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Government Intrusion into Private Retirement Accounts to be Introduced

(Lindsey Williams Issued Warning in December 2013 DVD)

In the recent Lindsey Williams DVD–”Global Currency Reset”, a warning was issued that the government might soon propose legislation that mandated private retirement accounts. Reportedly, Senator Tom Harkin will do so Thursday, January 30, 2014.

The details of this legislation were discussed in the “Global Currency Reset” DVD in a discussion between Lindsey Williams and Tom Fyler, an investment advisor. (You can obtain this DVD at

Fyler in the DVD presentation, with the legislative proposal in hand, highlighted the following aspects to the proposal:

1. The plan is mandated: “Employers that do not offer a workplace retirement plan with automatic enrollment and a minimum level of employer contributions would have to automatically withhold a portion of their employees’ pay…”

2. The invested funds would go to a government fund managed by government selected trustees: “…send such amounts [the mandated withheld employees’ contributions] to a USA Retirement Fund.” “USA Retirement Funds would be…regulated retirement plans.” “Each USA Retirement Fund would be overseen by a board of trustees…” “The trustees would act …in the best interests of the plan participants…” “The assets held by each USA Retirement Fund would be pooled…”

3. The government would subsidize contributions for some participants: “…low-wage workers…would be eligible for refundable retirement savings credits that would be contributed directly to a USA Retirement Fund.”

Fyler did note the following concept stated in the plan–If you already have a retirement plan and you like it, and you like your money manager, you can keep them. Harkin’s proposal states–”Importantly, employers that already have pension plans…would not have to change anything.” Fyler wryly noted that this concept, ironically, sounds familiar.

Lindsey Williams suggested in the DVD that if you had questions about this government proposal or your current retirement plan, you could email Fyler at

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