Lindsey Williams – The Alex Jones Show – April 2013

Lindsey Williams – The Alex Jones Show – April 2013

Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones Show speaking with Alex Jones in April 2013. Pastor Williams discusses the latest information from his elite friend. The New World Order is in it's final formation and the Elite are working toward a date for the collapse of ALL currencies. Events SIMILAR to Cyprus are planned for nation after nation. Pastor Williams' Elite friend gave him numerous personal warnings concerning his own family. One relates to a product which is advertised on GCN (Carnivora).

Pastor Williams also discusses his new DVD “New Signs Of The Elite“, available for 70% off!

He also discusses the recent lowering of the gold and other commodities markets. Check out this exclusive article.

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    • Sean
    • August 22, 2013

    The Lord our GOD bless you Pastor Lindsey for telling the Truth to us to help prepare us for the hard times to come as Jesus and the prophets said would happen in His Word. But most of all, I want to say to you thank you and God bless you for preaching The Blessed Gospel of our Wonderful Lord Jesus and giving people the opportunity to come to Jesus and repent of their sins and be saved. Please keep doing this until your last breath. I beseech you my brother in The Name of The Lord Jesus. Amen


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