Lindsey Williams – GoldSeek Radio – September 2012 (2)

Lindsey Williams – GoldSeek Radio – September 2012 (2)

Lindsey Williams on Gold Seek Radio with Chris Waltzek for the second time in September 2012. Pastor Williams discusses the latest information about the elite's plan for global domination including the mortgage takeover.

Summary: The Federal Reserve will buy toxic mortgage backed securities at the rate of $40 Billion a month indefinitely. These toxic assets will be used to buy derivatives that multiplied by fractional methodology will see trillions of dollars created from nothing. The banks that the Federal Reserve will buy these securities from will use the money to buy US treasuries and not be used to help the economy. The same is happening in other western countries including Europe. The estimated $600 Trillion to $1.5 Quadrillion derivatives market will be used to bring down every currency in the World simultaneously so that the humanity will be begging the elite to give them a new world electronic currency. However, this will not happen until the elite, via their corporate interests own all the real estate in the US. Furthermore, margin requirements will be raised again on gold and silver in order to control another price spike, however Pastor Williams' source was not sure it would work next time.

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    • Tord Ivarsson, Sweden
    • September 23, 2012

    Thanks an awful lot for Lindseys curage to spread this message!

    I have been studying his message on youtube for some months now, and I can only say that there is nothing devious or suspect in his person or in the way he presents his message.

    God bless you Lindsey and you family! And we are praying that God may protect you in all of your ways as we understand some people get irritated over him when their hidden agenda and their goals are being threatened.

    I am just wondering how fast the swedish economy will follow the destruction of the american ditto? I guess americans will be hit first, but the swedish economy is very export dependent too.

    God bless you!


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