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DRASTIC! How much longer can they prop up the US dollar?

Pastor Williams has sent me a number of important articles and said “everyone must know what is happening.” One article from AFP discusses China’s decision to begin direct trading between its yuan currency and the euro that started on September 30, 2014. Pastor Williams has said that “anyone who hasn’t gotten out of paper and made total preparations must be awakened to take action immediately. The collapse of the dollar as the World Reserve Currency and Petrodollar is accelerating VERY rapidly.”

China direct trading between Yuan and the Euro

China direct trading between Yuan and the Euro

AFP – China will begin direct trading between its yuan currency and the euro starting on Tuesday, the national foreign exchange market's operator said, as Beijing seeks to broaden the unit's global usage.

The China Foreign Exchange Trade System already offers a platform for yuan-euro transactions but direct trading means the US dollar will not be used as an intermediary currency to calculate rates, according to a statement released Monday.

The market operator said the move aimed to promote bilateral trade and investment, facilitate the use of yuan in cross-border trade and lower conversion costs.

In June, China started direct trade between the yuan and Britain's pound, one of several currencies to be included in a streamlined regime.

China has long had direct currency trade with the United States, and in recent years has added Japan's yen, the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar and Malaysian ringgit.

Beijing keeps a tight grip on the capital account — investment and financial transactions, rather than those related to trade — on worries that unpredictable inflows or outflows could harm the economy and reduce its control over it.

But China is seeking greater use of the yuan — also known as the Renminbi (RMB) — in line with its status as the world's second-largest economy and to challenge the US dollar, analysts say.

“Direct trading brings together the RMB with the world's second-most actively traded currency and is a significant step in (the) RMB's globalisation,” said Ryan Song, head of markets for China at British bank HSBC, which is acting as a market maker for the new pair.

“The trade and investment ties between China and the European Union, as two of the world's major economies, can be further strengthened through the greater convenience of direct trading in this pair,” he said in an HSBC statement.

The yuan closed at 7.8085 to the euro on Monday, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trade System.’

Pastor Williams is urging everyone to obtain his latest DVD ‘Special Events Scheduled for 2015’ and get it to everyone they know, he said “if they ever cared about their loved ones – It is NOW. Everything I was told is coming to pass very rapidly.”

Another article shared by him discusses China buying up the USA for pennies on the dollar with Lenovo Group Ltd., a Chinese multinational computer technology company acquiring the IBM x86-based server business. The $2.1 billion acquisition gives Lenovo the third biggest slice of the market for x86 servers, which is estimated to be worth $42.1 billion globally.

Whilst China is busily buying up the USA, Pastor Williams has told me “many currencies in the world seem to be in grave trouble right now, not just the American dollar.” This comes when the Russian Ruble drops to a record low and rapidly approaching the level at which Russia’s central bank said it would intervene.

Pastor Williams has also said “things are happening so rapidly” and urges you to go to on a regular basis for updates.

He ended his email with “Unbelievable how things are happening right before our eyes TODAY!” and continued “Hopefully – All of this indicates that the coming of Christ is near and the world is being set up for the worldwide Crash of Crashes which the antichrist can be issued in on.” And concluded “EVEN SO COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS.”


50 Responses to “DRASTIC! How much longer can they prop up the US dollar?”

  1. Jake says:

    When is LW gonna do more radio? Been so long. I miss it. I like hearing the doom and gloom it gives me some excitement from my boring day job. Nothing beats listening to how we are all heading for a massive crash and then having to go live and work amongst sleeping sheeple who would never believe it anyway. Come on Lindsey we need anotherdose of doom! It’s exciting!

  2. PumpDump says:

    Things seem to be picking up recently. Personally, I don’t care about our stock market. Let it collapse as long as the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. BUT, I do pay attention to Germany and Greece especially the bond market. The worst their markets get, the closer Germany will either make its move or Greece possibly leave the Eurozone first. I will be paying close attention to their bond markets over the next few days. Maybe we will have more time. Things have made it in the past but a few things are for sure: NO EUROBONDS, NO QE will be approved by Germany under the current Euro charter.

