BREAKING NEWS! Financial Event Planned By The Elite (IMF)…

There is a financial event planned by the Elite (IMF!), possibly within the next three months. When I was briefed on this by my Elite friend a few weeks back – I was sworn to secrecy until I am told that I can talk.


Biggest Financial Event in the last 1,000 Years

PLEASE MONITOR LINDSEYWILLIAMS.NET. I will tell you everything soon. Hopefully you will have time to take action.

My Elite friend sent me the following email, the excerpt below I am allowed to give you:

We have to remember this is the biggest financial event in the last 1,000 years at least from my perspective. Every person on the globe will be affected. It will cause starvation, riots and possibly even martial law. This is a big big event! 

My Elite Friend

Lindsey Williams



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  1. Paddy McGillicuddy says:

    I have seen CONSIDERABLE research about the elite! Most report to a Druidic Council of 13! Most are indwelt by demons and evil spirits and there is some speculation that these are part alien-i.e. not human and therefore not worthy of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. If all this is true, why must we show them the same ethics we show our fellow humans-Christian or not? I am quite confused.

  2. Jeddy says:

    Interesting that the HSBC bank in the UK not letting depositors withdraw their own money unless very small amount or they explain why they need the funds.

  3. ??? says:

    Wow I cannot just cannot believe you actually found this. This is a big game changer, this is vital information. It shows that by congressman getting rich from the new WRC Lindsey did mean Iraqi dinar. I mean how does this not point that he was talking about Iraqi dinar?

  4. Ron says:

    Here is an interesting new way to purchase gold in very small amounts yet the preimums seem high yet everybody can now buy it.

    My opion on Lagarde’s video is many many mixed signals (posibly bordering on mistruths) and Lindsey’s update along with others that follow the PMs are much more factual.

  5. Shadow says:

    Yes…that’s how I was rationalizing a further delay in the timing (Lindsey updating that Lagarde visited and had a meeting with the high ups and was “furious”). This might indicate their timetable is being delayed by opposing greedy elite interests that need more time to hoard gold and prepare or who knows what. This situation, as we’ve seen in the past, is fluid and timetables change. I am still open to the 2-14-2014 date as well but as Lindsey has said…”it could happen at any time without warning”.

    I’d be interested to hear other peoples analyses as well. For those interested here is a link to the transcript of the speech by Lagarde in PDF format from the press club :

    I’ll have to watch it again and take notes to really pick it apart. I agree this speech is rife with info waiting to be mined if looked at with open eyes.

  6. Everyday Joe says:

    It’s not a coincidence that Legatus is February 6th-8th, 2014!!!!

    She mentions the number 7 many times. Is she talking about February 7th, 2014 then? She mentions “downturn” as well. Could this be a signal to the date of the top in the market?

    (Google “Legatus and New World Order” if you’ve never heard of Legatus)

  7. jake diesel says:

    Interesting analysis by the previous posters w/ the dates of 2/14 and 7/25.

    Lindsey did say the GCR would occur w/in 90 days of the time of his 1st post mentioning the GCR. (around 12/1/13) Which would place it b4 march 1, 2014.

    However, he gave numerous bombshell events to take place in short order after the GCR which could be the dates listed above. Also, he said Ms. Lagarde was furious and wanted this done ASAP.

  8. Everyday Joe says:

    I was thinking 2/7 or 2/14 because it was mentioned in the last Pastor Lindsey update that he would be unavailable to speak until mid February. I’ll have to relisten to the speech too.

  9. Shadow says:

    Occasnl Trvlr said :

    “I came up with July 25, 2014…”

    @Occasnl Trvlr :

    This seems like a likely target. I agree how she stressed “25” (even to the point of pausing, repeating and giving a knowing stare) was deliberate and non-sequitur in light of her previous focus on 7 and 2 not to mention the whole seemingly inappropriate and bizarre meandering into the whole numerology topic in the first place.

    She seemed to first stress the month “7” and then throw out the day “25”, citing the anniversary of the “fall” of the Berlin Wall….the symbolic metaphor is so obvious as to be blurring the lines between exoteric and esoteric meanings.

    Further, 7-25-14 is the end of a moon cycle…or more specifically 7-26-14 is the date of the “New Moon”. In the occult this well understood to mean a time of “new beginnings”.

