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Pastor Lindsey Williams – At Bio Care Hospital – Crossing The Border

This is part 10 of a series of 12 informative videos on how to cope with all the damage COVID brings. Where Pastor Lindsey Williams interviews Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, founder of BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center.

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Pastor Lindsey Williams

Hey, this is Lindsey Williams. Standby for news of crossing the border into Mexico. I just did. It is probably the most accessible border to cross today—the border between the United States of America and Mexico.

You will have no problems coming into Mexico. We just merely drove across the border. Nobody stopped us, bothered us, and they did not go through our luggage, and it was also an effortless crossing from Mexico back into America. However, when crossing into Mexico, it is always advisable to have a passport.

People have heard that Tijuana and Mexico are not safe. That is not true at all. I would say that the streets of Tijuana are safer than Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles Haven, and West Phoenix. My wife loves to take a stroll at night, and she walks the streets of Tijuana around BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center with no fear whatsoever. It's perfectly safe.

Going back into the United States of America is a little more complicated because they will stop you and ask for your passport. But it is perfectly safe.

Folks, please call 800-262-0212 if you have any doubts. You can ask the BioCare Hospital staff for the latest information about the border crossing.

Dr Rodriguez, please explain to us the Mexican border crossing to come to Bio Care Hospital and Wellness Centre.

Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez

That's an important question because we are just across the border from San Diego, California, and many people might be wondering how the situation is with the border.

During the pandemic in 2020, the border was officially closed for approximately 18 months. Even though it was closed, it was never closed for US citizens, residents, and medical reasons.

Despite being at the height of the pandemic, people could come across the border and go back without any problem. We suggested to everyone to use the ‘special medical line'. You will go through a medical line when crossing the border back to the United States; our drivers will want to take you very speedily through that border without any problems. It's a very speedy process for all our patients.

We have different types of transportation, which we provide at no cost. We'll meet you at the train or airport and drive you to the hospital. We will also take you to do some errands if necessary.

At the end of your stay at BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center, we will drive you back to your airport or point of departure.

All of our drivers are friendly and helpful people. They all speak English and can deal with any unexpected problems. We make sure everyone leaves happy.

Please go to YouTube and read the testimonials of people that have been to BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center, and you will see how easy and painless coming to the hospital is. You will also see how we take care of our patients.

We also have unlimited Wi-Fi and telephone coverage; one patient said they felt like they had never crossed the border.

If you are concerned about long COVID or any other health issue, please call Bio Care Hospital for free and talk with one of our doctors. Please call toll-free at 1-800-262-0212.

Call BioCare Now:  1-800-262-0212

Website: International BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center

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