    • Jerry says:

      After reading a few of the hoax/fraud articles by googling, I think there isn’t a hoax, but fraud because of the intentional actions of our leaders not banning flights from West Africa to the US. An interesting note that divine intervention may be involved because of the Shemitah year beginning on Sept 25, the date our first diagnosis of ebola. Then, that victim died on October 8th, the 2nd blood red moon day in the tetrad. More proof of the judgment coming along side the stock market beginning to tank. Everyone should read The Harbinger and Mystery of the Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn.

    • Al says:

      Let me ask you some questions, PumpDump: do you know that the finacial minister Schaeuble stated publically that Germany isn’t a souvereign country since the last WW2? Do you know that Germany has no peace treaty and the US is still in Ramstein? Does this sound like Germany is in a position where they can decide what to do?

      • PumpDump says:

        The Euro will collapse due to market forces outside their control. A solution will be needed. The opportunity will present itself. The US financial system will follow afterwards. The Fed’s desire to maintain dominance will fail. The Fed hegemony has overextended itself and has become over confident. This will be the undoing of the Fed system. Countries with failing economies and especially currencies can not maintain military dominance. I wish it weren’t so as I am an American. The delusion is now so strong that good reasoning will not change the US elite’s mind.

      • Goldfinger says:

        Yeah, and Germany wasn’t supposed to have much of a military after the First World War either.

        • Al says:

          “Yeah, and Germany wasn’t supposed to have much of a military after the First World War either.”

          You seem to have no clue. Since WW 1 or even before, Germany is controlled by outside forces. Do you know how much Germany had to pay as ‘repair’ for the first WW?

          There is much evidence that Hitler was funded from outside Germany. If your statement was true and Germany had built a strong military, then how was it possible to do that after massive inflation and crash of 1929?

          It is clear that the NWO will crash the old system and build a new one. It shall look like the ‘bad system’ has failed and people will welcome the new order as savior. But be assured that the same structure will be in the hidden background. The same structure that used Germany against the world for the benefit of their goals- not Germanys goals. 😉

    • doc says:

      When is Lindsey Williams going to start doing radio interviews again? Its been a long time.

    • Warren says:

      There is a new movie “blackhat” releasing on Jan 2015. I wondering whether Pastor Lindsey may have any info on this film. From the trailer, it seems the plot is a hackers hitting the financial markets starting with Chicago then China. The screen show Soy Bean Future” & CME exchanges floor then actress said 4 major banks are impacted. The messages are everything are interconnected and vulnerable. There are screen which look like a nuclear power plant explosion and involvement of China military. followed by “You are no longer in control.”

  3. Jan says:

    IMF is issuing warnings left and right. People mostly ignore them, but they are issuing them.

    Fed also said today they would consider another round of QE if things go south.

  4. Nutz says:

    My take on Ebola.
    1. Why it is dangerous.
    Ebola is not treated in the way i expect it should have been treated. If it is so dangerous as it sounds (that even the healt workers with all of their equipment gets ill). I would expect all boarders to close from west africa, and for the rest of the world to be on high alert for sich people. Not to bring the sick people in to the country, and not for healt workers to get sich too… in both USA and Spain?!? And the healt workers shouldnt have been down there anyway. US/Europe couldt have help them in many other ways than to send people.
    All of the sich people got sick in roughly the same time… weird. If this continues, a tirth person must get sick soon, and they will most propebly not be as careful as the 1.(brought in) and the 2. (health workers). From that to get out of control is very short.

    2. Why i still sleep at night.
    None of this adds up. Nothing makes any sense so far.
    Look at the youtube film, and that little kid:
    a, he looks like a healty kid (and even in a good mood)
    b, he looks to the side (to somebody) and he lays down.
    c, and then he just lays there like a sick ebola kid. NAKED.
    The rest just looks like bad acting all the way. It makes no sense.

    3. My conclution… so far.
    I will not say that ebola is a hoax… at least not so far, but i will say that some of the videos looks like pure acting. Maybe its just made to make it even more frightning, but the effort in USA/Europe is not even close to this level.
    I found it all very frightning for just a few days ago, but now im waiting. Not to its to late. I just need to see something to make me belive it again.
    Something like a city in africa where everybody is sick (because i expect it to spread a lot faster in the cities). Or if it spreads futher in US/Europe, like 3., 4. and the 5. person. When it spreads like that, things wil get bad. And it must be doing so soon, if it is as dangerous as we are being told.

