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BREAKING NEWS! Financial Event Planned By The Elite (IMF)…

There is a financial event planned by the Elite (IMF!), possibly within the next three months. When I was briefed on this by my Elite friend a few weeks back – I was sworn to secrecy until I am told that I can talk.


Biggest Financial Event in the last 1,000 Years

PLEASE MONITOR LINDSEYWILLIAMS.NET. I will tell you everything soon. Hopefully you will have time to take action.

My Elite friend sent me the following email, the excerpt below I am allowed to give you:

We have to remember this is the biggest financial event in the last 1,000 years at least from my perspective. Every person on the globe will be affected. It will cause starvation, riots and possibly even martial law. This is a big big event! 

My Elite Friend

Lindsey Williams



351 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS! Financial Event Planned By The Elite (IMF)…”

  1. ____ says:

    I think the people of America are quite in the dark about how near the brink the US Dollar is as well as how close we are to the Tribulation period as described in the Bible. Quite a few professional people have said to me it is “incredibly stupid to buy gold and silver.” Unbelievable faith they have in the dollar and belief that things will stay mostly the same.

    I’ve read what Marc Faber has said, and Faber is saying physical gold and gold mining stocks are a 2014 long investment opportunity or insurance over the money printing and likelihood of a yearly “wealth tax.”

    I heard that Russian President Putin brought 200 oil and gas people with him last year to Israel and had a long meeting.. basically saying they wanted a piece of Israel’s massive gas reserves they recently found. The Bible says Gog (Russia) along with Muslim nations, Turkey and maybe Germany will come against Israel to take a spoil.

    1. Any info on when Russia will lead the Muslim countries against Israel?

    2. Any info on when government will start arresting Pastors and Christians?

    3. What will the other side do when people figure out they should not enroll in Obamacare, nor “opt out” in order to legally keep the government out of their lives? Is the NWO plan just to keep as many people in the dark about what they legally need to do and take what suckers they can get that take the obamacare bait?

  2. Nate says:

    Hi All,

    Latest Jim Willie Interview by Greg Hunter:

  3. Mikel says:

    Also a RV of a Dinar/Dong to a few USD would be a massive wealth transfer. Seems very unlikely to happen.

  4. Mark says:

    Directly from Pastor Williams:
    ” China is a bubble that is about to burst so the Chinese Yuan isn’t a long term safe haven and why would anyone invest in Iraqi Dinar if they can buy physical precious metals? ”

    See the update post

    • Jake Diesel says:

      Simple. I have put about 95% of my holdings in PM’s. Why not throw a couple hundred bucks on something w/ insane returns? I, as many here, have my fiscal house in order. Food, water, PM’s etc.

      Why not sacrifice a night in the town, trip to an amusement park, etc to throw a very meager amount at obnoxious returns. Worst case you lose a hundred bucks.

      Now, I am looking for cheap ways to buy more PM’s. (enter the alt currencies speculation) You are acting as if the total collapse is happening tomorrow. The pastor said a month ago-“a year to a year and a half” on the Goldseek interview. So stop stressing out and allow me to invest my 1/10 of 1% of my portfolio wherever the heck I want to. It’s only a hundred bucks!!!!!!!!!

      • Mikel says:

        Guys/Gals if the Dinar is revalued you will be hard pressed finding someone to convert it for you. The money changers will not want to give out thousands of USD for some dinar that’s worth less than a penny just the day prior. Your local currency exchange will likely close for the day. A worldwide currency reset is a HUGE deal. Your best bet will probably be in the forex market.

        • ??? says:

          It’s best to talk when you don’t know what you talking about and have done no research. Thank you.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      Okay, this is getting downright questionable. The Prophecy Club, or more specifically Stan Johnson of the “Spirit of Prophecy Church”, offers a person/firm that claims it will sell your Dinars at at higher (though not guaranteed) rate with a tax-free status, but they want you to sign over power of attorney on this investment and send the Dinars to them to be redeemed for a 10% fee.
      With power of attorney they have the option to sell your Dinars at a rate even below what you currently paid and they can still collect their fee, so it’s no loss from Stan’s or the firms perspective.
      The guy/organization Stan is dealing with is not specifically named except he is referred to as “Reno Bill”.
      • How in the world would anyone trust a firm or person shielded from inspection of legitimacy, especially with a person dealing with your hard earned income!? Why the anonymity if this is all above board?
      • Why would anyone sign over the power of attorney on their money!? And pay a 10% fee no matter what happens!!
      Stan’s Round 3 email backstory explanation includes this; “In 2001 when Bush wanted to invade Iraq he borrowed $1Trillion from the Chinese. He put up all U.S. lands including all U.S. parks and all of Washington D.C. including the White House as collateral giving the Chinese first mortgage on them all!”
      Really, Bush even collaterized the White House to the Chinese to secure enough loans to invade Iraq?! There is no way that our lands or the White House could have been collateralized without Congressional or Senate approvals. I fear that The Prophecy Club will have a severe backlash over supporting some anonymous firm/person promising to turn everyone into Millionaires. When this doesn’t happen it could take them down with lawsuits from everywhere, even though the power of attorney sheets were submitted by the enrollees. The Prophecy Club was one place willing to sell Lindsey’s DVD’s, but they may be swindled to shut them down so Lindsey cannot sell his DVD’s through them anymore.
      I’m highly skeptical that any of that Dinar offer sounds legitimate, but I do wish the Prophecy Club well. I pray they are not being scammed to bring them down. But, it looks like that is the case.

