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Pastor Lindsey Williams introduces Pastor David Bowen – October 13, 2016

Pastor Lindsey Williams introduces Pastor David Bowen with his third 10 minute weekly video for readers of Pastor Williams' weekly newsletter. If you are not a subscriber please subscribe for free by entering your name and email address in the box below.

Pastor David Bowen is pastor of Standing Stones Community Church in Phoenix, AZ. For more information about Pastor Dave please visit

Pastor Dave is also creator of the website Interpreting The Times, understanding world events through scripture. You can find out more by visiting

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2 Responses to “Pastor Lindsey Williams introduces Pastor David Bowen – October 13, 2016”

  1. Jared Huffman says:

    Because of Jesus and Jesus alone there is always hope … there is no fear when one is walking with Jesus.

  2. Speedspirit says:

    How about this theory.

    Since Trump is in the CFR, very good friends with Israel, a Reagan protégé, finacially backed by Rothchilds back in the early days then all this has been for show. Two great actor’s playing out the next false flag.

    The election will come and we can see the elite want or already determined Hillary is our next President. Was it decided on that plane ride during the Obama /Clinton race where the press all got roped onto a plane ride to Washington with no Hillary.

    They will declare Russia interfered and already are calling it a rigged election. The media keeps stating Hillary is ahead in the polls. But the people want Trump. For Trump the presidential race pleases him and his ego. He doesnt care to be President just more famous.

    Hillary will become the next President and the stock market will crash and it will all be blamed on Russia. Our vote does not matter. Never has or the elite wouldnt let us vote. The elite will get exactly what they want and whats been forewarned about back in 2008. That the stock market would rise to new highs before it crashes again and its blamed on an act of terrorism.

    Back then that crazy preacher Lindsey Williams warned exactly about this. His insider friend told him this is exactly how it would go down.

    And enter SDR’S! The crisis blamed on Russia. It wasnt the banks fault for the next coming crash. Its not the fault of the FED with all the QE. It was the people who bought homes they couldnt afford back before 2007. Everything is great, the Goldman hit men have fixed the world and it’s Russia fault. Its Russia’s act of war attempting to destroy the stock market and America.

    So we get SDR’s to save the world economies and avert war for now. War preparations make it a necessity to spend more on weapons and the military. And since we are a war based world economy war mongering is good business. Trickel down economics.

    The people will praise Hillary for saving the world while more liberties are destoyed for sake of the War effort. And what couldnt be accomplished with evicting ranchers off grazing lands by gunning him down, creating the riots in Maryland, by ignoring the people of Louisiana during the flood and police officers killing unarmed black men will be accomplished with a Trump victory overturned by blaming Russia and a bunch of deplorable Americans.

    My two cents. Peace and love.


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