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Lindsey Williams – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – July 2013

Lindsey Williams – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – July 2013

Lindsey Williams on K-Talk speaking with Mills Crenshaw on 22nd July 2013. A two-part show. First part talking about healthcare. Second part talking about the economy. Chaplain Williams also takes calls.

1st part: Pastor Williams and Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez MD talking about healthcare. After January 1st 2014 healthcare system will never be the same again. The Obamacare bill was not a healthcare bill but the ultimate final control of the American people by the elite. The IBC Hospital & Health Center in Tijuana, Mexico is needed since 40% of healthcare professionals will leave. Pastor Williams talks about a list of doctors who have already closed their doors or have a date when they are closing their doors. He also talks about the gadget that the government is giving to all doctors that will tell them what they must prescribe for their patients, if they do not they can be jailed.

2nd part: Pastor Lindsey Williams discusses the economy. Silver up $1.04, Gold up $40 today (22nd July 2013). Pastor Williams says “they can't keep it down any longer”. Its intentionally manipulated. Don't sell gold or silver, the bottom has probably arrived. Gold is going to at least $3,000 an ounce. Silver is going to at least $75-$100 an ounce. Precious metals market is going back up, time to buy is now. Get out of paper. Also talks about trial run to crash all the currencies of the world and $441 Trillion in interest rate derivatives and banks gambling the security of nations while you sleep.

Pastor Williams also discusses his new DVD “Healing The Elite Way” which is the most important DVD he has ever made. It saved his life and this DVD may save yours. Available to order today.

Lindsey's other DVD is also mentioned within this radio show it is called “New Signs of The Elite” and is available for 70% off

In light of the new revelations, Pastor Williams recommends that you get out of paper as soon as possible. Get into ‘tangibles' such as gold, silver and other precious metals as well as land, seeds. Check out this exclusive article where Lindsey Williams and other reputable financial reporters tell us why the price of gold has been falling for several months and why its been manipulated

Pastor Lindsey Williams' book “The Energy Non-Crisis” is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Chaplain Lindsey Williams' book “To Seduce A Nation” is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Mills Crenshaw's show can be listened to at the K-Talk website.

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2 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – July 2013”

  1. ann says:

    I think the rich already have their gold and silver or other assets including property and so forth. what disturbs me is that if you are already dirt poor and can’t afford to buy gold/silver it looks like you are pretty much stuffed-have not heard pastor give any solutions apart from prayer for those of us who are already on the bread line…

  2. Paul Woodward says:

    I understand the need to purchase gold & sliver as an option should the need arise, but how close are we to seeing Jame 5:1-3 fulfilled where this matter of hording gold and sliver works agains the rich?


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