  5. Mark says:

    The Dinar/Dong scam has been floating around the internet for a while now. Those of us really trying to help people on here have been trying to point out to the Dinar trolls that it’s not going work the way they think.

    So if anybody on here recommends you buy any fiat toilet paper (Dinars, Dollars, Yuans, Dongs, etc..) simply wish them well and visit you favorite gold or silver bullion dealer to add to your pile as you have extra money. It’s going to pay off eventually.

    I hope anybody currently wrapped up in the currency toilet paper scam, would reconsider now and get into real assets like gold and silver.

  6. Marathonman says:


    • jj99 says:

      Something that starts with this

      “Take this information as from the top, without any doubts”

      can make me leave it without even reading it. But the dinar/dong game is obviously childish, so no surprises there. They may have some real information though, who knows… I don’t play the currency game, so for me it’s better GCR to be pushed ahead as much as possible, because this means more gold at $1200 level.

  7. Nate says:

    I also agree.

    An update and clarification on where we are at and what has changed if anything, would be greatly appreciated from Lindsey.

    James if that could be arranged I think I speak for us all, when I say that we would all be very thankful for this.

  8. morningstar says:

    James when can we expect a update from Lindsey is he doing any upcoming radio shows?

    • John says:

      Nice charts on that article.

    • jj99 says:

      I think he said this first – they smashed the price of gold because they run out of physical. This helped them to knock out the paper positions and buy/take over the physical stuff. You can pretty much figure out the rest. When they empty the vaults, they will proceed with the final steps… We will probably not be able to buy physical any more after that. This is why people should dollar cost average and not try to guess the bottom. Gold/Silver are cheap enough now. I’ve read somewhere that the ETF is more then 40% down on physical, but COMEX with these 86% looks even more scary…

  9. Shadow says:

    so…to expound upon my hypothesis on how the GCR might go down with Dinars…

    Currently a loaf of bread is, say, 3000 Dinar in Iraq. When the GCR happens a new Dinar (lets call it Dinar2) will be issued which will have a value on par with the US dollar. Now the Iraqi government says you can trade in your old Dinars for the new Dinar2’s at a rate of 1000 old Dinars for 1 new Dinar. Now…when you go to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread…instead of paying 3000 old Dinars, you will pay 3 new Dinar2’s. No native Iraqi looses out as it is business as usual and that million old Dinars you are holding can be traded in for 1000 new Dinar2’s…or, if you like, 1000 or so US dollars.

    This, more than any other scenario, seems like how it might happen.

    Meanwhile…all currencies will loose value compared to Gold and Silver. The holders of the metals will win.

    Again…we shall see…

    • mark says:

      Please tell me this the Kuwait Dinar is 36 times more in South African currency.I’m not interested what the Iraq Dinar will be to the US Dollar.
      The American people have never lived in a 3rd world country.

      I have see people that are happy and they don’t have a TV they don’t have good food only bread and milk but they are happy.American people have a good life and that is all going to be taken away.

      • Shadow says:

        I’m not sure there is a question there…but yes 1 Kuwaiti Dinar is 37 South African Rands. My example of the Iraqi Dinar and the USD can be extrapolated to all other countries and therefore Kuwait and South Africa as well.

        The point of the GCR…at least on the surface…is a first step into general currency “equivalency” while keeping individual sovereign fiat currency in place to give the illusion of continued financial independence for sovereign nations.

        The second step will be the global financial crash which will usher in a one world currency or something equivalent in terms of financial centralization of control….this as a “solution” to the artificially orchestrated debt and subsequent collapse.

        Though they have not yet, the American people will be living in a third world country if this all plays out as the shadow market makers hope….we shall see.

