World Wide Financial Collapse Scheduled for between September and the end of December 2015!


From Lindsey Williams: I just received an email from my Elite friend.

My Elite friend indicated that they have a World Wide Financial Collapse scheduled between September and the end of December 2015!

You may have just THREE (3) months to prepare!

World Wide Financial Crash Sep-Dec 2015 – Full Newsletter


405 Responses to “World Wide Financial Collapse Scheduled for between September and the end of December 2015!”

  1. mike says:

    2016 – 2018: TIMELINE FOR COLLAPSE — V

  2. Dammy says:

    Mike Maloney’s prediction, by the end of the decade:

    My input on LW’s latest DVD is simply this. LW did give himself wiggle room when he said it might not happen, which is fine. I do find it awfully annoying he presented the DVD with a hard sell theme to it. Not too forget a DVD error somewhere around 24 minute mark that froze the playing on couple of my systems created by different OEM DVDs from PC.

    Having done a hard sell theme to it, LW failed to give an update when he knew the collapse was not going to happen. Yes it would have effected sales for the DVD at that point in time, but he owed that to us. I’m sure that I am not alone who passed on copies of LW’s latest DVD to family, friends and co-workers. I am sure I am not alone in losing face with family, friends and co-workers now that we are at the end of December and just now getting notice it’s not going to happen. James, the update was a huge project for you to do and very understandable it took a serious amount of time to get it ready to be published. A quick bullet point of “it’s not happening in the time frame that was given, update to follow” would have been greatly appreciated back in Nov or whenever you found out. IMO, it should have been LW to announce it. I know LW has not been feeling well, but a quick and dirty 60 second informal video done on his son’s smartphone would have worked as would a simply post on this web site.

    If LW is considering another DVD, he is going to have to become credible once again with a ton of folks. First step would to be explaining what happened.

  3. FuzzyCamel says:

    Well with 6 days to go, it looks like this collapse isn’t going to happen this year. I hope Pastor Williams had a great Christmas, thankfully we have a bit more time.

    I wonder what is going in?

    • cairn says:

      Lindsey wrong on Mar 2014 date for global currency reset- and now wrong on this even bigger claim of economic collapse by end of 2015.
      maybe elite are setting him up w/ wrong info to discredit him??

      (EDITOR: The Global Currency Reset was announced in 2014 by the IMF. Therefore, Pastor Williams Elite friends were correct. However, these considerable announcements never get implemented immediately, just look at the time frame for the Chinese Renminbi to be added to the SDR basket, approximately 11 months. The Federal Reserve pre-announced (they call it a leak) that interest rates were going up, it took several months for this to be implemented. All of these announcements take time so that markets are not considerably affected and to stabilize when live. Economic collapse has been slowly happening for several years. Collapses are historically not flash events. This is much deeper than any financial pundit has been able to predict. I Think my article explains what is happening and what will happen throughout 2016 and beyond.)

      • Sleepy says:

        Sorry, James, but it is obvious that there is NO collapse in 2015. Lindsey always told us that there is. He did not say, the collapse will start and happen during the next 5 years.

        So the “elite” are lyers or lost control.

        (EDITOR: The collapse has been happening over a long period of time. The Elite have not lost control. Timelines change, several countries are still not on board with global government. This needs to be secured as soon as possible. Remember, with many players in the global game of chess, this is not a sudden thing. People only see the problem when a bubble pops. When the bubble pops, its too late to run for life rafts. The information I have shared within this end of year newsletter should allow people to make informed decisions about their future. The future within an inflated stock market, with increasing real estate bubble and falling commodities prices as well as new financial deals being forged globally by China and other proactively investing countries, it’s all looking for a pop sooner rather than later. I will continue to plead with people to protect themselves with physical precious metals. This is the only thing that historically has been stable in times of economic instability.)

