Pastor Lindsey Williams – At BioCare Hospital – Covid and My Eyes

This is part 6 of a series of 12 informative videos on how to cope with all the damage COVID brings. Where Pastor Lindsey Williams interviews Rodrigo Rodriguez MD, founder of BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center.

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Pastor Lindsey Williams

Hi, this is Lindsey Williams. Standby for news about COVID. And my eyes, every person I know who has had COVID has indicated to me that they've had eye problems. One person said they had to change their glasses. Another one said I had lines in my eyes.

When I went to my ophthalmologist, they said they weren't quite sure why every person in some way seems to have had some eye problems. Whether it has to adjust their glasses, they appear in every case, so your eyes can be a part of COVID.

The best place to find out is a COVID renewal protocol at BioCare Hospital. While you're here, have the ophthalmologists examine your eyes and see what is going on. So that six months, a year, two years from now, you won't find that you've had damage because of COVID. It's so important to know the facts.

Please call this number that's on your screen right now. BioCare Hospital. The number is toll-free, right into the hospital at 800-262-0212. When you make the call, tell them Lindsey William sent you ask for a consultation with an on-staff doctor, they won't charge you for the consultation.

Again, I would like a gentleman I have great respect for who knows what COVID can do. Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez, will you please explain the connection between COVID and the eyes, to the viewing audience?

Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez

Well, we're talking about the eyes. And, of course, in your case is particularly important because you have had cataract surgery. And this is because inflammation is all over. There's not one organ that is spared from inflammation. But still, there's inflammation in every organ.

On one of the organs that can feel it in the eyes, the eyesight will be affected for two reasons. One, because the vision is affected. If you didn't have cataracts operated on, they could worsen during or after the COVID. So you have to keep that in mind. If any of you have cataracts and develop COVID, you must double-check if the cataracts are the same or if they worsen. That's one.

The other problem is what we're talking about the nervous system inflammation. Remember that the eyeball is just the camera. The optic nerve goes through your brain to produce the whole picture. If the optic nerve and the brain have signs of inflammation, COVID can impair your vision.

As the inflammation goes down, your eyesight should improve. The eyesight, at least from that particular part, will be improved. If you have cataracts, you have to ensure they don't worsen. If you don't have cataracts, still you have to check if the inflammation didn't affect your eyes.

It's simple, but it's important to remember it because some people panic because they say they have eyesight problems. Yes, but remember, you also have sleep disturbance, vertigo, and loss of balance, and you might have hearing problems. In other words, your whole nervous system is going through difficulties. They will clear as we reduce and treat the inflammation.

You must care for your eyes after COVID. If you are concerned about long COVID or any other health issue, please call Bio Care hospital for free and talk with one of our doctors. Please call toll-free at 1-800-262-0212.

Call BioCare Now:  1-800-262-0212

Website: International BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center

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