torn from the land


Torn From The Land

This documentary was made secretly. The production company felt they could not talk about the crisis of American farmers openly and honestly. Why, because they feared retribution from the big agribusinesses, a lot of those who control television programming through their advertising dollars.

The story is the true drama and tragedy of the consolidation of America's fertile croplands into the hands of international cartels. You hear from the farmers themselves, you hear from specialists who describe the ways families are squeezed out of their futures.

This is similar to the story untold for sharecropper families of African descent. But now those of European descent are the targets.

Why is it that there is hunger when farmers are known to dump milk, wheat down the drain rather than sell it? Is this the option of these farmers or is it the pressures of an international system that does not care about the human costs?

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Find out by watching Torn from the Land a DVD from Pastor Lindsey Williams.

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