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In recent weeks I have been receiving increasing numbers of negative comments through the website contact form regarding Pastor Lindsey Williams message. I find the level of disrespect of a member of our religious community disheartening. Furthermore, the level of intelligence of the individuals sending these comments to me is low considering it clearly says on the contact form that I have no personal contact with Lindsey Williams. I am not Lindsey Williams, this site was set up by myself in order to showcase Pastor Lindsey Williams extensive video, audio and written content.

Lindsey Williams

Two specific comments said that Lindsey Williams never gets to the point and is just trying to get money. However, if you see by my site I put up everything Pastor Williams does as soon as it hits YouTube, so effectively there is no cost to you if you cannot afford to buy his videos. I don't charge for this site and currently I have no income generation from this site. It is set up purely to showcase Pastor Lindsey Williams out of respect for him and his extensive collection of work.

At the end of the day, if you do not like the message Lindsey Williams has to say, don't listen to it. There are plenty of researchers out there that have alternative points of view. So *PLEASE* cut out the negative comments, they are totally pointless.


James Harkin (Site Administrator)

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    • Stefan Frankel
    • September 18, 2012

    Dear Mr. Williams. I appreciate your courage and skills in the subject. I live in Sweden quite far from the USA but this will of course effect the entire globe.
    I work as a documentary filmmaker and would love to make a movie about this startling information I hear from you.
    Once again, thank you very much.
    Anyway. I wonder how the elite allows you to spread the information of their agenda and why.
    You say say that those who provide information have become old and might want to ease their harts. For it is a completely unreasonable conclusion, then, in that case they would have been prevented by the enforcement elite people. I wonder also
    why they allow you to continue spread their plan?
    I do not want to be rude or offend you, hope you take this with a smile. i can also see that you are warm-hearted and humoros…
    but how is it possible that you still are alive?
    Another thing I wonder is about that you are saying that General Wesley Clark cites Saudi Arabia as one of the countries to be subverted. I can not perceiving that message from him.
    God bless you and the American people

    • Marcelo G
    • August 16, 2012

    I am impressed at how conveniently you offer yourself to receive only positive comments. You are exposing information on the Internet about an extreemely sencitive subject. A subject that can mean the difference between life and death for people all over the world. You can not be as insensitive as to only open yourself to positive comments, otherwise you don’t belong in the Media. The Government does that!
    I heard many speaches by pastor Williams about the subject of World Domination agenda that some Elite group is carrying out and it is not new to me or my wife or my friends.

    He says he has a “friend” from this elite group who has fed him this information and now he is sharing it with us, the people, because he cares. Now my question is: Who is this friend?. Mr Williams said that his elite member friend has past away some time ago and NOW, not before, he can disclose this information. That being the case I don’t see why Mr. Williams doesn’t provide his friend’s name, that’s a red flag waving in the air to me.
    When someone tells me my life is in danger I need to know who is speaking. I can’t just take it for granted just because someone “heard it through the grapevine”. This “friend” of his is not a good person, for he only disclosed this information once he realized he was about to die and most likely would not have done so if he was any younger and healthier. Was he trying to save his own soul from eternal damnation?. The same applies to Mr Williams, for he knew ahead of present time the information he provides while he was working shoulder to shoulder with this wicked people and for whatever reasons he comes out only now with his righteous attempt.

    I’m concerned that Mr. Williams reffers to this man as his “friend” although this friend has made an attempt together with others to starve, kill and take over Humanity for the sake of power. As a man of God I would never make friends with such a man from the start. I find it disgusting that Mr. Williams even worked for such people for an extended period of time and only now he comes up with this info which must have been known to him for quite some time prior to this day. Why the change of heart?, did he loose his job?. He may answer to this that he couldn’t do this before because his life would have been in danger. But this means that he put his life ahead of the whole rest of the world’s, the very thing a Pastor is not to do as he is required by his own Master to “give his life on behalf of his friends”.

    As a Pastor put in place by God his sole obligation is to preach His word (which already includes a prophecy about world domination attempts by the wicked) and to lead His people. I would never reffer to such a man as “my friend”, for such a friend is a friend of Satan and an enemy of God AND His people.

    If Pastor William is indeed a man of God he should already know since becoming such that most likely this attempt to distabilize world order and take over it is a very well known Prophecy that the Lord Himself says “I caused it” and it is God’s way to wipe out the wicked: a nesesary thing that MUST happen. The aparent fulfilment of this prophecy does not mean doom for God’s people but by the contrary, Jesus said “when you see all these things take place know that your redemption is getting near” so I don’t understand why this Pastor is so concerned about an event that is coming from the Lord to set His people free, something Pastor Williams appears to not know or understand.

    What Pastor Williams is sharing is not anything knew to us who pay attention to world affairs and surely is not anything that only he knows. He should be doing his job as a Pastor by allowing God’s people to know and have faith that the Lord is near and that they have absolutely nothing to fear, not warn the wicked that their destruction is here, for only the wicked need to prepair for the time at hand. I call into question Mr Williams patriotic intentions as he releases this information and his credentials as Pastor.

    (ED: We do not edit or censor negative comments except when they include abusive language or the comment is just a personal attack on Pastor Williams. We allow our visitors to freely express their thoughts.)

    • Elijah
    • April 11, 2012

    I would appreciate your effort to run this site. I am a christian in Korea. I have found the site a couple of months ago. This may allow me to get better understanding of upcoming events related to prophecies in the Bible. I have learned these sorts of topics more than 20 years, most of which were from the states as books translated in Korean then and fractional information on the internet these days.
    Even though I am not confident to say the information that pastor Lindsey williams delivers is absolutely reliable, every peice of the information he talks about seems very helpful, because the message is simple and on time-lined that everyone can verify easily. I am thankful to Rev. Lindsey Williams who has devoted his life to propagating the valuable infomation. May the Lord bless you all who expect His 2nd coming.


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