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Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – December 2012 (1)

Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – December 2012 (1)

Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones Show on Infowars speaking with Alex Jones in December 2012 for the first time. Pastor Williams discusses the latest information about the elite's plan for global domination and his new 2 DVD set “The Next 4 Years” and “How to Survive the Next Four Years”.

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2 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – Alex Jones Show – December 2012 (1)”

  1. biff says:

    It’s “FISCAL Cliff,” not “PHYSICAL Cliff.”

  2. damocles says:

    I think the Pastor has something wrong when he talks about inflation of 3%-4% @ month, that’s a fast boil, not a slow boiling of a frog. Perhaps the Elite is talking about annual inflation rate of 4% and not monthly? Worst inflation American has seen in the recent history was under Carter which topped out just under 1.5% monthly and typically around 1% monthly which the US Citizens were screaming over. 3%-4% monthly and there will be rioting going on in the streets, something the Elite do not want to happen.


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