        People have lost their way and aspire to consumerism as a panacea to their feelings of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. It is only when it is all taken away that one realizes it is their humanity and connection to other people and God, not their “things” that will ultimately supply emotional and spiritual fulfillment as well as happiness.

  10. Shadow says:

    Chaplain Williams also said “People must buy hard assets only – Not paper of any kind. The Elite are buying gold by the ton while prices are intentionally depressed…”

    I could be missing an opportunity with the whole currency trading thing but my gut tells me they want to impoverish Americans and they are not going to structure this situation to where individuals can become millionaires for a $1000 investment.

    Ultimately we shall see….

  11. Shadow says:

    I would warn everyone making a play on the paper money…of any country to take notice. Read what was said by Lindsey Williams and posted on this site…

    …”While many of the questions are answered in Pastor Williams’ new DVD “Global Currency Reset”, I sent Pastor Williams the link and asked him some of the regularly asked questions for him to respond. I asked him about people looking to invest in fiat and backed currencies such as Chinese Yuan, Iraqi Dinar and even Bitcoin. He has responded :
    “If it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on. This should be one of the greatest lessons people learn”…

    In my mind when the GCR happens, they are not simply going to make holders of Dinar multimillionaires. I imagine they will simply make a new Dinar worth the new value that you can trade in for using your old Dinars and the old dinars will be worth a tiny fraction of the new Dinars. The average income in Iraq is 7-8 Million Dinars per year for the average Iraqi. They are not going to make the native population multimillionaires. I just don’t see it happening.

    But Irrespective of what I think, Lindsey has intimated there is a lot he knows which he cannot share due to restriction placed on him by his sources and he has stated directly in response to the question :

    “I asked him about people looking to invest in fiat and backed currencies such as Chinese Yuan, Iraqi Dinar and even Bitcoin.”

    He Responded :

    “If it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on. This should be one of the greatest lessons people learn.”

    This is enough to make me take pause and rather invest in Gold and Silver.

    • mark says:

      it’s worth the paper it’s written on,that cannot be now,Lindsey said there are 2 events the second event is US dollar collapse and Global Economic Collapse.But now its Currency Wars I have been watching how currencies and are being weaker by the day one competing against each other.
      I have been watching that for the past 3 weeks it’s getting worse every time so then Global Currency Reset is going to take place.
      The main thing is the assets of a country so you see China ( GOLD ),Iraq ( OIL ).Don’t hold onto paper contracts and paper money by 2015.
      What else is there !!!
      any comment

      • Shadow says:

        Mark…It is my belief that it IS now in that the time to get into metals in my opinion is now and not simply “before 2015″…that is, if you don’t want to have to jump for a rising balloon because the price of metals will be well on the rise during the course of 2014. The GCR will induce a rise in metals…spurred on by an instant, initial rise in value equivalent to the amount of US currency devaluation and further driven by the loss of the world reserve status.

        Also I do not believe that the play on paper (during the GCR) people are counting on will pay off for them as I believe the structure of the revalue of currency will be accomplished via a new sovereign currency being issued in each country and the old, deprecated currency will be worth a fraction in value and traded in for the new currency.

        The individual currencies will then be generally equalized in value within a narrow band and the amount of currency variation allowed to be in circulation will be perhaps determined by the country’s net worth in its resource basket.

        • ??? says:

          Well, Shadow, I have to agree with Mark on this one about 100%. “If it’s written on a piece of paper, it is worth the piece of paper it’s written on” scenario is definitely the endgame, or as Mark said, event 2. Lindsey was very clear when he said that there is going to be a new world reserve currency, and that a lot of congressmen who own it are going to become very rich, and most don’t even know it yet. So how can it be that this new paper currency is going to be so not profitable, yet people will be getting so rich as according to Lindsey. Is it going to be exchangeable only for the elitist or government people?
          You emailed him asking him about Dinar and Yen. Let’s be reasonable. What exactly did you expect him to say??? OH you should buy this one it’s the new WRC, because the elite told me. Of course he’s not gonna tell you anything, which one is the chosen one, and what it will do in relation to the dollar. Instead, he told you to protect yourself from the endgame, total collapse, which is the only thing that he could say.
          I think it’s reasonable to put a little bit in dinar or maybe even yen and once it revalues not to wait to long and go into precious metals. I really hope he wasn’t trying to say only elite will be able to get real exchange rates.

  12. morningstar says:

    Remember what Lindsey said about this guy and why he had to leave FOX. Just how close are we?