      • Leonard says:

        James your articles are very informative and well written and i thank you for that, and regarding the gcr Lindsey did say IF Christine Legarde gets her way the currency reset would happen, which she obviously didn’t. Cairn does bring up a good point though Lindsey said the collapse would happen before the end of 2015 and that’s just not the case. i appreciate the info LW passes on to us thru his elite friend, but I also think if this guy claims to be elite and he gets it wrong he should be called out on it. I don’t have a problem with Lindsey charging ($48) for his info, but if you’re going to do that you deserve to be placed on the hot seat when it doesn’t happen. Maybe LW’s elite friend is a disinfo agent or maybe he’s not privy to as much elite info as he claims, but if it’s possible it would be nice to hear from Lindsey as to what delayed the collapse this time around.

        (EDITOR: The IMF found it difficult to get the Chinese Renminbi into the SDR, but they were successful. The GCR may happen, but as I said under revision. It must happen for the sustainable development agenda to bring about global government. The global financial collapse is not an accident, it is pre-planned for a reason. We will see huge changes in the global political arena over the next 15 years. Within this time this planet will never be the same again. The collapse has been going on for such a long time. It’s not a sudden thing, it has been a long process. People only realize there is a problem when there is a pop of one or more bubbles. At this present time everything is falling except the manipulated stock market. Commodities are completely out of sync because of this manipulation. Take away this manipulation and allow the law of supply and demand rule once again and we will see a massive correction. It’s what is needed to balance the world’s financial markets and allow the sustainable development agenda to move forward. This is why Pastor Williams has said to protect your investments with gold and silver because not everyone is going to benefit when it happens. Therefore, as I have shared within the end of year articles, Pastor Williams was correct in the slowdown. A total collapse may have been averted and you should appreciate that it did not happen, because Pastor Williams was told by his elite friend that was planned. Within my articles I have shared mainstream information over the past few weeks, a tiny fraction of time so much has happened.)

        • FuzzyCamel says:

          What I find concerning is Lindsey said quite clearly that sure as sure can be, that if the elite have their way, there will be a global economic collapse. Now in some videos he defined it as the banks closing, and you lose your deposits.

          Now unless there is some sort of cyber attack on the banks in the next two days, it looks like this prediction fell through. Some of us have taken rather drastic action as recommended by Lindsey, which involved serious sacrifice.

          I’m just curious if the entire collapse is called off? Can we go back to a regular lifestyle?

          I appreciate all of Lindsey’s efforts, but some of us are starting to look a bit silly for living in the woods and stocking up, for the threat that never seems to come…

          If they plan to just bleed out the economy slowly via inflation, mortgaging a house for rentals would be a good idea as the inflation will dilute the debt. Now in Lindsey’s scenario, a mortgage would be a royal nightmare, as real estate would crash. You can see how drastically his predictions have impacted our lives, many of us take him very seriously.

