPERCUSSIONS.”

I will try to get my friend to elaborate more.”

I will add more when Pastor Williams knows more…

Update: 22nd May 2014

I have received an update from Pastor Williams who has told me “I do have some very interesting NEW information. The statement by my Elite friend which you posted has been confirmed by two other people – My Wall Street insider and a visionary (Christian) in Connecticut.

I have been given the plans (Agenda) of the Elite for 2015. Multiply the events of 2008 many times over and that is what is about to happen.

Hopefully I will have a statement before long. I am trying to decide how to tell it. The Elite are ready to bring in the New World Order in its entirety.

People MUST take action to combat the Elite and let them know we have had enough.”

Pastor Williams followed up with another email and he stated “One of the most fascinating things I have found out is – Elite Riot Control. Another is – Cycles of seven. Even the Blood Moons fit into the scenario.”

Update 12th June 2014

Pastor Williams has sent me a number of articles and links that I feel you should be aware of, one is to a video from Larry Edelson that talks about the coming bull market in gold. The video has been taken down now. My own personal thoughts on the video are that it doesn't go far enough and doesn't touch on the subject of precious metals market manipulation. Also the video discussed investing in paper gold EFT and mining stocks and Pastor Williams only suggests people invest in tangibles such as physical gold and silver. However, if you are considering investing in gold and silver what was laid out within the video was very important and echoed what Pastor Williams has been saying about the economy as well as the Elite's plan for humanity and this planet.

The second article Pastor Williams shared was regarding a major policy shift at the Federal Reserve. Pastor Williams says “Interest rates are about to rise and this will create many changes”. The article featured a link from The Wall Street Journal called “Fed Wary of Market Complacency” and featured a statement by Martin Barnes, chief economist at BCA Research saying “It is a problem of their own making. They can't have it both ways. If they want to sustain zero interest rates and push up asset prices, how can they expect to have that with no excesses and no risk taking?” Basically the ridiculous over-speculation and out-of-control lending and high risk bond buying we have been seeing is the result of the Fed's own policies. In addition to the Wall Street Journal article, two Fed policy makers have said 1) Interest rates will likely need to rise sooner, and by a larger magnitude, than observers believe and 2) Volatility is way to low and complacency is way to high. Kansas City Fed President Esther George warned about rising food, rent and tuition costs, as well as excessive corporate and sub-prime auto lending. She added that while “a gradual path for the federal funds rate is suggested by the FOMC's projections … it will likely be appropriate to raise the federal funds rate somewhat sooner and at a faster pace.” Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher also added to his recent warnings “Low volatility, I don't think, is healthy. This indicates to me a little bit too much complacency.” We are facing a new, clear and present danger … the danger that policy gets even tighter, with more aggressive tapering of QE and earlier-than-expected or bigger-than-expected interest rate hikes, or both.

In the now well over 600 comments to this post some people still seem unsure of what is happening in the world. There is enough evidence provided by Pastor Williams and many others that should convince you that the Elite want you as a slave to do their bidding. Pastor Williams has laid out the Elite's plan for decades. Its not a matter of when things will happen, things are happening right now. Unlike others who just expose what is happening and leave you without any idea what to do, Pastor Williams and I have offered solutions that will allow you to survive and even prosper through the global financial crash. The Elite know that the system they have been relying on for a hundred years no longer works and they know a new system must be put in place, hence The New World Order. This is being implemented every day, baby steps to their ultimate goal of World Government. The power and control will remain in their hands and you don't feature a great deal in their plans since you are merely a commodity to them. The Elite believe they are god and we are merely animals that need to be herded and controlled. You have a real chance to put a spanner in the works, all you need to do is take Pastor Williams' advice and prepare. Read the '10 Steps To Avoid The Crash' guide I wrote and gave away freely. Its ultimate goal is to tell you to be as self-sufficient as possible. If you want to take back your power, start relying on yourself instead of others. Its a choice you must make, either you start to take control of your life, or let a corporation do it. We don't need them, they need us to make their plan work. Take responsibility for the safety, health and wealth of your family before its too late.



