microbial mutations


Deadly New Diseases and Microbial Mutations

“Poor nutrition may make viruses deadly”… Pastor Williams goes on to say… “If you eat right and build the immune system you can overcome almost anything.” That was from a Seattle newspaper in 1995. He gives a five-point plan. This is what Pastor Williams does, he would not dare say go and do this and you won't have any more effect from any of these diseases. If he did that he would be prescribing and immediately he would be in trouble. So, this is what Pastor Williams does for himself. The five-point plan includes: Take responsibility for your own health. Eat foods in their most natural state. Exercise. Learn the facts. And, take time for your spiritual life. This is what Pastor Williams does for Pastor Williams. He is now 85 years old.

The DVD ‘Deadly New Diseases and Microbial Mutations' is a presentation produced many years ago by Chaplain Williams not shared publicly on the Internet before, it was only available to members of https://www.lindseywilliamsonline.com. Since we are now within a phase of confusion on this planet I felt it imperative that this DVD be released on social media. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE. EVERYONE MUST LISTEN.

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