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Lindsey Williams – Operation Freedom – February 2013

Lindsey Williams – Operation Freedom – February 2013

Lindsey Williams on Operation Freedom speaking with Dr. Dave Janda in February 2013. Pastor Williams discusses the latest information about the elite's plan for global domination, the 10 points his elite contact has shared with him and his new 2 DVD set “The Next 4 Years” and “How to Survive the Next Four Years”.

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4 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – Operation Freedom – February 2013”

  1. francisco cobio says:

    dear friend and brother, as a mexican preacher, that dosent have finances to buy gold or silver nor land and lives in a big city and lives on a daily bases and even strugle to make it through, how can I prepare for that which is to come.

    • Paul says:

      Get right with the living God And he will get you though, you might loose the church but there are a lot other places you are going to be able to preach the gospel. Fransisco Be aware of the apostate church coming soon and really already here. If you are Catholic be prepared to merge your beliefs with muslims and mormons and even wiccans. this is Blasphamy to God DO NOT DO THIS!!! The Bible is all you need…God Bless

  2. Carolyn says:


    I am concerned for you, that you say your friends with the elite. Why would you be friends with people who don’t belong to God? or trust what they have to say? To be friends with the world is to be an emeny with God. Second, how do you know the elite are telling you the truth when there God is satan? Satin comes as an angel of light. I do believe what your saying is mostly true. There are those that will live way deep in the mountains and will not be part of this world system. Those that choose to be slaves and bring children into the world, it is their fault for making themselves part of the system. Jesus said do not be part of the world. There will come a time when man kind will say, blessed are they that never bore children. Those that have children, welcome to hell and the lake of fire on earth! They control your thinking and any decision you think you make, is only traped by what they can do to you. Until people are all on the same page, we cannot fight these undividuals back. Unless you use your psychic abilities to take matter at will, this is the only way you can win over the elite. Good always wins over evil as long as good understands and does not get traped into selling themselves out. One way the elite do this is by keeping people shut out of the system and then if they let them live, the person who is beaten down sells them selves out because they think they are in the wrong. It is a game they play. Of course, they use their front people to do all the work. Bible: Book of Jude. They have gone after the way of Balam, and the gain sayings of Core. The elite want your soul. They killed the true mistics and true christians. We live in prison, we think we are free. Freedom comes when we choose to let others make their own decisions and want what is best for them as well as for our sleves. The only way to win this war, is use your psychic abilities. Jesus, healed a mans hear. Greater things you shall do. The only way to stop satin, is to tap into the abilities Jesus had.

    • Paul says:

      Carolin I cannot aree with you more Jesus is the key. If we are true followers we will will make it with out the world and anything in it. This is all going to come down to 120% trusting our lord Jesus Christ to get us though. AMEN!!!


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