Lindsey Williams – Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez – Call to Decision – Pastor Butch Paugh – February 2014

Lindsey Williams – Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez – Call to Decision – Pastor Butch Paugh – February 2014

Pastor Lindsey Williams & Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez on Call to Decision speaking with Pastor Butch Paugh on February 3rd, 2014. Talking about healthcare at the International BioCare (IBC) Hospital & Health Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Pastor Williams talks of many successes in the remission of cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and much more. He talks about treatments including stem cell implants not available in the USA. Dr. Rodriguez talks about the many treatments offered through IBC Hospital & Health Care Center and takes calls.

Pastor Williams tells us that with this new ‘Affordable Health Care Bill' you need to know where to find help for healthcare and that help is just over the border at the IBC Hospital & Health Care Center. For a free 60 page booklet call 1-800-262-0212 and ask for Teresa for personal attention.

Please obtain a copy of Pastor Lindsey Williams' DVD “Healing The Elite Way” which is the most important DVD he has ever made. It saved his life and this DVD may save yours. Available to order today.

Pastor Butch Paugh's show Call to Decision on GCN can be listened to at the Call to Decision website.

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    • faith
    • February 16, 2014

    Thank you paster Lindsey for all your help.
    I can only say to IBC is that first do no harm


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