    I hope this makes sense. Its all very confusing. Its like if somebody told you 63 minus 13 is 30. One of the numbers must be changde to get any sense.

  5. Goldfinger says:

    Jim Willey says China to reprice gold. The question is when?

  6. Al says:

    This is the borderline, Germany’s highest court has set. If ECB starts to buy bonds, this will be a final break of the EU contracts. The court will propose to the Bundestag to accuse the EU/ECB to do state financing and will take steps to exit the EU.

    This is crucial and there are some high ranked retired people (Bundesbank, Highest Court) in Germany, talking about a currency reset and exit of the EU. However, due to some unclear information about the status of Germany (not a sovereign country!) the government usually barks like a dog and after a while they back up…

    • doc says:

      I notice oil prices have taken a large drop lately. just wondering if Lindsey knows about this and how low its going to drop?

  7. Nutz says:

    They say there will be a tre step attack:
    Isis war (not so imminent)
    Stock market crash

    They were not very presise on timeframe. So the stock market crash might as well come next year.

    f.ex. if the make more money–get-ready-for-qe-infinity-144200323.html

    If buzz words are to be belived, then i dont like the buzz words from this season of:
    family guy episode 1
    south park ep 2

    Hopefully LW will come with updates. Im starting to fear ebola

    • Al says:

      I guess that is the reason, why Pastor LW always insists to keep the spiritual household in order. My belief is that there might be rough times coming all over the world. Probably we are not able to escape from the effects of the Elite plans and other issues like Ebola.

      In the end all that counts is your personal relationship with Jesus.’We shall not love this world but him’ has another dimension when it comes to the inevitable. We fear for our life on earth, but we should take care for our eternal life after death.

      We all know that our life will end one day. There is no escape from that fact. We should be thankful for every day that gives us food, health and income, but this might change due to the future events.

      I am not sure if the predicted meteor strike by God will occur, but imagine what will happen if it hits the ocean near Puerto Rico, like Efrain Rodriguez has prophesied. Life will never be the same.

      Therefore we should be prepared mentally and spiritually for the worst. If we still have time to prepare we should be thankful.

  8. mike says:

    This is what U.S Media is saying

    China Will Not Overtake the U.S.

  9. mike says:

    China ‘overtakes U.S. as the the world’s largest economy’: IMF says economy is now worth £11 trillion as America falls into second place for the first time since 1872

  10. PHIL of OZ says:

    Gold is not going down any further that’s for sure. Buy now.

  11. no hugo says:

    It would be nice to have more specifics on timing.

  12. mike says:

    Listen to the BUZZ words

    The Challenges Facing the Global Economy: New Momentum to Overcome a New Mediocre

    Check out

  13. doc says:

    goldman sachs reaffirms gold price to drop 1050oz in the next 12 months

    • Mark says:

      The vampire squid would never lie to us would they?

      “A 2009 Rolling Stone article[15] by Matt Taibbi likened investment bank Goldman Sachs to “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

    • Y Diddy says:

      Goldman Sachs is notorious for saying one thing to its retail clients and the opposite to its high net worth and institutional clients.

    • doc says:

      Lindsey Williams said on radio show that from what there telling him the floor was 1200 so that everybody can buy at the low prices before the gold goes up.

      (ED: I have said for many months that gold would not go much further south of $1,200. The recent upswing in the gold price reflects the truth that physical gold costs approximately $1,100 to extract and refine. If it had passed that point extraction would cease until the price rose based on scarcity due to the cessation of extraction.)

  14. Brianna says:

    what happens when the United States dollar is no longer the world currency and does that mean we cant print money? and once we cant print money how will our country pay its debt?

    • doc says:

      look at silver per once it around 16-17 dollar breaking trend line and it cost 25 dollar per oz to extract and refine.

      (ED: According to sources it costs between $5 and $9 to extract one ounce of silver since silver is mainly a derivative of the copper mining industry. This is why Pastor Williams suggested the health of the economy is based upon the price of copper in a recent radio interview.)