          (EDITOR: The financial system as it stands is completely manipulated and fraudulent. It is inevitable that this will lead to collapse. If China does this, Russia does that and the USA does something else, we still will end up with collapse. There is no scenario possible that doesn’t end up with collapse. Maybe they have dragged it out a little while longer, but ultimately the house of cards will fall sooner than most people now think. There is enough information there to help people protect themselves. Pastor Williams has supplied plenty of knowledge to help you prepare. However, most people are left seriously exposed to financial market manipulation. Most people live paycheck to paycheck. Most people don’t have savings and have a ton of debt that they accrued from buying stuff they didn’t need. They have huge mortgages on houses they only spend a few hours a day in. People want the American dream. They believe the hype that everything is great. The financial system is cyclical, it will always be boom and bust. Bubbles will grow and pop causing someone to lose money while another makes money. The Elite are a cabal, you don’t have a chance. You are the sheep, they are the wolves. How do you limit your exposure to financial hardships? You own everything you can, you secure your financial, health and food requirements first before anything else. Then it doesn’t matter about the boom and bust cycle. By all means invest in the stock market, but you had better understand that its a casino. Any money you give to a third party to manage should be considered a gamble. Whether this is in a bank or a stock broker that money can disappear really quickly. By all means gamble on real estate bubbles, but be aware that its also a casino. If you buy rental property and cannot find someone to rent it, how long before the bank decides to foreclose? Do you really own that piece of real estate, because if you don’t pay your taxes your property can be seized and sold to pay the debt. Owning your own home, nobody can take it away from you, just pay your taxes. Owning gold, its a physical asset that has stood the test of time for over 5,000 years as a means of trade. A financial crash is occurring right now. The warning signs have been there for a long time. Those who take action will protect themselves and their families. I think it is considerably naive if you believe the collapse has been called off. I also think it is foolish to even think that any American can have a ‘normal lifestyle’ if they knew what was going on around the world. People are naive if they really think that Donald Trump will make America great again. That is against the Elite’s sustainable development agenda, everything he says is laughable based upon the UN’s vision for the planet over the next 15 years. I wish people would stop whinging about timelines and actually protect themselves from manipulation. To be self-sufficient is the only way you can fight against the New World Order. Self-sufficiency is not acceptable under the sustainable development agenda. If most people took the ’10 Steps To Avoid The Crash’ more seriously, then the Elite would not win. But, as I have said in the newsletter I sent out a few days ago, nothing has changed. The Elite control everything. Those who continue to support the system are supporting their own enslavement. We are all guilty.)

        • Mark says:

          The Elite could collapse the whole system today if they wanted (yes things are really that messed up), however that most likely won’t because they don’t want to be blamed for causing it, as that would result in torches and pitchforks for them for sure.
          I think the most likley scenario is we probably have a bad recession this year to cool off asset prices, ending with negative interest rates and QE4. Then we will limp along with high stagflation until WWIII sometime in the 2020s. (N.Korea attacking S.Korea happening weeks before as the likely sign for you to go to your retreat)
          Doing the collapse during the war is perfect for them, because people will be too preoccupied with that to focus on the collapse, also it can used as an excuse for causing the collapse. At least this is my best guess. I don’t really know.
          The Elite are experts at disinformation and will do their best to confuse us, including telling people some true info and letting them spread it to gain credibility, then feeding them untrue info to confuse and discredit those who try and warn others about their NWO and how they plan to implement it.
          The fact is we’ve got a general picture of how things are going to play out: Cause chaos->start war->collapse financial system->implement NWO but they are not going to tell us exactly when or how they will do it. The Elite are Satanists and Satan is the Father of Lies so they have no qualms about lying to us or even people in their own group.
          Given that fact all you can do is prepare for the eventualities. Personally I go on living a normal life, I have a job, a house in the burbs, wife, kids all that. However I still pay attention to what’s going on in the world, quietly prep, and have a small place in the middle of nowhere to go to in a hurry, just in case I’m actually right about all this. And if I’m wrong, that’s great too, because WWIII and an NWO not happening would be just wonderful as well.
          I hope that helps. Make the best of our situation, enjoy the fleeting moments of normalcy we have left, and be thankful we all had warning, because 90% of us are going to be absolutely totally caught off guard by all of this. I will pray for all of us because we are in the midst of a war for the soul of humanity, and either we choose the Good Lord or the Prince of Darkness. I hope humanity makes the right choice.


    • Leonard says:

      Well I think there’s obviously a communication issue between some of us and the way the info in LW’s dvd’s is being presented. When I hear collapse in 2015 I think of bank holidays, civil unrest, martial law ,etc, or at least something that happens where the whole of society knows we’re in trouble and not just those of us that are paying attention. You bring up good examples of why we’re headed towards an eventual collapse event, but I could easily say the collapse started in 1971 when we were taken off the gold standard, or in 1913 with the creation of the federal reserve.

