Lindsey Williams Dollar Devaluation Formula EXPOSED…

Recently we were contacted by someone who had looked at the dollar devaluation information that Pastor Williams had announced in his recent DVD presentation The Next Four Years & How to Survive the Next Four Years. Because of its significance to the potential destruction of the US dollar I have posted the article that originally was posted at Planet Infowars.

Here is a verbatim repost of the article for your investigation:

When y’all heard Pastor Lindsey describe QE unlimited and 3-4% dollar devaluation each month, you were probably wondering what that would look like on a timeline. Well according to his data the dollar will have lost 25% of it’s value between April and mid-June next year, and will have lost half it’s value somewhere between February and August in 2014. Here’s what the graph looks like:

Lindsey Williams Dollar Devaluation Formula EXPOSED!

100*.96^x < y < 100*.97^x

Now you might be wondering how this will affect prices. In that case, you just have to divide instead of multiply:

Lindsey Williams Dollar Devaluation Formula EXPOSED!

100/.97^x < y < 100/.96^x

As you can see here, gold to hit $3,000/oz in early-to-mid 2014, because everything will be double the price it is today (assuming that supply and demand don’t change) and could even triple by as early as December 2014 if Lindsey William’s source is right, so plan accordingly.

The best investments we can make over the next few years as hyper-inflation begins to set in is anything that reduces our dependence on money itsself, then later it will be easier for us to pre-empt the post-collapse re-organization of the economy with a debt-free currency system to compete with it. It’s the only chance our species will have.

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