  15. mike says:

    London to Strengthen Financial Cooperation with China

  16. Jake says:

    I think ebola will kill us all first before this reset

  17. PumpDump says:

    As I have said over and over, the dollar is going to gain significantly in strength and silver will go down in price. It will go down further. We are GTG as long as the Euro is propped up. Relax and don’t worry. No currency resets, no devaluations, no sky rocketing silver/gold until the Euro collapses then as Mr. Fromm says, we have a couple weeks or so to get out of paper.

    • McRonald says:

      Wrong sir. Dollar will tighten and clobber small currencies until the paper gold market freezes. Then we’ll see a physical market introduced that’ll raise gold prices quite substantially. The € is set up to compliment a much higher gold price. Hence the reason they keep gold and float it at a marked to market price. U.S. still marks there gold reserves at $42 an ounce. After gold is moved to a physical only market, the virtual markets will get thoroughly kicked around.

    • no hugo says:

      So far PumpDump has been correct. But what is the definition of “Euro collapsing”? Down 20%? Down 50%? Perhaps we will still be guessing as that process unfolds? HOw low will gold go? Harry Dent is predicting into the 700’s. For me, I expect JANet to be Yelling in JANuary. The play of name analysis is just about as valid as anything else in the timing prediction game.

      • PumpDump says:

        The definition of the Euro Collapse is when you see something similiar to the following: Germany will leave the Eurozone and most likely the European Union. This is becoming more likely by each passing day as the Germans are sick of the western axis. They do not want to sanction the Russians because it is hurting their economy. What will end up happening is that Germany along with several other European countries will form another Euro Central bank treaty that requires participants to give over budgetary sovereignty to the central bank meaning that countries must get approval from the central bank for their yearly budgets. Until this happens Germany will NOT as I have said over and over again, allow outright monetization (QE) or the issue of Eurowide bonds on behalf of countries like Greece.

        Until the Euro falls, the Federal Reserve has free, unrestrained rain to manipulate the stock market and metals market. When this collapse begin, gold and silver will PLUMMET even further as the idiots will run to the safe haven of the dollar. They are running to their death though.

        The Euro will reform under a stronger treaty, the US will be forced to perform a major currency devaluation. This is the point where the so called currency reset takes place that we have been hearing about it. So don’t worry about a dumb currency reset without a major crisis. I mean really, do you think a currency reset is coming this weekend with WORLD stock markets at these nose bleed levels. The elite have to fool the masses into believing they are acting in their best interest.

        SO, no currency resets, no sky rocketing metal prices until the Euro collapses. Then the question will be can you act quickly enough to do what is needed? Probably not if you haven’t made any preparations but if your doing a little at a time, then you will have more opportunity.

        • no hugo says:

          Best financial explanation I’ve heard thus far. Although various interpretations of Daniel 7 are around, Dr. Irvin Baxter interprets the Leopard to be Germany as a beast separate from the Eagle, Lion, and Bear. The prominent role of Germany in a new Euro treaty would be compatible with this particular interpretation.

          Several potential causes for a panic sell off loom in 2015. May be more than one will hit. Could be a volatile time of historic proportions!

    • jj99 says:

      Jim Willie (and the price of gold during that time) also confirmed that there was a currency reset planned in February. According Willie, US delayed it using the war in Ukraine. Who knows how many are the big players involved in the game, and what exactly is happening, the pastor knows just one group. In any case, things are happening fast, only idiots are trying to time the last moment, deluding themselves that they are clever. Fromm didn’t say that you have a couple of weeks to get out of paper, don’t fabricate such things. In fact, the pastor repeatedly said that this should be done ASAP, since it will get more and more difficult. The really clever guys just dollar cost average, since they know what they don’t know…

  18. john doof says:

    read martin armstrong and you’ll understand, why it doesn’t matter at this time, that china open their currency etc pp.
    this market isn’t deep enough to keep this amount of money floating arround!

  19. Y Diddy says:

    I don’t understand. Why is the USD going up and up and up? It has gone up rapidly since the start of May.$USD

    • Mark says:

      The dollar is cleanest dirty shirt in the pile. Only problem is the pile is on fire. One day poof all the shirts are gone. All that’s is left are a few gold coins somebody left in their shirt pocket.


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