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IMPORTANT: New World Order Mouthpiece Warns We Are on Verge of Greatest Debt Jubilee in History


An important article and video was just released. The article was written in the British newspaper: The Telegraph. The video, a summary and explanation video was created by Dollar Vigilante. This is important information. Please heed this information and prepare right now.

Here is the start of The Telegraph article:

‘The third leg of the world's intractable depression is yet to come. If trade economists at the United Nations are right, the next traumatic episode may entail the greatest debt jubilee in history.

It may also prove to be the definitive crisis of globalized capitalism, the demise of the liberal free-market orthodoxies promoted for almost forty years by the Bretton Woods institutions, the OECD, and the Davos fraternity.

“Alarm bells have been ringing over the explosion of corporate debt levels in emerging economies, which now exceed $25 trillion. Damaging deflationary spirals cannot be ruled out,” said the annual report of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).'…

Here is the explanation and summary. It is very important that you watch this video as well as read the article. What Pastor Williams has been warning for so long is now upon us. Please listen to his warnings and protect yourself and your family now!

The Telegraph Article:

UN fears third leg of the global financial crisis – with prospect of epic debt defaults

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