696 Responses to “Elite Instituting Drastic Measures Immediately…”

  1. Dan says:

    It seems what is happening in St Louis is what Lindsey wanted to put in his 2 DVD set. He had mentioned elite methods of protest control. Could the moderators confirm this with Lindsey ?

  2. Gary m says:

    Again the goal post keeps moving



  3. Silver86 says:

    So, is there really an elite that controls and plans all the world’s actions? ISIS, Sarkozy, Hollande, Pound/Dollar exchange rates, Chinese Real Estate Prices? It just seems a wee bit much to assume that TPTB control *everything*… I’m sure they have influence when necessary.. but *everything* – seems farfetched.

  4. Jorge B says:

    I’ve been tracking the Globalism and NWO for decades on two ways:
    1 – reading ‘profane’ websites with info like Lindsey Williams, Alex Jones, David Ike, Jim Stone, Global Research, etc., etc.
    2 – by surveying so called ‘private prophecy’ mostly given to Catholics around the World, but also to many Evangelicals in the US.
    I started this long before the www came to be and can say that there is a parallel or common pattern on the content of both profane and supernatural sources on the coming NWO and Tribulation.
    From all sources of private prophecy – they number today by the thousands – if I had to chossoe and advise just one, it would be this one, which as been up to the point and everything stated there already happened.

    Locutions to the World from Jesus and Mary, filtered by a former spiritual counsellor of Mother Theresa, Mos. John Esseff. Forget your prejudices and do read and study them.

    Read them because spiritual preparation is by far MORE IMPORTANT than financial, etc., etc.


  5. Thanks for the info says:

    Please let Lindsey know we are patiently awaiting new info in regards to the murderous ISIS threat and the details surrounding the “Elite Riot Control. Another is – Cycles of seven. Even the Blood Moons fit into the scenario.” Thank you :)!

  6. Richard says:

    US Supreme Court rules against the Bankers/Sovereigns on forced bail-ins?

    The IMF says this ruling concerns them. Could have “broad systemic implications”?

    • Occasnl Trvlr says:

      This Argentinian bond case has confused me since I first heard of it.

      How can a US court compel a sovereign to do ANYTHING? I think this is one of the reasons most of the world holds the US in such contempt: the arrogance IS contemptible.

      And, would the bondholders, who won’t agree to a write-down, prefer to get nothing? Kirchner already stole the Argentinians’ pension funds, what makes these hedge funds think they’ll ever get anything?

      • Richard says:

        I suspect the bondholders are US citizens and probably filed their case in the US courts.

        You raise good questions. In reality if Argentina refuses to pay I doubt the bond holders can do anything about it.

        The symbolic nature of the ruling though may be important. It sends a signal that the rights of debt owners (and maybe bank depositors?) cannot just be disregarded. I think that is why the IMF is concerned about the possible implications of the ruling.

  7. Jake says:

    I dont get it.. if silver is going up then gold must too? Is this all about silver and not gold? I cant see how this latest news only means silver will go up?

    • Al says:

      Jake, as far as I understand it, Silver can go up without Gold going up.

      • Richard says:

        I think they mean that both can go up but silver will go up a much higher % than gold. Right now silver is undervalued in relation to gold.

        Taking an example, if gold were to go to $2000, silver might go to $50 reducing the gold silver ratio to 40 to 1. Right now it is over 60 to 1. That is how I take it.

        Also, the short version of the 3 hour broadcast is to expect the start of strong move up in silver around the middle of July with July 15th given as an actual date to watch. It was stated that those inside the system have been told to “position themselves” by that date.

      • Green Lantern says:

        This might be a good way to think about the answer to your question. “If” the U.S. no longer has any gold, what is the next PM most people hold? Silver. And, as others have mentioned, silver is nowhere close to where it should be in ratio to gold. From past memory, I thought it was supposed to be 16:1 of silver to gold. We are nowhere near that ratio. Feasible? Absolutely! Position yourself well and thank God that you are are of what is coming.

  8. Dan The Man says:

    Bankster Slayer – Thanks for posting that link! Yes this information falls in alignment with LW info.


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