    I think we are about to find out

  13. mark says:

    Thank you so much for the comment
    I was confused about the currency reset well there 2 events first currency reset,dollar devalued,the second event, economic collapse dollar’s dead.
    I’m looking for the devalue of the US Dollar,assets in the USA is what.
    China’s assets is gold so that’s the way to go but don’t hold to long on paper currency.
    I’m looking for country that have the most oil and oil reserves.

    Thank’s my opinion

    • srknox says:

      Fallujah Iraq falls, why?

      USA loses, no matter what.

      Troop pullout, ME, now based in southern Sudan? Really?
      USA loses no matter what. Why are we there in the first place?

      Flash forward, future.

      IMf -““““““““““““““““““GCR involves Turkey as intermediary proxy for gold?


      Turkey set to be the epicenter commerce trade of the New World? Huh? Emerging global leader? In what? and, more importantly, ——-, Why?

      and even if they have gold, just what makes them sooooooo—-> special? Inquiring minds would really like to know.

    • Nate says:

      Thanks for the responses Everyday Joe and Mark.

  14. Nate says:

    Hi All,

    Like many of you who are a part of this forum, I believe the main goal is to take the information provided to us by Lindsey and the members of this forum to protect ourselves, our families and preserve our dinner tables.

    If the elites are set to make billions off this currency reset, then I see no reason why we cannot all come together to formulate a strategy where we can also increase our wealth as well.

    My investment strategy after listening to Lindsey’s most recent DVD, global currency reset was to invest in Gold, Silver, food, water and currencies (I would say guns and ammo but they are illegal where I live), but after reading the new email sent out with new information by Lindsey, it appears that he is advising that’s speculating in currency is not worth while as he says “If it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on. This should be one of the greatest lessons people learn”.

    Question 1:

    Is this because Lindsey is looking at this from the stand point of where they are all Fiat currencies and will ultimately go down in the crash or is there a window after the GCR takes place where we will be able to profit from the currency which does appreciate in value and convert the money we make into hard assets?

    Being that we will still have to use currency for the period between the GCR and the final Economic crash it makes sense that we hold the strongest currency going into the reset, so that we can have a greater impact on protecting ourselves and purchase any hard assets that are available when it happens with the profits made.

    The second point of notice, which stood out to me is around China.

    In Lindsey’s DVD Elite Emergency Data he shows the predicament China is actually in and why they will crash very soon.
    In Lindsey’s DVD Global Currency Reset and in interviews done, he mentions the fact that China is purchasing an enormous amount of gold and hints at the fact, that the Chinese Yuan may be backed by gold and might possibly be the new world reserve currency after the devaluation of the dollar.

    To quote Lindsey:
    ‘China is the big one’

    In the new information released by him, he says:
    “China is in big trouble.” China is a bubble that is about to burst so the Chinese Yuan isn’t a long term safe haven.

    The above statements have me confused with the contradicting information (This is my view and I might not clearly understand this) in the DVD Elite Emergency Data, Global Currency Reset and his new information released to us.

    Something else I have noted is that no one in the alternative media network seems to be talking about an imminent major crash on the horizon for China.
    The only recent thing I have heard is a liquidity problem they had when the interest rate started to go up possibly because of the FED tapering.

    So after me ranting on, the 2nd set of questions I have is this:

    1) What is China’s role in the GCR if they are going to crash but yet have all this gold?

    2) Will the Chinese currency come out of the GCR as one of the currencies that have gotten stronger?

    3) When is this crash that Lindsey is talking about with China likely to happen pre or post GCR?

    I would like to make it clear that I am not attacking Lindsey or trying to cause any form of contention on the forum.
    Rather, I am just trying to clarify, validate and make sense of the information Lindsey has provided for us.

    After all it’s only by doing this, that we stand a chance of actually building a clearer picture, so we can formulate the best strategy to survive and protect our families and friends.

    • Everyday Joe says:

      Nate, if you’d read Lindsey’s latest update you’d have your answers (see here for full text:

      “The One World currency is scheduled to be gold backed and non-country based.” The One World Currency would be only for bank, multi-national corporations and government use.”

      I’ll take on your questions with what I’ve read, listened and watched of Lindsey.

      1) What is China’s role in the GCR if they are going to crash but yet have all this gold?
      Answer: In the GCR China will be added to the basket of SDR currencies that will back the new global currency (Bancor?) All fiat country currencies are set to be revalued within 5% of each other with the US Dollar falling and the Yuan rising. The individual country fiat currencies will not go away, at least not at first. The global currency is for companies and govt. international trade. Each countries fiat currencies are set to possibly take a hit in the short term GCR compared to gold, which will be used to partially back the new global currency along with other assets such as oil, wheat, etc. Those countries with less debt, more assets and more gold will do better.