      (EDITOR: The Elite don’t want riots. Pastor Williams already said this. Every ‘test’ they do, they see what the public reaction is. People don’t care anymore. They care about their materialism. Materialism over spirituality needs to be corrected back to spirituality over materialism. The process has been multi-generational. Global government is their goal. They have it. One world currency. They have it. One world religion, its moving forward if not already there. The Elite work in years and decades. They are not going to initiate something they don’t have complete control over. Hence wars with countries not currently on board with their ideas. Nothing happens unless the Elite have sanctioned it. Creation of massive bubbles is financial terrorism of global proportions, go along with us or we’ll pop your bubble. The people need to protect themselves and it may already be too late. Just be thankful that a crash as you have described hasn’t happened because if you haven’t protected yourself just think of 1929 but many times worse.)

      • Leonard says:

        The elite can say and put down on paper whatever they like, but enforcing it is a different matter. You have pointed out a great deal of examples of how our money in the banks isn’t ours and how the elite have set measures in place in our banks just like Cyprus. I’m in the US and most of our nation’s people have been asleep at the wheel while this has been going on, but the second “the elite” mess Joe 6packs money is the second this thing goes up like a powder keg. Let’s not forget these blowhard elites have been trying to get our guns for decades because they know that while we’re armed they’re satanic utopia is nothing but a pipe dream. The elite know this which is why they’ve built underground bunkers and stocked them full of food and ammo. This inevitable day is coming and can’t be stopped so again to clarify when LW says the collapse is coming in 2015, maybe he should do a segment in his next DVD of exactly what that means.

  4. Mark says:

    Guys, we just have to face facts that the info Lindsey has been getting is correct, but the time frames given have probably intentionally been incorrect, just so we don’t get too smug.
    Lindsey thank your friend for the info, but just be his friend and don’t pump him for info on our account. We all know it’s coming, it’s just a question of how long at this point, so many of us in the know are living day to day, and prepared for when it does all fall apart. He may not even really know when. Anyway your friend and his wife may still be Luciferian at this late point in his life, and probably still needs saving.
    Thanks for trying to help us and many of us who listened are read. I have a feeling 2016 will be very interesting, but none of us really know do we?

  5. Alvin says:

    James, Now that the Fed has raise interest rate, are there any updates from Lindsey?

  6. Dammy says:

    Wonderful tool to visualize just how big the Derivative Market is to those who have trouble doing so:

  7. Dammy says:

    It’s now obvious to everyone, the Elites are running the GOP and they are now in full control.

  8. joki says:

    It’s seems the system is still ok after the rise of interest rates. Should be another thing to push the cascade of events on way to produce collapse. The question is why they delay to crash of the system when we are just inside the last 7 years? Anyway we are on the edge of big changes. It couldn’t go any further. God bless Lindsey…

    • ann says:

      the system does not crash in a day generally its a slow process of company collapse after company collapse and increasing unemployment etc; in the uk they are making every attempt to stave off the debt by for example–everyones pension age has been increased by a min of 5 years(thats theft of 6k per YEAR for every man/woman in the UK and 30k for 5 years in total for the pension people should have got) so its obvious governments are desperate!

  9. holystic says:

    Yes, Lindsey was right all along. Now the demise step by step begins. Thanks for risking lives to tirelessly give us the truth, including this webmaster. May Yeshua bless and guide us from now until his return!
    Note how not one bank is raising the deposit rate for savings accounts but of course all their debt rates like loans and credit cards all up. The truth comes out, cover story of fed hike helping savers earn a little more has now been proven false. It’s exactly as Lindsay said, economic crash now on its way.

    Brace yourselves! Historic and prophetic day for sure!

  10. Al says:

    FED has raised interest rates. Is that the end Pastor Lindsey has spoken of? He said that if we hear that it is over.

  11. holystic says:

    Here we wait and see…was a little surprised that they’d make a decision today since they are due for a meeting last days of the year but we’re watching them……

  12. Badaboum says:

    Pardon pour les mots manquants et les fautes d’orthographe. J’ai un nouveau cellulaire celui la n’est évident.


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