Lindsey Williams – The Pathfinder Show – Just Measures Radio – November 2012

Lindsey Williams – The Pathfinder Show – Just Measures Radio – November 2012

Lindsey Williams on The Pathfinder Show on Just Measures Radio speaking with Natty Bumppo in November 2012. Pastor Williams provides the latest information regarding QE3, the Federal Reserve, the US Presidential election and takes calls.

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    • Judy
    • November 21, 2012

    Hello there. I just finished listening to Lindsey Williams Radio talk show of Nov. 13th 2012. It is very interesting. I do have a question for him and hope to get an answer back. I would love to ask him this and hear his responce. I did call the call-in number you mentioned but there was nobody to speak to. I did leave my Name and phone number. Anyway, Here is my question: what happens to credit card debt when the dollar loses its value? Lets say a person owes $18.000 on one card, maybe $12.000 on another card. Instead of paying down their debt, only making minimum payments, (to keep the wolf away from the door so to speak) if they invested in gold and silver. I know it doesen’t sound right but, if you pay it off, you don’t have nothing to invest and, the credit company loses it anyhow because of the dollar goin down. Could that be a way to go to save your own dinner table? What if you had to file bankruptcy but had your mettles. I hope to get and answer. Thank you. I love you shows, all your info. everytning.

    Sincerely Judy.


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