      2) Will the Chinese currency come out of the GCR as one of the currencies that have gotten stronger?
      Answer: Likely, since the Chinese debt is not as high as the USA/UK (think derivatives) and they may have more valuable assets than the USA. (Though it’s unknown how much gold the US/UK has since there have not been any comprehensive audits done for decades. Bix Weir and Karen Hudes says the US/UK has more gold than thought and they are hiding that fact to take more bailouts from the people).

      3) When is this crash that Lindsey is talking about with China likely to happen pre or post GCR?
      Answer: Post GCR by 1yr. to 1-1/2 yr. Lindsey is clear that the total wipe out crash will take place in 2015 or later when the USA Govt. Healthcare is fully in use by companies and private individuals. Lindsey mentions a few steps before the total crash…GCR, Devaluation of the US Dollar, Partial confiscation of IRA’s, 401K’s and Pensions, and then Total Crash at the time the US Govt. Healthcare is fully in place. Lindsey also mentions gold may drop by $500 dollars prior to the CGR, but also said it may have hit bottom already so that may or may not happen.

    • Limo says:

      >> If the elites are set to make billions off this currency reset, then I see no reason why we cannot all come together to formulate a strategy where we can also increase our wealth as well.

      If the US dollar gets reset downwards then everything priced in dollars will jump upwards. A 30% fall in the US dollar will cause gold,oil,silver,etc. to rise by a huge amount overnight, barring everything stays the same. This make sense to me, as oil then be priced closer to $150, which will then lead to the opening up of oil fields. Lindsey has said many years ago, that the price of crude oil is the progression of the elite and the oil price is part of that goal.

      Anything physical will increase your wealth, alternatively use leverage to increase your paper and then take your paper and trade it for physical things.

    • jj99 says:

      I think the situation in China is the most interesting and mysterious one. They were created as industrial power, but not in the original model of USA, but for cheap labor. Modern economy is based on a the existence of huge middle class which work hard, make money and spend it. This is being destroyed. Most money now comes from debt and this is what China is paid with. China knows that, and tries to put all that debt to something tangible. But it just doesn’t work this way. They don’t have the massive middle class neither. They have a puppet economy that makes only small part of the people rich. Yes, they can buy stuff, but what they can really do with it? This is the problem. The same is with gold. Their problem is not the money, but that they are too dependent on the global economy, with or without gold. All their attempts to preserve their wealth seems to have destructive effect. Maybe because they don’t understand (like the other “elite group”) that it’s not about money, it’s about control. China may huge amount of gold, but my guess is, they are not strong enough to take the actual control. So all countries will have the same major problems, and I don’t think there will be much difference between USA/EU/China/Russia… Like Lindsey and others has sad – this is a global leveling. All countries should get to a similar level, in order to make them part of a new global financial system.

      • singwin says:

        Hi jj99, I am a Chinese and I totally agree with what you said about China.
        The value of RMB depends on the huge trade surplus with America and the US dollar being the reserve currency. It’s totally different world when the reserve status of the dollar is replaced. At the end it’s not about currency, it’s about the productivity of the nation.

  15. David says:

    IMF Urging Rapid Seizure of Funds in Europe

    Seems to be a lot of rumours on the net about bank seizures and resets.

  16. Ron says:

    NOTE: It is refered to as a white paper and it doesn’t mention 204 nations

  17. John says:

    Time for me to buy some more shiny metal. 😉

  18. Thanks to John and Mark above for posting those links to the IMF Working Paper from Dec. 2013 and the Telegraph’s article from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that summarizes the info in that Working Paper. As usual, the release of that Paper was nowhere mentioned in the U.S. lame-stream news. And you can see why, even after reading only a handful of paragraphs.

    Not only is the information important, but the language being used is very direct, succinct, and stunning — more than what you might expect from an IMF white paper.

    Everybody should read this. But if you are busy, then take away this one paragraph as Ambrose’s summary of the whole thing … and DO read between the lines here:

    “The paper says the Western debt burden is now so big that rich states will need same tonic of debt haircuts, higher inflation and financial repression – defined as an “opaque tax on savers” – as used in countless IMF rescues for emerging markets.”

    WOW … let those words “financial repression” ring in your ears as you keep your eyes on the events about to unfold in 2014.

    Again, those links are:

  19. Morningstar says:

    WOW don’t look long now isn’t this exactlly what someone told us 42 days ago. but i remind you Lindsey said it was given him a couple weeks ago. ie nov 7???? i don’t know but all the stuff religiously and governmental going on I would say there is only one safe place IN HIM!!

    god bless you Lindsey


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