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THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE NOVEMBER 3, 2020! – A New DVD From Pastor Lindsey Williams

“I JUST HEARD FROM THE ELITE!” – Pastor Lindsey Williams


New DVD From Lindsey Williams
Available now!

Pastor Williams discusses the following in his new DVD presentation:

  • The Purpose of the Coronavirus!

  • The Next Plague!

  • Weather Before November 3, 2020!

  • Your iPhone!

Chaplain Lindsey Williams

– Author of The Energy Non-Crisis



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Coronavirus Update from Pastor Lindsey Williams

Hi, this is James Harkin, webmaster and editor at I sent a message to Pastor Williams on Tuesday asking if he knew anything about the coronavirus as many of you had messaged me to see if he knew anything.

Lindsey Williams - Energy Non-Crisis Available From Amazon Kindle
Pastor Lindsey Williams – The Energy Non-Crisis (Available from Amazon Kindle)

Pastor Williams asked me to quote him:

“The coronavirus is not a virus = It is a world-wide financial panic.”

He also said ‘This is an agenda. The Elite are taking advantage of the virus to accomplish what they want to do. Americans are acting as though they have lost their minds. In Arizona, there are only 44 confirmed cases of the virus but the state is virtually shut down. Restaurants, Schools, Theaters, Churches, and Government Offices, etc. all closed down.’

Arizona is home to over 7 million Americans. Percentage-wise the number of people with the coronavirus is 0.00065% of the population.

Pastor Williams also told me that he is surviving quite well because he has been preparing for this type of event for years.

I trust you have taken the advice of Pastor Williams over the years and prepared for this type of event.
He also offered some advice for you:

“Keep your calm and a level head. Stress will kill a person.”

I am sorry I had not completed the new book ‘Avoid Any Crash’, the update to my free 2013 book 10 Steps to Avoid the Crash, before this crisis began. It is nearly complete and since what is happening now will happen again it will be a valuable addition to your preparedness in the future.

When Pastor Williams has more updates I will let you know.


James Harkin
Editor & Webmaster
On behalf of and

P.S. I hope the information I sent in my email of February 24th, 2020 was of use to you with regards to what has been happening and is continue to happen in the financial markets.

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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit