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Pastor Lindsey Williams discusses products and services that are necessary to maintain health in the event that the estimated 40% of health care professionals in America will leave the profession as of the implementation of Obamacare.

Pastor Williams recommends: Synergy ProArgi-9 Plus:

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12 Responses to “Health”

  1. shy says:

    is it good to take ProArgi-9 Plus when you don’t have any heart problem

  2. jack says:

    Hello anyone ima researcher health ==law etc == in marketing = looking for naturalpathic hey sometimes we need doctors i broke my leg === and the doctor was really awesome so == havea great day the weather is manipulated it is to cold==

  3. Donna G says:

    yep, I am a believer too in ProArgi9 and I don’t sell it. I just am a consumer of the product. I have a total knee replacement in one knee and one osteoarthritic knee. I’ve been on ProArgi9 for 3 months and it is miraculous how great my osteoarthritic knee feels! I can do 2 sports a day again and with no swelling to my knees. I will drink this stuff the rest of my life. I just ordered Carnivora upon Lindseys recommendation as well. Thank you Lindsey Williams for your courage to speak out.

  4. D. Riley says:

    Today the market in Japan took a dive, could this be the start of the world wide crash?

  5. Rosie Reynolds says:

    Taking ProArgi9+ has helped me keep the depression down and the energy up during and following the loss of my dear husband last summer. And the support of the Synergy Team has helped sustain me as I have started building the extra income I need by sharing this wonderful product and financial opportunity.

  6. Rod Swift says:

    After years of suffering pain from a torn rota-tor cuff
    in my right shoulder I had all but given up on taking supplements. I was ready to try some serious pain meds when a friend suggested my problem might be poor circulation not delivering the needed nutrients to my damaged shoulder. They told me to try a product called ProArgi9. After 90 days on ProArgi9 I had full range of motion in my shoulder with no pain. Now after 3 year on the product I have more energy at 66 than I did at 50. ProArgi9 is AWESOME.

  7. Anita says:

    I am so grateful for ProArgi9! I feel years younger than i did when I started taking it 3 years ago! My energy levels are way up and my nagging headaches are pretty much just a bad memory! My blood pressure was a little high, but is now perfect! I have been into nutrition all my life and this seems to be the missing link that i had been looking for!

  8. Nancy Kerbs says:

    ProArgi-9 Plus has saved my husband’s life. With heart issues, it has kept his arteries cleaned out.
    We have had numerous health issues helped with
    this product. A big one was a 5 year bladder infection that is now gone only after a few
    weeks on PA9+. We have been taking 4 scoops a day for 3 years. It has helped pain, energy, sleep, and anything with inflammation. Even our eyes have improved.

    This has also been a great way to earn an income from home. The economy is bad and good jobs are rare. My husband is in the construction business, and has hardly worked the last 3 years. But with our income from Synergy we have been supported ourselves very well. We will never be off of this product. We have seen it change 1000,s of lives. We can trust a 13 year old company. Thanks to Synergy!

    -Brian & Nancy Kerbs

  9. Marcy Nordwall says:

    I was called by my naturopaths office to come in for a routine and
    non-invasive heart test and learned that at age 61 had damaged
    arteries. There is a reason heart disease is called “the silent killer”.
    Pro-Argi-9+ saved my life and my arteries are no longer a challenge.
    I am grateful for this product and will rely on it for the future.
    Lindsey Williams is making a huge difference in the world as
    listeners follow his excellent advice.

  10. Jan Brewer says:

    Another great Pro-Argi9 story!

  11. Michael Miner says:

    Last year I had just gone thru extensive dental work including 4 root canals and 2 titanium implants. I had no idea what would happen next. My health took a dive for the worst. I was getting migraines 3 times a week, I was experiencing double vision, extreme fatigue and joint pain. I literally felt like I was dying. Then I heard Lindsey mention ProArgi-9 during a radio interview. I decided to try it. All I can say is WOW! This product ACTUALLY WORKS! Thank you Lindsey for saving my life!


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