agenda of the elite


The Next Four Years

After the election, I contacted my Elite friend and asked the question, “What can we expect for the next four years?” The information I received was so startling that the only way I can explain it is to say – “The most startling thing anyone has ever heard since the founding of the United States.”

I did not feel free to give what I knew on a radio show until it was recorded first. Two DVDs have been produced since the election. It took three hours and twenty-nine minutes to explain the information I had received. It discusses:

  • Agenda's of the Elite
  • Food and water supply
  • Signs to help you make decisions
  • 40 billion dollars
  • Chickens coming home to roost
  • The Middle East
  • The life and death of the dollar
  • Iran plan
  • Greece
  • America
  • Frankenstorm

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The following is a playlist of both DVDs of The Next Four Years from Pastor Lindsey Williams released on December 4, 2012, which is required viewing by all Americans. Please share this presentation with everyone you know. The two solutions presentations are available here.

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