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2015 Has Already Begun!

“It is happening right before your eyes. The American dollar is GONE. 2015 has already begun. I warned you in my NEW DVD. It has only been out one week and today – A commercial airliner is shot down, allegedly by Russia – Israel has invaded Gaza with ground troops – An Ebola epidemic has broken out – All the countries listed in the report below will no longer use the American dollar.

My Elite friend said that from now through 2015 will be the most unusual and challenging times we have ever known.

Get 2015 – Elite Agenda and share the DVD with everyone you know, it is the greatest favour you can do for someone you care about.”

Pastor Williams

IMF congratulates BRICS for new fund, offers help

BRASILIA (Reuters) – The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday congratulated the five BRICS countries for creating a new reserves fund that intends to challenge Western dominance in the global lender.

The IMF's managing director, Christine Lagarde, said the lender would like to work with the BRICS in the new fund, which pools together $100 billion in reserves from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

New BRICS Bank
Leaders of the BRICS nations, from left, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, China’s President Xi Jinping and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, pose for a group photo during the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, Tuesday, July 15, 2014 (Silvia Izquierdo/Associated Press).

BRICS leaders on Tuesday launched the fund and a joint bank of the same size in a bold step to press for a bigger say in the global financial order centered on the IMF and the World Bank.

The fund, known as Contingent Reserve Arrangement, aims to help BRICS countries with balance of payment difficulties.

“IMF staff would be delighted to work with the BRICS team dedicated to this project with a view to reinforcing the cooperation among all parts of the international safety net,” Lagarde said in a statement.

China, holder of the world's largest foreign exchange reserves, will contribute the bulk of the reserves pool, or $41 billion. Brazil, India and Russia will chip in $18 billion each and South Africa $5 billion.

Pastor Williams has informed me that he will not be doing any radio shows for the time being. However, he may do so in the future. He told me “When people watch the events of today, they will know what my Elite friend was referring to. You just have to open your eyes and you will know what my friend was trying to tell you. This is only the beginning. Things will happen so fast from now on it will boggle your mind.”

On another note, Pastor Williams' new DVD ‘2015 – Elite Agenda' is not to be uploaded to the Internet. Whilst Pastor Williams allows purchasers of the DVD to copy the DVD and share it with friends and family, uploading it to the Internet is not allowed. Please respect his wishes.

When I told Pastor Williams of several complaints by visitors about his new DVD ‘2015 – Elite Agenda' being a little different from his normal format he told me that “maybe people will be satisfied when my Elite friend stops giving me information. Remember – He is in his seventies, retired and does not need to be antagonized”. I must add to this, because a few months ago people were complaining that the crash had not yet happened and I sent out an important newsletter with a lot of essential information See: Pastor Lindsey Williams – Global Currency Reset – Update – April 29th, 2014. Pastor Williams told me then “If people only knew, they would hope that the Elite and IMF delay the Global Currency Reset forever. It almost sounds if some people want judgement.” Please remember Pastor Williams is an ordained Baptist minister, his focus is on Bible prophecy and its relevance to current and potential future events. Do not get discouraged, use the information to help you prepare for what is to come. The USA is no longer the largest economy in the World, the slow death of the last superpower is well under way.

Remember through the blood moons, God is trying to warn you and history is trying to tell you through the Cycles of Seven. These are important facts that make understanding what Pastor Williams' Elite contact has been warning him about for many years. To understand the history and what has happened as well as understand Bible prophecy you can make an informed decision what to do about you and your family's future.


Ultimately, the new DVD Pastor Williams has produced is important because it ties in specifically with his previous DVDs “Global Currency Reset“, “Elite Emergency Data“, and “Healing: the Elite Way“. The DVD on its own will not make as much sense unless you have watched and understood those three DVDs.

To assist you, if you have not yet obtained copies, Pastor Williams has instructed Prophecy Club to offer a special 3x DVD set containing “Global Currency Reset”, “Elite Emergency Data”, and “Healing: the Elite Way” available for the remainder of July 2014 you can purchase all THREE of these DVDs for the price of ONE. Please check out the ‘July 2014 Gift Offer‘.

