Elite: What Next! Trump Has Won…


Chaplain Williams' Elite friend has told him the total story of the election – Donald Trump and what to expect from the Elite. A NEW DVD entitled, “Elite: What Next! – Trump Has Won!” is coming soon!

God Bless,
Chaplain Williams


4 Responses to “Elite: What Next! Trump Has Won…”

  1. mike says:

    When is the dvd coming out?

    (EDITOR: The DVD will be available shortly. I have seen it and I must say the investment advice in the second-half of the DVD is extremely valuable.)

  2. Sam says:

    Can u make the video on demand as well as I am from Australia and don’t want to wait for the DVD shipment. Prefer to see it online.

    Is it able to make the video on demand price more affordable as I am using AUD and exchange rate aren’t that good

    (EDITOR: Unfortunately there will be no video-on-demand option. The last DVD had a VOD option that few took advantage of. Therefore this presentation will only be available on physical DVD. The price is usually the same for every DVD released and is set by Pastor Williams and Prophecy Club.)


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