    As pointed out 7-25-14 is also a Friday and so an after-hours announcement after market close on Friday would be appropriate to handle damage control in the financial markets over the weekend whilst those markets are closed….as per tradition.

    This event is a big deal in the timeline of the occultist elite. They are going to certainly have the date of the GCR announcement align with some occultically powerful celestial occurrence in the context of their mythology. This event is just too important not to have what they perceive to be a helping hand from the occultic energy and a “new moon” would provide some of that juice in their minds.

    Interesting…I originally was looking at 2-14-2014 for the simple numerological significance of the repeating 2 and 14, but after I read your analysis and re-listening to her speech, I am more swayed to the 7-25-14 date. Or perhaps we are all wrong…

  10. Everyday Joe says:

    She oddly opens with numerology and the magic number 7 and celebrating the lunar holiday too, a nod to China. How NWO of her. Then she says the year 2014 and to drop the “0” so you are left with 2 and 14 and saying 2×7=14. Is there some info in there for other elite, like a date for the reset? Could she mean the reset was going to be February 7 or 14?

    Lagarde also embraced raising the child by the state saying she pushed stated backed daycares in Japan as part of the IMF support o Japan. That should chill anyone. What right does a bank have to say to a culture that embraces raising a child with at least one parent (man or woman) that they should listen to a bank for child rearing?

    • Occasnl Trvlr says:

      It was the numerology opening that clued me in to paying major attention.

      I came up with the July 25, 2014 this way:
      She emphasizes “7” so very heavily, then refers to Bretton Woods and this being similar in nature. But it is so odd how she emphasizes “25” when mentioning the fall of the Berlin Wall.

      Bretton Woods was July 22, 1944. But they can’t quite hit 70 years, July 22, 2014, exactly. The soonest Friday after 7/22/14 just happens to be 7/25/14.

      She is brutally explicit in that it won’t be the doing of the G-7, rather the G-20, and the fact that she picked the Berlin Wall to emphasize “25” means to me that Dr. Willie is right, Germany will be a big player in the new monetary paradigm.

      She says quite plainly that during this next “7 years of plenty”, a group of nations other than the groups she’d listed would be needing the help of the IMF.
      What groups had she listed?
      Latin America

      Also, thanks to you, “Jimm Motyka”, you pointed out the obvious that had completely escaped me.
      She did this at the NATIONAL PRESS CLUB. If this news is not disseminated (which it won’t be), her hands are completely clean. The folks there were far too blatantly stupid to hear a word she said, and got caught up in an estro-fest.

      I just looked, Bloomberg’s spin is that her point was fighting deflation.

      Her best idea? Day care for Japanese women.

  11. Occasnl Trvlr says:

    The link posted by “mark” (thanks mark!) of Ms. Lagarde’s speech two days ago – am I the only person who heard this?

    If my ears aren’t tricking me, she stood on a soapbox and shouted “THE G-20 AND THE IMF INTEND TO REDISTRIBUTE THE WORLD’S WEALTH AND REVAMP NATION’S POLICIES BY JULY 25, 2014. AFTER THAT, THE USA WILL NEED THE IMF’S HELP.”

    You didn’t quite hear that from her? Watch again, pay attention, and listen very carefully.

    Maybe I’m all wet here, I welcome alternative interpretations. What did you hear?

    • Jimm Motyka says:

      You are not the only person to listened to that speech. A close friend of mine and I have been dissecting it over the past two days. I had to pause it, multiple times, because I was shocked by how blatant and upfront the message was.

      Here is one of my responses to that friend. I think my thoughts will echo yours, OT.

      Consider this. The head of the IMF gives a very important speech, yet it was not covered in the MSM. What the sheep typically tell me is, “Well, I didn’t hear that in the news, so how do you know it happened?” If this were any other foreign dignitary, it would’ve been the news of the day. What is more telling is that she didn’t meet with anyone in our government or the U.N. Symbolically, this showed they don’t need any government to run things. I’m sure a certain Rothschild is smiling in his grave. Make no mistake, this was the dagger going for the heart of our nation. Again, I was shocked by the forthright delivery of the info.