If you want to understand what is happening in the World right now and how to protect your family, then “2015 – Elite Agenda” and the other three DVDs are essential viewing and should be watched in sequence.

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    • srk
    • September 15, 2014

    THEY,,,want your ours, everyone’s bio rhythms…for what?

    • srk
    • September 9, 2014

    Latest Business insider article reporting feds to raise interest rates 1st,2nd quarter 2015. World money changers on the move as UK shake up propoganda media reports possible sovereign split with Scotland, alledgedly will vote to break away from pound,fears of bank runs, UK investors alledgely pull out from stocks, 15per cent drop in pound, if vote passes claim scaremongers…article notes up to a week ago not one person knew anything of the sort…sorry cant provide link at this time.

    • R2J2
    • September 7, 2014

    A video discussing history and the cycles of seven.


      • john
      • September 9, 2014

      lagarde mentioned lunar new year and magic 7 as themes
      in all sorts of religions biblical new year is 25 September
      2014 2+5=7 2+1+4 =7 also 7 month on Jewish calendar
      also ties in with johathon kahn shemitah we will soon find out

    • Richard
    • September 4, 2014

    FED admits polcies not working as planned?

    ECB announes new asset buying plan to fight off deflation:

    Last week CFR publication called on Central Banks to give out free money to individuals because QE has failed to get GDP growth.

    Sounds like there is official concern about the situation for sure.

    • L Harvey
    • September 1, 2014

    I am no expert, however the trade wars have begun that Pastor Lindsay spoke of in one of his dvd’s. Due to Russia’s agression in Ukraine, Australia has announced on the news tonight that there will be further trade sanctions placed on Russia. I doubt that Russia will be happy and no doubt will have a verbal attack at Australia, as occurred about 3 weeks ago.

    Thank you Pastor Lindsay for your concern and care for people. There are a number of Australians that respect you and appreciate your advice and the personal risk you take to inform us.
    I am sorry and ashamed of the nasty critics that slander your good name and show no gratitude at all for what you are trying to do for them.

    Be encouraged, great will be your reward in the kingdom of heaven.

    I have been reading your articles and listening to your broadcasts and I have slowly watched the events unfolding that you have been warning us of.

    Any intelligent person should be able to understand that it would be impossible to predict dates, but certainly the order in which the dominos fall is self evident as we watch the evening news, daily.

    Thanks again for advising us of what to watch for.

    Kind regards,
    L Harvey Australia

      • Mark
      • September 2, 2014

      Well said.

      “These are the times that try men’s souls.” – Thomas Paine, US founding father.

    • R2J2
    • August 29, 2014

    An international move away from the petrodollar hedgemony.

    • Jan
    • August 29, 2014

    Market forecaster Bo Polny is projecting $2000 gold by year end 2014. For that to happen, something important will have to be happening related to the economy and present system. This site will track the forecast to see how it turns out:

    If he is right, the dollar will likely be in trouble by that time.

    • Mary
    • August 28, 2014

    What is going to crash once and for all the economy is the asteroid that is going to hit Puerto Rico soon

    • MRD
    • August 28, 2014

    Can’t wait to hear from Pastor Williams and what he says about Christine Lagarde of the IMF. Sounds like the charges against her are serious, but will it effect anything in the long run?

  1. Reply

    What will happen to other currencies when dollar crashes e.g. Costa Rican Colón?

      • Mark
      • August 29, 2014

      They will go up in flames like all the other fiat trash around the world.

      Better get yourself some hard assets. See James’ 10 steps to avoid the crash at the top of the page.

    • Marguerite
    • August 25, 2014

    Revelations chapter 13.1 which relates to the 10 regions the globalists are attempting to create:

    And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.


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Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit

Protect and Secure Your Retirement Savings With Gold - Claim Your FREE Gold Investor Kit