      There was so much there, we could talk for hours. What concerns me is that very few (if anyone) of the heavy hitters in the alt media covered it. This is one AJ (Alex Jones) should have had a bullhorn out for, but maybe they even intimidate him. This will go down as one of those speeches that history is going to be recalling, when they talk about the demise of the U.S. But, collectivism is good, right? Hahahahahahahaha! Oh, before I forget this thought. This speech paved the way for a global minimum wage. Look for that in the next two years.

      We got (perhaps) the first honest speech by a member of the elite. Also, consider her opening words regarding the press there. She was telling them about getting the truth out, regardless of how bad it seems. Right there, I knew this was going to be a major speech, which again, I’ve not heard one word of in the MSM.

      The sheep are being lined up for the shearing and don’t even know it!

      BTW, funny you should mention the Lunar New Year comment. I’m starting to think that we will see the event unfold at that time, especially since the power will have been completely shifted to China.

  12. Creed says:

    Check out jan 15th archived broadcast. He talks about that, in short Russia and Persia (Iran) lead the armies against Isreal.

    btw, America may not be part of those armies. 5th definiton of lion, symbol for Great Britatin.
    Time MAgazine depicts Russia as the Bear and America as the Eagle and Uncle Sam.
    Germany has Leapard Tanks, Russia has Russian Bear Bombers. Keep those in mind when reading Daniel, then in Revelation about the 7 heads (count heads from Daniel) with 10 horns, body of leapard, feet of bear mouth of lion, no ealges wings. Also, Rev 12 has a woman with 12 STars (Isreal) being protected by wings of a great eagle for a times, times and half of time (3 1/2 Years aka the Great Tribulation or Wrath of satan).

    Btw, when reading Revelations, keep in mind John wrote what he saw… what if what he saw was a story line like pulp fiction… aka Revelation’s is NOT in chronological order the ‘Day of the Lord’ is the same as the Wrath of God, which only happens once and according to Math 24 happens after the Great Tribulation. According to Revelations, the Wrath of God happens at the 6th Seal (wrath of the Lamb), 7th Trumpet and all the Vials, the 7th Vial has eliments of the Day of the Lord and 7th Trumpet.

    Hope that helps.

    • Creed says:

      It was suppose to be a Reply for:
      “_____” dated January 16

      the timing of ‘when’ would be after the wrath of satan, aka after the Great Tribulation, which is the final 3 1/2 years of the final 7 years.

  13. Fall Fiesta says:

    Hi All,

    I am thinking Lindsey has gone silent for quite the foreseeable future!
    My guess is he is waiting to see something come about before speaking again. I don’t blame him.
    I don’t think anyone should try to read anything into potential currencies etc- it is just guessing!

    Be prepared, as we should be for any disaster big or small to the best of our ability.

    Trust in the Lord Jesus- it will probably all change and not work out as everyone thinks anyway!

  14. Everyday Joe says:

    Here’s a video that states the Gold situation in a simple to understand way. Now some may or may not like Glenn Beck (I know I’ve had my issues with him), but in this video he sticks to facts and gives you an idea of the current US Gold situation. Forget he’s Glenn Beck and listen to the facts. It is a video everyone should see.

  15. mark says:

    China decided late last year to give UK investors the right to buy up to 80 billion yuan ($13 billion) of mainland stocks, bonds, funds and money market instruments directly using its currency, making Britain the first country outside Asia with such status.

    China has relaxed controls over the last five years to establish the yuan as an international currency of trade and reduce its reliance on other currencies. The yuan is expected to become a leading so-called reserve currency, meaning it will be stockpiled by central banks, and be fully convertible by 2015.

    Lindsey please explain or anybody please explain this article

  16. jj99 says:

    We all know how much China “loves” dollars, anyone can imagine I think how China “loves” freshly printed iraqi dinars… I don’t know who makes up this stuff and how people believe it… I get the idea that their currency was destroyed and maybe it will be reevaluated a bit higher. But after the taxes and all the people that will rush to sell immediately, you will be happy if yo get your money back. No one can forbid you to gamble with your own money. Just call it with the right name. This is not an investment. You do investment when you do your real research. Ho can you do a research about a paper which others decide how much it’s worth?


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